MeFi Mall aka ShopMe

Here's a list of MeFites who have stuff they make and sell online based on this thread in MetaTalk. If you're shopping anyway, check out the stuff your fellow MeFites have available.


Recorded Music

Prints and Calendars

Crafts and Jewelry

  • Team Metsy is the go-to place for all MeFites on Etsy. Check out the team page, the blog and the Etsy mefi tag. Contact casarkos to get involved.
  • hilatron runs Crafty Robot: handmade goods for discerning humans. I make bags, accessories and housewares, with a focus on re-using vintage materials. I also make Monster Stockings for those who prefer their Christmas decor to have claws, talons and flippers!
  • LeiaS and jimmyhutch have a small handmade gifts store selling handmade candles, wax tarts and jewelry goodness.
  • ikahime maintains The Vespiary Bindery is where she makes handsewn blank journals from scratch, some that incorporate recycled maps. She does custom orders and offers gift certificates.
  • mikepop has stickers for all your bikey needs. Many stickers per sheet - great for sharing.
  • Jenny is Crafty is is a multi-media artist, specializing in custom stained glass mosaic. All works are created out of local recycled/reclaimed materials (except the glue and resin). Please see Jen's website at to view her galleries and inquire about a custom piece today!

Books and Magazines

  • NolanRyanHatesMatches offers the Holiday 6-Pack deal! FOUND Magazines #1-#6: nearly 600 pages of finds for 25 bucks.
  • dng makes stickmans comic books, hand-drawn self-published short comics.
  • seawallrunner has written a book "a showcase of my corner of the Pacific Northwest: the big city in which I live, the province and states in which I play, and the places that I love to travel to: ocean waters, big lakes, massive waves, lush forests, endless snowfields, craggy mountains, surprising deserts. This is where I live and play. Come enjoy this beautiful place with me"
  • Dr. Wu has written This is Spinal Tap a close reading of the film THIS IS SPINAL TAP. It details the film's production history, offers a detailed critical analysis of the movie, and situates it within the context of cult films. Also, it makes a great stocking-stuffer.
  • yankeefog has written a series of tongue-in-cheek manuals, and they're vital reading for anybody considering a new career as a wizard, a superhero, or a pirate.
  • headspace has written Shadowed Summer a southern gothic ghost story that will make you sweat in the dead of winter- and it's full of MeFi easter eggs: characters named after MeFites, sneaky shout outs, and an answer to an Ask Metafilter question in the acknowledgments.

T-Shirts, Mugs, Cafe Press type items


  • Scram has a slew of popular and unpopular cultural offerings, including tickets for offbeat Esotouric bus adventures in Los Angeles like The Real Black Dahlia, Raymond Chandler and Blood & Dumplings ; back issues of Scram, a journal of unpopular culture; plus items featuring Tony Millionaire's Bukbird, an alcoholic avian inspired by Charles Bukowski, like t-shirts, beer coasters and in fine art prints by plasticmuse.
  • Blazecock Pileon has written Automata, an iPhone/iPod Touch application that generates, displays and animates one-dimensional, two-color ('binary') nearest-neighbor cellular automata, offering color variations, screenshot export and zooming features.
  • -harlequin- sells Zombie Survival Gear as well as gifts for loved ones who might not take the zombie threat sufficiently seriously that just so happen to possibly also raise the general zombie apocalypse awareness of the recipient. Just In Case.
  • ninazer0 runs Voodoo Kitchen which sells tagines, paella pans, sushi knives and other interesting kitchen paraphenalia. Australia only, at this point.
  • ewagoner's local farmer's group has gift certificates for delicious local things.

image courtesy of Saquan Stimpson