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My hosts were nice people. They showed us extraordinary hospitality

Kate Wagner (a cycling journalist best known for her blog McMansion Hell) takes a trip to the Austin Grand Prix for Road and Track magazine as a guest of INEOS F1 team. A subeditor chose the pull quote “If you wanted to turn someone into a socialist you could do it in about an hour by taking them for a spin around the paddock of a Formula 1 race. The kind of money I saw will haunt me forever.”. Shortly after, an editor chose to pull the article entirely.
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Would you sacrifice the possibility of a better world for this one?

Ezra Klein calls for Biden to step aside. Decrying the seeming inevitability of the Biden nomination, Klein calls for a hard look at Biden's many weaknesses (Gaza, age, polling against TFG), and points out that a candidate can be selected at the convention. Subsequent discussions focused on historical convention selection and answering a wide range of listener questions. [more inside]
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Iris Apfel, Eye-Catcher With a Kaleidoscopic Wardrobe, Dies at 102

Iris Apfel, a New York society matron and interior designer who late in life knocked the socks off the straight fashion world with a brash bohemian style that mixed hippie vintage and haute couture, found treasures in flea markets and reveled in contradictions, died on Friday in her home in Palm Beach, Fla. She was 102. [New York Times; ungated] [more inside]
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Orchestral Devices in the Light

I play music covers using electric toothbrushes, credit card machines, typewriters, and other electric devices. I control the devices using a microcontroller, some wires, and my programming skills. Thanks to the ideas of my subscribers, my devices now have googly eyes, and some even wigs and pipe cleaner arms. Sometimes I also make the devices perform choreographies, by making the devices move each other. it's Device Orchestra [more inside]
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What’s More Unsettling? The Prospect of 2024 or Another Ghost Story?

It’s early 2024, nights are shortening (at least in the northern hemisphere), and here’s another roundup of weird audio dramas to take your mind off other horrors. While these roundups are, of course, invaluable, you might want to check out the Audio Drama Directory as a searchable guide to audio dramas and actual plays (mostly SF, Fantasy, and/or Horror). [more inside]
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Asian Elephants mourn and bury their babies, Indian study finds

Asian Elephants mourn and bury their babies, Indian study finds. A study conducted between 2022 and 2023 finds elephants travel a great distance to bury their young with care.
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Greek Tzatziki and its History

"Tzatziki made Greek yogurt famous, and gave life to the tasteless cucumber. More garlic is used in Greece to make Tzatziki, than any other dish in our cuisine. There is no order given in a restaurant without saying 'vale kai ena tzatzikaki'. There would be no gyros without it, no fried zucchini and no lamb on the spit without a side order of TZATZIKI."
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sure that the truest thing you know is what is getting your attention

daniel schmactenberger on the metacrisis. [slyt] "why is it that no literally no country, no company, in the world wants climate change. no nobody is like climate change is the world that I want, but we're orienting to it so fast and we can't stop and nobody can stop it because we all want stuff that requires energy that is driving that thing and nobody wants species Extinction and nobody really wants to live in a world with automated AI weapons but we're all racing to build them so what is actually driving the world to a world that literally nobody wants I think there's a deeper analysis of that and the market is a part of it" [more inside]
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Versions of the dessert later appeared in the Sears Roebuck catalog

"Storytellers say that for the World’s Fair, Bertha asked The Palmer House pastry chef to create a small cake or confection that could be included in boxed lunches for ladies visiting the fair. The pastry chef developed a thick, dense, fudgy chocolate bar, covered in walnuts and a sweet apricot glaze. It was unlike any other confection and became incredibly popular." Should they be cake-like or fudge-like? Do we actually know their history? Any way you cut it Wikipedia has a lot of information about the brownie. [more inside]
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We know what the problems are, so what about the solutions?

How We Fix Wealth Inequality (Gary's Economics, Piped/YouTube, 13m37s)
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The Dahlia Wars

What value do we put on labour and can you copyright a tuber? Loved this glimpse of a fervent hobby and the associated economy, with shades of tulipmania delving into thoughtful comments on what it means to make a living from what you love.
posted by dorothyisunderwood on Mar 3 at 7:42 AM - 7 comments

The Last Safe Zone in Gaza is Being Bombed

Heavy shelling in Rafah, the refugee camp where more than 1 million people are crammed More than 100 people, at least 42 of them children, have been killed since yesterday, with a ground offensive planned by Israeli forces. While two of the hostages have been rescued, Amnesty International is calling the offensive "unlawful" and saying that none of the buildings hit are legitimate military targets.
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Colonoscopy strategies

"Before I get into the whys of it, let me say that having my first four colonoscopies all happen within one twelve-month period allowed me to rapidly refine my prep techniques. 'Prep', here, being the common nickname for the nasty stuff you must swallow to thoroughly clean out your guts for a proper examination. I learned that prep takes many forms, today." Jason McIntosh shares "How not to screw it up" and a preparatory technique that includes "Eight coins or other tiny objects you can use as tokens." He further recommends "the delightful 'Welcome to Colonoscopy Land' by Anne Helen Petersen" (previously) which aims to break taboos and discuss "pooping your guts, the best fake sleep of your life, and having no memory of getting a camera pushed up your butt."
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Radley Balko goes long against a George Floyd conspiracy documentary

The Fall of Minneapolis (IMDb), a right-wing conspiracist documentary arguing that Derek Chauvin was innocent of wrongdoing against George Floyd, has recently gained some traction in more “respectable” conservative circles.
Long-time police reporter Radley Balko (mefi’s own) has written a three-part critique of the documentary breaking down the film’s inaccuracies, the naïvely positive coverage it received in Bari Weiss’s The Free Press, and the various corporate and social systems that work to protect police racism and violence: “The Retconning of George Floyd” · “The Autopsy” · “The Great Flattening” [more inside]
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Laurie Anderson is always a few years ahead

Laurie Anderson has been working and playing with a model of her late husband for years. The results, Anderson says, can be hit and miss. “Three-quarters of it is just completely idiotic and stupid. And then maybe 15% is like, ‘Oh?’. And then the rest is pretty interesting. And that’s a pretty good ratio for writing, I think.”
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Fat profits are one of the telltale signs of an illegal monopoly

The amount of profit that Amazon makes from third-party sellers, as opposed to AWS or some other division, might sound like a technical distinction, but it’s essential to the case against the company. The FTC alleges that Amazon’s low-price image is a mirage: According to the FTC, the company actually keeps prices higher than they would be in a competitive market—not just on Amazon but across the internet—squeezing consumers and small businesses in the process. from Amazon’s Big Secret [The Atlantic; ungated]
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It's your Monday Morning free thread feat: House Plants

I have two spider plants in my office, of the just plain green leaf variety. What are you keeping green in your place? Or talk about anything you like, it's a free thread!
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What if we made no money?

This was a way to experiment, free of the pressures of a formal publication TinyLetter shut down on February 29th. [more inside]
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Fiction. Desire. Fantasy. Power. Death. Identity. -- Twilight

ContraPoints has a new video essay out, titled simply Twilight [2h53m]. It covers quite a lot. Like a lot more than you think it's going to cover. I enjoyed it and learned things.
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Sometimes a sandworm is just a sandworm

What do King Arthur, Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter, Aragorn and Paul Atreides have in common? Call it Magic Dick Theory. (Although on closer inspection, maybe not Paul so much.) The Ringer offers up a "psychoanalytic reading of canonical chosen-one narratives in fantasy and science fiction."
posted by gottabefunky on Mar 1 at 3:11 PM - 62 comments

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