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Risk: Systemic Financial Collapse. Tags: Government

Spreadsheet Horror Stories "These stories illustrate common problems that occur with the uncontrolled use of spreadsheets. In many cases, we identify the area of risk involved and then say how we think the problem might have been avoided." [more inside]
posted by BungaDunga on Mar 20 at 4:43 PM - 17 comments

🎵 Hel-lo!!

Comedian Miel Bredouw reenacts 35 hiking interactions in 38 seconds (SLYT)
posted by duffell on Mar 20 at 7:05 AM - 36 comments

I Want to Go There

Disney is adding Star Wars lands to its American parks. This TechCrunch article is an in-depth look at how they're doing it with quite a few pictures that have me really excited. The official word is that Disneyland's version will open on 5/31 and Disneyworld's debuts on 8/29. [more inside]
posted by bbrown on Mar 20 at 2:04 PM - 54 comments

A wholesome little oasis of highly hydrated young people

[Jon] Harchick (previously) is the godfather of “the Drinkers”—a niche community of YouTubers who just… drink water. […] The Drinkers’ channels are simple and the videos short—typically clocking in at under a minute. Most channel’s just feature video after video after video of the YouTuber looking at the camera, pouring a glass of water or taking the top off a bottle, and slamming that H2O— that’s it. At times the number of these videos per channel can climb well into the thousands.
posted by Johnny Wallflower on Mar 19 at 7:15 PM - 34 comments

Europe: The Final Countdown

With 10 days until Brexit (perhaps), Britain's sovereign Parliament has taken back control. Speaker John Bercow has frustrated the government's plans to bring back the Withdrawal Agreement for a third meaningful vote, which can now only take place in this session on Parliament's terms. Although a majority of MPs voted last week against leaving with no deal and in favour of requesting an extension to Article 50, leaving the EU on 29 March remains the law of the land and the default position of Article 50, unless the latter is revoked or extended. Everything now depends on the European Council, the actions of Theresa May, and the unpredictable voting blocs of Parliament. [more inside]
posted by rory on Mar 19 at 3:50 AM - 251 comments

I'll be Bach

JS Bach was born exactly 334 years ago, so now you can create Bach-ified harmonies on today's Google Doodle using AI. [more inside]
posted by growabrain on Mar 20 at 10:57 PM - 3 comments

The British Medical Journal’s recent decision to ban formula ads

Formula Is Feminist. Her baby, her body, her breasts, her choice. It sounds obvious, but in the world of breastfeeding promotion, it has become anything but. The latest example is the British Medical Journal’s self-congratulatory announcement that the journal and its sister journals would ban formula advertising from their pages...It’s nice that they want to be part of the solution, but this action actually makes them part of a much bigger problem. Formula is a legitimate solution to what is often a serious health problem (and a feminist solution to an age-old gendered problem). The argument the BMJ has deployed to explain its decision to limit advertisements isn’t justified by the scientific evidence and instead shows its willingness to pressure women to use their bodies in culturally approved ways. [more inside]
posted by Homo neanderthalensis on Mar 20 at 1:04 PM - 69 comments


Baba Is You: The Rules Are the Game [Polygon] “Each stage is a small 2D space containing a variety of objects and characters, along with corresponding words that describe the rules of the puzzle. To solve each puzzle, I must change the preset rules of the stage by rearranging the words to create new rules altogether. In the first stage, we see a white rabbit — the baba — and a yellow flag. They are separated by three rocks and sandwiched between two stone walls. Also on the stage are its rules: Baba Is You, Flag Is Win, Wall Is Stop, Rock Is Push. Since “Baba Is You,” I can control the bunny. Since Rock Is Push, the bunny can push aside the rocks. And since the Flag Is Win, I can touch the flag to complete the stage. Or I can modify the rules written on the stage to complete the puzzle another way entirely.” [YouTube][Game Trailer] [more inside]
posted by Fizz on Mar 19 at 10:21 AM - 42 comments

Google Stadia: Youtube for video games?

Google has announced Stadia, its platform for streaming video games. It's designed to instantly run demanding games on (and seamlessly between) ordinary PCs and mobile devices. As always, Digital Foundry gives you the performance details.
posted by Foci for Analysis on Mar 20 at 8:30 AM - 65 comments

Red Light Special

“ In his 1859 preface to A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, Karl Marx implies that at earlier points in its development, capitalism is still “progressive” because it produces rapid increases in productivity. There aren’t enough material goods to support everyone at this stage, so socialism would only amount to the redistribution of scarcity. But at some point, Marx argues, production increases to such a scale that it becomes possible and necessary to socialize the existing mechanisms of production and redistribute the social product fairly. This would, for some, be enough to constitute socialism: a democratically run, centrally planned economy that ensures every person’s material needs are met. A Walmart for the people, with the same low prices and efficient logistics but without the poverty wages—and no billionaires at the top raking in the profits.” The People’s Republic Of Walmart? Could large megabusinesses be a starting point for a democratically planned economy?
posted by The Whelk on Mar 20 at 9:20 AM - 29 comments

“If the people don’t have the facts, democracy can’t work.”

In a hearing with many choice quotes, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson nearly doubled the prison sentence of President Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, to seven and a half years, denouncing him as a man who “spent a significant portion of his career gaming the system.” Minutes later, Manafort was indicted in New York state, on charges that fall outside Trump’s pardon power. “No one is beyond the law in New York,” Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. said in a statement announcing the indictment. [more inside]
posted by Little Dawn on Mar 15 at 8:57 AM - 435 comments

Your ID, please

UK to require ID upload to limit access to online porn by young people. The UK will soon block all porn sites and require strict age verification for anyone seeking access to online porn (Guardian link, totally SFW). Persons wishing to view any porn sites will need to upload a passport or driver’s license onto a gatekeeping site, or purchase a porn pass for £4.99 from designated dealers.
posted by stillmoving on Mar 16 at 2:11 PM - 81 comments


Why are Pyrex dishes exploding in the oven?
posted by Chrysostom on Mar 18 at 1:58 PM - 109 comments

A controversial icon who is hard to stan

“I grew up with Betty Crocker as my model and who I thought I’d be,” she said. “And then there was Betty Friedan with The Feminine Mystique, which opened up this universe! After college, I literally gained a lot of weight on one of Betty’s triple-fudge layer cakes while trying to digest the other Betty’s liberation manifesto. I graduated [college] in 1972 with subscriptions from my mother to both Brides magazine and Ms. magazine. That’s why I was unhappy.”
Writing for The Cut, Rachel Syme profiles Cathy Guisewite, creator of the loved and hated, mainstream working woman comics page staple and merchandising phenomenon that was Cathy: "AACK!"
posted by Going To Maine on Mar 19 at 9:12 AM - 40 comments

North of Nowhere, East of the Sun, West of the Moon, and South of Sirius

If you want to escape in a world of fantasies, to tromp through an imagined landscape populated by creatures and characters from ancient myths, Arthurian legends, folklore, and more contemporary nursery rhymes (Atlas Obscura), check out British author and illustrator Bernard Sleigh's 1.8 meter wide excursion into unreality, An Ancient Mappe of Fairyland, Newly Discovered and Set Forth (1925, via jjjjjjjijjjjjjj''s Big Map Blog, previously). There are also two other versions at the Library of Congress: one with slight variations and an associated booklet, and a smaller scale image, possibly an early draft, or possibly designed to be a tiled image on linen.
posted by filthy light thief on Mar 20 at 11:42 AM - 4 comments

Tragedy in Christchurch

Multiple mosques in Christchurch, NZ have been attacked; at least one suspect in custody; New Zealand's Darkest Day (Guardian). At least 27 dead, with 50 injured, while the shooter livestreamed the atrocity.. Yet another day where I have no words for the evil that has unfurled.
posted by LeRoienJaune on Mar 14 at 10:00 PM - 321 comments

Why You Shouldn't Bury Your Pet in the Back Yard

Why You Shouldn't Bury Your Pet in the Back Yard - Companion animals are part of our families, but inevitably the time comes for us to say goodbye to them due to old age or disease. [more inside]
posted by jjderooy on Mar 19 at 3:06 AM - 47 comments

Transporting Fabrics.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly Public Transit Seat Covers of the World. It can’t be easy creating a good textile for public transit. Bus, train, and subway seats must do far more than look attractive. They have to stay fresh-looking as thousands of people sit on them daily, all the while trying to deter or mask the attentions of vandals. With all these boxes to tick, it’s no wonder that so many of the fabrics used on public transit are, quite frankly, pretty damned weird.
posted by Capt. Renault on Mar 14 at 6:43 AM - 52 comments

Classical Animation Elysium

Animated Antiquity: Cartoon Representations of Greece, Rome and Beyond by Chiara Sulprizio. "I have been a big animation fan since I was a teenager, and I am also interested in the reception of Greco-Roman culture in the modern age. I figured I would merge these two interests and that is pretty much how this project was born. I want to trace and explore the many manifestations of ancient Greece and Rome in the realm of cartoons and animation, since the inception of the medium in the late 1800s to the present day."
posted by homunculus on Mar 20 at 11:20 AM - 3 comments

Gotham. It's pronounced Gotham.

The village of Gotham, just west of Bunny and close to Thrumpton, is known for its clever fools (more) of some 700 years ago. Residents, known as Gothamites, allegedly built the fence to house the cuckoo on top of a 3,000 year old Neolithic burial mound on a hill to the south. The village also contains a square, several pubs, a 12th century church, a well-equipped hall and a chippy. More etymology. Stop stealing the sign, superhero fans and locals alike.
posted by Wordshore on Mar 19 at 5:24 PM - 17 comments

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