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Microservices — architecture nihilism in minimalism's clothes

Some recent backtracking from what we have been calling “Microservices” has sparked anew the debate around that software architecture pattern. It turns out that for increasingly more software people, having a backend with (sometimes several) hundreds of services wasn’t that great an idea after all.
posted to MetaFilter by geoff. at 8:07 PM on November 2, 2020 (42 comments)

Serene, Afloat

Last November, Venice experienced the second-worst flooding in its history. Last month, Venice’s MOSE flood barriers (the system of 78 inflatable gates, designed in 1984, begun in 2003, plagued by delays, and now expected to be completed in 2021) were successfully deployed.
posted to MetaFilter by Iris Gambol at 10:06 AM on November 2, 2020 (12 comments)

Age of Discord II

Welcome To The 'Turbulent Twenties' - "We predicted political upheaval in America in the 2020s. This is why it's here and what we can do to temper it."[1,2] (via)
posted to MetaFilter by kliuless at 2:22 AM on October 30, 2020 (30 comments)

Conspirituality: alt-health meets alt-right

When (and why) right-wing conspiracy theories converge with faux-progressive wellness utopianism. A weekly podcast hosted by Derek Beres, Matthew Remski and Julian Walker whose experiences as cult survivors and yoga teachers inform their insights. In addition to the podcast and the extensive notes for each episode, resources include Redpilled , an "ever-growing list of wellness industry figures that have posted, shared, or explicitly created QAnon-related content."
posted to MetaFilter by spamandkimchi at 10:56 AM on October 27, 2020 (57 comments)

Demystifying Game Development

Bijan Stephen interviews Frank Cifaldi and Kelsey Lewin (The Verge) of the Video Game History Foundation on their efforts to preserve videogame history by studying original source code, art, sketchbooks, documentation, and correspondence. They’ve already deconstructed Aladdin, reconstructed Days of Thunder, and recovered the NES version of SimCity. On October 30, they’ll be celebrating the 30th anniversary of the The Secret of Monkey Island by looking through its source material with creator Ron Gilbert.
posted to MetaFilter by adrianhon at 1:16 AM on October 19, 2020 (3 comments)

1998 Live in 2020

Remember Hum? No? Okay. Remember "Stars?" Yeah. Thought you might. Hum was a very influential, very 90s shoegaze/space rock/alt metal band whose last release was in 1998. Wait, no, sorry, whose last release came out in 2020. It's called Inlet. It's pretty good! “Folding” is my favorite.
posted to MetaFilter by Lonnrot at 4:07 PM on October 10, 2020 (32 comments)

A Simple Swedish Life

A Korean man living in Sweden documents his paternity leave with carefully crafted short videos. Using only subtitles, he reflects, narrates and tells stories from his daily life. The cinematography is excellent and he is a master of Swedish-Korean fusion cuisine.
posted to MetaFilter by serathen at 11:59 PM on September 29, 2020 (19 comments)

Metatalktail Hour: Whither jetpacks?

I look at Classic Era scifi as a string of broken promises. Never went back to the Moon. Hardly any jetpacks. Gigabit internet in the city, dial-up in the country. But still I dream. What's a thing you'd like to invent, something maybe near-plausible, or something entirely fanciful? Can solve a societal problem, a personal problem, or no problem at all. Technological, biological, philosophical, what do you dream about improving?
posted to MetaTalk by jessamyn at 1:21 PM on September 13, 2020 (118 comments)

Design for the Commons

A toolkit for "beautifully intelligent" neighborhoods (pdf)
posted to MetaFilter by aniola at 10:22 AM on September 12, 2020 (4 comments)

What is a plural person?

People with multiple personalities have been documented in culture and society for a long time. There's a decent overview in a reasonably recent Stuff You Should Know podcast. However, read on.
posted to MetaFilter by warriorqueen at 9:30 AM on September 6, 2020 (30 comments)

PT Anderson directs Thom Yorke in ANIMA

Along with his new self-described “dystopian” solo album ANIMA, Thom Yorke has released a companion one-reeler of the same name, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Shot in Prague and Les Baux-de-Provence, the short film (watch here) follows Yorke dozing off while riding an underground train. When he finds himself unable to exit the station, he leaps across the turnstile and lands into a surreal world where he dances with a small army of people.
posted to MetaFilter by waving at 11:42 AM on August 31, 2020 (6 comments)

The US and UK are running death squads in Kenya

Clandestine Kenyan team has been paid and assisted by the CIA to take down terror suspects since 2004. “We’re really hands-on. We don’t just hand them the money once a month”, one US official said.

“Unconstitutional killings” include a family man wrongly slain due to mistaken identity, and allegations a terror suspect was summarily executed.

Britain’s MI6 plays a key role in identifying suspects for a ‘kill or capture’ list and finding and fixing their location.
The CIA and MI6 run a paramilitary execution squad in Kenya (part 2), started under Bush and continuing under Obama and Trump.
posted to MetaFilter by MartinWisse at 1:35 AM on August 30, 2020 (11 comments)

"Look at What I Did"

Kellyanne Conway will step down from her role as White House counselor (previously, she was Donald Trump's third campaign manager, following Paul Manafort and Corey Lewandowski) at the end of this month to spend more time with her family (she promises 'less drama, more mama'). Her husband, DC lawyer George Conway, will step away from his role in the Lincoln Project (previously). He added that he'll continue to support the project 'passionately.' These announcements came as good news to at least one person--daughter Claudia Conway, 15, who announced yesterday that she was seeking emancipation from her parents. Kellyanne, George, and Claudia all mentioned taking a break from social media.
posted to MetaFilter by box at 7:54 AM on August 24, 2020 (69 comments)

Denmark's Ghetto Package

Facing Eviction, Residents Of Denmark's 'Ghettos' Are Suing The Government Earlier this summer, after it became clear that his housing project, called Mjølnerparken, would be targeted as part of a sweeping plan to rid the country of immigrant-heavy areas by 2030, Mehmood and 11 of his neighbors filed a lawsuit against the Danish government, with support from the Open Society Justice Initiative. The lawsuit, which alleges discrimination and seeks to invalidate a section of the government's so-called "ghetto package," comes as the country begins to grapple with broader questions about racism in light of global focus on the issue.
posted to MetaFilter by dmh at 12:03 PM on August 19, 2020 (28 comments)

Need a safety sign?

Need an ANSI Z535-compliant safety sign? Sure you do. Here's a convenient sign generator in case you need to let people know that something is dangerous.
posted to MetaFilter by GuyZero at 2:51 PM on August 18, 2020 (133 comments)

Star Trek INtakes

Bloopers, when edited back into the finished episodes, can add a bit of humanity to characters, like Geordi and Worf Celebrate Their Rescue. Sometimes they just add a bit of absurdity, like Something’s Wrong With Worf. Both are good. All are made by Ryan’s Edits.
posted to MetaFilter by adrianhon at 4:13 AM on August 13, 2020 (27 comments)

Mind the Gap: A Handbook of Clinical Signs in Black and Brown Skin

Malone Mukwende, 20, is a second-year medical student at St George’s, University of London. “On arrival at medical school I noticed the lack of teaching in darker skin. We were often being taught to look for symptoms such as red rashes which I was aware would not appear as described in my own skin,” he told BME Medics. “When flagging this to tutors it was clear that they didn’t know of any other way to describe these conditions on patients of darker skin tones and I knew that I had to make a change to that.” (Atlanta Black Star, July 9, 2020) The result is "Mind the Gap: A Handbook of Clinical Signs in Black and Brown Skin."
posted to MetaFilter by Iris Gambol at 1:49 PM on August 5, 2020 (16 comments)

Rhiannon Giddens named artistic director of Silkroad

Rhiannon Giddens has been named artistic director of Silkroad. Silkroad was founded by Yo-Yo Ma in 1998, and conceived on the question "What happens when strangers meet?". What happened when Rhiannon and Yo-Yo met: They created a piece of music that gives texture to these times.
posted to MetaFilter by weft at 12:17 PM on July 29, 2020 (16 comments)

MeFi Mag revisited

Let's travel back to the spring of 2011, where several Mefites had the idea of starting a Metafilter magazine.
posted to MetaTalk by Brandon Blatcher at 3:28 PM on July 23, 2020 (30 comments)

Sunday is a good day for railway history

Can I interest you in TEE luxury? A tale of two alpinists and their railway posters? Travel for foreigners across the Soviet Union? Spend your Sunday delving into the history and design of Europe's railways with https://retours.eu/.
posted to MetaFilter by dame at 2:17 AM on July 19, 2020 (9 comments)

They even voted on whether to stop the bus for a bathroom break

After two decades of Brazilian military dictatorship, Brazilians were inspired by a football club which made a point of voting on absolutely everything. Socrates and Corinthian Democracy. It was the "greatest team I ever played in because it was more than sport."
posted to MetaFilter by clawsoon at 9:58 AM on July 7, 2020 (4 comments)

images that reveal themselves only to distort and disappear

When a decomposing, century-old film becomes a haunting meditation on memory (Aeon): Created using a decomposing 35mm print of the crime drama The Bells (1926), the experimental short Light Is Calling (2004) depicts a dreamy encounter between a soldier and a mysterious woman.
posted to MetaFilter by not_the_water at 8:22 AM on July 6, 2020 (7 comments)

A thank you, and a question for you.

Hi everybody. Yesterday* I posted this question, asking about sending my son to preschool. And today...
posted to MetaTalk by bondcliff at 8:07 AM on June 1, 2020 (49 comments)

Flat Stanley would be perfect for this

I send monthly letters to my two-year-old nephew, and started included small crafts with them - origami, window stars, coffee filter snowflakes, a friendship bracelet. What are other small, flat-ish things that I can make for him?
posted to Ask MetaFilter by punchtothehead at 8:10 AM on March 14, 2015 (15 comments)

Paper Engineering: Over 700 years of Fold, Pull, Pop & Turn

The history of paper engineering in books, or the making of "pop-up books" didn't start as a way to entertain children, but in the search for more tools to educate adults, including some proto-computers from as early as the 13th century. Let Ellen G. K. Rubin, known also as The Popup Lady, regale and inform you at length, in either the form of a 50 minute presentation for the Smithsonian Libraries, or read through her website, where she has a timeline of movable books and see the glossary for definitions of the different movements as starting points. Or you can browse the Smithsonian's digital exhibition (the physical exhibition ended a few years ago). And of course, there's plenty more online.
posted to MetaFilter by filthy light thief at 9:41 PM on February 10, 2015 (17 comments)

Create your own 1980s police sketch, online via virtual Mac

MeFite odinsdream recently came across some old abandoned police sketch software for Macintosh systems from the 1980s, then wrapped it up in a web-based emulator, and now you can play with it in your browser! Make your own face sketches. [via mefi projects]
posted to MetaFilter by filthy light thief at 9:42 PM on May 5, 2020 (29 comments)

The Islamic History of Coffee

Sufi Muslims in Yemen would boil up the grounds of their coffee cherry leaves and pass around a dark potion as they prepared for a night of dhikr, or meditative chanting. A sixteenth-century Muslim writer named Abd al-Qadir al-Jaziri noted the habits of the mystics:
posted to MetaFilter by Ahmad Khani at 6:08 PM on April 30, 2020 (22 comments)

The Piano Is Still There

The video for Hania Rani's new song, F Major, is a single shot featuring the pianist and 3 dancers performing outdoors in -7C weather in Iceland.
posted to MetaFilter by dobbs at 6:27 PM on April 8, 2020 (14 comments)

“Well, maybe best not to vote for people who think of you as a 'herd'.”

(CW: Dark coronavirus/pandemic humour) Frankie Boyle on the pandemic: “Mistakes have been made in the handling of the crisis. Like flying the Buckingham Palace flag at half mast when the Queen’s not in, which is just an advert for burglars. In my local park, someone has tried to cheer people up by chalking 'You Got This!' on the ground. Literally the last thing you want to hear in a pandemic.” ... “The Prime Minister has written to every household in the UK. As that letter lands on the doormat, I won’t be the only one who’ll be picking it up with a couple of snooker cues, like a contestant on a Japanese game show.” Previous Frankie: [1][2][3]
posted to MetaFilter by Wordshore at 1:54 AM on April 5, 2020 (26 comments)

I can't remember where I left my library card

The Radiohead Public Library is now open for business.
posted to MetaFilter by Diskeater at 5:31 PM on January 20, 2020 (16 comments)

Dalio & Diddy

Diddy & His Mentor Ray Dalio | Inside a Meeting
posted to MetaFilter by chavenet at 9:50 AM on December 11, 2019 (1 comment)

“Almost everyone is gone now. Maybe at last it will be my turn next.”

35 years later, the Bhopal disaster continues to destroy lives: “It would be better if there was another gas leak which could kill us all and put us all out of this misery,” said Omwati Yadav, 67, who can see the Union Carbide factory from the roof of her tiny one-room stone house, painted peppermint green with orange doors. Her body shaking with sobs, she cries out: “Thirty five years we have suffered through this, please just let it end. This is not life, this is not death, we are in the terrible place in between.” [Photos]
posted to MetaFilter by Ouverture at 5:54 PM on December 10, 2019 (15 comments)

A More Dangerous Workplace Than Sawmills, Coalmines

“ She started the job in April 2018, and within two months, or nearly 100,000 items, the lifting had destroyed her back. An Amazon-approved doctor said she had bulging discs and diagnosed her with a back sprain, joint inflammation and chronic pain, determining that her injuries were 100% due to her job. She could no longer work at Amazon. Today, she can barely climb stairs. Walking her dog, doing the dishes, getting out of her chair – everything is painful. According to her medical records, her condition is unlikely to improve.” Amazon’s internal injury records expose the true toll of its relentless drive for speed (Reveal) "We already knew that the facility had serious problems with injuries, but what we now know is Amazon is fully aware of these problems” New Report Shows 'Shockingly High' Number Of Injuries At Amazon's Staten Island Warehouse (Gothamist) Amazon’s On-Site Emergency Care Harms Those It’s There To Protect (Intercept)
posted to MetaFilter by The Whelk at 9:01 AM on December 4, 2019 (14 comments)

AI dictionary, from cybertriumph to wringie, and beyond!

AI Dictionary is a Twitter bot that tweets a . I wanted to see how much OpenAI's language model actually knew, so I tried to get it to define words... but I accidentally had it set to 'random', not 'best'. [via mefi projects] Semi-related: OpenAI’s GPT-2: the model, the hype, and the controversy (Towards Data Science), and Experimenting with OpenAI’s Improved Language Model (short post on Medium), which notes "The public at large will need to become more skeptical of the content they consume online."
posted to MetaFilter by filthy light thief at 7:30 AM on December 2, 2019 (31 comments)

A Bus Journey Into A Time Before ABBA

"Swedish pop was dominated by roving bands in garish costumes until Abba changed everything. Benny Andersson now leads one of those groups." [NYT] Benny Anderssons Orkester (Benny Andersson's Orchestra, BAO) went on tour this past summer. Here they are performing ABBA's song On And On And On, their own songs Story Of A Heart and Fait Accompli. Also, here's 18 minutes from one of this summer's shows [edited, good stuff]. All videos are amateur audience videos, but generally pretty watchable.
posted to MetaFilter by hippybear at 3:49 PM on October 19, 2019 (9 comments)

A list of wellness myths, debunked

Vice debunks wellness myths, all in one handy list. A look into what the real science says about apple cider vinegar as a cure-all, whether gluten-free food is healthier, whether detoxing is good for you, microwaves and radiation risks, the benefits of colonics, and whether antiperspirant causes breast cancer and Alzheimer’s, to name a few.
posted to MetaFilter by hurdy gurdy girl at 9:31 AM on September 24, 2019 (117 comments)

Heroes and monsters: school shootings and Ancient Greek stories

The ancient Greek story of a school massacre is a lesson we need to learn. “We labor in part with the misunderstanding of what the word hero means. And there is dangerous beneath that cornerstone of every college myth class, “the heroic pattern”, perhaps most well-known popularly in the form of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth, the heroic journey. The “heroic pattern” is a crass oversimplification of narrative myth and a naive perpetuation of its limitations.” A long, critical read.
posted to MetaFilter by mrcrow at 10:16 AM on September 12, 2019 (14 comments)


Hasegawa Takejirō was a late 19th century Japanese publisher, specializing books for Western audiences. Kyoto University of Foreign Studies has a gallery of his woodcut chirimen-bon (crepe paper books). Some of the books feature distinctive calligraphic English brushwork text, now turned into a typeface.
posted to MetaFilter by zamboni at 8:39 PM on August 27, 2019 (6 comments)

Prisoners’ Inventions

We asked Angelo to illustrate and describe the many incredible inventions made by prisoners that he had made, seen, or heard about over the years. These inventions are attempts to fill needs that the restrictive environment of the prison tries to suppress. The inventions cover everything from homemade sex dolls, condoms, salt and pepper shakers to chess sets, privacy curtains and ways of communicating between cells.
posted to MetaFilter by Ahmad Khani at 2:31 PM on August 25, 2019 (8 comments)

The Center Won't Hold

Four years after the release of No Cities to Love and one month after drummer Janet Weiss left the band, Sleater-Kinney released its new album today. Called The Center Won't Hold it's a clear collaboration with Annie Clark (St. Vincent) and for better or worse, a clear departure from their older material. What it means to Listen to Sleater-Kinney now. (track listing inside)
posted to MetaFilter by dinty_moore at 12:35 PM on August 16, 2019 (54 comments)

Super Sad True Chef Story

What It's Like To Stage In A Michelin-Starred Restaurant In France: The French brigade system and the ritual of staging has defined what it means to train as a fine dining chef for more than a century — and it broke me after a week.
posted to MetaFilter by poffin boffin at 10:34 AM on August 16, 2019 (67 comments)

A Swede in Rural China

Miriam Follin is a Swede who fell in love with a Chinese man, and in the process fell in love with rural China. Her videos document her life in the forests, mountains and farm villages of Qinghai and Shaanxi provinces. They have a dreamlike quality layered on top of an intense curiosity and devotion to nature and family.
posted to MetaFilter by serathen at 9:25 AM on August 12, 2019 (3 comments)


“Amazon has built a vast logistics empire by subjecting its workforce to extreme forms of technological discipline — designed to keep workers isolated, fearful, and maniacally productive. This piece sets out to surface the “weapons of the weak” wielded by workers to resist this regime. I talked to current and former Amazon employees, spoke with warehouse worker organizers, read exit interviews on Indeed and Glassdoor, and visited online forums where Amazon workers congregate to complain, commiserate, shoot the shit, and seek and offer advice. I learned a great deal about the regime of total surveillance and bodily control that Amazon has built to manage its growing logistics workforce. And I learned about the counter-strategies that workers deploy to resist the dehumanization, boredom, pain, and mental anguish that Amazon’s disciplinary apparatus exacts.” Surviving Amazon
posted to MetaFilter by The Whelk at 9:27 AM on August 8, 2019 (24 comments)
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