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MeFi post: “Almost everything he made was unprecedented.”
RIP. An enormously important figure and a brilliant, iconoclastic man. His synthesizers are cosmic, explorative, otherworldly. A personal hero.

This just came out from two Buchla-loving musicians, Suzanne Ciani and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, and is the best sonic eulogy to Don Buchla I can think of, even if it wasn't intended as such. Worth a listen if you want an example of what his instruments sound like in good hands.
posted to MetaFilter by naju at 9:03 PM on September 16, 2016
MeFi post: The guy is drunk, but there he goes!
I kind of wish a naked man would run through my office and high five everyone. I'm having a super shit day at work.

Hey have you heard about TaskRabbit
posted to MetaFilter by prize bull octorok at 1:05 PM on September 14, 2016
MeFi post: Burkinis interdits
Some values have to be enforced, otherwise they are not valued

If you're wondering why you're being painted as a fundamentalist it's because that's indistinguishable from the justification for legislating religious orthodoxy.
posted to MetaFilter by Holy Zarquon's Singing Fish at 3:07 PM on August 17, 2016
Ask MeFi post: Friend acquires a lot of cheese. What to do with it?

Going back to before the AskMeFi question: the dialog between myself (Me) and my friend (Fred - not his real name) when I visited, pretty much word for word as I can remember it. I wrote this down soon afterwards to cover myself if things went badly wrong and I had to speak to the police, and also to send to the other police (the MetaFilter mods) as an explanation.

So, if you want movie dialog, but actual dialog (as in a documentary or... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Wordshore at 8:35 AM on August 13, 2016
MeFi post: Hikea

"We can't stop here. This is Batsfjord country!"

posted to MetaFilter by Devonian at 6:49 PM on August 10, 2016
measure twice, cut once.)

If you're getting the saw out, you're probably doing Ikea wrong.
posted to MetaFilter by octothorpe at 5:45 PM on August 10, 2016
MeFi post: I want to be in the room where it happens
The spot – which calls Clinton “out of touch” for living under Secret Service protection while promoting gun restrictions – is the biggest single ad buy for Trump this cycle and it brings the NRA’s total spending this cycle to around $6 million.

First, Trump suggests somebody should shoot her. Then, the NRA suggests she should give up her Secret Service protection. I mean, come on. A little on the nose there, guys.
posted to MetaFilter by Joey Michaels at 2:19 PM on August 10, 2016
MeFi post: No Man's Sky
The gun is a mining/resource collection tool, not just a weapon.

For a second I thought I was in the election thread and this was spin
posted to MetaFilter by prize bull octorok at 1:36 PM on August 9, 2016
MeFi post: Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand / A mighty woman
nobody,not even the rain,has such small hands

posted to MetaFilter by kirkaracha at 4:53 PM on August 3, 2016
MeFi post: Best of women. (DNC Day 4)
This feels like the culmination of a sea change in progressive politics. (Yes, progressive politics.) When I was a freshman in college, the year Barack Obama got elected, I joined the College Democrats, and they were a bunch of loud angry people who fought each other non-friggin'-stop and printed zines. Which was delightful, sure, on some level, but it was also really goddamn depressing. I went to an anti-war protest, the really big one in DC in early 2009, which for all its... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by rorgy at 12:25 AM on July 29, 2016
Who wore it better?

Trolling Level: Grand Master
posted to MetaFilter by prize bull octorok at 2:53 PM on July 28, 2016
MetaTalk post: How to tell astroturf?
I think it would be difficult for astroturfers to catch enough people here. They'd have to be different from other astroturfers, perhaps in the top percentage of all astroturfers. They'd need a strong MeFi presence as a starter, which would slowly strengthen and evolve as they gained experience on the site. A good AskMe presence would be super effective, with a question history spanning categories from shopping to human relationships. They'd need plenty of instinct, valor, and probably some... [more]
posted to MetaTalk by Metroid Baby at 4:47 AM on July 14, 2016
MeFi post: No porn category exists in their honor. Yet.

But if you want to masturbate to a TED talk, who's stopping you?

I know. Security at the Vancouver Convention Center came in to my life in this role, but who's your killjoy?
posted to MetaFilter by lalochezia at 9:54 AM on July 10, 2016
FanFare post: 2016 UEFA European Football Championship: Round of 16
What's going on to the right of the Iceland goal that Kane keep's wiffing the ball over there? Is it one of those 18th hole 'Win a Free Game' things?
posted to FanFare by robocop is bleeding at 1:46 PM on June 27, 2016
MeFi post: "I truly believe sunscreen is the No. 1 anti-aging ingredient"
sometimes i laugh with delighted abandon outdoors but there is no sunscreen on my gums or tongue, what now.
posted to MetaFilter by poffin boffin at 11:15 AM on May 30, 2016
MeFi post: Teach The Controversy
Two is the lower limit.

this antipirate sentiment has no place on metafilter sir, no place at all
posted to MetaFilter by poffin boffin at 9:30 PM on May 29, 2016
MeFi post: I Was Ready to Go to Prison for My Anti-War Beliefs.
I don't know what all this dust stuff is about, I'm crying about my emotions here
posted to MetaFilter by Greg Nog at 12:06 PM on May 24, 2016
MeFi post: tfw yr coffee game too strong
This is great, but it falters in comparison to the official video for the extended commercial remix, which is like a kaleidoscopic DMT Wes Anderson coffee fever dream.
posted to MetaFilter by Itaxpica at 2:36 PM on May 24, 2016
MeFi post: In the realm of the ridiculous
Hello is Mourinho, unemployed special one. People say to me, "Hey Jose, how come Leicester can win premier league but you don't even have one special job?" I say: OK, yes, I am not yet manager of Man U. But maybe if I replaced Ranieri at Chelsea, it was so he could win with Leicester. And maybe if Chelsea did badly this year, it is so Leicester could do better. And maybe if I left Chelsea, it is so they could improve to beat Tottenham. So really maybe this Premier League championship... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by the quidnunc kid at 5:58 AM on May 3, 2016
MeFi post: The Great Green North
Pot literally cannot kill you.

what if it's a really big bag of weed and it falls on me and i die
posted to MetaFilter by poffin boffin at 2:05 PM on April 20, 2016
Boy, you guys are just itchin' for us to come up there and "liberate" ya'all, ain'cha?

The only thing getting liberated will be all the sweet, sweet Tubman $20s getting liberated from American hands by the soon-to-be-booming Canadian weed tourism industry
posted to MetaFilter by showbiz_liz at 1:14 PM on April 20, 2016
MeFi post: How to Blow $9 Billion in 6 Months
Oh my god. I applied to be their in-house IP counsel last year and never heard back. lmao forever
posted to MetaFilter by naju at 12:29 AM on April 19, 2016
MeFi post: Technically 101, but let's not quibble.
juv3nal: "I never really paid that much attention to it because there's a whole plot going on, but geez third man is just gorgeously lit."

I just saw the new 4k restoration on a big screen last week and it is just so amazing looking. If you stop to think about it, none of the lighting makes much sense but who cares when it looks like that.
posted to MetaFilter by octothorpe at 6:33 PM on April 18, 2016
MetaTalk post: Improving cultural appropriation threads
People who have the good fortune to be educated about cultural issues and communication would be doing a great service to be a bit more generous and patient with explanations.

posted to MetaTalk by Etrigan at 1:00 PM on April 14, 2016
MeFi post: West of House
> I think this is what happened with Emily Short's AI (Galatea) and Lucian Smith's language puzzle (The Edifice). They were implemented as massive, gnarly, tangles of hacks and special case conditionals, and the authors don't want to embarrass themselves by releasing the source code. But publishing your crap is the only way everyone else learns. So everyone who wants to tell a story with realistic NPCs now has to reinvent their own wheels.

Do they?... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by emshort at 11:42 PM on April 3, 2016
> I don't think Twine has killed IF (yet) but it is a sad and horrible and self-satisfied sanctimonious corruption and dumbing down of the medium which should never have been allowed to be seen as part of the noble and learned field of IF craftspeople

Hi, I'm guessing I'm one of the people you'd slot into the category of "noble and learned field of IF craftspeople". And the idea that Twine is killing IF, and that it's a... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by sgranade at 7:09 AM on April 3, 2016
MeFi post: The Warrant Canary in the Content Mines
If a canary dies in the coal mine you should probably get the hell out of there.

What were you doing in Reddit in the first place
posted to MetaFilter by beerperson at 8:09 PM on April 1, 2016
MetaTalk post: Pony request: Ctrl/Command-K for new hyperlnks
WAKE UP SHEEPLE meta filter only wants to ctrl-U
posted to MetaTalk by threeants at 4:59 PM on March 20, 2016
MeFi post: authors and the truth about money
Barber is a writer of literary fiction, and would probably have a tough time making a living as a self-published author.

That's hardly universal, sales of my e-book Pounded in the Butt by Bittersweet Reflections on My Failed Marriage have been great this quarter.
posted to MetaFilter by prize bull octorok at 1:27 PM on March 21, 2016
MeFi post: From the guns of babes
the past five years, at least six Americans have been shot by dogs.

Following that article and its links, it looks like, in the last 10 years, at least 10 Americans were shot by dogs while only one shooting by a cat was reported. That's right; you are 10x as likely to be shot by your dog (which you claim is "loyal") than your cat (who you claim is an "asshole"). I think we need to reconsider this.
posted to MetaFilter by GenjiandProust at 12:56 PM on March 13, 2016
MeFi post: Second Wachowski filmmaker sibling comes out as trans
Best response so far on Facebook:



posted to MetaFilter by book 'em dano at 7:00 PM on March 8, 2016
MeFi post: The Cult of Ignorance in the USA
"The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity."

@roughbeast #slouchin #2ndcominglol #lookinforfalconhaveuseen
posted to MetaFilter by Sebmojo at 2:37 PM on March 7, 2016
MeFi post: #TrapCovers: inspired by acoustic covers of Beyonce's 'Formation'
counterpoint: yes
posted to MetaFilter by naju at 7:45 PM on February 28, 2016
MeFi post: Do Androids Dream of Electric Beats?
The correct answer is Burial.
posted to MetaFilter by davebush at 6:36 AM on February 28, 2016
MetaTalk post: This thread is the worst
Jesus Christ announcing that you bought a $25 bottle of booze is not airing your laundry.
posted to MetaTalk by shakespeherian at 12:53 PM on February 22, 2016
If you want people to have empathy for what is a very reasonable position, it's probably best to out your own warts. They're going to come out one way or another.

You are being very disingenuous and I wish you would stop.
posted to MetaTalk by shakespeherian at 12:41 PM on February 22, 2016
MeFi post: Another one from the NOPE file
Found another video (HD available) of two females. It's well-shot, but I ain't gonna lie it looks like Amblypygid porn.
posted to MetaFilter by Johnny Wallflower at 8:20 PM on February 13, 2016
MeFi post: Dr. Lecter, you are needed in Sickbay!
Existential Dread... it's called The Expanse and it's pretty damn good.
posted to MetaFilter by Laura Palmer's Cold Dead Kiss at 8:43 AM on February 10, 2016
MeFi post: Hyper Speed Walking to Parallel Universes via Scuttlebug Raising
Someone get this guy into a graduate program in Mario 64 -- he's already doing masters level work.

He is.
posted to MetaFilter by eruonna at 3:45 PM on January 25, 2016
MeFi post: “When one burns one's bridges, what a very nice fire it makes.”
Criticizing art is not the same as saying it should not be funded or that it should be funded based on your taste.
posted to MetaFilter by ignignokt at 8:07 PM on January 22, 2016
MeFi post: Brownian notion

The Pfannenbrenner ("pan-burner", a name that is non-existent apart from Anton Nepomuk) story is apocryphal.

are you saying it could be a lye
posted to MetaFilter by lalochezia at 7:47 PM on January 17, 2016
MetaTalk post: Remove voting from MeFi Projects
Totally disagree with the entire concept of this thread, which will inevitably lead to the destruction of our society. To put the issue into a nuts hell - we can't logically deicide weather to have "voting" by VOTING on that tissue, because:

(a) Those people who have voted AGAINST voting are congitive dissidents, whose inconsistency disproves their own premises; and

(2) Contraversly, those who vote FOR voting are bedding the question,... [more]
posted to MetaTalk by the quidnunc kid at 6:59 AM on January 14, 2016
Ask MeFi post: What do you subscribe to on youtube?

Helen's Recipes - Vietnamese
Laura in the Kitchen - Italian American
Mangchii - Korean (She's very cute and funny)
Mark Wiens - Travel Eater, mostly Thai - he gets REALLY EXCITED when eating good food. Lot's of street food.
Titlis Busy Kitchen - Assorted Very goofy and funny, large archives.
Day of Gluttony 24 restaurants in 24 hours.
Chefs Night Out Chefs from a restaurant start an evening... [more]
posted to Ask MetaFilter by jopreacher at 10:44 AM on January 3, 2016
MeFi post: The Fall of Ziggy Stardust
The AV Club: David Bowie 101

In the late ’60s and early ’70s, rock music faced a severe vacuum. Hard rock, progressive rock, pop saviors, and singer-songwriters abounded, but with The Beatles’ demise in 1970, no artist was left to truly straddle the aisles and unify the increasingly fragmented music scene. Did David Bowie fill that vacuum, or exaggerate it? To this day, his challenging, enigmatic image and music make it hard to say. What’s clear, though, is that Bowie’s... [more]
posted to MetaFilter by Rhaomi at 11:48 PM on January 10, 2016
MeFi post: When unanimity signals bias
So too, if everyone here fails to vote #1 quidnunc kid, should he not be swiftly elected? I think we can all agree that the only way to root out and stomp on the dark vice of bias on MeFi is to follow this wise and just policy. In that context, please either vote #1 quidnunc kid, or don't - the result will be exactly the same. And, once he is elected to a position of unlimited power, he promises to utterly crush your biases, and also your face, in a gigantic dark vice.
posted to MetaFilter by the quidnunc kid at 4:44 AM on January 7, 2016
MeFi post: Define 'interesting.'
I belong to a highly-classified group of nappers from around the world who may be called away at any time for secret naps that must be taken immediately.
posted to MetaFilter by poffin boffin at 1:33 PM on January 6, 2016
MetaTalk post: Alone these holidays? Come on in!
can we pet the croutons
posted to MetaTalk by Jacqueline at 12:21 AM on December 25, 2015
MeFi post: I have a bad feeling about this
I have a copy of this. And people always want to see it, and I tell them no, and explain it this way:

It's like heroin. There's no way to describe it to you that doesn't make it sound sort of cool. But it is. Not. Cool.
posted to MetaFilter by rusty at 1:50 PM on April 29, 2009
MeFi post: Nethack 3.6.0 released
I wonder what cortex is going to talk about on the next podcast

I'm canceling the podcast and will just be forcing Jessamyn and random mefites to try to ascend Tourists every month.
posted to MetaFilter by cortex at 8:10 PM on December 7, 2015
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