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Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) is most famous for his iconic Great Wave off Kanagawa. But he produced a huge body of work, including a little-known how-to book: 略画早指南, or Quick Lessons in Simplified Drawings, a manual in three parts. Volume I breaks every drawing down into simple geometric shapes; volume II decomposes them into fragmentary contours; and volume III neatly diagrams each stroke and the order in which they were drawn. [more inside]
posted by theodolite at 7:03 PM Feb 26 2018 - 28 comments [149 favorites]

Fear and Trembling and the Sickness Unto Death

The Trump Show, Episode 22: amid deadly showdowns with Russia, North Korea, Iran, and the UAE, the President gets tough with Canada. And there's oh, so much more inside. [more inside]
posted by msalt at 12:50 PM Mar 15 2018 - 1490 comments [125 favorites]

Reminder: Nunberg was less than a Scaramucci ago

It seems very fitting that Merriam-Webster chose this week to add "dumpster fire" to the dictionary.
Some of the choice chunks of flaming refuse today:
  • Mother Jones releases its first excerpt of Michael Isikoff and David Corn's upcoming book Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin's War on America and the Election of Donald Trump .
  • The WaPo discovers that Erik Prince may have misspoken about the reasons for his January 2017 vacation in the Seychelles.
  • Hope Hicks has some email trouble.
  • As questions swirl around his NDA with adult film entrepreneur Stormy Daniels, the president is less than pleased with his press secretary's handling of the isssue.
  • The president has expressed mild interest in the discussions his staff have been having with the special counsel.
  • posted by murphy slaw at 8:06 AM Mar 8 2018 - 2072 comments [115 favorites]

    preventing oligopoly from turning into oligarchy

    Big Companies Are Getting a Chokehold on the Economy - "Even Goldman Sachs is worried that they're stifling competition, holding down wages and weighing on growth." [more inside]
    posted by kliuless at 2:34 AM Mar 1 2018 - 46 comments [111 favorites]

    Salary Negotiation: A Simple How-To (Part 1: DO IT)

    Andrea Tomingas (MetaFilter's Uncle Glendinning) prepared this how-to-negotiate-salary doc (on Google Docs) for some family and friends and is now sharing it with the world! "I'm a woman in tech and I had to kinda figure out how to negotiate salary on my own (but see note inside) so wanted to share my experience to level the playing field a bit." [via mefi projects] [more inside]
    posted by filthy light thief at 1:25 PM Mar 16 2018 - 25 comments [106 favorites]

    "When we look at a girl story, most of us go a tiny bit stupid."

    "Let’s call it the “male glance,” the narrative corollary to the male gaze. We all have it, and it’s ruining our ability to see good art." Lili Loofbourow in the Virginia Quarterly Review. [more inside]
    posted by Ziggy500 at 5:02 AM Mar 6 2018 - 97 comments [100 favorites]

    Behind every little fish is a great white lie

    This week in Washington is all about testing limits.
    Hope Hicks' testimony before the House Intelligence committee tested the limits of executive privilege.
    Jared Kushner tested the limits of his provisional security clearance, and flunked.
    Robert Mueller's investigation tested the limits set by Republicansby digging into Trump's business deals with Russians and his 2013 activities around the Miss Universe Pageant.
    Meanwhile, Americans tested the limits of their prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications.
    posted by murphy slaw at 7:53 AM Feb 28 2018 - 1858 comments [95 favorites]

    The future will be black. And female. And cybernetic.

    Metafilter's favourite android Janelle Monae announces her new album Dirty Computer. [more inside]
    posted by daveje at 12:58 PM Feb 21 2018 - 72 comments [88 favorites]

    Its fans call themselves "potheads" and accessorise their pots

    As the nation struggles [molten chocolate cake] through the Polar Vortex, failing and closed restaurants, and food pronunciation, hungry Brits [boil an egg] are staying in and using their eBay acquired Instant Pots [coq au vin]. Paula Cocozza tries one for a week, while Jessica Yadegaran happily makes risotto, and in Houston it faces off against the Dutch Oven. While Americans [baby back ribs] grieve over death by Crock-Pot, in Minneapolis Patricia Lopez makes a safer dulce de leche. Elsewhere [Cuban beef stew], Paul Hope faces off the Instant Pot against the Big Green Egg over pulled pork [Sloppy Joes], Melissa Clark is turned by a pork shoulder, and Urvashi Pitre becomes the "butter chicken lady". Though, [lemon pepper orzo] fried chicken replicators may be disappointed.
    posted by Wordshore at 12:03 AM Feb 22 2018 - 112 comments [85 favorites]

    This is not exactly what happened but it is basically what happened

    Okay, so: Latin has this word, sic. Or, if we want to be more diacritically accurate, sīc. That shows that the i is long, so it’s pronounced like “seek” and not like “sick.”
    posted by cgc373 at 2:25 PM Feb 25 2018 - 45 comments [84 favorites]

    How to Raise a Boy

    New York Magazine’s cover for their latest issue is a package of stories that attempts 29 answers to a question that has grown both "more impossible and more urgent following the Parkland shooting, the president, and #MeToo." How to Raise a Boy. [more inside]
    posted by zarq at 2:02 PM Mar 8 2018 - 43 comments [80 favorites]

    Not Without Precedent

    A fifth package-bomb, destined for Austin, has exploded at a FedEx facility. Two people were injured in package-bomb explosions just yesterday. Austin police suspect that these incidents may be racially motivated and are now asking for the killer to reach out and talk to them. [more inside]
    posted by runt at 7:22 AM Mar 20 2018 - 70 comments [79 favorites]

    "I'm so sorry you were so alone.” Those seven words undid me.

    Monica Lewinsky: Emerging from “The House of Gaslight” in the Age of #MeToo. On the 20th anniversary of the Starr investigation, which introduced her to the world, the author reflects on the changing nature of trauma, the de-evolution of the media, and the extraordinary hope now provided by the #MeToo movement.
    posted by lalex at 5:03 PM Feb 25 2018 - 75 comments [77 favorites]

    “Somebody once told me...”

    Smash Mouth All StarSmash Mouth All Star But Every Word Is SomebodySmash Mouth All Star But I Take a Bite of an Onion Every Time He Says "Star"Smash Mouth But Recreated From Windows XP SoundsSmash Mouth All Star But Every Word Is Sung By Google TranslateSmash Mouth All Star But It's 24 Cartoon ImpressionsSmash Mouth All Star but it's Vintage Reggae Style Cover ft. Vonzell SolomonSmash Mouth All Star But It's a Spontaneous Piano Duet in PublicSmash Mouth All Star But I Add A Clothes Pin To My Beard Every Time He Says "The"Smash Mouth All Star But Composed In Mario Paint ComposerSmash Mouth All Star But All Notes Are In CSmash Mouth All Star But It's Even More BeautifulSmash Mouth All Star But It's ChiptuneSmash Mouth All Star But It's Metal Smash Mouth All Star But It's Jazz
    posted by Fizz at 5:53 PM Feb 21 2018 - 71 comments [74 favorites]

    The Intellectual We Deserve

    Nathan J. Robinson's authoritative and unrelenting tear-down of the Jordan Peterson sham. [more inside]
    posted by little eiffel at 8:40 PM Mar 16 2018 - 150 comments [74 favorites]

    Does anyone have the right to sex?

    The question, then, is how to dwell in the ambivalent place where we acknowledge that no one is obligated to desire anyone else, that no one has a right to be desired, but also that who is desired and who isn’t is a political question, a question usually answered by more general patterns of domination and exclusion.
    Does Anyone Have the Right to Sex? A piece by philosopher Amia Srinivasan in the London Review of Books. [more inside]
    posted by painquale at 6:30 PM Mar 15 2018 - 95 comments [71 favorites]

    "Oh!" said his wife. "It's like the War"

    Owen Stephens recalls how in 2000/01 he ran a roleplaying session for Wizard of the Coast's then new Star Wars D20 game when an elderly gentleman with actual commando experience showed up at his table. (Hat tip.)
    posted by MartinWisse at 8:52 AM Feb 21 2018 - 24 comments [66 favorites]

    Layout Land

    Jen Simmons, Mozilla Designer and Developer Advocate, is publishing a great youtube channel called "Layout Land", full of valuable information and guidance in how to use the latest CSS techniques. It provides detailed information in how to use them, but also how to make sure they are accessible and useful for all browsers and users. Great stuff if you're a web designer or developer.
    posted by jenkinsEar at 2:34 PM Feb 28 2018 - 17 comments [64 favorites]

    If you run your mouth on immigration, #ResistanceGenealogy has receipts

    Last month, White House official Dan Scavino said chain migration was “choking” America. “So Dan,” genealogist Jennifer Mendelsohn wrote on Twitter, “Let’s say Victor Scavino arrives from Canelli, Italy in 1904, then brother Hector in 1905, brother Gildo in 1912, sister Esther in 1913, & sister Clotilde and their father Giuseppe in 1916, and they live together in NY. Do you think that would count as chain migration?” Your selective memory on your family history will do you no good, because the genealogists are coming for you.
    posted by DirtyOldTown at 9:47 AM Feb 27 2018 - 47 comments [63 favorites]

    "Rule #1 is young men die. And Rule #2 is doctors can't change Rule #1."

    'M*A*S*H' Finale, 35 Years Later: Untold Stories of One of TV's Most Important Shows
    When the series launched in September 1972, CBS executives thought they had greenlit a comedy. Series creators Gene Reynolds and Larry Gelbart instead gave the network seriocomic vignettes of universal truths about the human condition. "We helped break the boundaries of the boss coming to dinner and burning the roast," series star Alan Alda (aka Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce) tells The Hollywood Reporter.
    posted by Lexica at 6:40 PM Feb 22 2018 - 89 comments [59 favorites]

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