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On Not Meeting Nazis Half way

"There are situations in which there is no common ground worth standing on, let alone hiking over to." [more inside]
posted by ichomp on Nov 21 at 2:32 PM - 138 comments

My kingdom for a mason jar!

"[T]here may be no better barometer of the state of our economy than the mason jar." Mason jars have been difficult to find this year, leading to counterfeits, fights on social media and price gouging. Here's a history of how the iconic mason jar was invented, and the factors that lead to a shortage about once per decade.
posted by rednikki on Nov 23 at 10:38 AM - 19 comments

We Have Glimpsed Our Streaming Future, and It Sucks

With Wonder Woman 1984, Hamilton, and Soul all launching away from movie theatres this year, Sam Adams worries that smaller movies will be drowned out by online blockbusters and the algorithmically-recommended firehose of mediocre content from streaming giants.
posted by adrianhon on Nov 22 at 1:57 PM - 76 comments

Some holiday love for the Annus Horribilis.

Little Big, a comedy singing group from Russia, who had a very promising entry for this year's Eurovision Song Contest (which got cancelled because of You Know What), have released a holiday song and video. Actually, it's an anthem for all that is 2020. (WARNING: Ever-So-NSFW. Seriously.)
posted by JanetLand on Nov 23 at 5:44 AM - 13 comments

Judith Jarvis Thomson

The philosopher Judith Jarvis Thomson (1929-2020) has died. She was a philosophical giant. You may know her from her landmark 1971 paper in defense of abortion or for one of her papers on the trolley problem. Or maybe you know the 1997 amicus brief on assisted suicide she co-authored with Dworkin, Nagel, Nozick, Rawls, and Scanlon. [more inside]
posted by Jonathan Livengood on Nov 23 at 8:21 AM - 11 comments

A 32-year-old man marrying a barely 20-year-old woman isn’t a fairy-tale

This season of The Crown highlights how very young Diana was during all of this — and it’s uncomfortable to look at that through a modern lens [more inside]
posted by roolya_boolya on Nov 19 at 4:12 PM - 121 comments

US Election: The Party after the After-party

As President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris claim a mandate to lead and seek to unite a divided America, Democrats begin to wrestle with what comes next for the Party. Biden and Harris begin the work of transition even as Trump rejects the election results, and plan executive actions to roll back the Trump agenda. [more inside]
posted by invincible summer on Nov 8 at 10:33 AM - 1438 comments

What the White Witch from Narnia’s apartment would smell like

How do you make the forthcoming stuck-at-home holidays feel a little more special and less... well, exactly like the preceding eight stuck-at-home months? The answer, my friends, is scented candles. Here are some that smell like a tree, a party, the White Witch’s condo, bedtime, children’s makeup, real and fake babies, cocktails, and Denise Huxtable’s best outfits. [more inside]
posted by babelfish on Nov 22 at 12:24 PM - 27 comments

¡Sí Se Puede!

As Americans begin preparation for Thanksgiving, United Farm Workers takes to twitter to show people how their favorite components of their Thanksgiving meal are harvested. Parsley - Cranberries - Brussels sprouts - Squash - Turnips - Onions - Apples- Sweet potatoes - Celery - Garlic - and more
posted by ChuraChura on Nov 23 at 6:46 AM - 14 comments

The People v. Donald J. Trump

The criminal case against him is already in the works — and it could go to trial sooner than you think. To assess the odds that he will end up on trial, and how the proceedings would unfold, I spoke with some of the country’s top prosecutors, defense attorneys, and legal scholars. For the past four years, they have been weighing the case against Trump: the evidence already gathered, the witnesses prepared to testify, the political and constitutional issues involved in prosecuting an ex-president. Once he leaves office, they agree, there is good reason to think Trump will face criminal charges. [more inside]
posted by Ahmad Khani on Nov 13 at 11:52 AM - 174 comments

“Who in their right mind would...” covid cruise ship edition

The number of passengers who have tested positive on the Caribbean cruise ship ("while enjoying a safe environment onboard") has increased to five. The sailing, with 53 passengers and 66 crew, was the first in the Caribbean by any cruise vessel since the coronavirus crisis was declared a pandemic in March. There were a few minor changes in onboard facilities and passengers socially distanced, with several tests before the ship set sail. Passengers are currently confined to cabins, with menus slid under their doors. (title)
posted by Wordshore on Nov 12 at 2:31 PM - 170 comments

Hot dogs, grapes, cookies and whipped cream

For all your raccoon-watching needs. A Nova Scotia man gets mobbed by over two dozen raccoons during a nightly feeding session. Toward the end of the video he dons a crocheted raccoon hat. In this video, he introduces the raccoons to (non sugar-based) whipped cream in a can. (That section starts around the 9:30 mark. It takes the furballs a while to get used to having dairy products sprayed into their mouths, but they do get the hang of it, especially one guy. Earlier in the video, he explains there are no local laws prohibiting him from feeding the animals.)
posted by sardonyx on Nov 16 at 1:37 PM - 94 comments

"In the year of my greatest harvest, I had many hopes"

"In 2012, back when I was young and the world was a different place, I planted a plum tree in my back yard." A funny, loving, bittersweet story of one woman's fruit tree, with reflections on mortality and gardening. "There was one memorable year when the lectionary had the story of Jesus and the fig tree and no fewer than three pastors of my acquaintance asked my permission to use my bitter, hopeless plum journey as a sermon inspiration. Oh pastors, consider this permission to use anything I put on my blog in your sermons."
posted by brainwane on Nov 23 at 6:15 AM - 7 comments

"Move slowly, and mend things."

Over in the Fleets thread, Nelson mentioned the erstwhile Facebook, and general techbro, motto of "move fast and break things", and it reminded me of this terrific 2013 speech (annoying Issuu link) by high school teacher Rebecca Hong I stumbled upon earlier this year. [more inside]
posted by bixfrankonis on Nov 21 at 7:28 PM - 23 comments

You owe me royalties on these books. #DisneyMustPay

Last year, a member came to SFWA’s Grievance Committee with a problem, which on the surface sounds simple and resolvable. He had written novels and was not being paid the royalties that were specified in his contract. The Grievance Committee is designed to resolve contract disputes like this. As part of our negotiating toolbox, we guarantee anonymity for both the writer and the publisher if the grievance is resolved. When it is working, as president, I never hear from them. When talks break down, the president of SFWA is asked to step in. We do this for any member. In this case, the member is Alan Dean Foster. The publisher is Disney.
posted by Catblack on Nov 18 at 5:10 PM - 92 comments

Did a Human Write It?

A popular Obama book was published this week – no, not that one, but Barack Obama Book: The Biography, a 61-page title probably composed by an A.I. “I don’t think [it] was written by a human being, but I do think the A.I. that excreted it made some decent points about Barack Obama.”
posted by adrianhon on Nov 21 at 1:41 PM - 12 comments

We have to be here at the end

Maralinga testing was the first contact with the world of the white man for Nyarri Morgan, a young man in the late 1950s. Imagine just walking along in your ancestral lands and hey, boom - atomic bomb! Now represented in VR immersive video, his experience will live on as a part of the collective memory. Found on Reddit TIL. FREE bonus links (YT): Contemporary British Movietone Reel telling us how jolly good it was / Australian Atomic Confessions (full documentary) / Living with the legacy of British Nuclear testing: Bobby Brown / Maralinga, Midnight Oil.
posted by Meatbomb on Nov 23 at 4:19 AM - 3 comments

Dune as a measure of our discontent

Daniel Immerwahr at the Los Angeles Review of Books writes about the renewed popularity of Dune, the influence of Native American cultures on Frank Herbert’s novels, his libertarianism and how his politics fit in the 21st century. [more inside]
posted by maskd on Nov 22 at 6:32 AM - 52 comments

1st COVID-19/SARS2 Vaccine

Pfizer announces it will seek emergency use authorization in UK on the announcement of a 90% effective vaccine tested in 43500 volunteers. This comes as somewhat expected news after Pfizer stated in September it would fight a US FDA EUA after US Administration Officials announced they might seek one before Phase 3 trials were complete before the November 3 US elections. The FDA has stated it would like more 2-month follow-up data on half of volunteers. [more inside]
posted by rubatan on Nov 9 at 7:18 AM - 157 comments

“he convinced the cops it was a promotion for the theatre (it wasn't)”

Please enjoy the many adventures of Matt. [Twitter] [Threadreader]
when i was a movie theatre projectionist, the other projectionist, Matt, would bring clam chowder for lunch every single day, refusing to put it in the fridge even though the projection hallway was well over 100° ...
Matt's favorite thing to do (after seeing FIGHT CLUB) was cut a single frame of a titty into kids movies at a random spot and not tell anyone, so the rest of us projectionists would have to wait until he left for the day then run the entire film to find and cut the frame back out
[more inside]
posted by Countess Elena on Nov 20 at 5:49 PM - 110 comments

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