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MeFi post: Ctrl Alt Delete: a workplace comedy set in an abortion clinic
I really cannot tell whether this counts as a loss.jpg joke.
posted to MetaFilter by jsnlxndrlv at 10:29 AM on September 9, 2019
MeFi post: Trudeau promised Camelot and delivered, well, Ottawa.
if your best argument in favour of Jagmeet Singh is 'thus far, he has never had the authority to fuck up our country' is not exactly a ringing endorsement.

But...the federal NDP have never fucked up our country. I’d rather give them a chance and see if they can do better, than hand it over to either the Liberals or Conservatives, both of whom have clear track records of fucking us over.

I’d also like to see what a person of... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by hurdy gurdy girl at 9:44 AM on September 6, 2019
MeFi post: “I don’t want to fight this. I want this to never have happened.”
“Innocent until proven guilty in a court” is, at best, childishly naive and, at worst, dangerously obtuse. Stop saying it.

My answer to the "Innocent until proven guilty" approach is "I'm going to assume that she's innocent of libel until proven guilty. Because that's what you're accusing her of."
posted to MetaFilter by Francis at 8:49 AM on August 30, 2019
One solution is for men and people with positions of power in the industry to speak out louder and to believe the victims. Many of them decline to do so because they hate women. Equally, many men believe women but prefer not to do anything that might harm their position in the industry, which includes even simply tweeting messages of support.

In other words, they're frightened. It's natural. Even I thought twice before tweeting about this, because I was worried about... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by adrianhon at 3:55 PM on August 28, 2019
MeFi post: August 5th, 2019: The Day of the Feral Hogs
at least they're really angry about *something* all the time

i feel like it's prolly colonialism
posted to MetaFilter by poffin boffin at 1:58 PM on August 6, 2019
MeFi post: Mac & Cheese
You misspelled Kraft Dinner, the national food of Canada.
posted to MetaFilter by blob at 8:06 PM on July 20, 2019
MetaTalk post: State of the Site, July 2019 update
And, yes, to be clear: any proposal that the solution to all this is to consider just shrugging and giving up on the PoC-specific stuff we've been talking about? Non-starter.

I think people have made (and re-made) a lot of good suggestions and observations about things we should prioritize in the work we're gonna be doing on the site more broadly, and I appreciate that, but this isn't a "vote on whether that stuff really matters" discussion. It matters, it's... [more]
posted to MetaTalk by cortex at 2:20 PM on July 12, 2019
MeFi post: Berkshire Hunt
Tory, innit.
posted to MetaFilter by Artw at 8:17 PM on June 25, 2019
MeFi post: "[I]f they don’t violate our policies, they’ll remain on our site."
I just want to be able to block channels that I never want to see again.
posted to MetaFilter by Mr.Encyclopedia at 12:55 PM on June 5, 2019
MeFi post: I Broke Breakfast
this country will kill me a lot faster than bacon will
posted to MetaFilter by poffin boffin at 11:05 AM on May 15, 2019
MeFi post: Justin Trudeau and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad [Year]
I'm disappointed by the amount of "there must be another motive" and "I don't see the scandal" I'm seeing here. Sure, it's fine to hold the opinion that we should move on from this to other stuff. I get it, it's been ages and it's a really boring scandal. This whole thing is painfully Canadian. But the problem is that it's hard to imagine Trudeau and the PMO handling this any worse, and they keep creating new mini-scandals every week. No wonder the media... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by lookoutbelow at 4:54 PM on April 8, 2019
MeFi post: Why You Shouldn't Bury Your Pet in the Back Yard
First, be smart from the very beginning.
posted to MetaFilter by fiercecupcake at 8:08 AM on March 19, 2019
Ask MeFi post: A Filtered Twitter?
To hide other people’s likes, I added the following as muted words - to add them on the app it’s under Settings->Content Preferences->Muted words->Add. No idea if it will work forever, but it’s worked for a few months now:

posted to Ask MetaFilter by songs about trains at 5:33 PM on February 25, 2019
MeFi post: UNIX is dead
Hey, if someone offered me $800/hour to write database loaders in COBOL, I'd be speedreading COBOL for Dummies so fast it'd make your head spin.

I'm so there with you it's not even funny. 😄

It's a mistake to conflate a programming language with the programmers who use it.

Yes, it is a mistake, which is why I wrote the piece in the first place. Our culture structures our... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by aurynn at 12:38 PM on February 6, 2019
Ask MeFi post: Miss Scarlett in the conservatory with an axe
I've been reading the 7 and 1/2 deaths of evelyn hardcastle.

Think Groundhog Day and mix it with Clue set in an old Victorian mansion for a weekend. Add Quantum Leap.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by OnTheLastCastle at 9:03 PM on January 4, 2019
MetaTalk post: Murrrrrrder?
posted to MetaTalk by poffin boffin at 5:14 PM on January 3, 2019
MeFi post: Police Play Video Games with Tenants After Responding to Noise Complaint
So one time the teacher brought the police in to talk to the kids about safety and Officer Friendly and stuff like that. Afterward, the teacher had the kids write a little paragraph about the police. But the teacher was shocked to find that quite a lot of the students just wrote "All cops are bastards!"

The police chief was very hurt, so he organized a community building activity for the class - cake and balloons and games with the cops.... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Frowner at 11:52 AM on December 12, 2018
MeFi post: Solas means "Pride"
Good use of the 'fucksolas' tag, in that you can split the Dragon Age audience into which interpretation of those words they would choose :D
posted to MetaFilter by Eleven at 7:37 AM on December 7, 2018
MeFi post: Raycipes. Resippies. Re— Recipes.
I worked on this show! I did the dadbox song and the Jellyfish song (at 44 minutes) and I scored most of the last episode! Yayyy Bee & PuppyCat!
posted to MetaFilter by frenetic at 11:46 AM on December 4, 2018
MeFi post: The Definitive Ranking of the Coen Bros. Movies
Jfc I saw Burn After Reading with two of my friends in college and we spent the whole movie whispering WTF to each other with increasing concern until finally the dildo rocker sequence came up at which point this old woman sitting nearby looked at her husband and said without any awareness that she was not speaking softly at all:

"Isn't that the thing you wanted me to get back when my hip worked"

Husband: "yes and look George... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Hermione Granger at 10:09 PM on November 16, 2018
MeFi post: "Many of you feel for the lamp."
posted to MetaFilter by evidenceofabsence at 4:53 PM on November 15, 2018
MeFi post: Let your need guide your behaviour
i will construct an enclosed wheeled conveyance for them to safely and hygienically visit museums across the globe, to whom should i apply for this important arts grant
posted to MetaFilter by poffin boffin at 7:52 AM on November 15, 2018
MeFi post: Suss "feels a movie soundtrack that got bored ... and left the theater"
Hey not bad! Here's my additions:

Rainywood (now in expanded form as Brightblack Morning Light)
World Standard

I was also going to suggest Bohren & der Club of Gore, but they're jazz/lounge.
posted to MetaFilter by rhizome at 2:07 PM on October 16, 2018
MeFi post: Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

I was very confused at first by the first sentence, at first thinking it was about Darren Aronofsky's Pi, which could also be said to be visual representation of a philosophical abstraction but is notably lacking in tigers.

he was obviously reading the original script

11:15, restate my assumptions: 1. Mathematics is the language of nature. 2. Everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers.... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by lalochezia at 9:57 AM on October 29, 2018
MeFi post: "Some students knew beforehand and still consumed the cookies"
Old family recipe
posted to MetaFilter by Alvy Ampersand at 11:40 PM on October 17, 2018
MeFi post: The Movie Assassin
yes i'm shocked, SHOCKED i tell you, that my hysterical exaggeration isn't in any way accurate.
posted to MetaFilter by poffin boffin at 4:10 PM on September 30, 2018
MeFi post: it is absolutely a full time job, dealing with this Shit.
dril is weak salsa and he was a terrible father to me and my seventeen digimon
posted to MetaFilter by phooky at 3:45 PM on August 25, 2018
MeFi post: He's the Mike Pence of Twitch.
I don't necessarily get that this guy is a douche or that he has any particular problem gaming with women. Rather that he is aware of a huge problem in this community and has chosen the easiest, albeit least progressive way of attempting to prevent it from impacting his personal and professional life. Certainly he could have chosen better, albeit ultimately more costly courses of action. That makes him lazy and perhaps cowardly, but I'm not sure he has a moral imperative to be the keen... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by XMLicious at 8:19 PM on August 21, 2018
MeFi post: Jame Gumb had excellent taste in music.
it's pretty much impossible to listen to in public

Let me tell ya, listening to it by yourself ain't no great shakes neither.
posted to MetaFilter by rhizome at 4:42 PM on August 11, 2018
MeFi post: Ironsworn RPG
If you don't want to set up a DriveThru account, the PDF is also available as a direct download, and there are a bunch of other downloads on the website.
posted to MetaFilter by robcorr at 3:18 PM on July 26, 2018
MeFi post: Why Co-Ed Sports Leagues Are Never Really Co-Ed

It started as a mystery. Why aren’t women playing adult co-ed sports? And why, once they start, do they so often drop out?

Lol did it though
posted to MetaFilter by schadenfrau at 1:41 PM on July 25, 2018
MeFi post: Gaming History Riven in Two
Digital Antiquarian has a pretty good set of articles on Mysts predecessors. HyperCard is front and center, which I think despite the first perrson CGI is a good pin for the nature of the game, being very hypertext/media-ish in nature.
Cracking open the Mac
The Freedom to Associate
A Slow-Motion Revolution (Includes a very Myst like "game" where you navigate an Aztec site in photos)
The Manhole (Early effort from the Myst developers)... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Artw at 11:14 AM on July 24, 2018
MeFi post: ‘No. Not here. Not in my space,’” she said.
I don't think it's a derail, seyirci. The number of people in this very thread pursuing rhetorical contortions to excuse mansplaining and other kinds of trollish GG/MRA behavior is pretty astounding.
posted to MetaFilter by kalessin at 1:10 PM on July 12, 2018
FanFare post: Special Event: World Cup 2018 - Semifinals
Croatia's fitness levels are fucking unreal.

I was exhausted just watching them, at one point I had to ice my forearm bc of tense fist clenching. i deserve the golden boot tbh
posted to FanFare by poffin boffin at 4:08 PM on July 11, 2018
MeFi post: in the Wired
20 years later? That can't be true.

It's the present day, present time.
posted to MetaFilter by RobotHero at 9:43 AM on July 9, 2018
MeFi post: “...furthering the disenfranchisement of LGBT people on-screen,”
I will never stop being amazed at the lengths people will go to, here and everywhere else on the internet, to carefully and at great length explain why they are going to continue talking over trans people sharing their personal experiences and feelings about open and unashamedly transphobic media.
posted to MetaFilter by poffin boffin at 9:15 AM on July 9, 2018
You don't get to tell people what to do with their own money.

who is gonna stop me
posted to MetaFilter by poffin boffin at 4:38 PM on July 8, 2018
MetaTalk post: Muting Certain Commenters
posted to MetaTalk by the quidnunc kid at 10:30 AM on July 1, 2018
FanFare post: Special Event: World Cup 2018 - Round of 16
collective punishment is outlawed by the geneva conventions
posted to FanFare by poffin boffin at 9:29 AM on July 1, 2018
MeFi post: Dungeons and Dollars
but but but your dungeon master being noticeably resentful and crabby about all the free labor they're performing on behalf of players who are like 60% paying attention and thoughtlessly blowing past their carefully-crafted NPCs and plot points is an essential part of the D&D experience

I mean, do you have to pay extra if you want your dungeon master to gradually lose their shit over the course of the evening, talking in increasingly clipped and passive-aggressive... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by prize bull octorok at 9:52 AM on June 27, 2018
MeFi post: “...embraces the old by shaping it with a modern aesthetic.”
Oh the name is terrible as fuck. I hate the name of this game. I understand the 8 paths characters can take, blah blah blah JRPG stuff....but it's dumb.

Oh no, it's worse than that. It's a pun that only makes sense in Japanese-pronounced English, to wit: octopus -> okutopasu -> octopath.

My favorite example from this genre is the name for the Wii U game The Wonderful 100, which you are supposed to... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by J.K. Seazer at 7:45 PM on June 22, 2018
MeFi post: SLIM to SCUM
He disappears for a few minutes and returns reanimated

I believe this is generally how one makes $650m disappear into thin air.
posted to MetaFilter by uncleozzy at 6:55 AM on June 22, 2018
FanFare post: Special Event: World Cup 2018 - Matchday 2
I'm checking my Scouse Aggrievement Meter (ScAM) to determine how I should feel about Barton calling Countinho a "former Liverpool player" whenever he missed, but swicting to "Barcelona Man" when he scored.
posted to FanFare by robocop is bleeding at 6:54 AM on June 22, 2018
MeFi post: “easier to take the line that the work is open to many interpretations”
That's how art works. You don't have to explain it. If you've picked up on it, congratulations, you've understood what the artists intended. Is the author complaining there wasn't a Cliff Notes enclosed?

It's one thing to say "This game stands alone and you can take from it what you wish". It's quite another to drench a game in politics and then to insist that there's nothing political about it.
posted to MetaFilter by Pope Guilty at 1:40 PM on June 20, 2018
MeFi post: ST: Discovery showrunners fired for "increasingly abusive" behavior
The problem with the 'good, I hated the first season anyway' response is it implies that the reason why you're glad they got fired is that you didn't like their work, and that you would have been okay with the abuse if it created good TV. There's a lot I found questionable about the first season, too, but the reason why I'm happy hearing about this has more to do with the possibility that abusive assholes won't get a pass in hollywood than any possible change in direction for Disco.
posted to MetaFilter by dinty_moore at 1:34 PM on June 15, 2018
FanFare post: Special Event: World Cup 2018 - Matchday 1
yeah i don't get out of bed for france
posted to FanFare by poffin boffin at 1:20 PM on June 15, 2018
MeFi post:
wait, could there be parts of other games that might also be historically inaccurate? how could such perfidy be allowed
posted to MetaFilter by poffin boffin at 8:16 PM on June 12, 2018
MeFi post: The lifespan of a lie
In '88 I took a 200-level psychology class and someone asked the professor about Zimbardo.

There went that class period. He spent the entire time going over how broken and bad it was, diagramming it, debunking it, and going into every single part of it from top to bottom, and then took five minutes at the end to dismantle Zimbardo himself as well (he said that he'd met Zimbardo at a conference and that he had "never met a more self-deluded... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by mephron at 6:52 AM on June 12, 2018
MeFi post: Anthony Bourdain has died.
The Best Writing On Anthony Bourdain
- "But here, we've pulled together a collection of what might be considered the best writing about Bourdain — a man who was largely defined by his ability to offer his unvarnished, and often correct, opinion, but also by his willingness to publicly grapple with himself. Aside from rewatching the entire runs of "No Reservations" and "Parts Unknown" there might be no better way to come to understand Tony than to read what... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by the man of twists and turns at 8:49 AM on June 8, 2018
MeFi post: How Single-Take Shots Invaded Franchises
An article about long takes and no mention of Russian Ark?
posted to MetaFilter by lagomorphius at 8:36 PM on June 7, 2018
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