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What A Thrill

Kotaku writer Ash Parrish capped off an article discussing the sublime theme to Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater with a request for the singer, Cynthia Harrell, to contact her to discuss the song further. Then, she managed to track Ms Harrell down, using her photo from the cover of the single of "I Am The Wind" from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
posted to MetaFilter by NoxAeternum at 8:50 AM on October 22, 2020 (12 comments)

Grab a spoon.

Did Friends predict The Matrix? [slyt]
posted to MetaFilter by feelinglistless at 2:27 PM on October 7, 2020 (12 comments)

every valley is a nature valley, dumbass.

17776 is back. Now it's 20020.
posted to MetaFilter by theodolite at 1:21 PM on September 28, 2020 (59 comments)

Best AI program/site to use for writing fiction?

I have been using AIDungeon to experiment with writing short fiction, and I love how it works-- when it works. It seems like the developer of the program is more interested in forcing it to work like a game, where you are more limited in actions and have to be in conflict with the AI instead of collaboration. Is there another site or way to use GPT-3 for fiction? ,
posted to Ask MetaFilter by The otter lady at 1:00 PM on September 11, 2020 (5 comments)

Happy Bird Day

Charles Christopher "Yardbird" Parker, thought by many to be the greatest jazz musician who ever lived, was born in Kansas City, Kansas, one hundred years ago today.
posted to MetaFilter by hoist with his own pet aardvark at 11:31 PM on August 29, 2020 (14 comments)

Six Cats Under

Oh my goodness gracious! How clumsy of me. Reading is more dangerous than I thought. Oh no… What about my precious kitties! Stuck in this apartment , how will they survive? I must get the front door open so they can run free!
In the little point-and-click browser game Six Cats Under, you must resolve your unfinished business on this plane by helping Frederick, Mr. Spock, Baroness, Pumpkin, Ponyo, Clancy, Pickle, Geoffrey, Edgar, Sniffles, Rufus, and Deborah escape your home.
By Miles Äijälä, Robin Swift, Tomas Beržinskas, and Alex Martin.
posted to MetaFilter by Going To Maine at 11:06 AM on July 20, 2020 (20 comments)

This Is An Uprising!

A conversation with Boots Riley and Noname on music and revolution, theory and practice, and intersectional activism.
posted to MetaFilter by jshttnbm at 9:38 AM on June 16, 2020 (1 comment)

"Make Up Song," by Justin Wilson and Justin Wilson II

"Dad, you can do a smooth intro while I just open it up."
posted to MetaFilter by Sokka shot first at 7:57 PM on June 15, 2020 (10 comments)

Rembrandt Close Up

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has posted an extraordinary image of Rembrandt's The Night Watch (1642) on its website. ".....Click again and you're propelled towards the outstretched hand of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq. Another click, and you're face-to-face with the leader of this group of not-so-merry-men. Once more, and you can see the glint in his eye and the texture of his ginger beard. At no point does the image start to pixilate or distort, it's pin-sharp throughout. And it remains so as you continue to click, getting further and further into the painting until the Captain's paint-cracked eyeball is the size of a fist, and you realise that tiny glint you first saw isn't the result of one dab of Rembrandt's brush, but four separate applications, each loaded with a slightly different shade of paint."
posted to MetaFilter by storybored at 2:41 PM on May 17, 2020 (18 comments)

Warp Earth Catalog, a new weekly digital zine/ mixtape

Warp Earth Catalog is a weekly mixtape of ideas to inspire, inform, enable and energize creativity and positivity in a time of global disruption and uncertainty. Based on the classic countercultural guide the Whole Earth Catalog (Internet Archive collection)and its credo of ‘access to tools’, these are tools for strength, awareness and thoughtful entertainment. From wherever in the world we are, let’s support each other, make things and help maintain the ecosystem of independent creativity. The first issue from Warp Records (previously) is available now.
posted to MetaFilter by filthy light thief at 9:27 AM on April 29, 2020 (9 comments)

It is like a grey squirrel balanced on a branch, fearless

Way to Go is a walk in the woods. It is an astonishing interactive experience, a restless panorama, a mixture of hand-made animation, 360˚ video capture, music and dreaming and code; but mostly it is a walk in the woods, c'mon. Created by Vincent Morisset, Philippe Lambert, Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit & Caroline Robert (AATOAA). Produced by the NFB & France TV.
posted to MetaFilter by bq at 4:49 PM on March 31, 2020 (11 comments)

Where there is a fête, there is murder.

Your guide to not getting murdered in a quaint English village: a list of people (e.g. the vicar, the impoverished aristocrat, the local historian who's just found something very interesting) and places (e.g. the village fête, local basements, and anywhere with a vat) to avoid if you find yourself in an English Murder Village and want to make it out alive!
posted to MetaFilter by andrewesque at 9:36 AM on January 24, 2020 (54 comments)

Hyperdub at 15: that fast-slow sound, several labels within one label

Fifteen years ago, a minimal dubstep (in the melancholy UK sense of the term) cover (Discogs) of Prince's Sign O' The Times (YT) kicked off a new label that championed new UK sound(s), marking Hyperdub's transition from webzine (Archived view) to proper label. Back in 2012, Resident Advisor had a chat with label manager Marcus Scott, where he laid out the history and then-future of the label. To mark their 15th anniversary, Hyperdub recently teamed with Adult Swim to release Hyperswim (streaming compilation).
posted to MetaFilter by filthy light thief at 7:31 PM on November 29, 2019 (18 comments)

The Jungle Prince

Interesting piece on the death of a former prince living mysteriously in Delhi from the BBC There is a much longer-form version at the New York Times. The BBC link has great photos, and I know folks don’t like the Times’ paywall, but if you have a freebie this would be a good use of it.
posted to MetaFilter by Gilgamesh's Chauffeur at 8:42 AM on November 22, 2019 (16 comments)

High school grad who accidentally fell into a surreal-ass future (help)

Natalie finally convinced me to make an Instagram 😝 Name’s Liv 💖 Liv may have been tempting fate when she chose the Instagram handle livinthefuture. (Main link is to the first entry in an illustration-based Instagram storytelling project. Second link is to the overall Instagram profile, which will be a spoiler because of Instagram's reverse chronology.)
posted to MetaFilter by Caduceus at 2:49 PM on October 6, 2019 (25 comments)


Xu would be the first to tell you that he’s more of a troll at heart than political rebel, and he’s become a target of the state for reasons that are much more fitting of his personality: He likes to talk shit, and he likes to fight.
Lauren Teixeira brings us the story of Xu Xiaodong, a Chinese dissident whose praxis is whaling on martial artists propped up by China's propaganda machine.
posted to MetaFilter by Etrigan at 11:59 AM on October 3, 2019 (18 comments)

"Here upon I begin the new life which I have chose to live."

Richard Hofmeier made one of the finest videogames of the 21st Century, the outsider art masterpiece Cart Life. Then he disappeared. Now he's back with a new game.
posted to MetaFilter by Automocar at 10:47 AM on September 23, 2019 (6 comments)

New, Blue World

Impulse! Records is releasing a heretofore unheard set of recordings for John Coltrane made for a film project between Crescent and A Love Supreme. All but one are reworked versions of previous songs except a track called Blue World, which is pretty damn fine (SLYT). Happy Friday everybody.
posted to MetaFilter by cross_impact at 12:47 PM on August 16, 2019 (7 comments)


Who Is Ryo Fukui? A self-taught jazz pianist and staple at Sapporo's Slowboat who passed away in 2016 and whose albums have become a Youtube sensation.
posted to MetaFilter by the man of twists and turns at 9:11 AM on April 10, 2019 (7 comments)

Unfolds in a very interesting way

Vladimir Ivkovic and Lena Willikens play amazing music separately, but together they challenge each other. “We share a curiosity. It makes it vivid, like a good conversation,” she says.
posted to MetaFilter by asok at 7:48 PM on March 16, 2019 (2 comments)

She is gonna be something good in a few years, I tell you! Watch out ;)

Hilde Lysiak is still at it, putting journalists 5 times her age to shame.
posted to MetaFilter by rikschell at 1:55 PM on February 22, 2019 (7 comments)

18 individual threads and 145 steps

In 2015 and 2016 the TV show Archer put together insanely complex scavenger hunts for fans. Walkthroughs (2015, 2016) and behind the scenes (2015, 2016).
posted to MetaFilter by Chrysostom at 9:50 AM on February 22, 2019 (13 comments)

A Soap Label To Save The World From Future Hitlers

Emanuel Bronner didn’t just want to make soap. He wanted to unite the world. "In this light, the bottle’s breathless monologue reads more like a doomful love letter from the past. A warning to humanity rising up from the sorrows of loss at the hands of a despot. Woven between incoherent maxims are the raw wounds of a man incapable of communicating just how horrific his pain was. He discloses his grief in a desperate, almost childlike way—on a soap label. A soap label that has become the iconic face of a $120 million soap company. A soap label the Bronner family will never change."
posted to MetaFilter by homunculus at 11:50 AM on December 1, 2018 (82 comments)

A Regular Expressions Sandbox

Regular Expressions 101 is an online sandbox for writing and testing regular expressions. It supports PCRE, Javascript, Python, and Go syntax and has a well-designed visualization, explanation, and performance evaluation interface.
posted to MetaFilter by jedicus at 9:14 AM on August 24, 2018 (32 comments)

... the American Sailor Moon show has achieved mythological status ...

In 1993, before the magical girl anime Sailor Moon was released in the U.S., there was an alternate vision for it. It was an American vision. A total remake of the show with Saturday morning-style animation, intercut with footage of real-life, all-American high school teens.
posted to MetaFilter by RobotHero at 6:18 PM on July 19, 2018 (15 comments)

The 80's Never Died, They Just Became Bigger

NewRetroWave is a YouTube channel devoted to the 80’s-infused electronic music genre known variously as synthwave/retrowave/outrun. Whether you’re jacking into a mainframe in Neo Tokyo, cruising down a Miami highway at night in your convertible, or discovering what true love means with your girlfriend Jennifer, this channel has got you covered.
posted to MetaFilter by dephlogisticated at 8:46 PM on June 25, 2018 (34 comments)

Unfortunately, nothing about Robert Frost

Yesterday at E3, the cast of Lucasarts' 1998 adventure game Grim Fandango reprised their roles in a reading of much of the game's script (SLYT, skips to 8:15:22 in the video).
posted to MetaFilter by uncleozzy at 8:05 AM on June 13, 2018 (11 comments)

Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai!: A Forgotten Moment In Anime History

Perhaps the undisputed king of the 80’s [direct-to-video anime release], however, was Mamoru Oshii, soon-to-be director of Ghost In The Shell. Directing literally the first OVA ever with Dallos, before making the arthouse Angel’s Egg with character designer Yoshitaka Amano and the mech show Patlabor, Oshii’s directorial contributions in the market are memorable for a reason. However, his final OVA is talked about much less in the popular sphere than the others, despite having an enormous impact on contemporary anime as we know it.

posted to MetaFilter by Sokka shot first at 7:31 AM on June 4, 2018 (4 comments)

A plethora of Sun Ra's four decades of baffling, dazzling, mystical jazz

A small, moonfaced man who spoke in enigmatic riddles, he fully inhabited the persona of a science fiction jazz Buddha. Sun Ra ... claimed he had been born on Saturn, and had come to Earth to offer a message of peace and salvation through music, as well as hope for a better life elsewhere in the universe. "I've been to a zone where there is no air, no light, no sound, no life, no death, nothing. There's five billion people on this planet, all out of tune. I've got to raise their consciousness, tell them about the wonderful potential to bypass death." With this introduction from The Believer Magazine, quoting Sun Ra himself, here is his music, on Bandcamp, from Sun Ra Music and Sun Ra via Strut. That's a lot of music, so here's a guide to Sun Ra's albums on Bandcamp.
posted to MetaFilter by filthy light thief at 8:38 PM on May 21, 2018 (42 comments)

Where does my Council Tax go?

Freedom of Information requests are a fantastic tool for citizens and journalists alike, but they're also a favourite with people who have an axe to grind. When 'James' demanded to know why he had to pay for Adult Social Services and the Fire Brigade though, he probably didn't expect so blunt an answer from South Somerset District Council.
posted to MetaFilter by garius at 3:52 PM on March 14, 2018 (32 comments)

The CRPG Book Project

For over four years Felipe Pepe has been working on a 500+ page book reviewing 400 CRPGs, going over their history from early PLATO amusements to the latest 100+ hour Bethesda open-world monstrosities. At last his efforts have reached a conclusion, and he's giving the ebook away free on his website.
posted to MetaFilter by JHarris at 6:06 PM on February 4, 2018 (30 comments)

studied the natural world and able to replicate the aesthetic somehow

Their work would gain a small, dedicated following during the ‘80s and ‘90s but little else. Set against a backdrop of unprecedented economic growth in Japan, the music that emerged from the country during this period would benefit from this burgeoning wealth while also rallying against some of its consequences.
On the resurgence of Japanese ambient composers from the '80s. Many listens inside.
posted to MetaFilter by grobstein at 10:00 PM on January 26, 2018 (11 comments)

The Floppotron (the musical instrument, not the Disney sequel)

Africa by Toto - - the latest classic song to be performed on the Floppotron, a musical instrument, nay entire orchestra, cobbled together by Polish musician and engineer Paweł Zadrożniak from 64 floppy drives, 8 hard drives, and 2 scanners.
posted to MetaFilter by fairmettle at 12:44 AM on January 24, 2018 (24 comments)

With a car, you put it in neutral. With a room, Neutral puts you in IT!

Room escape game developer Neutral (previously - I kind of know how you feel, phunniemee - I found out about this by randomly checking Bart Bonte's site) has returned from the unknown once more with his latest game, SIGN. (If you thirst for more, welcome to hell No1Game.)
posted to MetaFilter by BiggerJ at 11:17 PM on January 20, 2018 (16 comments)

The Story of Cats, from ITV and PBS

The Story of Cats is a documentary mini-series, first aired on ITV then re-cut with new narration on PBS: Nature, now as a two-part series instead of three, with a different narrative flow. Where ITV focuses on comparisons of wild cats with "our moggies," PBS traces the evolution of cats as they spread across the world, and into our homes. ITV [via YouTube] ep 1: Wild at Heart; ep 2: Cute Response; ep 3: Super Cats | PBS ep 1: Asia to Africa; ep 2: Americas
posted to MetaFilter by filthy light thief at 11:00 AM on January 14, 2018 (34 comments)

If Sadako was a magician this would be her

The winner of the latest Asia's Got Talent, Indonesian magician The Sacred Riana, spooks both audience and judges alike with her horror-themed illusions and quiet, twitchy character - one that she maintains even in interviews.
posted to MetaFilter by divabat at 2:55 AM on December 26, 2017 (19 comments)

I aint one of yall peers, I'm the sum of all fears

The Roots' Black Thought unleashes a blistering freestyle on Funkmaster Flex's show on Hot 97 (NSFW language) for 10 minutes straight, doing everything from flipping words to talking about his position on late night television, to referencing a multitude of rappers from Rakim, the D.O.C., Kanye and Dr. Dre, to Kendrick Lamar, to talking about his mother and his upbringing and the current crop of rappers.
posted to MetaFilter by cashman at 2:37 PM on December 14, 2017 (49 comments)

I wasn’t meant for reality, but life came and found me.

Fernando Pessoa was a Portuguese wrter with nearly 80 different literary alter egos or "heteronyms". Each of which had a biography, psychology, politics, religion, physical description; the main characters being interconnected and with their own horoscopes
"I'm the empty stage where various actors act out various plays," he once wrote and “a drama divided into people instead of into acts”.
“I’m beginning to know myself. I don’t exist,” he writes in one poem. “I’m the gap between what I’d like to be and what others have made of me. . . . That’s me. Period.
His occult interests led him to a correspondence and friendship with Aleister Crowley who enlisted him in faking his suicide.
posted to MetaFilter by adamvasco at 1:55 PM on November 19, 2017 (12 comments)

Burial's 'Untrue' turns 10

Why Burial’s Untrue Is the Most Important Electronic Album of the Century So Far (Simon Reynolds, Pitchfork).
posted to MetaFilter by sapagan at 10:49 AM on November 5, 2017 (45 comments)

Whatever It Takes

“The transformation of the Finns’ education system began some 40 years ago as the key propellent of the country’s economic recovery plan. Educators had little idea it was so successful until 2000, when the first results from the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), a standardized test given to 15-year-olds in more than 40 global venues, revealed Finnish youth to be the best young readers in the world. Three years later, they led in math. By 2006, Finland was first out of 57 countries (and a few cities) in science. In the 2009 PISA scores released last year, the nation came in second in science, third in reading and sixth in math among nearly half a million students worldwide. ” — Why Are Finland’s Schools So Successful? The Smithsonian
posted to MetaFilter by The Whelk at 12:33 PM on October 4, 2017 (41 comments)

The Gallery of Madame Liu-Tsong

In 1951, Anna May Wong was TV’s first Asian-American leading actor. And then her groundbreaking show disappeared... The Search for Madame Liu-Tsong.
posted to MetaFilter by Artw at 10:24 AM on September 5, 2017 (10 comments)

Lady Kung Fu is Alive and Well and Living in Queens

Ever seen "Enter the Dragon," the Bruce Lee masterpiece? Then you've seen Angela Mao. She portrayed his sister who got killed, in an epic battle between her and Robert Wall, a famous martial artist. I actually thought that was the highlight of the film. Anyhow, she disappeared from Hong Kong film-making in the early 90s and recently resurfaced in Queens NYC. The main article is a NY Times profile of her. This next article was posted last Thursday about an upcoming appearance of hers Angela Mao appearance
posted to MetaFilter by MovableBookLady at 10:56 AM on August 20, 2017 (7 comments)

How Checkers Was Solved

From 1950 to 1990, Marion Tinsley had been the world champion of checkers whenever he wanted to be. He’d occasionally retire to work on mathematics or devote himself to religious study, but he’d eventually return, beat everyone and become champion again. In that 40-year span, he lost five total games and never once dropped a match. In 1994, he sat across a game board from a computer, dying.
posted to MetaFilter by Horace Rumpole at 5:36 PM on July 19, 2017 (17 comments)

What football will look like in the future

Something is terribly wrong. Jon Bois (previously) starts a new series on the future, football and the future of football.
posted to MetaFilter by creade at 12:20 PM on July 5, 2017 (255 comments)

See everything ain't all about causes and effects

You gots to suffer, sacrifice then resurrect (resurrect) resurrect (assume all links NSFW) So back in 1995-1997, back when there was a West-East coast rivalry in hip-hop and Biggie and Tupac died because gangsta rappers carry guns, while A Tribe Called Quest and their ilk were being called the intelligent alternative, in Queens there was born a duo called Darc Mind. They were, according to critics who came later, timeless and timely, in the mid-aughts. Originally label-mates of Wu-Tang on Loud Records, which promptly fell apart and damned them to obscurity, they later found and were re-released on Anticon in 2006, 2007, and 2013, home of goofy, cerebral alt-rap like Doseone and Daedelus, with whom they have almost nothing and everything and what in common.
posted to MetaFilter by saysthis at 7:01 AM on July 3, 2017 (6 comments)

"If you decide to see more, click on this story"

The last installment of the original “Choose Your Own Adventure” series came out in 1998, but since 2004, Chooseco, founded by one of the series’ original authors, R.A. Montgomery, has been republishing classic volumes, as well as new riffs on the form of interactive fiction that seemed ubiquitous in the 1980s and ’90s. The new editions also carry an additional feature—maps of the hidden structure of each book.

posted to MetaFilter by Lexica at 12:02 PM on June 14, 2017 (25 comments)
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