June 2

"[A]n iPhone is just a refrigerator, it’s not the addiction"

Apple’s biggest event of the year is looking unusually quiet: Instead of announcing new features at WWDC 2018, Apple may double down on being the privacy-first, user-focused alternative to its competition. [more inside]
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The Train of Tommorow

The strange tale of the hovertrain, the British hyperloop of the 1970s
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The government expected to save about $70 million a year

"A lot of us were middle-aged women so, it's like, who was going to listen to us?" An auditor general's report has concluded that the billion-dollar Canadian federal Phoenix payroll fiasco (previously), which has underpaid or overpaid more than half of Canadian civil servants, arose from a "culture that makes people believe they can't bring forward those problems." [more inside]
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Ello, ello, wot's all this then?

His YouTube clips often show highlights of low-adrenaline action, including officers pulling people over for texting while driving and breaking up a scuffle between Just Eat delivery drivers. “Not many other YouTubers bother to post these more routine calls, so it's somewhat of a niche that people seem to quite enjoy,” he says.
A group of UK Grand Theft Auto players got tired of the usual murdering and decided to roleplay as proper British cops, modding GTA V to include all the tat PC Plod would need, uniforms, kits, Volvo XC90 jam sandwiches and all. The resulting low-drama, high-relaity action is captured on their Youtube channel.
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My car isn't blue

Looking for Life on a Flat Earth [more inside]
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When Using Your Phone, Be Cautious Of Bikes, Cars, And Magitek Armor

As part of a joint campaign with the Shinjuku police department to warn pedestrians of the dangers of inattentiveness when using smartphones, the Final Fantasy XIV dev team has put together a pair of PSAs to be aired on the screens overlooking Shinjuku's famous "scramble" crossings. [more inside]
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The people who live on remote rocks in the North Atlantic

The BBC provides a fascinating look at the lesser-known Faroe Islands, Tales from the far-flung Faroes, via the Faroese Post which is slowly closing on the islands where demand for letter carriers has dropped as population has dropped.
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June 1

“No! Maxwell - you’re mean.”

Maxwell the cat gets salty with his owner [SL Twitter]
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Pauses matter. (and physics)

The Problem With DC Action Scenes [SLYT, 7:33]
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China refuses the world's refuse; what to do with the problem of plastic

Slipped into a New York Times listicle (of sorts) on the 6 things you're recycling wrong as an aspirational recycler is a link to another article: your recycling might not be getting recycled because of a ban on importing 24 types of "foreign waste" that was announced in July 2017, with the restrictions to start in 2018. In December of 2017, there was recycling chaos in the U.S. as recyclers were looking for new importers for the 1/6th of U.S. recycling that was previously heading to China. In April 2018, waste exporters such as the U.S., Europe and Japan were still scrambling for an alternative to China. Ahead of Earth Day 2018, China announced additional bans on waste imports. [more inside]
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"In August 1992 ... I set off to walk the county of Suffolk"

"Patience (After Sebald) is a multi-layered film essay on landscape, art, history, life and loss - an exploration of the work and influence of WG Sebald, told via a long walk through coastal East Anglia tracking his most famous book The Rings Of Saturn. The source material for the soundtrack was sourced from Franz Schubert's 1827 piece Winterreise and subjected to ... perplexing processes, smudging and rubbing isolated fragments into a dust-caked haze of plangent keys, strangely resolved loops and de-pitched vocals which recede from view as eerily as they appear."
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Truck Transporting Millions of Bees Overturns on Highway

"Local beekeepers were called in to help move the bees to a safer location and try to redirect the bees back into their hives..." "A semi-trailer truck carrying a reported 15-30 million honeybees overturned on an East Texas highway on Memorial Day." Additional Links:
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the bears were getting bolder

In the summer of 2017, the survivalists began to worry—really worry—about the bears. The problem wasn’t the animals’ nighttime behavior; that was just a nuisance. The survivalists were used to catching sight of the hulking intruders emerging from the darkened woods of rural New Hampshire to damage property, steal food, and deposit huge piles of excrement. Recently, though, the bears had started showing up in broad daylight, and not just at the survivalists’ encampment. The survivalists agreed that something had to be done to defend their makeshift home...
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"I feel like the queen on the 'Prior' float..."

Andrew Garfield currently has a TONY nomination for playing Prior Walter in the Broadway revival of “Angels in America”. As it happens, Stephen Spinella - who originated the role in 1993 - is in another revival of the same play in Berkeley, California, only this time he's playing the part of Roy Cohn. The New York Times asked the actors, who have never met, to correspond by email during a week’s worth of shows. [more inside]
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Zach Woods in the Woods for GQ

Woods is what women would have called an "Internet boyfriend" a few years ago [...] Woods, of course, is not aware of his effect on the Internet because he doesn't read anything about himself, but the news delights him. [via nikkuneko on mltshp ]
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Midlife, self-love, vulnerability, and "a series of painful nudges"

"A crisis is an intense, short-lived, acute, easily identifiable, and defining event that can be controlled and managed. Midlife is not a crisis. Midlife is an unraveling." "The Midlife Unraveling" by Brené Brown. "...We are torn between desperately wanting everyone to see our struggle so that we can stop pretending, and desperately doing whatever it takes to make sure no one ever sees anything except what we’ve edited and approved for posting....it seems as if we spend the first half of our lives shutting down feelings to stop the hurt, and the second half trying to open everything back up to heal the hurt."
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Welcome to my happy place.

It's just 50 pictures and videos of sweet, sweet dogs and puppies. [imgur gallery]
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accessible in principle via algebra and geometry

minutephysics [previously: little bits of science, for SCIENCE!, dear Mr. President, OMG Science!, how to see without glasses] has a series of short videos explaining Special Relativity:
Why Is Special Relativity Hard? - We don't have to follow the same path Einstein did
Spacetime Diagrams - How motion looks from different perspectives
Lorentz Transformations - What do things look like from the moving perspective?
Relativity of Simultaneity - Events that were at different places at the same time are no longer simultaneous (at, say 1/3 the speed of light)
Length Contraction And Time Dilation - Perceiving each other's perception of time
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NOFX: Three Chords and Inappropriate Jokes

The band NOFX has a reputation for dark and often confrontational humor. Now the LA based punk rock band has come under fire for making fun of the victims of the Route 91 Harvest Festival Shooting. [more inside]
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When the Government Stops Existing

The Secret Buried in the Puerto Rican Death Toll, the ‘official death toll’ from Hurricane Maria was 64 but a new Harvard study puts it closer to 5,000 ( Rolling Stone) A New Hurricane Season Is Starting In Puerto Rico. Thousands Are Still Living Without Electricity. (Buzzfeed) People on Twitter shares stories of those they lost #4645boricuas. Puerto Rico’s DIY disaster relief (NYR books) Anarchists come to aid when the state doesn’t (previously) Hurricane season starts June 1st.
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“Press X to fight oppression.”

Detroit: Become Human review: a beautiful vision of the future gets stuck in the past [The Verge] “Like many socially marginalized groups before them, their demands are simple: they just want the same rights as everyone else. Just in case the historical and modern parallels haven’t hit you over the head hard enough enough, your character — the head of the group — can lead them in chanting the words of Martin Luther King Jr.: “We have a dream!” But the protesters in Detroit aren’t people of color demonstrating for their human rights. Indeed, they aren’t human at all, but rather sentient androids. And if it seems like a bad idea to bluntly map the complexities of race, slavery, and the civil rights struggle in America on to the struggles of fictional robots — well, it is.” [more inside]
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Gorillaz: Humility

The semi-fictional band Gorillaz have a new video out. It's called Humility. [Gorillaz previously]
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I am a woman’s rights.

Sojourner Truth is famous for giving the "Ain't I a Woman?" speech. Only she never gave that speech. A version of the speech she gave at the Ohio Women's Rights Convention in 1851, substantially rewritten by a white abolitionist during the Civil War to make Truth sound like a stereotypical southern black slave (even though she was a New Yorker with a Dutch accent), is what most of us know today. The Sojourner Truth Project aims to correct that error, providing side-by-side comparisons of the original speech with the popular version, as well as renditions of the original speech by Afro-Dutch women.
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"Those are just kills"

“This wasn’t about justice,” Maloney told Epstein. “This was about politics. The world knew something horrible happened, and there had to be an answer for it. It can be us as a Marine Corps. It can be a unit, or it can be a squad, or it can be a platoon, or it can be one man. And one man became the politically expedient answer.”
How the US Marine Corps (deliberately?) blew the war crimes trial for the massacre in Haditha. Previously: the massacre, its consequences (2006) and the trial (2007).
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the very epitome of the good-bad TV show

Hunks Punch Lunks: The Fascist Sex Cult Of The Professionals [more inside]
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Diss and Say Goodbye

NYT Popcast delivers an exquisite excavation of the skeletons animating the back-and-forth between Pusha T and Drake. Latest update.
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May 31

"We have met the enemy ... "

Remix artist Pogo (previously: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) posts a video to his channel calling gays "disgusting" and "an abomination": "When there was the Orlando shooting and the guy was shouting 'allu akhbar', I was like (fist-pump)." After the video was discovered, he claimed he "made this during the Trump election to impersonate the far right and create hysteria". He then released a separate video addressing the controversy, saying he was just "grinding people's gears" -- and that his prior views as summarized in this Digg article were done to "draw [...] out into the open" "the sort of people who [...] require an environment akin to a creche."
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Colleges Are No Match for American Poverty

The Atlantic takes a look at one community college, fighting a 9% graduation rate by listening to their students and solving the real-world, poverty-induced problems faced by their students. Written by Marcella Bombardieri, a journalist for higher education at the Center for American Progress.
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Twin Peaks: The Return - 1 Year Later

Gamespot Universe lets you know, it's been a busy year!
It’s been 1 year since we returned to the world of Twin Peaks created by David Lynch and Mark Frost. Greg and Ryan celebrate the anniversary of Twin Peaks: The Return by taking a look back at all the new information that’s come out after the season finale; specifically from the final dossier. [19m]
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Use My Mouth For War

"Use My Mouth For War" -- a Bill Withers/Pantera mashup
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Ride On Shooting Star - In The US

As part of the promotion for the upcoming broadcast of FLCL Progressive and FLCL Alternative, Adult Swim has announced the six city Mono Me You Sun tour by The Pillows, hitting both coasts of the US. Opening for the band will be all female band Noodles and Cullen Omori. [more inside]
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The bowls of the hearth

The tableware we use influences the way we experience the food we eat. When we sit down to a meal, says Professor Charles Spence,…our brain forms a basic set of expectations about how it will taste and how satisfying it will be.…A bowl that we pick up and touch is more likely to set an expectation of a hearty, filling and healthy meal, he said. “That weight in the hand is likely to make your brain think the food is more substantial and you’re likely to rate it as more intensely fragranced and aromatic than for exactly the same food sat passively on a plate,” Spence explained.

And bowl food is acceptable at royal weddings.
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“I’d look at the menu, pick something, and start lying”

The never-ending war on fake reviews.
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The new queens of comedy

Instead of gay people trying to fit into traditionally heterosexual and male comedy spaces, they’re creating a gay paradigm.
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everything from putting dogs on Tinder to writing Amazon reviews

How animal shelters use social media to get overlooked dogs adopted. [SLBuzzfeed] [more inside]
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“Yes, I'm doing my job. It's work.”

Stella Parks is a CIA-trained pastry chef and senior editor of Serious Eats, and the author of BRAVETART, "THE BEST BAKING BOOK WE'VE SEEN IN YEARS", "the new go-to baking book," "packed with clever upgrades of baking classics," that "celebrates the science of junk food," "a case for the american dessert itself." [more inside]
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Blood Will Tell

"The murder of Mickey Bryan, a quiet fourth-grade teacher, stunned her small Texas town. Then her husband, a beloved high school principal, was charged with killing her. Did he do it, or had there been a terrible mistake?" A two-part series considering the value of bloodstain-pattern analysis by the always excellent Pamela Colloff (previously).
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The End Pieces Are Best. Especially With Brown Mustard

The Philly Pretzel: One Twisted Jawn An ode/explainer from the fine folks at Serious Eats, to one of those most noble of foods, the Philadelphia Soft Pretzel—which is a different beast than the soft pretzel you might be thinking of if you're not from the Philadelphia area.
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Photos from the beginning of the 20th century, searchable by world map

Le musée départemental Albert-Kahn conserve les Archives de la Planète, un ensemble d'images fixes et animées, réalisé au début du XXe siècle, consacré à la diversité des peuples et des cultures.
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No One Knows If People Eat Pokémon [Kotaku] “One question has always haunted me during my years playing Pokémon. If people eat meat in the Pokémon universe, and there are no other animals that players see or interact with but Pokémon, what are they eating? Series director Junichi Masuda says not even he knows.” [more inside]
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SciFi London short film and flash fiction competition winners

Every year, as part of their science fiction film festival, Sci-Fi London organise a challenge in which entrants are given a title, line of dialogue and description of a prop, and then have 48 hours to turn in a completed 5 minute film or piece of flash fiction. The winning films and flash fiction stories from the SciFi London 48 Hour Challenge are now available to watch and read. [more inside]
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Worlds of Ursula K Le Guin

Director Arwen Curry’s forthcoming [documentary] Worlds of Ursula K Le Guin, which Curry worked on with Le Guin for 10 years, will premiere on 10 June at the Sheffield Doc/Fest.

Official trailer (SLVimeo). [more inside]
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induce music of the mind in people

John & Yoko Free Time (slyt)
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Get paid to write your novel

De Montfort Literature will pay up to ten selected writers a salary of £24,000 while they write their novel, with the profits then split. The business will provide mentoring and editorial support and is funded by De Montfort Capital, Jonathan De Montfort’s venture capital outfit. Nothing to do with De Montfort University.
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May 30

Cuteness update: I'm dying.

A man goes upstairs to get a sweater, finds a cat (not his) who has just given birth to kittens, becomes #catdad and experiences a new plane of existence. (SLTwitter thread)
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Recipes are ingredients

A recursive recipe is one where ingredients in the recipe can be replaced by another recipe. The more ingredients you replace, the more that the recipe is made truly from scratch.
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Just another sad gentrification story.

The Death and Life of a Great American Building
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Tom7 is back, with more amazing computery weirdness

Getting SNES games to run on an NES. No, I did not type that backward.
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“It’s why I quit. It’s the worst thing on Earth to hide who you are.”

"Though it was never explicitly stated, historians and players alike say the rules were in place, in part, to prevent the women from being perceived as lesbians. Many of the women actually were gay, including D’Angelo, which is another part of the story the movie didn’t tell. By not including a gay character’s story in “A League of Their Own,” the film does to the history of the league what the owners tried to do its existence — erase lesbians from the narrative." [more inside]
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Post Process

Bryan Colangelo, the president of the Philly 76ers, may have been running numerous anonymous Twitter accounts in which he ridiculed his own players and other NBA figures (including his predecessor, the lightning rod Sam Hinkie) and hillariously acted as his own biggest fan. If true, this would be a very, very bad look. The team is conducting an investigation.
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