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the chickens are coming home to roost... any day now.

"The Clinton Trump foundation is a criminal enterprise!" At least that's what the New York State Attorney General's office is suing him for. Meanwhile Trump made friends over the weekend in Singapore, much to Kim Jong Un's delight. They even made a video to commemorate the historic event. [more inside]
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An actual panic button

Not Ok is an app to let people know you need help. Designed by teenagers for both physical and mental illnesses. Hannah Lucas came up with the idea for this because she needed it herself. [more inside]
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Music to do nothing to

lofi study chill beats radio [more inside]
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Three Point Landing

A supercut of superheroes (and Justin Timberlake) dropping in to cause mayhem [more inside]
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Technology Connections

Sure, in this age of LCD screens and 8k displays, it's easy-ish to understand how video is played. But what about before computers, before integrated circuits, hell, before transistors? Simple. Televisions used analog lines of light to draw their pictures. [more inside]
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How to Spot a Perfect Fake: the World's Top Art Forgery Detective

A wonderful profile by Samanth Subramanian of James Martin, perhaps the world's best forensic forgery detection expert, waging a battle with increasingly skilled forgers who have set off a "crisis of authentication" in "a time when the art market is synonymous with art itself." [more inside]
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Seriously, it was impossible to predict

From the Department of No One Could Possibly Have Foreseen this: Tronc finally realizes it has a stupid name (previously) (previouslier) [more inside]
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Feeling Low? Time to Get Happy

Do you feel low? Worn down? Discouraged? Maybe you need a break. Maybe you need a lot of breaks. Here are 25 ways to feel happier in the next 5 minutes because we all could use a little happiness. No good? Perhaps 14 ways to get through tough times is a better fit. [more inside]
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Sending an endless stream of pictures of Gary Busey

Nastybot is a Facebook chatbot that helps people navigate creepy and unsolicited messages. Your assistant for dealing with internet harassment. Nastybot has answers for all sorts of scenarios when unsavory characters send unwelcome messages to your inbox. Keep her in your toolbelt next time someone harasses you online and thwart creepy messages.
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The art and standards of obituaries, reflecting current traditions

"She will not be missed" is a brutal phrase to read in an obituary, but leads to the question: how have obits changed in recent time? Susan Soper has a theory: "after 9/11 when The New York Times wrote those hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, thousands of very short, poignant obituaries in their pages ... that was sort of when the tide turned in obituaries and people realized that you could bring a person to life and keep them alive in even a short written bio, really." And many taboo topics, like children born out of wedlock, drug use and suicide, are less of taboos than they used to be [content warning]. [more inside]
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So what are we going to do about it?

The Death of a Once Great City: The Urban Crisis of Affluence. What are we going to do about a New York that is, right now, being plundered not only of its treasure but also of its heart, and soul, and purpose? [more inside]
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interrupt me one more time

I ask a bunch of men, "Have you ever interrupted a woman?" [more inside]
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Asian-American Students Sue Harvard Over Alleged Admissions Bias

Who knew there was a Harvard personality type? It's not what you know; it's what you're like: "Harvard consistently rated Asian-American applicants lower than others on traits like 'positive personality,' likability, courage, kindness and being 'widely respected,' according to an analysis of more than 160,000 student records filed Friday by a group representing Asian-American students in a lawsuit against the university." [more inside]
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There is no ready lesson?

When The Punishment Feels Like A Crime, Julia Ioffe Stanford professor Michele Dauber is leading the recall campaign against Judge Aaron Persky whose handling of the "Emily Doe" rape case in 2016 [previously] has attracted significant scrutiny.
posted by the man of twists and turns on Jun 2 at 5:29 PM - 173 comments

True-Life Adventures

Herb and Lois Crisler were a married team of wildlife photographers who spent much of their life together living in the backcountry of Olympic National Park. In 1973, two years after Lois' death, their old friend Don McQuade accompanied an 80-year-old Herb on a traverse of the Olympic Mountains and filmed it for a documentary about the Crislers. The film screened several times but all that's known to survive today is an 18-minute sample reel. [more inside]
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You confront the tough mobile sprout

Houseplants occasionally get a little leggy, but usually not in this direction. Franktasia's quick sketch-up of his most accomplished son, "whomst has defied the restrictions placed on him as a plant," prompts a delightful responses from the Twitter artsy community.
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Favorite beard goes ghostbusters Mesopotamian style

Mesopotamian ghostbusting with Irving Finkel I Curator's Corner | The British Museum. Favorite beard is at it again with Sumerian tablets and ghostlies.
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Voters in Canada's largest province go to the polls on Thursday. Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne followed her sorry-not sorry campaign with the surprising-not surprising admission that she won't win. PC leader Doug Ford has been light on official policy statements, but it hasn't been difficult to figure out where he stands. Andrea Horwath's left-wing NDP rose dramatically in the polls during the first part of May, but the better spread of votes across ridings for the PCs means that the NDP has only a slim chance of winning. Voters are asking how best to vote strategically. Ontari-ari-ari-o. [more inside]
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Urban Hammocking: It's a Thing

Swaying gently in an urban hammock has become increasingly popular as lightweight and more advanced hammock designs have become available. There are photos. There are articles. Sometimes permits are required. [more inside]
posted by Bella Donna on Jun 17 at 12:05 PM - 56 comments

What Spitty does well is jump. At this, he excels.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that no pleasure is so cheaply bought, and so unmarred by complexity, as the simple joy of seeing a dog hurl itself into a pond in pursuit of a slobbery stick. Science has proven the impossibility of the human brain to register self-pity, or maunder on about the generally sorry state of things, while in the presence of canine bellyflops. (Outside magazine)
posted by Johnny Wallflower on Jun 18 at 2:16 PM - 14 comments

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