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Paulie Manafort Flips, Bada Bing Bada Boom

Trump Campaign Manager and convicted felon Paul Manafort will plead guilty to avoid a second trial and has agreed to cooperate with federal investigators (CNBC). In an unusually lengthy superseding criminal information document (PDF), the Special Counsel's office charges him on two counts: conspiracy against the United States from 2006 to 2017, with Rick Gates and GRU operative Konstantin Kilimnik (FARA conspiracy), and conspiracy to obstruct justice (witness tampering). In a 17-page cooperation agreement, Manafort promises to give interviews and briefings to the Special Counsel, turn over documents, and testify in other proceedings—and he has waived right to have lawyers representing him present at any interviews. In exchange, the agreement calls for a 10-year cap on Manafort's prison sentence and for concurrent time served for his separate Virginia and Washington cases (Politico). Manafort will also give up $46 million in criminal and civil forfeitures, making his plea deal effectively pardon proof. From the courthouse, CNN reports: “He's not smiling at all. He's glum and quietly responding, 'yes, your honor'”
posted by Doktor Zed to MetaFilter on Sep 14 at 2:16 PM
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"We're gonna treat it like a normal landing, Maggie"

A 17 year old solo student pilot loses part of her landing gear at takeoff. ATC audio/radar SLYT. Some days you're the geese. Some days, though, you're Sully.
posted by Devonian to MetaFilter on Sep 12 at 1:05 PM
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We don’t use the front door ever under any circumstance

Rising young women rock stars: feminine in the violent sense

Not Another Women in Rock Article: A new generation of rising young women rock stars—including Mitski, Soccer Mommy, Snail Mail, Waxahatchee and Camp Cope—has emerged. And they’re redefining what it means to own the room. "Female" is not a musical genre, it's a strength. Lindsay Zoladz, writing for The Ringer, finds inspiration in a quote from Mitski: "When I say [that my album is a] feminine album, immediately the perception is that it must be soft and lovely, but I mean feminine in the violent sense."
posted by filthy light thief to MetaFilter on Sep 11 at 11:13 AM
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“Your highs are Olympian, your lows like a plunge into the River Styx”

10 Brilliant Retellings of Classical Myths by Female Writers [Literary Hub] “There’s something about our oldest stories that never gets old. Rereading classical mythology is for me an exercise in surprise and recognition mixed together. There are things I’ve always missed in a myth, the previous time around, that strike me as utterly vital to understanding its meaning. I believe that myths hit us somewhere below the brain, at some irrational, dreamlike level that somehow feels truer than ordinary stories. When I read Ovid’s myth of Apollo pursuing Daphne, “one made swift by hope and one by fear,” and the nymph metamorphoses into a laurel tree to escape the amorous god forever, it disturbs and thrills me in ways I find hard to explain.* [...] The books in this list are the smartest, most beautifully wrought adaptations of classical myths I’ve ever encountered—and they all just happen to be by female writers.”
posted by Fizz to MetaFilter on Sep 16 at 4:32 PM
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🐳actually, it's as much a bingo card as it is an alignment chart

Science Twitter presents the DnD-style alignment chart we never knew we needed: the nine types of 'Reply Guys.'
posted by deludingmyself to MetaFilter on Sep 16 at 9:59 AM
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we all fall down

Humanity has left a world-wide mark on the planet, in trees, rocks, coral, and lifeforms. We can call this era the Anthropocene, a period of time distinguished by our presence and effects. And one of most terrific results is our head-long plunge into the Sixth Mass Extinction.
posted by the man of twists and turns to MetaFilter on Sep 12 at 8:59 AM
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23. The hero, unrecognized, arrives home or in another country.

Morphology of the Folktale - "Propp set out to identify the basic elements of the plots of Russian fairy tales, working at a level of abstraction where "it does not matter whether a dragon kidnaps a princess or whether a devil makes off with either a priest's or a peasant's daughter". He came up with 31 such "functions". Just listing them (chapter 3) has a certain folkloric quality..." (via)
posted by kliuless to MetaFilter on Sep 12 at 6:32 AM
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Linux Kernel adopts code of conduct

Linus Torvalds:
"This week people in our community confronted me about my lifetime of not understanding emotions. My flippant attacks in emails have been both unprofessional and uncalled for. Especially at times when I made it personal. In my quest for a better patch, this made sense to me. I know now this was not OK and I am truly sorry."
The Linux Kernel has adopted a formal code of conduct.
posted by jenkinsEar to MetaFilter on Sep 16 at 3:46 PM
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Decentralizing the World Wide Web

The decentralised web, or DWeb, could be a chance to take control of our data back from the big tech firms. ...a group of 800 web builders and others – among them Tim Berners-Lee, who created the world wide web – were meeting in San Francisco to discuss a grand idea to circumvent internet gatekeepers like Google and Facebook. The event they had gathered for was the Decentralised Web Summit, held from 31 July to 2 August, and hosted by the Internet Archive. The proponents of the so-called decentralised web – or DWeb – want a new, better web where the entire planet’s population can communicate without having to rely on big companies that amass our data for profit and make it easier for governments to conduct surveillance.
posted by MovableBookLady to MetaFilter on Sep 12 at 12:37 PM
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Why American Kids Aren't Being Taught to Read

Many educators don't know the science of reading and, in some cases, actively resist it. Research shows that children who don't learn to read by the end of third grade are likely to remain poor readers for the rest of their lives, and they're likely to fall behind in other academic areas, too. People who struggle with reading are more likely to drop out of high school, to end up in the criminal justice system, and to live in poverty. But as a nation, we've come to accept a high percentage of kids not reading well.
posted by MovableBookLady to MetaFilter on Sep 15 at 11:24 AM
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The 200 Best Albums of the 1980s [Pitchfork Media] “Our list still reflects the realities of the ’80s—many great artists worked more successfully in singles than in full albums, for example—but we hope it represents the best of what this innovative decade has to offer, as well as how people consume music now. Tune in.”
posted by Fizz to MetaFilter on Sep 11 at 9:25 PM
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Resistance Songs with Marc Ribot, Tom Waits & Steve Earle.

Ace guitarist Marc Ribot has a new album out collecting resistance songs both old and new - and it's terrific. Guest vocalists on the disc include Tom Waits (in his first new recording for two years) and Steve Earle. And here's Ribot himself performing one of the songs live.
posted by Paul Slade to MetaFilter on Sep 15 at 5:51 AM
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"Bonehemian Rhapsody" 28-Trombone Collaboration!

The Miracle of the Mundane

1945: an amazing cookbook

When Will It Be Time’s Up for Motherhood and Marriage?

“This Is What a Methodological Terrorist Looks Like”

‘I Want to Burn Things to the Ground’ [The Chronicle of Higher Education] “Just last month the Center for Open Science reported that, of 21 social-behavioral-science studies published in Science and Nature between 2010 and 2015, researchers could successfully replicate only 13 of them. Again, that’s Science and Nature, two of the most prestigious scientific journals around. If you’re a human interested in reliable information about human behavior, that news is probably distressing. If you’re a psychologist who has built a career on what may turn out to be a mirage, it’s genuinely terrifying.”
posted by supercrayon to MetaFilter on Sep 16 at 1:53 AM
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Choosing what to amplify vs. media manipulation

danah boyd (previously) delivered a keynote speech (available as text or video) to the Online News Association. It’s about manipulation of the media and how extremists and conspiracy theorists try to get their phrases covered so that they can get people to search for their terms and be indoctrinated.
posted by larrybob to MetaFilter on Sep 15 at 6:35 AM
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The Goldilocks zone for pooping

We asked five experts if we have to poop every day. Five out of five experts said no. (Alexandra Hansen, Quartz)
posted by Johnny Wallflower to MetaFilter on Sep 11 at 2:04 PM
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In her family everyone slept on fresh sheets every night. Thought this anecdote was gonna go hard in the other direction. [view]
posted by paleyellowwithorange to MetaFilter on Sep 13 at 10:43 PM
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What bothers me is that scientific research has become a billion dollar fraud machine While many things suck, and need to be addressed.... This kind of vast, generalized dismissal is extremely harmful. Please don't do this. It's not only untrue, but you give ammunition to the slew of anti science forces that are increasingly on the... [more]
posted by lalochezia to MetaFilter on Sep 16 at 5:20 AM
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One of my previous lives was as a QA tech for a subcontractor to the NTSB, and many of my days amounted to my running a simultaneous circuit of disaster as I made diazo duplicates of NTSB crash reports for distribution, and did quality control on the crash site photos, examining high-quality duplicates of photographs of bodies altered by crash... [more]
posted by sonascope to MetaFilter on Sep 12 at 2:48 PM
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these experts are full of shit triumphant, he exits the thread [view]
posted by prize bull octorok to MetaFilter on Sep 11 at 2:17 PM
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For years when I was a kid we had family meetings every Sunday. We would go over the minutes from the previous week’s meeting, update on old and new business, then everyone had to take a turn saying one thing they were proud of for the week and one compliment for everyone else. Then we would wrap it up with a family song. [view]
posted by ghharr to MetaFilter on Sep 14 at 6:27 AM
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I am not a parent, but I do think that parents should require their children to write an artist statement before displaying their work. Nothing too theoretical, it would be embarrassing if your kindergartener were the only one still quoting Deleuze or interrogating and juxtaposing. [view]
posted by betweenthebars to MetaFilter on Sep 16 at 6:45 PM
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who are you explaining that to [view]
posted by griphus to MetaFilter on Sep 14 at 11:21 AM
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Updates for those not watching the livestream; here are new Apple Watch features: Apple Watch now contains an actual grandfather clock Grandfather clock with new Active Pendulum technology prevents slips and falls; cuts fresh watermelons with the big, modern, and perfectly pendular karate-chop motions you've come to expect from Apple... [more]
posted by compartment to MetaFilter on Sep 12 at 10:42 AM
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I want to know if there's any evidence for my theory that sitting down to pee = more frequent pooping. I suspect that Standing Pissers are more likely to wait to poop until they Really Really Need To Poop, whereas Sitting Pissers can just decide to take a casual poop on a whim while they're down there. [view]
posted by showbiz_liz to MetaFilter on Sep 11 at 2:25 PM
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I'm looking forward to the continuation of the series. Specifically Training Your Child To Run With Scissors, How To Tell Your Kids Their Stuffed Animals Are Dumb, and Of Course Santa Isn't Real Don't Be An Idiot. [view]
posted by glonous keming to MetaFilter on Sep 16 at 6:28 PM
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Why you should throw your children's art away Because otherwise it will reach the ceiling and you will asphyxiate. Seriously, my daughter draws approximately 6 8.5x11 pictures of smiling cats and ballerinas per day. Sometimes the ballerinas are dancing on top of the cats. These cats are lions. [view]
posted by selfnoise to MetaFilter on Sep 16 at 5:57 PM
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That's hurtful to childless-by-choice people, too. [view]
posted by The Underpants Monster to MetaFilter on Sep 14 at 10:45 AM
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Jesus, those first few shaky okay's are just heartbreaking. [view]
posted by Greg_Ace to MetaFilter on Sep 12 at 1:42 PM
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It seems pretty clear to me that reading pedagogy got politicized in ways that are kind of unfortunate. Conservatives touted phonics not because it works, although it does, but because it appeals to their belief that children should sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, and do their fucking worksheets or else they will be punished. To them, school... [more]
posted by ArbitraryAndCapricious to MetaFilter on Sep 15 at 12:14 PM
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I want to point out something that occurred to me a few years ago and that threads like this remind me of: Everyone grows up in a house with small children in it. By definition. A lot of the way things were in your childhood can be explained by the fact that you were living in a household with small children. You get to know your parents... [more]
posted by sy to MetaFilter on Sep 14 at 5:36 AM
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Yes, okay, I admit that "how do we deal with what are basically sexual crimes beyond the reach of the law" is an important question, and thinking it through is important. But you know who I'd like to read on that subject? People who do, eg, accountability processes, or who work with men who have committed sexual assault, or who do... [more]
posted by Frowner to MetaFilter on Sep 15 at 5:30 AM
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When I was in kindergarten I drew a jack-o-lantern. My teacher pointed out to my mother that the drawing was unusually and carefully detailed e.g. the jack-o-lantern had eyelashes. My mother laminated it and still brings it out every year at Halloween. Mom is 90 and I am 60. [view]
posted by shibori to MetaFilter on Sep 16 at 11:25 PM
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My dad was a self employed drywall hanger and would always knock off at 4:00 and come home so we could eat dinner at 4:30. When I got older, I stayed the night at someone's house and as 6:00 came and went with still no dinner, I remember thinking, "When the fuck are these morons going to eat?". [view]
posted by AlonzoMosleyFBI to MetaFilter on Sep 13 at 11:01 PM
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It used to be we all hated on Microsoft and loved Apple. Now we all hate Apple and love Android. But hate Google. And also Amazon. Though we love Prime and drones. Self-driving cars are the solution, but ick, Tesla. Though we love SpaceX. And that David Bowie car launch, we love that. But hate orbital garbage. And the plastic whirlpool. The future... [more]
posted by chavenet to MetaFilter on Sep 12 at 10:05 AM
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This is all I ever wanted. And why the fuck am I so unfucking unhappy? It - It doesn’t make any sense. You know what I mean? Because, like, this is literally my fucking dream. And I’m fucking so unfucking happy. It doesn’t make any fucking sense. It’s so stupid. It is so stupid. That point right there, where the penny drops and you work out that... [more]
posted by flabdablet to MetaFilter on Sep 12 at 4:04 AM
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