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sexual liberation without consent is rape culture

Aziz Ansari was accused of coercing a woman (content warning: graphic description of sexual assault) into having sex with him. People are having very different reactions to this news. [more inside]
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If anybody needs me, I’ll be in the Angrydome.

This is your latest installment in the Trump / U.S. Politics Megathread. Trump golfs on MLK day after urging Americans to celebrate it with volunteering; popularity among African Americans continues to plummet. Bannon subpoenaed to grand jury. Blowback continues on “Sh—holeGate”; CNN reporter expelled from press conference for asking about it. There are four years in a Presidential term of office (not many people know that).
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Ellen Pompeo Becomes TV's $20 Million Dollar Woman

"Decide what you think you're worth and then ask for what you think you're worth. Nobody's just going to give it to you." The 'Grey's Anatomy' star recalls in her own words the personal struggles and advice from Shonda Rhimes that led to a milestone: highest-paid actress on a primetime drama.
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Bruce Lee, now with lightsabers

How cool would that be? (slyt) [more inside]
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How much do restaurants really make from food orders? Washington City Paper's Young and Hungry asked restaurants to break down the costs of some of their most popular dishes. [more inside]
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eye in the storm

Mosul Eye is a blogger and historian who stayed in Mosul to chronicle the city under ISIS. Chronicler of Islamic State ‘killing machine’ goes public, Lori Hinnant and Maggie Michael [more inside]
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  1. Shadows are difficult to retouch.
  2. Every country's cuisine has its own character.
  3. Dogs are excellent meme subjects.

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The Greatest City in the World

The Minnesota Diet A new short story from the author of the Nebula Award–winning All the Birds in the Sky. [more inside]
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A brief history of British Pigs

The United Kingdom has a unique genetic heritage of pig breeds, but in 1955, facing pressure from the Danish, Dutch and Irish pig industries, the Howitt Report recommended that British pig operations needed to be based on only three breeds, Large White, Landrace and Welsh, narrowing the pool of British Pigs from 16. In the subsequent years, four breeds went extinct: Cumberland, the Dorset Gold Tip, the Lincolnshire Curly Coat and the Yorkshire Blue and White. Rare breeds are now faring better than before, but still not great. For more on these breeds and the efforts to maintain them, see the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. British pig history side-story: The Pig War of 1859, which was really about which country controlled San Juan Island.
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A Strategy for Ruination

An interview with China Miéville in Boston Review.
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“It seems really clear to us that this is an escalation of retaliation”

Private Prisons continue to send ICE detainees to solitary confinement for refusing voluntary labor ( The Intercept) Immigration detention deaths reach the highest total since 2009 (Houston Chronicle) The heads of NYC’s New Sanctuary Coalition arrested by ICE and slated for deportation (Miami New Times, NYT) Who is Jorge Garcia and why was he deported after 39 years in the US? (Bustle) [more inside]
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"Little girls don't stay little forever."

Hundreds of survivors have come forward to testify against Larry Nassar, whom they say was allowed to abuse them for years through his position with USA Gymnastics, Michigan State University, and at John Geddert's Michigan club, Twistars. The hearings, which began today, will allow survivors to speak publicly, often for the first time [trigger warning for child abuse, sexual assault and suicide]. Yesterday, Simone Biles, the most decorated American gymnast in history, publicly identified herself as the third member of the 2016 gold-medal winning team from the Rio Olympics to be a survivor of Nassar's abuse, as did her two-time Olympic teammates Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas. 2012 Olympic gold medalist McKayla Maroney also spoke out publicly. Today, the other survivors who aren't as well known will get to tell their stories alongside Biles, Raisman, Douglas, and Maroney, who had more media coverage. [more inside]
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"If I'd at least gotten closer to that impossible perfection..."

What We Talk About When We Talk About Translation is an essay by Deborah Smith, translator of Han Kang's novel The Vegetarian, among others. It is a response to various criticisms of her translation, first by translator and novelist Tim Parks, followed by Charse Yun, who also laid out complaints about it from Korean critics, though, as Kang Hyun-kyung reports, Smith has vociferous defenders in Korea. If you want a summary, Clare Armitstead, who comes down on Smith's side, recaps the controversy in The Guardian. Jiayang Fan touches on the dispute but focuses more on Han Kang and her upcoming books in Smith's translation in an essay in The New Yorker called Buried Words.
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“The price of greatness is responsibility.”

Blood, Sweat, Toil and Tears: Playing Churchill on Screen [The New York Times] “He fought with distinction and held almost every major office in Britain. He commanded a country in the midst of world war and is credited with inventing the social safety net. He has been called an imperialist and a warmonger. A drunk and a racist. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature, rivaled only Shakespeare in his prolific literary output, and painted more than 500 pictures in his lifetime. And, some argue, he single-handedly saved civilization. Winston Churchill was a complex and contradictory leader unlike any in recent history. And he also presents one of the most sought-after and challenging roles for any actor worth his salt.” [more inside]
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Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not

Bitcoin is the hottest new investment trend and the New York Times style section is on it.
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Bengal Shadows

Said to be larger than the Holocaust in absolute numbers, a new documentary, Bengal Shadows, revolves around the British empire’s role, especially that of former Prime Minister Winston Churchill, in causing and exacerbating the Bengal famine of 1943.
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Alive Inside

Across the country each year, thousands of people are wrongly labeled unconscious after suffering severe brain injuries. Among the survivors, a few, including Nick Tullier, make it to a Houston rehab hospital, where those with even the worst prognoses get a shot at recovery. (SLHoustonChronicle) [more inside]
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Gritty McVittie

It has been snowing heavily in Scotland. All the snow ploughs and gritters are out doing their part. You can track their position and progress live - where you will also notice that each vehicle has a name. Bonus for finding David Ploughie.
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the smooth, dark voice of late-night public radio has signed off forever

According to his Facebook page, public radio personality Joe Frank passed away this morning. [more inside]
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Madame Tussaud, Beheadings, Death Masks

Marie Grosholtz was really good at propping a freshly beheaded and bloody head on her lap so she could do a death mask She even started on Marat's death mask while Corday was being arrested for the murder.
posted by MovableBookLady on Jan 16 at 9:16 PM - 6 comments

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