January 13

Everyone Is Getting Hilariously Rich and You’re Not

Bitcoin is the hottest new investment trend and the New York Times style section is on it.
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Butter me up!

Canadians don’t want to let the world — or just their louder neighbors — in on their sweetest secret.
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The Promise Of Flatness

On Being Midwestern: The Burden of Normality, Phil Christman [more inside]
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Fly like an.... well, you know

Camera 1 | The bald eagles at Codorus State Park (near Hanover, PA) have returned to their nest for the 2018 mating season, (Camera 2 w/ night vision) hopefully to raise another set of young as successfully as they did in 2017. The nest sustained a lot of damage and is currently about half its previous size, so the pair are in the midst of a rebuilding effort in time for egg-laying. (Last year, the first egg appeared on the evening of February 10 and the second on the evening of the 13th.) [more inside]
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Drag has many forms - Dragula embraces the filth, horror and glamour

As the mysterious Boulet Brothers told James St. James, they came to Los Angeles and found the gay scene lacking the weird, filthy and outsider culture available in New York, so they created a scene there, later extending to Seattle. In a monstrous outgrowth of their LA parties of the same name, they host a competitive reality show called Dragula, which debuted on October 31, 2016. The show is now wrapping up its second season, so you can binge on their show that celebrates the dark, moody, campy horror portions of the greater drag community. [more inside]
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“You can bring a bullet, bring a sword, bring a morgue”

“Black Panther soundtrack keeps getting better, adds Jay Rock, Future track. “King’s Dead” is the third track from the album released so far. Kendrick Lamar first premiered the first track, “All the Stars,” with labelmate, Sza. A tease of Lamar’s collaboration with Vince Staples debuted with the latest Black Panther teaser. Lamar, who is producing the album, hasn’t revealed the full list of tracks and contributing artists. The Black Panther soundtrack will be released on Feb. 9. Black Panther will follow one week later, hitting theaters on Feb. 16.” [via: Polygon]
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Warning: Graphic Content

The Library of Congress has digitized its Popular Graphic Arts collection, nearly 14,000 19th century prints available in extremely high resolution public domain scans, searchable by subjects and browsable by thumbnails. You can read more about the work required to bring this collection to your computers on the library's blog. Below the fold, a few favorites to get you started. [more inside]
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But could he hit a curveball?

The post-truth gospel. In 1894 Nicolas Notovitch's The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ was published and briefly became a huge, global story. The book claimed that during the 18 undocumented years of Jesus’s life – the gap in the Bible between his childhood and the beginning of his ministry in Palestine – he had visited India, Nepal and Tibet and trained with yogis as a Buddhist monk. When skeptics investigated, the story began to unravel. Today, Notovitch is virtually unknown. But is it possible that his claim that Jesus had trained as a Buddhist was a misdirection and the book had a more subtle ulterior motive? [more inside]
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so...subway racing is apparently a thing

Adham Fisher does IRL speedruns of urban transit systems around the world. The goal of urban transit racing is to visit every stop or station of a system (like the Chicago "L" or the London Underground) in as little time as possible. Starting at age 14, Adham has been urban transit racing and setting records all around the world.
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Language is a virus

Brain Cells Share Information With Virus-Like Capsules (slAtlantic) Turns out Burroughs was right. Language - and all long-term learning - really is a virus. Or rather, it depends on a strange, alien gene that now turns out to be co-opted from an ancient virus with striking similarities to HIV. It gets stranger: the same mechanism exists across vertebrates and insects, but was independently acquired. Genuinely mind-altering science that creates far more questions than it answers.
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“I thought I’d come out and introduce myself and sing.”

January 13, 1968. “Hello. I'm Johnny Cash.” [more inside]
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January 12

The thing itself and not the myth

Storm, shipwreck, families divided A. E. Stallings meditates on shipwreck in naval history, in poetry, Shakespeare, and the refugee crossings of the Mediterranean.
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Video Games for Architecture and Design

A curated list of nicely specific games for anyone interested in design. And a new find is the long-lost NES Prototype of Sim City
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Marbles, Magnets, and Music (Synchronized)

Kinetic artist Mark Robbins of DoodleChaos made waves across the internet a few months ago when he perfectly synced a custom course from the Line Rider game to Edvard Grieg’s Hall of the Mountain King. As astounding as it was to watch the digital game and audio sync up, Robbins took things a step further by making a series of IRL Rube Goldberg-like contraptions with marbles, blocks, and magnets that plays perfectly with Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers. The feat required listening to the waltz hundreds of times which he says resulted in him “going a bit crazy.” (via)
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Living for free in California! can you imagine?

Wonderhussy's excellent Slab City New Years Eve. Desert adventuress and bon vivant exploring ghost towns, abandoned buildings and desert oddities. [more inside]
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I see you. I believe you.

Sarah Silverman's Response To A Sexist Tweet Is A Much-Needed Ray Of Hope.
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Did you get sugar in your eye?

Kids trying pastries! Also, barbeque, expensive foods, British food, and so many more suggestions. Fighting about regional barbeque optional.
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The strange history of one of the internet's first viral videos. Seems he wasn't having as bad a day as we thought.
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Next week, it will have been one year since the Women's March. What now?

This year, the official main march will be held in Las Vegas, NV, as part of the March to the Polls. Sister marches and allied anniversary marches are also taking place; Denver, CO is hosting an especially big sister march, as is Houston, TX. This year, there is no list of centralized sister marches on the main site, although there is one on the Women's March NYC Facebook page. Still, sister marches are appearing in a surprising number of places as women nationwide remember and celebrate the action that kicked off a year of impressive political engagement. Sometimes the inspiration to move forward comes from surprising places--and sometimes it's important to pause and remember how far we've come since the first March.
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"Nuke it from the home office. It's the only way to be sure."

Previously, we've heard about Greyball, Uber's system for identifying potential government officials on the service and feeding them false information. However, Bloomberg reports on a second technological system used by Uber to thwart investigations - Ripley, a system that allowed Uber to lock down the computers in foreign offices when investigators came calling. (SLBloomberg) [more inside]
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"It’s through drawing that your head starts working"

But to think of a comic book page as a building is not such an abstract thought. In New York Boek, sketches exist as scaffolding for proposed structures, later worlds, waiting to be populated with people – characters that Joost describes as “not the smartest sort in the universe.”
Marianne Hanoun talks about Joost Swarte's work for The New Yorker at It's Nice That.
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not you.

How Land Registry data reveals London’s secret tunnels [more inside]
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Ultimate Paper Airplane

But does it fly? Forget everything you thought you knew about paper airplanes. For almost 10 years, designer Luca Iaconi-Stewart has been crafting a Boeing 777 that puts all those folded pieces of notebook paper to shame. The one-sixtieth scale model is incredibly detailed and features everything from tiny reading lamps above the first class seats to retractable landing gears. (sl video)
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Nikki Sixx is a voice of reason on the opioid crisis?

From the things I didn't expect to read today file. Motley Crue bassist and primary songwriter Nikki Sixx speaking about the opioid crisis with intelligence and compassion.
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Jeff Bezos, Welfare King

“More important, Amazon has obtained at least $123 million in state tax incentives to place warehouse and data center locations in Ohio. This reflects a perverse form of double-dipping: Amazon gets a bounty to create jobs in Ohio, and then a good chunk of the jobs are so low-paying that workers have to seek federal assistance, providing a second subsidy for the e-commerce giant.” Amazon Is Thriving Thanks to Taxpayer Dollars - David Dayen, New Republic
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"It’s uniquely American. We exported it. It’s like jazz."

Motherboard's profile of Mike Hooker, who is one of the last pinball repair technicians in New York City.
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The Early Days of Unreal

Carmack had written this really advanced editor on the NeXT. I'd read all about it and I had seen screenshots of it, but I never actually used it. At the time, I thought to myself "Holy shit, Carmack wrote a real-time BSP editor!" What I didn't realize was that it wasn't actually real-time, there was this re-build process and all this other offline stuff. I didn't know that, and so I thought I had to create a completely real-time thing, and so I did.
David Lightbown interviews Tim Sweeney on the first version of the Unreal Editor, the early days of real-time 3D graphics, and the philosophy behind what would become one of the most influential tools in game development.
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It's like a fastfood pancake: same round structure, flatter and quicker.

Play free fast-paced web-based survive-o-shooter surviv.io, and answer the question: what if runaway gaming sensation Plunkbat (aka PUBG, aka Battlegrounds) lost a dimension and three fourths of its round length and all of its pretty graphics? [more inside]
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The Grunge Goldrush

The Grunge Goldrush "Everyone was a little shocked. Everything got really easy because it was this economy — Nirvana became an economy."
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Inside One of America's Last Pencil Factories

A photo essay from the New York Times by Christopher Payne.
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“Never stop fighting for what you believe in.”

No Girls Allowed: Dissecting The Gender Divide in Overwatch League [Paste Magazine] “To be honest, I didn’t feel like discussing this. I’m exhausted. At the heart of this issue is the same systemic imbalance seen across many facets of our culture, from academia, to sports, to the arts, to politics: you name it, this problem is there, lurking, poisoning the well. I can write until my fingers cramp and scream until I’m blue in the face, but really, it doesn’t count for anything. If society has yet to listen to all the people before me, then one more little article or opinion won’t solve or change anything. I’m just repeating the knowledge and wisdom of the women who came before me, repackaging it in a way that is palatable to a specific audience in hopes that maybe someone who didn’t get it finally will. I hardly feel as though I’m helping.” [more inside]
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Vorsprung Durch Techno

We Call It Techno! A documentary about Germany's early techno scene and culture [more inside]
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Taming a wild Patagonian horse

Watch a gaucho tame a wild Patagonian horse in this short clip from BBC Earth (SLYT).
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With Mega Man 11 finally happening, the Mega Man fangame community can finally rest, right? WRONG. To coincide with preparations for the third GameMaker-based Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest (the entries of first two having been compiled into fangames - the pretty good first one and the mindblowingly good and massive second one - see also forums here and here), a Make a Good Robot Master Contest has been announced. No GameMaker skills required - the three category winners will have their entries turned into levels and bossfights by expert fangame makers and included in the third Make a Good Mega Man Level game. Full rules here. Enter here (max. two entries per person - second entry must be for different category from the first). Deadline is February 15. [more inside]
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January 11

Anais Nin had a Side Gig

She's the kind of artist who can't be bound to a single category. Anaïs Nin is our favorite breed of artist: the kind who just can’t be bound to a single era, movement, or category. Diarist? Definitely. Muse? To many, most notably American novelist Henry Miller. Yet her oeuvre spans a good portion of the 20th century, and includes everything from those notorious diaries (about bohemian Paris in the ‘30s, Miller, etc.), works of creative non-fiction, poetic erotica, and (drumroll) some seriously trippy electro music. [more inside]
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ZZK: digital cumbia (and more) from Argentina (and beyond)

ZZK Records is a homegrown record label and artist collective born out of the Zizek Club nights in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They represent an eclectic, electric collection of sounds from parties that they were throwing as a group of friends, starting back in 2006, as recounted by El G. The label officially hits the decade mark later this year, but why wait? You can start with their first release, ZZK Sound Vol. 1, on Bandcamp. With that release, called their sound "Digital Cumbia," (previously) but they've grown up to be more than that. You can track their releases on Discogs, browse their Soundcloud account, hear it all on Bandcamp, or download hours and hours of mixes in their collection of digital "mixtapes". To enjoy their visual aesthetic (more), check out their YouTube account. [more inside]
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The sad yet hopeful story of Nigel No-Mates the Mana Island gannet and his concrete birdwife.
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Having a Baby on the Tennis Tour is the Most Rebellious Thing I Could Do

Serena Williams on her medical emergency after giving birth*, motherhood, and her new tennis goals [more inside]
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Well, can you, punk?

The Great Ape Dictionary needs your help! In our experiment, hosted by Gorilla.sc, you will see a photo of a chimpanzee and four possible matches. Can you tell who is related to who? Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters – they’re all there! Humans can recognise biological relatives through facial features; we want to explore how kin-based facial recognition evolved in humans and other primates.

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Why do we wear balls on our hats?

A brief history of the pom-pom. (Blame the Vikings, via Napoleon and maybe Michael Nesmith).
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Shitty Media Men (And Those Who Defend Them)

As part of the pushback against sexual harassment and abuse that has become part of our societal discussion, the existence of the "Shitty Media Men" list was revealed. Containing the names of men in media who had histories of sexual harassment and abuse, this document had circulated among women in media, as a form of protection. And as part of that protection, its creator remained anonymous.

Until now. And it was not of her own volition that she revealed herself, but did so in response to news that Harper's Magazine had plans to out her via an expose from Katie Roiphe in their March volume. [more inside]
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Miro Dreams Of Footy

Australian Rules Football (aka "Footy") says that if you're athletic enough to jump up on an oppposing player's unpadded shoulders, land kneeling, AND catch the ball, they're gonna rule it legal. Miro Gladovic of American Footy Star has a dream: to take American football players who don't make the NFL down under to play in the AFL. Aussie Rules is not only played on a larger pitch than any other major field sport in the world, its analytics & data are truly next level. Also: 10 funniest moments in the AFL.
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Living with Slenderman

On March 31, 2014, two girls attacked a third in an attempt to ward off a future attack from Slenderman. Hazlitt provides an overview of the aftermath. [more inside]
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"...it is a masterclass in How to Apologize"

Dan Harmon Admits to Sexually Harrassing Writer, Apologizes. “I crushed on her and resented her for not reciprocating it, and the entire time I was the one writing her paychecks.” Full text here. Megan Ganz response starts here.
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Under river, outside time

The Woolwich Foot Tunnel Anomaly. The Woolwich Foot Tunnel provides a pedestrian shortcut across the Thames. But how short, exactly? [more inside]
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Do these cinnamon rolls somehow destroy the patriarchy?

Geraldine DeRuiter from The Everywhereist likes to bake, so she decided to make the cinnamon roll recipe that accompanied Mario Batali's letter of apology for sexual harassment. The results may or may not make good eating, but I think they make good reading. accusations of harassment against Batali, previously)
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Anyway, here's...

Among other things, legendary DC band Fugazi is famous [satire] for their stage banter and between-song noodling. Experimental theater and music company Object Collection dove into 1500 hours of live show recordings to isolate the interstitial moments and create a pretty insane opera.
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Sooner or later, the voice in my ears ceases to be a voice

Do audiobooks count as reading or are they more like watching a movie? [more inside]
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OpenGenus for Open Genuses

The fastest growing civilization on the web, making the web safer, run by you, revolutionizing the way people interact with code, in the open-source wilderness. Open Genus is here.
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Monopoly Model

“All in all, Westby is a corner of rural America that’s still modestly prosperous. And while its legacy of locally controlled cooperative businesses isn’t the only reason, it’s a big part of the story. Local farmers are not totally at the mercy of giant agribusinesses when they bring their products to market. Their ownership of the Westby creamery allows them to cut out middlemen and bargain collectively with food processors and retailers to get a fair price. The rest of the town benefits as well from the creamery and the other locally owned co-ops, as money and power that would otherwise flow to the absentee owners and managers of distant corporations instead stay within the community. But Westby is the exception, not the rule. “ How Rural America Got Milked - Leah Douglas, Washington Monthy
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