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“I’ve always known that I’m multiracial”

A DNA test said a man was 4% black. Now he wants to qualify as a minority business owner. (WaPo)
posted by girlmightlive on Oct 20 at 12:04 PM - 33 comments

101. Metafilter (1999)

100 Websites That Shaped the Internet as We Know It [more inside]
posted by holmesian on Oct 20 at 9:15 AM - 69 comments

"Game on, Tiny"

Last Sunday's “60 Minutes” aired an interview by Lesley Stahl with Donald Trump, who informed her, twice, "I'm not a baby." (Transcript) Among other highlights, Trump, bobbing and weaving to avoid the truth, tried to cast blame on China when pressed about Russian interference in the 2016 campaign election, declared he knew more about NATO than Defense Secretary Jim Mattis (a former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation), suggested climate change will "change back again", and let slip, "I don’t trust everybody in the White House". The AP reports 11.7 million viewers tuned in to watch, just over half the audience that Stormy Daniels had on the CBS newsmagazine last spring. CNN tracks 11 noteworthy moments from Trump's '60 Minutes' interview. [more inside]
posted by Doktor Zed on Oct 18 at 5:19 PM - 281 comments

Another way to prove you’re a gentleperson and a scholar

Indiana University English professor Michael Adams reflects on dictionaries as physical objects.
posted by Vesihiisi on Oct 20 at 8:00 AM - 10 comments

قل كلمتك … وامش

Jamal Khashoggi (twitter), is a Saudi Arabian-born journalist [Al-Jazeera English] and opinion[Washington Post] writer[Al-Arabiya]. A critic[MidEastEye] of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman[aka MBS][AJE] and his policies[WaPo], he left Saudi Arabia for Turkey last year. On October 2, he was called to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul[MEE] on what was apparently a routine paperwork matter.
He has not been seen since[AJE]. [more inside]
posted by the man of twists and turns on Oct 12 at 10:21 AM - 135 comments

For Halloween, the Spooky and Queer Holiday, More Weird Audio Dramas

Some of you may be aware that Limetown Website Previously FanFare is making a return at the end of the month, but other creators have been turning out more and more spooky and weird (and sometimes funny) audio dramas for your entertainment as the nights get longer and the days colder (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least). Here’s a round up of audio dramas with paranormal elements. In honor of the historical queerness of Halloween, LGBTQ characters and elements are also identified. [more inside]
posted by GenjiandProust on Oct 20 at 7:38 AM - 7 comments

Ninety Minutes of Unbridled Female Excellence

As we head the 2019 Women's World Cup, let's take a look at the state of American women's professional soccer. [more inside]
posted by Tentacle of Trust on Oct 18 at 11:26 PM - 10 comments

.:Ultimate Writer: an Open Digital Typewriter:.

TL;DR: A digital typewriter based on a Raspberry Pi and an E-Ink screen. The code/build instructions are available on GitHub. 2600 words from ninjatrappeur describing the build, along with photographs and opportunities to contribute.
posted by cgc373 on Oct 19 at 9:03 AM - 34 comments

Best Wildlife Photos of 2018

The 40 best from over 45,000 entries to London's Natural History Museum. This is the best representation among several sites with these photos. The images reveal the abundance, beauty, resilience, and vulnerability of life on Earth. The winning photos were chosen from more than 45,000 entries from 95 countries for their artistic composition, technical innovation, and truthful interpretation of the natural world.
posted by MovableBookLady on Oct 20 at 1:41 PM - 2 comments

But what if I want to go from C - L, via A, B and A again?

Desire paths have been described as illustrating “the tension between the native and the built environment and our relationship to them”. Because they often form in areas where there are no pavements, they can be seen to “indicate [the] yearning” of those wishing to walk, a way for “city dwellers to ‘write back’ to city planners, giving feedback with their feet”. Stroll on through: Desire paths: the illicit trails that defy the urban planners. (SL The Guardian)
posted by Juso No Thankyou on Oct 19 at 11:47 PM - 20 comments

Are You There God? It's Me, Movie Rights

Nearly 50 years after its publication, Judy Blume has granted the screen rights to her coming-of-age classic, "Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret." [more inside]
posted by Iris Gambol on Oct 19 at 10:32 PM - 22 comments

Herb is the healing of a nation

Today is the day recreational cannabis becomes legal in Canada. Canada is the second country in the world to legalize recreational cannabis after Uruguay (it has been decriminalized but not legalized in Portugal). The rules around cannabis sales and consumption will vary from province to province and from municipality to municipality. In British Columbia, where there is a backlog of private business licences waiting to be processed, pot will be available immediately through the provincial government's BC Liquor Distribution Branch, for sale online or in one lone storefront in Kamloops. Meanwhile, the federal government has announced it will move quickly to pardon those with past convictions for simple possession. [more inside]
posted by hurdy gurdy girl on Oct 17 at 8:40 AM - 97 comments

Slate - The New American Songbook

The New American Songbook is emphatically not a list of the best songs of the past quarter-century, although many of these tracks would make that list, too. As predicted by our panel, tomorrow’s oldies, like tomorrow’s America, will be a lot less male-dominated, and a lot more diverse. [more inside]
posted by cgc373 on Oct 20 at 10:10 AM - 30 comments

Fiat Lux!

Next month, California votes on 11 propositions covering everything from rent control to transportation funding to taking control of the shared concept of time itself. State and local offices, judges, and local ballot measures on everything from homeless services to a public bank are all up for grabs, not to mention several competitive House races. Register to vote by October 22nd (or anytime through Election Day) or check your voter registration. Then find your polling place and your ballot. We'll take the state propositions one-by-one, and everyone can discuss what's on the ballot in your part of the state. [more inside]
posted by zachlipton on Oct 17 at 10:00 AM - 81 comments

Monkey Lifts Its Baby to the Sky

The Disney-like moment was captured on film. Photographer Dafna Ben Nun, 38, captured the incredible real life Disney moment whilst on a trip to Zimbabwe. "It was just a split second, but it was fascinating to watch!"
posted by grobertson on Oct 20 at 8:33 AM - 6 comments

Todd H. Bol, founder, Little Free Library Movement, 1956-2018

'“If I may be so bold, I’m the most successful person I know,” Bol said, with a sideways smile, “because I stimulate 54 million books to be read and neighbors to talk to each other. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the very definition of success.' [more inside]
posted by ZeusHumms on Oct 19 at 8:20 AM - 27 comments

The Knack

"The thing I hated most about being a child in the 1950s was that you couldn’t just open the cupboard." Why growing up in the 1950's sucked by M. John Harrison.
posted by thatwhichfalls on Oct 18 at 2:49 PM - 47 comments

In which a skillet is saved

Kat Kinsman came into possession of an extremely neglected cast iron pan and asked the internet for advice. A short but satisfying story of redemption and high heat. Previously.
posted by arcticseal on Oct 20 at 1:22 AM - 24 comments

A Fighting Chance

Monday, October 15: CNN, 'Why Elizabeth Warren is #1 in Our New 2020 Rankings'; WaPo, 'Elizabeth Warren Has Her Act Together: Democratic 2020 Hopefuls Better Wake Up'. Boston Globe, Warren Releases Results of DNA Tests [more inside]
posted by box on Oct 17 at 2:23 PM - 193 comments

Criminalizing Victims

Last Thanksgiving, a Chinese woman named Song Yang fell to her death during a police raid of her apartment in Queens. This is her story. (Linked article discusses sexual assault, suicide and abuse.) [more inside]
posted by zarq on Oct 19 at 2:24 PM - 8 comments

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