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"It’s hard to picture my grandfather without a sketchbook in his hands. He was always drawing. Gramps lived for 94 years — long enough to experience the Great Depression and the Great Recession, the birth of both television and virtual reality — and he chronicled the decades in a staggering collection of sketchbooks, each a literal chapter of his life." [NYT Op-Doc] [more inside]
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This essay is my attempt to explore that question. I look at the ways people have been successful in the past, where their societies invested, who actually got to keep the wealth, and who is trying to copy each strategy today. I touch on Politics, Economics, History, Culture, and Technology — a few of my favourite things — and all play a part in building Wealth. [more inside]
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In the BBC's Word of Mouth, Michael Rosen and Dr Laura Wright look into the history, meaning, and pleasures of biscuits, with Anastasia Edwards, author of Biscuits and Cookies, A Global History. (A 30 minute podcast, so go make yourself a nice cup of tea.)
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Dr. Universe tells you about sleeping bees. Photographer Joe Neely took an adorable picture of some.
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If domestic abuse is one of the most underreported crimes, domestic abuse by police officers is virtually an invisible one. It is frighteningly difficult to track or prevent—and it has escaped America’s most recent awakening to the many ways in which some police misuse their considerable powers. Very few people in the United States understand what really happens when an officer is accused of harassing, stalking, or assaulting a partner.
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For all your sneaky poisoning needs: "A curious late 19th century concoction, using an inconspicuous mid-17th-century volume of theology in a slightly later binding to conceal a miniature chest of drawers with space for four bottles measuring up to ca. 10 cms. The German-language drawer labels bear the names of poisonous plants: banewort, Devil's snare, hemlock, wormwood, henbane and foxglove, among others. The pastedown bears a large memento-mori illustration with a Latin quote from the Epistle to the Hebrews (9:27): "Statutum est hominibus semel mori" ("All men are destined to die once")."
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On Chance in Artistic Creation - an 1894 essay by August Strindberg paired with paintings by Strindberg. [more inside]
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Fortnite is basically a giant, endless advertisement now [Polygon] “Last year, playing Fortnite largely meant hopping onto a make-believe island in the hope of surviving against 99 other players. This year, Fortnite isn’t as divorced from the real world — there are constant tie-ins that encourage people to buy, or at least engage with brands and products. To play Fortnite in 2019 is to be enmeshed in advertisements.” [more inside]
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According to Julius Caeser, the Gauls had "shields made of bark or interwoven wickers, which they hastily covered over with skins." But no bark shields from the period have ever been found--until now. [more inside]
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The Jibe-iT goat farm in Redding, CT, USA, is hosting what may be the world's first GOAT LARP this June. Not a Live Action Role Playing game (LARP) where you play a goat, but a LARP for the goats: "Goat Larp is a 1 day live action roleplaying event at a goat farm in southern Connecticut. Attend in-costume as any character you want and help run live adventures for the goats."
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"I slowly began to understand that people in consumption-based societies assemble their identities via stuff, and become very emotional when those identities – and that stuff- is discarded in ways that don’t match their values. Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that consumers actually care more about how their stuff is discarded, than how it is manufactured." Adam Minter discusses where stuff comes from, and how we feel about where it goes, in an interview with Discard Studies.
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In which NPR examines the concept of "The Song Of The Summer" and provides a Spotify playlist of their 100 songs of the summer since 1962, plus a list of the top songs (2-6 per year) they they've defined as one of that year's Songs Of The Summer. [more inside]
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Russian website features weekly long-form profiles of pets (so far two cats and a dog), along with quality photos and videos of the subjects going about their activities. There are sidebars on topics like proper veterinary care, adopting from shelters, and leash-walking cats. [more inside]
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A new short story about panic in space by Elizabeth Bear. Each month, Future Tense Fiction—a series of short stories from Future Tense and ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination about how technology and science will change our lives—publishes a story on a theme. The theme for April–June 2019: space settlement. [more inside]
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"It was around before this Parliament. The hedgehog, and its ancestor, narrowly missed being crushed under the foot of Tyrannosaurus rex. The hedgehog was around long before the human species. It tells us a great deal about British civilisation that my hon. Friend has raised the subject, because the hedgehog is a magical creature. It is a creature that appears on cylinder seals in Sumeria, bent backwards on the prows of Egyptian ships..." [more inside]
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“pssst guys GUYS the coolest thing just happened” is how it all began, back on April 18, when author and MetaFilter favorite Chuck Wendig (previously, previouslier) spotted an elusive fox out behind his writing shed. [more inside]
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Much has happened in the past 30 years to try to give disabled people a life that looks the same as for anyone without special needs. People who would have at one time been institutionalized are living in group homes. Sheltered workshops are closing as people are moving into integrated workplaces that embrace what’s called the “neurodiversity” movement. And social opportunities are growing to include specific dating sites, cruises and proms. But adults with disabilities, like Jones, yearn for more opportunities to socialize. Club 1111 is unique for how often it is held — once a month — and for how many people it draws. Local, state and national advocates are not aware of another event like it anywhere in the country.
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Cards of folklore in the Memorial University of Newfoundland Folklore and Language Archive "offer insights into some of the hardships and preoccupations of domestic life in Newfoundland over the past half-century or so. But many of the cards, which date back to the mid-1960s, lack the full names of the women who authored them and signed them as their husband’s wife, nothing more. Archivists grew so irked by this that they recently launched a mission to find out the writers’ true names." Household names: Archivists take on task of identifying women who captured Newfoundland folklore [The Globe and Mail] [more inside]
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The great theoretical physicist Murray Gell-Mann passed away today at the age of 89, after a lifetime of contributions from fundamental particle physics to complex systems theory. NYT obit; Caltech obit [more inside]
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Troubled treasure "But as much as Burmese amber is a scientist's dream, it's also an ethical minefield. The fossils come from conflict-ridden Kachin state in Myanmar, where scientists can't inspect the geology for clues to the fossils' age and environment. In Kachin, rival political factions compete for the profit yielded by amber and other natural resources"
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Oxygen Not Included [YouTube][Trailer] “...developed by highly regarded Canadian team Klei Entertainment, best known for Mark of the Ninja and Don't Starve. It's a sideways-view building and resource management game set inside a giant space rock. I begin the game with three little characters who've been portaled into a small hole inside the rock, armed with nothing more than a box filled with a few days' worth of food and some funky tools for digging. They begin tunneling in order to create more room for themselves, and to yield resources. The inside of this rock is a Battenberg Cake of liquids, solids and gases, as well as organic stuff that is either really useful or absolutely life-threatening.” [via: Polygon] [more inside]
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Author (and conspiracy theorist) Naomi Wolf went on an interview with BBC Radio as part of promotion of her upcoming book, Outrages: Sex, Censorship, and the Criminalization of Love. She was expecting to have a chance to talk about the thesis of her book, the way sexual expression has been criminalized.

What she was not planning for, however, was for interviewer Matthew Sweet to show, with evidence, that her book was built on Wolf's misunderstanding of the archaic legal term "death recorded". [more inside]
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On May 23rd, Boston Police issued a traffic advisory: Tremont Street was down to one lane. A brood of Boston ducklings had not one but two friendly officers to clear their path, as well as assistance from the Boston Water and Sewer Commission when one duckling fell into a storm drain and needed rescue. Channel 7 had a helicopter on the scene.
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On a bright May morning at Japan’s Idakiso train station, a small cat basked in the sun as her photo was taken by a group of tourists before getting a tummy tickle from a toddler. While the white, tan and black kitten purred and meowed in the arms of a visitor, one of the station workers looked on with a grin, interjecting only to gently reposition the cat’s brimmed conductor hat whenever it threatened to slip over her eyes. “Having her around the station makes everyone happy. I sometimes forget that she is my boss. previously
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Samsung researchers have developed a GAN-based method for building "talking heads" or animated figures from one or a handful of still photographs (paper). [more inside]
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On Wednesday, May 22 Floyd Martin delivered mail for the last time after 35 years at the United States Post Office. @Jennifer_Brett accompanied him and took photos of Floyd saying goodbye to the people on his route (SLT Thread).
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"The military-surplus control console had three buttons labeled “Search,” “Track,” and “Destroy”—the last of which was mercifully disabled but often vigorously pushed by young probationers." An inventor of the first ankle bracelet trackers for criminals points out that smart phones will do everything that ankle bracelets will, are actually useful to prisoners re-entering society, and can be loaded with apps that will help prisoners remember court and parole officer dates, detect drug and alcohol use, and reward rehabilitation. [more inside]
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Stephen Colbert plays D&D with Matt Mercer (YouTube) For Comic Relief's Red Nose Day this year Stephen Colbert teamed up with Critical Role's Matt Mercer for a one on one D&D session. Colbert's joy and enthusiasm is infectious, and Mercer offers up a DMing master class in the way he weaves the theme of Red Nose Day into the adventure.
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David Milch's Third Act. The NYer's Mark Singer gives some background on Milch's writing process on Deadwood and interviews him about his current memory problems. "I've always said that he writes novels set like plays, and shot like movies, that air on television," Milch's daughter says. [more inside]
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A week ago, Transworld Skateboarding released DAEWON, a documentary about the life and 30-year career of legendary skateboarder Daewon Song. It's free to watch on YouTube. [more inside]
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Sea otters are bouncing back - and into the jaws of great white sharks The sharks aren’t actually trying to eat the otters, preferring calorie-dense, blubbery prey like seals and sea lions. The bites are merely investigative, with sharks recoiling with a mouth of fur instead of a fatty meal. But such bites often cause mortal injuries to the otters, and they’re now happening more often off California’s beaches. [more inside]
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Hi, this channel shows drain cleaning blocked sewer drains using a high pressure water jet machine. The high pressure water hose that cleans the drain has specific nozzles on the end for cutting out tree roots, grease blockages and clearing rubble out of drains. It is a disgustingly dirty and smelly job, but some one has to do it, so it may as well be me. Thanks for taking the time to view my dirty videos. (h/t Miss Cellania)
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Hello! My name is Fitch. I’m a bot (v4.0) learning to ID reptiles & amphibians in pics. Tweet @WhatTheHerp for IDs. Report sightings to to help. [more inside]
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Holly Hendron's new album PROTO is, according to Fader, "an engrossing testament to the power of multiple voices singing in unison. One of those voices is a computer named Spawn", an AI trained in live ceremonies in which hundreds of people were gathered to teach it how to identify and reinterpret unfamiliar sounds in group call-and-response singing sessions. The video for Eternal might give some context. [more inside]
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Teaser trailer for Star Trek: Picard. More info on the series at io9.
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Mary Bacon took a bullet while pilfering fruit as a child. Mary Bacon dropped out of school in the sixth grade and was pregnant by age 16. Mary Bacon had a romantic relationship with Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke. Mary Bacon was kidnapped by a stalker. That same stalker later tried to shoot her with a gun. Not all of those sentences are complete horseshit.
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Terminator Dark Fate [YouTube][Teaser Trailer] Terminator: Dark Fate is the sixth film in the Terminator franchise, but acts as a direct sequel to only the first two movies: Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The other three films are now considered part of an alternate timeline, according to the filmmakers.
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