MeFi Mall aka ShopMe

Here's a list of MeFites who have stuff they make and sell online. If you're shopping anyway, check out the stuff your fellow MeFites have available.

Photography, Prints and Calendars

  • woodblock100: has a special 'Gift Print' page up at this time every year, with a new one in his series of small-scale handmade woodblock prints. The new 'Heroes' prints may also be suitable for any gamers on your shopping list!
  • jjjjjjjijjjjjjj: has large historical map prints for sale. Note: all maps also have high-resolution file download (free for free), so if you'd rather, you can DIY some gifts however you'd like 'em.
  • mygothlaundry: Yo, here are some photographs, suitable for framing or using as targets, your pick. They will make your drab apartment POSITIVELY ZAP with color! Your friends will ooh and aah over your impeccable taste! Would you like them in another form? A coffee cup? A calendar? A giant print? A tshirt? Would you like me to come over and take pictures of you, your kids, your friends, your pets, your pets' friends? Talk to me via the magic of memail. We can do this thing.
  • telophase: I have a few photos I took in Japan up for sale as prints on Imagekind.
  • edlundart: I have affordable prints of my digital paintings and photographs available for sale. Give someone a cool gift, and I can give myself a discounted brunch! Everybody wins.
  • nevercalm: So I listed this project, which became this FPP on the blue, which in turn led to this Etsy store. I photograph feathers that I find or that people send to me: ducks, parrots, blue jays, pheasant.
  • Glinn: has silly and colorful imaginary beasts at The Slumbering Herd. Original art, prints and postcards. 15% MeFi discount - use coupon code mefi15.
  • postertext: My company Postertext designs art prints for book lovers made entirely out of text. There are no lines, no edges anywhere on the art print. The illustration is made purely out of words. We've been in business for over 3 years now. Since then, we've been mentioned on big-name places like WIRED, Dwell, New Yorker, Notcot, Harvard Press and many others. Metafilter has a brilliant, thoughtful community that I know will enjoy our products! Our website again is
  • shashashasha: Hi Mefites! We just launched Gifpop, a way to print animated gifs onto custom cards using the magic of lenticular printing! All you need to do is upload your gif, select your frames, and pick your card size, starting at only $12 each. In addition, we're also working with amazing gif artists like Mr Div, Patakk, and Hateplow. All art prints are super high resolution, and 80% of the profits go directly back to the artists! Give the gift of gif! And all Mefites get 10% off with the discount code "mefiparty".
  • notsnot: Notsnot: Fine art photography, mostly the Mountain West and flowers near and far. Matted prints (or matted and framed) of whatever size; MeMail me with your specific needs.
  • ancillary: It's often the case that the .h264-encoded video vignettes of one's life, those moving memories recorded and tucked away on mobile phones everywhere, wonder wistfully what fate awaits them. Thankfully, FlipClips exist specifically to alleviate the melancholy felt by these forgotten digital video files, thrust aside by their jpeg brethren who are gleefully t-shirted, postage-stamped, and photo-mugged/booked/pooped. In a beautifully hand-crafted, perfect-bound paper flipbook, these personal video files can live forever, batteries not required. 15% off with coupon code mefi15.
  • limeonaire: St. Louis Skies, Volume 1 presents the first half of my collected photographs of dramatic sunsets, sunrises, and strange clouds against a backdrop of St. Louis' unique plant life and architecture (with a few ringers from my travels to other cities), printed in a glossy, high-color format, making it a great gift for connoisseurs of clouds, urban skyscapes, and regional architecture. Several of the photos were shot at St. Louis MetaFilter meetups! It's available in hardcover and softcover from Blurb. I'm also selling postcards of these photos on Zazzle.

Recorded Music

  • KathrynT: I sing with the Musica Sacra Chamber Chorale, an awesome 16-voice chamber choir in Seattle, WA. We have just released our first CD, a live concert recording of Christmas music, to pretty good reviews! Buy it from Amazon or iTunes or CDBaby.


  • Meatbomb: writes "All of your doubts and fears about the afterlife and your place in it answered authoritatively, with conviction, by a charismatic leader / father figure you can trust." main, purchase Mefites get a special discount suggested tithe rate of 7.5% of pre-tax earnings.

Etsy, Crafts and Jewelry

  • xingcat: Beaded earrings, bracelets, and keychains. I tend to use heavy glass beads or oddball glass lampwork beads. More every day!
  • anastasiav: Nothing says the holidays like candles! An assortment of hand-decorated, fully-burnable pillar candles, mainly sourced from vintage postcard images. I can also turn your photograph, or other treasured image into a special keepsake. (You must provide the image.) I will make you a Metafilter-themed candle on request (photos sent for approval prior to purchase).
  • terrapin: Gage Hill Crafts sells yarn, roving, knitting kits, and wool blankets sourced from small farms. We have a range of yarns for knitting, weaving and felting. All of our fibers are 100% grown and processed in Vermont. Spend $25 or more and get free shipping with code MEFI2013.
  • PlutoniumX: makes a lot of things. Lately it has been chainmaille jewelry, dicebags, and wallet chains (Etsy Link). It's Armor for your Everyday Life! Use Code: MEFI13 for 10% off. Free bonus gift with any MEFI order. There is still time for custom work too. More pictures/items for reference are here:
  • Metroid Baby: Plösh is unique hand-blended nail polish, specializing in glitter and shimmer topcoats. All colors are vegan and Big 3 (formaldehyde/toluene/dibutyl phthalate)-free. In addition to current stock, I have a couple new colors that will be added soon! Use code MEFIMALL2013 to get 15% off your order between now and December 15, no minimum purchase required.
  • usonian: makes and sells self-tie bow ties including a wildly popular Doctor Who model. 10% discount for MeFites - use coupon code BEANPLATE. Order by Saturday, December 7 for delivery before Christmas in the US. (Priority Shipping upgrades are available as an extra precaution.)
  • coevals: Little Wolf Press is an Etsy shop, with digital prints, greeting cards, and original paintings. Thank you for checking it out.
  • chrisamiller: Are you a nerd or a baby? Perhaps both? Then you'll love the awesome stuff that we make out of board games (the Settlers of Catan clock is my personal favorite). The rest of the shop is stuff for the little people in your life: spiffy onesies with ties, baby leg warmers, and themed gift sets that are great for baby showers. Mefite discount - 10% off with code MEFI2013
  • mikepop: has stickers for all your bikey needs. Many stickers per sheet - great for sharing.
  • magnetsphere: The perfect gift for anyone? It is made out of duct tape. Wallets, purses, luggage tags, rings, flowers, other stuff! Use code MEFITE for free shipping in the US.
  • NoraReed: One-of-a-kind beaded necklaces. Mefites can use the coupon code "beanplate" for 15% off your order.
  • Yellow: I make and sell fine jewelry for men, women and children. I make everything that's every day jewelry and special items for occasions from birthdays to engagements. My specialty is making special designs. I have a few items on Etsy and I post new things frequently!
  • Gordafarin: Gordafarin designs knitting patterns - inspired by art, architecture, literature, linguistics, and more. Get them to knit yourself, or gift them to your favorite knitter. Get a 15% discount with the code HAMBURGER.
  • kimbot: Accessorizing for the apocalypse has never been so easy! At Burnt Sky Jewelry (on Etsy) I sell post-apocalyptic themed jewelry that I make from metal (mostly sterling silver and copper), epoxy resin, gemstone, and rubber. 10% off for Mefites through 12/31 with MEFI2013. Thanks for coming by :)
  • KevCed: Some industrial crafts I made in the lab, like tap handles made from scrap engine parts or a thermodynamic themed business card holder. I'll give 10% off to any MeFite who contacts me.
  • fiercecupcake: ParmaViolent sells jewelry, chains (including wallet chains), and other adornments made by hand from metal, antler, fiber, and more. If you would like an alteration of a product (chain length, jewelry findings, etc.) or a custom order, just ask! Many products can be modified to suit your needs.
  • Alison: I sell robot-themed dishware and botanically inspired hair accessories in my Etsy shop. I also sell fabric/wallpaper that I've designed through spoonflower, including several puzzle patterns.
  • bedhead: My Etsy shop is Below the Deep. We make jewelry and accessories inspired by the things we love - beautiful semiprecious stones, distressed metals, and great fabrics that we find in our travels. MeFites get 10% off with discount code MEFIHOLIDAY.
  • edmcbride: Etsy Shop Google Plus Introduction I make custom My Little Ponies. Feel free to browse my photo albums, which feature both finished products and some work in progress shots. I have a Facebook page.

Books, Magazines and Zines

  • ManInSuit: Sheila Heti (author, most recently, of How Should A Person Be) had the idea to collaborate with me on a book of everything I know. That book is The Chairs Are Where The People Go. It is about improvisation, municipal politics, how to teach a charades class, running conferences, feeling like a fraud, love, quitting smoking, and other things. [Amazon USA // Canada // UK] The New Yorker said: "A triumph of what might be called conversational philosophy... The world is better for these humane and hilarious essays."
  • Narrative Priorities: has several small press comics and books for sale, including a print edition of her collaborative webcomic, A Stray in the Woods. You can get the book on its own, or with prints, bookmarks and stickers for fancier gifting. Leave a note that you're a MeFite during checkout and I'll add in a glow-in-dark-sticker for free! (And if you prefer to read your comics digitally, you can buy a PDF of "A Stray in the Woods" instead -- enter the code "mefi" for $1 off!)
  • timsteil: I wrote these books. Route 66, Fantastic Filling Stations, Highway 61 Revisited, and did this documentary. Route 66: Ten Years Later. They're not half bad.
  • carbide: Built Dublin: 1930s zine. An illustrated self-guided walking tour around some of Dublin’s 1930s-ish* architectural highlights, for both visitors and Dubliners alike.
  • PhoBWanKenobi: Starglass is "Jews in Space" meets "My So-Called Life"--a YA science fiction novel that's perfect for the angsty teenaged girl in your life!
  • newrambler: I was like a classic AskMe--35, six months into a new job, one month into a relationship, and suddenly pregnant. So I wrote a book about it called Night Sweats: An Unexpected Pregnancy, available in paper and ebook versions.
  • tapir-whorf: I wrote a collection of poetry, All night in the new country, the loosely interlocking narrative of a woman fleeing unnamed upheaval, set in the rural dystopian future of the East Texas Piney Woods. Read some of the poems from it [1, 2, 3, 4], or buy it at Amazon, Small Press Distribution, and directly from 16 Rivers.
  • annathea: Folded Wherry is a publisher of fiction, an imaginary friend, and a paper boat. Our flagship publication is House of Sand and Secrets by Cat Hellisen, the sequel to her fantastic 2012 debut When the Sea is Rising Red and the continuing story of Pelim Felicita. "Sometimes playing to lose is the only way to survive the game of Houses" Available in ebook format through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and direct from Folded Wherry. Use code MEFITE for a 40% discount in the month of December.
  • oulipian: I recently published small landmarks, an ebook of photography and notebook writing. It's a visual journal about walking with a camera, finding things, and making connections. Available for iPad or Mac.
  • clockworkjoe: Base Raiders, a new superhero tabletop RPG: A cosmic event removed every major superhero and villain on the planet. With the old generation gone, their secret bases, and lairs were found and raided. Scavengers plundered them and sold what they found or kept it to empower themselves. Many bases still wait to be discovered. Where once there were a few, now there are many. The superhumans of today are not enforcers of the status quo. They are fools, idealists, fanatics, mercenaries, and base raiders. Join their ranks. Use coupon code metafilter to get 10% off.
  • sleevener: Two books of poetry: Rain (Wave Books, 2006, kinda lyrical, suitable for fans of Neutral Milk Hotel and flowering trees), and Uncanny Valley (Cleveland State, 2012, kinda more strident but still kinda lyrical, suitable for fans of Julian Jaynes and the aftermath of semantic satiation).
  • Sokka shot first: For yourself or for a favored genre fiction nerd, consider the Puzzle Box ebook! I edited, contributed to, and published this anthology, which you can get on Amazon, but if you buy it directly from me using this special Mefites-only link, you'll get the book for a buck off the price, and I'll throw in last year's anthology FOR FREE, DANG.
  • dhruva: We See A Different Frontier: "This anthology of speculative fiction stories on the themes of colonialism and cultural imperialism focuses on the viewpoints of the colonized. Sixteen authors share their experiences of being the silent voices in history and on the wrong side of the final frontier; their fantasies of a reality in which straight, cis, able-bodied, rich, anglophone, white males don’t get to tell us how they won every war; their revenge against the alien oppressor settling their “new world”."
  • cell divide: We sell zines, stickers, shirts, and more items that "celebrate the taco lifestyle". New stuff is added every month.
  • boilermonster: For the Steampunk or mad doctor in your life. Deathstar Samovar I have been making these goggles for about 7 yrs using old clock and accordion parts. Highly detailed, and well constructed. lenses are changeable. Mention metafilter and I will send you an additional color of lenses. The lens colors that I have are listed on my etsy page. Tell me which of the available lens colors you would like when you order your goggles.
  • anothermug: has published Less, his book about the psychology of personal minimalism (Kindle, Amazon print, Smashwords)
  • Prince Lazy I: It won't arrive in time for Christmas, but The Moment Of Panic, a short story collection including the International Horror Guild's Best Short Story of the year 2000, does contain a novel twist on the story of George Bailey from IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

T-Shirts, Mugs, Cafe Press-type Items


  • sweetmarie: sweetmarie: runs F&O Loofah which makes fun, safe treats for small animals. Check out the inventive, edible offerings for birds, rabbits, hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and more!
  • French Fry: Attack the Darkness is a table-top role-playing game, a deck-building game, and a card-drafting game all rolled into one. Your character is your deck; your cards are everything that character is and everything they can do. Designed to be simple in its components yet complex in its combinations, Attack the Darkness allows for the speed and excitement of a collectable trading card game while granting the tactics and intricacies of a table-top RPG. Designed for 1-8 players, it features 7 unique classes and supports play either with or without a GM
  • sleepy pete: Big Delicious Monster Fuzz Pedals Inexpensive (cheap!) handmade boutique fuzz pedals for guitar or bass. The lowdown: Big Delicious Monster Pedals (named after two of our cats) are handmade circuits with point-to-point soldering on perfboard. We firmly believe that just because we sell "boutique" pedals that they need not be incredibly expensive. Our pedals are shipped priority mail through USPS (United States only for now) within 1 to 3 business days. Thanks and we hope your holiday season is fantastic.
  • firei: Defcon YUM! is a gourmet internet bakery. We offer three different delicious cookies each week, baked fresh to order. Use code mefimall13 for $1 off your order.
  • komara: Are you strongly pro-lizard? I thought so. I teamed up with Dynomighty (manufacturers of supernaturally sturdy Tyvek wallets) to show off my photographs of some of my favorite creatures in the world in this Anole wallet. Note: wallet actually made of tear-proof Tyvek paper, not from the skin of anole lizards.
  • MsMolly: After School Specialties Not just old school things... old school things
  • mathiu: is a webshop with exotic brush pens, origami paper and the amazing Uni-Kuru Toga auto-rotating pencil - all from Japan. Free worldwide shipping over 30€ + I'm glad to assist all English speakers since the shop is still partly in German.
  • Bigbrowncow: Eastcourt Manor Learn to bake bread using simple ingredients and age-old techniques Sourdough bread courses, gift certificates and bread-making kits. MeFite discount: £10 off courses and gift certificates with the code LOAF (Based in Kent, England)

image courtesy of Saquan Stimpson