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"We've agreed this is casual sex, so as long as we decide not to develop feelings, we won't."

The Geek Social Fallacies of Sex. (Probably SFW in itself, depending on your W - no naughty images - but links out may go to NSFW content) Holly Pervocracy (previously), a feminist sex blogger, revisits Michael Suileabhain-Wilson's classic but contentious Geek Social Fallacies (previously).
posted to MetaFilter by running order squabble fest at 4:58 AM on February 10, 2012 (74 comments)

The Margaret and Helen blog - anyone have definite proof that they're real?

Is the blog "Margaret and Helen" real or fake?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by tzikeh at 7:05 PM on February 8, 2012 (27 comments)

Cheap eBay goods

What are the best $1-2 deals on eBay?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by sarae at 3:51 PM on February 8, 2012 (12 comments)

Do what you like well enough

Do you like your job? Do you like your job despite it not being related to your "passion"? (Maybe you don't have a "passion".) How did you find your way into that job?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by doift at 8:11 AM on February 7, 2012 (33 comments)

Help me find this amazing Korean TV show!

A while ago, someone posted a description of this show in a MeFi thread. According to the poster, this was a Korean show "all about people who did mundane things very, very well". Can anyone tell me the name of this show and tell me how to find it?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by shushufindi at 1:57 PM on January 31, 2012 (6 comments)

Hustlin': The Rise of the Privileged Poor

Writer and comedian A Wolfe writes a compelling piece on education, poverty, and shame.
posted to MetaFilter by Dokterrock at 10:04 AM on January 31, 2012 (42 comments)

Being a Maid

James McBride talks about The Help, Hattie McDaniel, why black women are still winning awards for playing maids, how black culture is appropriated and represented, and whether marginalized groups in America all serve the purpose of "cultural maids".
posted to MetaFilter by nakedmolerats at 3:39 PM on January 30, 2012 (59 comments)

The Automatic Diet Planner

Swole.me is a completely free automated diet planner that creates meals according to your goal calorie intake and how many meals you’d like to eat per day.
posted to MetaFilter by netbros at 2:40 PM on January 30, 2012 (51 comments)

Un, deux, trois dit miroir noir

""If technology is a drug--and it does feel like a drug--then what, precisely, are the side-effects?" "Charlie Brooker (previously), the writer of E4's Dead Set, returns with a suspenseful, satirical three-part mini-series that taps into collective unease about our modern world" - Black Mirror
posted to MetaFilter by mrgrimm at 12:01 PM on January 26, 2012 (76 comments)

How thick is your bubble?

Charles Murray, author of the controversial 1994 work The Bell Curve, has a new book coming out, entitled Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960–2010. He's included a twenty-five question, weighted quiz to get a feel for how in touch you are with mainstream, blue-collar American culture. It's not automated, so you'll need pen and paper.
posted to MetaFilter by valkyryn at 6:38 AM on January 26, 2012 (358 comments)

The Caging of America

The scale and the brutality of our prisons are the moral scandal of American life. Every day, at least fifty thousand men—a full house at Yankee Stadium—wake in solitary confinement, often in “supermax” prisons or prison wings, in which men are locked in small cells, where they see no one, cannot freely read and write, and are allowed out just once a day for an hour’s solo “exercise.” (Lock yourself in your bathroom and then imagine you have to stay there for the next ten years, and you will have some sense of the experience.)
posted to MetaFilter by Trurl at 7:58 PM on January 24, 2012 (102 comments)

The Turtle and the Shark

The Turtle and the Shark is one of Samoa's most cherished stories, and it has been animated beautifully by Ryan Woodward in the style of siapo, or Samoan tapa barkcloth.
posted to MetaFilter by barnacles at 4:52 AM on January 24, 2012 (7 comments)


What's a JavaScript Closure? Ever wonder about some of JavaScript's more advanced and esoteric features? Nathan Whitehead's interactive tutorial explains and walks through each of these concepts one step at a time. At the end of each lesson, you are encouraged to write short snippets of code demonstrating the concepts that you just learned, which are then automatically checked for errors and verified.

Perhaps you're new to JavaScript, or programming in general; CodeAcademy offers similar interactive tutorials that will teach you the basics, and hold your hand along the way. Perhaps you'd rather learn at a more even pace; CodeAcademy's CodeYear will introduce you to one new concept every week throughout 2012.
posted to MetaFilter by schmod at 9:43 AM on January 20, 2012 (42 comments)

Books in lieu of couples counseling

I'm looking for book recommendations for couples, in lieu of couples therapy.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by Anonymous at 4:03 PM on January 17, 2012 (12 comments)

Six Weeks to Investor?

Aggressive investing with $3,000?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by thinkpiece at 8:52 AM on January 14, 2012 (16 comments)

Things that will haunt you

Do you like creepy things? Lucia Peters has written an amazing series on "Creepy Things That Seem Real But Aren’t" exploring Internet-age urban legends and carefully constructed hoaxes. From the world of underground video games that drive you mad, there is Killswitch and Majora's Mask. If you like modern takes on monsters, there is The Slender Man (who appears in Marble Hornets and EverymanHybrid), The Rake, and This Man. Horrible conspiracies can be found in the Indian Lake Project, the Montauk Project, and the Dyatlov Pass Incident. Haunted objects can be found in The Hands Resist Him and the Dybbuk Box. And, if you like little bits of creepypasta horror stories, check out Candle Cove and the Dionaea House. Be warned, even though this stuff isn't real (right?) there are often unsettling pictures and videos in these links. Now, I think I am going to go take a walk in the sun....
posted to MetaFilter by blahblahblah at 10:26 AM on January 13, 2012 (112 comments)

Do you.

"We're starving." - Charlie Kaufman's BAFTA Screenwriters lecture, recorded September 30, 2011. PDF transcript.
Previously 1, 2
posted to MetaFilter by timshel at 9:43 AM on January 14, 2012 (20 comments)

Did you mean to favorite that?

Tell me about the comment you made or answer you gave that got a lot of favorites that you didn't think was all that great.
posted to MetaTalk by Kid Charlemagne at 4:05 PM on January 13, 2012 (173 comments)


Today, NASA goes open source with its code, joining endeavours such as SpaceHack [previously], WorldWind and (for more worldly coders) Github, GoogleCode, and the venerable SourceForge.
posted to MetaFilter by Bora Horza Gobuchul at 4:11 PM on January 8, 2012 (11 comments)

What is the couch-to-5k edition of mediation and mental focus?

I need to bludgeon my anxiety to death in the most peaceful way possible. Many people recommend meditation. For me, attempting to meditate has been a miserable experience... a sad exercise in white-knuckled denial. Just thinking about it fills me with dread. I know this isn't the way it's supposed to go. I need something more than "sit quietly and allow your thoughts to pass by like clouds". I need the step-by-step, couch-to-5k edition of mental calmness and focus. Help me out, mefi. Give it to me straight, detailed, specific, and with absolute minimum of woo... the mental focus fitness program for someone who can't even lift a metaphorical 1lb weight. Book/media recommendations welcome too. (I'm in therapy already, btw. It's been helpful, but we're not specifically focused on my anxiety at the moment.)
posted to Ask MetaFilter by specialfriend at 4:38 PM on January 7, 2012 (28 comments)

Gillian Jacob's nickname is 'Walking NPR'

As fans of the television show Community wait through a Whitney induced hiatus of indeterminate length, they might be wondering what the cast and crew has been up to. At least one of those things was squaring off for a game of Trivial Pursuit hosted by Dan Harmon.
posted to MetaFilter by codacorolla at 11:48 AM on January 5, 2012 (43 comments)

The World As It Is

Chris Hedges: Brace yourself. The American Empire is over. And the descent is going to be horrifying. Long, incredibly intelligent, insightful and pessimistic discussion of the current state of American politics and society, among other topics. Hedges is a long-time journalist, author and professor, winner of Pulitzer Prize and Amnesty International Global Award for Human Rights Journalism for his work at the New York Times.
posted to MetaFilter by crayz at 2:30 AM on January 3, 2012 (219 comments)

A knowlege of Java may also be required

How to Ace a Google Interview
posted to MetaFilter by Artw at 7:15 PM on December 26, 2011 (146 comments)

What is it like to have an understanding of very advanced mathematics?

What is it like to have an understanding of very advanced mathematics? A naive Quora question gets a remarkably long, thorough answer from an anonymous respondent. The answer cites, among many other things, Tim Gowers's influential essay "The Two Cultures of Mathematics," about the tension between problem-solving and theory-building. Related: Terry Tao asks "Does one have to be a genius to do maths?" (Spoiler: he says no.)
posted to MetaFilter by escabeche at 1:07 PM on December 24, 2011 (56 comments)

Studies on racism?

Studies on race and racial epithets
posted to Ask MetaFilter by satyricaldude at 5:09 PM on December 20, 2011 (13 comments)

Making Boxes ... Like A Boss

"You've seen boring unboxing videos. How about a cool boxing video?" A Korean postal worker demonstrates his superior packaging skills [SLYT].
posted to MetaFilter by bayani at 10:23 AM on December 16, 2011 (45 comments)

Stop focusing on what you don’t want to happen.

30 Things to Stop Doing To Yourself
posted to MetaFilter by gauche at 2:11 PM on December 16, 2011 (158 comments)

At Play In Fields Of Hex

Released yesterday, dabblet joins an array of live sandbox tools designed to prototype, test and share webcode that includes JSFiddle and CSSDesk, while bringing some advantages of its own.
Other useful resources: w3clove validates an entire site, rather than page-by-page; JQuery Air teaches you how to use the framework directly in the browser; domain.nr finds clever TLDs for your site, and Sequel Pro is a nice, free, native, open source MySQL editor for OS X. If you’re more the old-school dead-tree type, there’s always The Manual.
posted to MetaFilter by Bora Horza Gobuchul at 11:28 PM on December 16, 2011 (9 comments)

Searching for music with a postive outlook.

Help me think of songs/musical numbers that echo the sentiment of "Don't Stop Believing".
posted to Ask MetaFilter by royboy at 11:38 AM on April 28, 2011 (41 comments)

What songs do you recommend about survival against odds or in the face of adversity?

What songs do you recommend about survival against odds or in the face of adversity? I am putting together a CD of songs to remind me I can push through anything. Examples of what I am looking for are: 18 Wheeler by Pink I Get Knocked Down (Tubthumping) by Chumbawumba I Will Survive by Cake (I like their version best, sorry) Any suggestions are helpful, but I am not particularly interested in breakup songs. If it is not a song where you can not sum it up into something along the lines of "Bring it!" or "Is that the best you got?" then it is probably not what I am after.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by slavlin at 9:28 AM on March 25, 2006 (51 comments)

ThinkUp: reclaim and analyze social network activities

ThinkUp is a free, open source PHP/MySQL app that you install on your web server to collect and store all of your activity on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. It can be used to search and backup your own social nework activities, create a time capsule of online activity, analyze social media discussions, or create a more interactive discussion. [via mefi projects]
posted to MetaFilter by filthy light thief at 10:43 AM on November 30, 2011 (19 comments)

Kampai, you bitches!

Jeremy Thorn is an abusive, hard-drinking gaijin who will teach you Japanese while verbally berating you. He and his friends will also get drunk and teach you how to cook Japanese food in a similarly abusive fashion. Then he'll take you on a tour of weird Japanese signage, sights, and stuff. (note: MLYT; a lot of swearing is involved)
posted to MetaFilter by sixohsix at 12:02 PM on November 21, 2011 (58 comments)

Notes from the Metafilter research panel at AoIR's 12th conference

So, four mefites collaborated on a Metafilter-themed panel last month at at the Association of Internet Researchers's 12th annual Internet Research conference, and we thought we'd go ahead and share our presentation notes and such. Come on in!
posted to MetaTalk by cortex at 3:55 PM on November 18, 2011 (59 comments)

Help Me Lock It Down!

Looking to implement the most effective reasonable set of best practices for preserving internet privacy and blocking commercial data harvesting. Seeking tips, tricks, hacks, and useful online resources.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by spitbull at 4:25 AM on November 16, 2011 (5 comments)

How do I most effectively learn how to program?

I'd love to learn how to program effectively in a language like C++ or Java, so that I can, within a year or so, be somewhat productive.
posted to Ask MetaFilter by oaklandj at 10:59 PM on October 30, 2011 (17 comments)

What are small ways you use to make a mundane life more bearable?

What are small ways you use to make a mundane life more bearable?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by mmmleaf at 1:47 AM on February 15, 2009 (53 comments)

History of the Internet: 1957-2009

History of the Internet is an animated documentary explaining the inventions from time-sharing to filesharing, from Arpanet to Internet.
posted to MetaFilter by Surfin' Bird at 3:07 PM on January 6, 2009 (17 comments)

Trey Gets Stoned

The "South Park" creators get the "South Park" treatment OBVIOUSLY NSFW 27-minute SLYT
posted to MetaFilter by oneswellfoop at 1:33 PM on October 24, 2011 (45 comments)

Need some music blogs that post mixes!

What are the best music blogs for finding mixes that I can listen to/download. This girl needs to find some new indie-rock tunes!
posted to Ask MetaFilter by JannaK at 7:33 AM on October 23, 2011 (13 comments)

Dear Me

Dear Me -- celebrity letters to their younger selves. Stephen King, Gene Hackman, Gillian Anderson, James Belushi, Alice Cooper, John Waters, Sandra Bernhard, Hugh Jackman, Alan Cumming, and Kathleen Turner.
posted to MetaFilter by hippybear at 7:21 PM on October 19, 2011 (57 comments)

Stubborn as a Muledog

Gus, the bulldog, decides he wants his pool inside the house.
posted to MetaFilter by Secret Life of Gravy at 10:26 AM on October 13, 2011 (46 comments)

The 60 Coolest Television Title Sequences

The 60 Coolest Television Title Sequences in three pages of links.
posted to MetaFilter by gauche at 10:35 AM on October 13, 2011 (140 comments)


The google and sonic.net emails of Tor developer Jacob Appelbaum (ioerror) have been obtained by the DoJ using a secret court order, which both companies sought to unseal and sonic actually fought in court. Sonic's CEO Dane Jasper said that challenging the order was "rather expensive, but we felt it was the right thing to do." Appelbaum has repeatedly been harassed by boarder agents when entering the U.S. and his twitter account was subpoenaed
posted to MetaFilter by jeffburdges at 2:10 AM on October 11, 2011 (55 comments)
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