November 22

Eurovision rule changes: from 2023, Americans can cast their votes.

Not just Americans - worldwide votes will be counted. Following some jury shenanigans in the 2022 contest, jury involvement has been reduced and other voting changes mean that... "Those watching in the rest of the world will be able to vote via a secure online platform using a credit card from their country, and their votes, once added together, will be converted into points that will have the same weight as one participating country in both of the Semi-Finals and the Grand Final." Initial reaction is mixed. Eurovision 2022 was won by Ukraine; the 2023 finals will be hosted by Liverpool in England.
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Cathode Ray Thread

Marine, aka moonovermarine, is a French embroidery artist much of whose work adapts imagery from games, movies, and other cultural wells. Their current project: a series of scenes from the monochrome ZX Spectrum game "Sentinel".
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How the Slow Cooker Changed the World

The Crockpot arrived amid a slew of innovations, from the microwave oven to the breadmaker, that promised to save women from the drudgery of cooking for their families. But unlike its technological contemporaries, the slow cooker didn’t speed up a working woman’s cooking, it slowed it down. The crucial part was being absent for almost the entire cooking process: A woman could actually leave the house and enter the workplace, without neglecting her wifely duties. [more inside]
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Modern pentathlon votes to swap horse riding with obstacles

In the wake of a coach being ejected from the Olympics in Tokyo for punching a horse, UIPM (the governing body of modern pentathlon) has voted to replace show jumping with a Sasuke-style obstacle course (a.k.a. American Ninja Warrior) following the 2024 Games in Paris. The change does not come without controversy, as several national governing bodies accuse the UIPM of violating its own rules regarding changes to the sport. [more inside]
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"Cancer vaccines are an idea whose time has come."

"Although 5 decades of research have yielded many failures, [cancer] vaccines are now positioned for success" While there are currently only a few vaccines being used to treat cancer (as opposed to preventing it), "knowledge gained from [COVID-19] trials and versatile therapeutic potential of the mRNA can be applied for the development of vaccine for the infectious diseases and cancer." There are many cancer vaccines currently in clinical trials (find one) and receiving research grants. [more inside]
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Redditor lg_cuber (also going by Grazzy on YouTube) has been recreating the entirety of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild map in Minecraft, along with the help of a few Minecraft community friends. This is a work in progress. It is glorious to behold. [YouTube] [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]
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Rollin' Barth

It’s one thing to find Barth’s fiction masturbatory—that’s a matter of taste—but it’s another to hold it morally responsible for the cultural degradation we associate with fast food, commercialism, and televisual self-consciousness run amok (an especial bête noire for Wallace). Such menaces, it seems fair to point out, more likely result from political and technological circumstances coextensive with postmodernity as a historical epoch rather than from the stylistic choices of any individual author, or group of authors. from Life in the Fap Lane
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November 21

“Paper or plastic?” … “MOUTH”

Natural Habitat Shorts is an animated web series featuring anthropomorphized animals going about their daily lives. Created by Brennan Brinkley, Nicole Low, and Tyler Kula, the shorts imagine animals participating in mundane activities - shopping, working, commuting - with humorous results. The videos, each of which are less than a minute long, gained popularity on TikTok last year. New shorts are posted every few weeks.
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MeFiGiftGuide2022 - The Metafilter Gift Guide

Instead of turning to influencers, (sponsored) top-ten lists, or Amazon “sales,” the Metafilter community has collaborated to create gift suggestions by and for real people, who want to have real connections, and make a real difference in the world. Read below the fold for the gift guides, or check out the tag #MeFiGiftGuide2022[more inside]
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Michael Sheen wants to know where you buy your socks

Michael Sheen wants to know where you buy your socks. Michael Sheen explains what a social enterprise is. Social enterprises are real businesses but at least 50% of their profits are reinvested to benefit the community.
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Dances with Dogs

He introduces me to the dogs as he harnesses them one by one: “... This is Aske ‘Qulikiqtaaq’ Walker, after baseball player Alan Walker. This is Tuugaaq, meaning narwhal tusk. This is Asgard, big guy named after the Norse god. ... This is Carlos, named after a cab driver in Mexico. And this is Grillis, named after British Adventurer Bear Grylls—I used to have a dog called ‘Bear’ but a bear came into town and ate that dog. Happily, someone in town shot that bear and gave me the meat to feed the other dogs. Seems only fair. This is Bear’s replacement in the team.”
Devon Manik says, I usually hunt with the dogs. It’s really a great job. I feed a lot of people.”
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Le Bob Est Mort, Vive Le Bob

In a major shakeup at the House of Mouse, Disney CEO Bob Chapek is out, with former CEO Bob Iger returning as a "caretaker" CEO to right the corporate ship. [more inside]
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Six people who loved to watch television, but didn't like what they saw

The SCTV Guide To Showbiz [1h58m] is a fan-created 2021 documentary that covers the entire history of SCTV, from before it happened until after it ended. Witness a bunch of beloved comedians when they were puppies! Marvel at their chutzpah! Delight in whatever it is they do! Note: This is not a clip show of favorites. It's a history of SCTV told by SCTV with SCTV lore included. Enjoy!
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"servers, sewers, alienation"

From (previously): a "drafty as hell lol" post on public utilities, tourism, personal experience of infrastructure, technical agency, and the romantic and the invisible.
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An Unlikely Ally in Recovery: Psychedelics

Jim Harris Was Paralyzed. Then He Ate Magic Mushrooms. After becoming paralyzed from the chest down, the mountain athlete found an unlikely ally in recovery: psychedelics.
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Toys Are Us

Christmas is right around the corner, and maybe you need to do some shopping? Here's some vintage toy commercials. The 1950's had a tight toy game, but maybe you're more nostalgiac for the 80's or 90's?
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The Inky Depths #7: Eels Give Me The Feels

This great post reminded me of a buoy that's been bobbing around - gulper eel, ribbon eel, electric eel - there are so many eels on the Inky Depths posting list, so LET'S TALK ABOUT EELS TOGETHER, it's about time, am I right?! (okay, Inky Depths #4 was about the Slender Snipe Eel. But there is so. much. more. to. talk. about.) Well I'll be hornswaggled, let's dive in! (more inside) [more inside]
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Boards of Canada vs Deforum Stable Diffusion

A HD fan video for audiotrack 12 from the Random 35 Tracks Tape from the mid-90s (historical detail). The same choir-like vocal can be briefly heard on Aquarius (version 3). Previously on Stable Diffusion; alternative fan video. Texts used in generation below the fold... [more inside]
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Disney Channel's Theme: A History Mystery

In this DefunctTV special, Kevin investigates the origin of the four-note theme that has been used on Disney Channel for the past two decades. [92 min.]
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I didn't know you were keeping count

How is this thread loading? a) Down, b) Side, c) Free, d) Off [more inside]
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November 20

Your budget, one envelope at a time

Need some new budgeting ideas? Enjoy something tactile? Try cash stuffing! [more inside]
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Meanwhile, on Tumblr: Goncharov (1973)

As Twitter is in its death throes, Tumblr is thriving (for certain definitions of thriving) and doing a deep dive into Goncharov (1973), dir. Martin Scorsese. In fact, tumblr is talking about it so much that Goncharov is today's top trending tag there. [more inside]
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Reservation Mathematics: Navigating Love in Native America

Blood quantum requirements first imposed on Native Americans as part of the push for assimilation continue to threaten the future of many tribes:
Tailyr Irvine interviewed Indigenous residents in Missoula and on her Flathead Indian Reservation in western Montana. They share their deep personal, social and political concerns about the blood quantum system, which can impact Native Americans’ most personal decisions—including with whom they have children. Through seven intimate stories, Irvine shows how blood quantum requirements are increasingly putting pressures on Native Americans’ lives.
[more inside]
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Internet, offline

Kiwix is a utility that allows you to download entire websites including wikipedia, Khan Academy..... [more inside]
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Red River Cereal is back!

A favourite amongst many Canadians since 1924, Red River Cereal was a victim of pandemic cuts by the owner of the brand since 1995, the American company Smuckers. Thanks to the new owner, Arva Flour mill near London Ontario Red River cereal is back! Arva Flour Mill is also the oldest commercial water-powered mill in North America, the oldest food-processing company in Canada, and the 6th-oldest continuously-operating company in Canada at over 200 years old. [more inside]
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Gregory Dale Bear, 1951 - 2022.

R.I.P. an American science fiction writer. Winner of Hugo and Nebula awards, Bear wrote more than fifty books. [more inside]
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Now, Leroy more than trouble

The Mysteries of Encyclopedia Brown: The Books, The Lawsuits, The HBO Show?! [more inside]
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I don't understand what's going on but this is cool as hell

The Barnacle Goose Experiment is an abiogensis (wikipedia yeah I didn't know either) body horror idle clicker by Everest Rose Pipkin where you play as a researcher in a biodome tasked with generating a world out of their own body. There is sound so you may want to mute the browser tab.
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You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

The Pangeos terrayacht (Robb Report, designers) is a proposed 1800-foot vessel that could house 60,000 people. [more inside]
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"You need to go to school for that job?"

"Library school" is a nebulous way of describing about library and information science education. While early library schools in the US and UK were primarily vocational training for people to work in school or public libraries, iSchools cover a range of knowledge worker jobs in a variety of places. There are many places you can work with that degree. [more inside]
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Facebook Is a Freak Show Ghost Town

Unlike the TikTok algorithm, which is creepily accurate, Facebook is an erratic pu-pu platter of things I never knew I wanted to see. For years, I have been unwittingly feeding it conflicting information about who I am. As a journalist, I have used Facebook casually for reporting purposes, joining divergent communities dedicated to everything from women in business to Airbnb hosts and polyamorists. After finding subjects for stories, I never bothered to leave these groups, and like creeping ivy, their posts began to overtake my feed, to delightful results.
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How what you eat affects climate change

How what you eat affects climate change. One serve of beef = 330 grams of carbon dioxide. One serve of chicken = 52 grams of carbon dioxide. One serve of fish = 40 grams of carbon dioxide. One serve of vegetables = 14 grams of carbon dioxide. One serve of lentils = 2 grams of carbon dioxide. Livestock = 14% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, which is equivalent to all the cars, trucks, planes, trains and ships in the world (transportation) which is also 14%.
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Alan MacMasters: How the great online toaster hoax was exposed

For more than a decade, a prankster spun a web of deception about the inventor of the electric toaster. His lies fooled newspapers, teachers and officials. Then a teenager flagged up something that everyone else had missed.
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November 19

KCRW presents Bent by Nature: The Archives (1982-1991)

Bent by Nature, a podcast from LA's KCRW about the legendary DJ Deirdre O'Donoghue and her influential radio show SNAP, has made available live music archives from the show, with dozens of in-studio live music performances from the 80s and early 90s from the likes of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, R.E.M., Tom Waits, and Robyn Hitchcock, as well as interviews. Don't know where to get started? Here's a guide. If you still can't decide what to listen to, you're in luck--there's a 24-hour streaming channel featuring a shuffling playlist of SNAP episodes restored from Deirdre's original board tapes.
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Just Say 'Yes' to PR

As I delete these emails, I often wonder: Who are all these people who want to talk to a reporter, any reporter, so badly that they will pay a publicist to email every journalist they can think of—including me, a guy who doesn’t write about pool safety or divorce or witches at all? Who actually opens these emails, let alone responds to them? Do they ever work? And what would happen if I tried? from My PR Day of Yes [more inside]
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The most expensive bed in the hospital

Things I've noticed while visiting the ICU (Substack) "This is one of the nicest and best-resourced ICUs in the country. So, my assumption has been that the faults of this ICU unit are likely shared by all ICUs, while the virtues probably are not." [more inside]
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The Macho Spirit Will Never Die

DJ Cummerbund – Uptown Funk (Macho Man Mix) (SLYT).
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Key takeaway: Reading multiple books at the same time is beneficial.

The best reading skill no one ever taught you. Care of Elizabeth Filips, who clearly knows a thing or two about how to live a chaotically organized life.
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The world’s largest dam removal will touch many lives in the Klamath River Basin
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Comparing dairy milk; almond milk; soy milk; and oat milk

A short video about the nutrients in dairy milk; almond milk; soy milk; and oat milk that also looks at the water use to make each one and the carbon footprint to make each one.
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Today will be different. Enough water will come.

"How The Forest Dies: The Amazon is going dry. In one parched corner, a desperate wait for water is only just beginning." A sobering portrait of the human cost of deforestation of the Amazon, from the Washington Post. [more inside]
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Lies, fraud, tacky mansions, and Roblox: "My mother is very proud."

"There's no way anyone could get away with such an obvious lie, it would be too easy to check. But it turns out if something is easy to check, NO ONE ACTUALLY DOES." [1h 57m] Hbomberguy spends half an hour finding the true origins of the Roblox "Oof" sound effect that plays when you die, then gets sucked into the outrageous (yet utterly banal) world of egotistical lies of veritable videogame industry icon, Tommy Tallarico.
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November 18

Your Test Results Are 11 Years + $400 Million

Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to 11 years in prison for Theranos fraud — Dan Primack & Sareen Habeshian, AXIOS, 11/18/2022. Elizabeth Holmes on Friday was sentenced by a California judge to 11 years and three months in prison for defrauding investors in her failed blood-testing company, Theranos. Per yahoo!finance, Holmes was also fined a $400 million special assessment and must surrender to custody on April 27, 2023. She's expected to appeal. (Most recently and previously on MetaFilter, see also Wikipedia.)
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Text-to-Pokemon AI

Put in a text prompt and generate your own Pokémon character. What it says on the turtwig.
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This is wrong.

Flogging his new album on the Tonight Show, Bruce Springsteen settles a nearly 50-year-old argument.
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This is the race for the periodic table

Bobby Broccoli brings you the tale of the the man who tried to fake an element (a 1 hour and 19 minutes long YouTube essay).
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David Amram: creating a true music culture through love

David Amram is an American composer, arranger, and conductor of orchestral, chamber, and choral works, many with jazz flavorings. He plays piano, French horn, Spanish guitar, and pennywhistle, and sings. He has worked with Langston Hughes, Jack Kerouac, Dizzy Gillespie, Mary Lou Williams, Aaron Copland, Pete Seeger, Willie Nelson, Charles Mingus, Bob Dylan, Thelonious Monk, Patti Smith, and many others. Yesterday he turned 92 years old. [more inside]
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Director Albert Pyun would like to hear from fans in his final days

Cult movie director Albert Pyun carved a reputation for himself as a B-level action/sci-fi director who brought memorable visuals and endless imagination to films that were usually filmed on very limited budgets. Sadly, Pyun was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis several years ago… and is now in hospice. His wife Cynthia Curnan took to Facebook to ask fans to send in personal messages so she can read them to him in his final days. [more inside]
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A big meteor shower, and early citizen science by newspaper

How Newspapers Helped Crowdsource a Scientific Discovery in 1833 - In November 1833, the Leonid meteor shower was so unusually bright and intense that professor Denison Olmsted wrote to the local newspaper and asked readers to send in their observations. Other newspapers syndicated his letter, and he got responses from across the country. (Oh also, today's the peak of this year's Leonid shower.) [more inside]
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Perhaps this was inevitable.

Mehran Karimi Nasseri, who famously spent eighteen years living in Charles de Gaulle airport before leaving in 2006, died of a heart attack last Saturday... at Charles de Gaulle airport. [more inside]
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