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The BBC Micro is 30 years old today.
comment posted at 8:55 AM on Dec-1-11
comment posted at 9:18 AM on Dec-1-11

A video montage tribute to Pixar Animation Studios by video mash-up maker and film-lover Leandro Copperfield.
comment posted at 7:41 AM on Dec-30-10

To whet all of our appetites, here is a 21-minute Tron Legacy soundtrack medley. (SLM_)
comment posted at 3:44 PM on Nov-30-10

12 Fun Hacks for Getting More Out of YouTube Via Mashable All Your Youtube-Hack Needs in 1 Easy Location! 1. TubeReplay. 2. Dragontape. 3. YouTube Doubler. 4. SynchTube. 5. infiniTube. 6. Splicd. 7. TubeChop. 8. YouCube. 9. MixTube. 10. YouFlow. 11. QuieTube. 12. YouTube TestTube. Some tubes have been listed previously.
comment posted at 4:53 PM on Nov-14-10

Circular jumps (previously) form when you turn on your tap and the water lands in a thin circular disk with a raised lip. Jannes et al have now shown that circular jumps are examples of hydrodynamic white holes: waves can escape the jump, but not enter it.
comment posted at 5:20 PM on Nov-13-10

Your dad wishes to remind you that it's time to turn back your clocks. And since he's heading there, do you need anything from Costco?
comment posted at 4:49 PM on Nov-6-10

Six Flags New Orleans closed on August 27, 2005 in preparation for Hurricane Katrina. The park never reopened.
comment posted at 9:06 AM on Nov-5-10

There was the home-built Lego + Mac + felt tip pen printer and a 3D chocolate printer made out of LEGO bricks (and some other bits), and now: the MakerLegoBot, a 'bot that can build models out of 1×2, 2×2, 3×2, 4×2 and 8×2 Lego bricks. Want to give it a go yourself? Here are the instructions, in 447 easy steps. Or you can skip the tricky stuff, and watch a small Lego house be built in under 3 minutes*
comment posted at 1:50 PM on Oct-20-10

The owner of Segway, James Heselden, has died, after accidentally driving his Segway over a cliff. This, only two months after the Department of Justice, which implements the American Disabilities Act, addressed Segway as a mobility device for disabled persons.
comment posted at 9:39 AM on Sep-27-10

RIP Trinity Square, Gateshead - a Brutalist car park made famous for it's appearance in the classic British crime drama Get Carter is being demolished this week.
comment posted at 5:14 AM on Jul-29-10

Math Is No Match for Locust Swarms. "Mathematicians have now figured out the dynamics that drive locusts across the landscape, devastating everything underfoot — and the math says people will never be able to predict where the little buggers will go. The new analysis, reported in an upcoming issue of Physical Review E, suggests that random factors accumulate and influence how swarming locusts collectively decide to change course. “These swarms are driven by intrinsic dynamics,” says team member Iain Couzin, a biologist at Princeton University. “In all practical terms, predicting when a swarm is going to change direction is going to be impossible." More information here.
comment posted at 5:21 AM on Jul-29-10

The Swinger is a bit of python code that takes any song and makes it swing. It does this be taking each beat and time-stretching the first half of each beat while time-shrinking the second half.
comment posted at 2:38 PM on May-22-10

Here, There Be Spoilers: As "L O S T" Ends, Creators Explain How They Did It, What’s Going On. (Previously on MeFi)
comment posted at 1:56 PM on Apr-26-10

The World's Ugliest Statues -- I think #5, in New Jersey, is the one I find most offensive, but they're all hideous.
comment posted at 3:10 AM on Apr-25-10

Open source April 1st: Lunixkcd.
comment posted at 3:39 AM on Apr-1-10

US Spaced. (SLYT)
comment posted at 4:07 AM on Mar-4-10
comment posted at 4:20 AM on Mar-4-10

Who's the man behind the sounds you hear, every time you startup and use your Mac? Jim Reekes (via)
comment posted at 2:59 PM on Feb-27-10

calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.
comment posted at 4:32 PM on Dec-12-09

Exact details are still forthcoming, but the impossible project announced that Polaroid is preparing to re-launch some of their iconic instant cameras and TIP will be manufacturing the film, at Polaroid's request. No doubt this will increase the ranks of their cult-like following, but will this second coming reverse what turned into a money-losing tech in our new digital age?
comment posted at 12:02 PM on Oct-13-09

Where Is Everybody? Perhaps they've somehow arrived at the Rod Serling Conference, as The Twilight Zone celebrates 50 years next Friday. To mark the anniversary there is TZ@50 - a celebration in Binghamton, NY Oct 1-4, and a two-day mini course on Serling worth credit. The Syfy channel will be running a TZ marathon Oct 2 at 8am. Last month, a Stamp was unveiled in Serling's honor.
comment posted at 4:11 AM on Sep-26-09

Sex with robots is always wrong A strange speculative fiction morality play in one act. (other sexy robots NSFW)
comment posted at 4:31 PM on Sep-19-09

Beijing loves IKEA - but not for shopping. "Every weekend, thousands of looky-loos pour into the massive showroom to use the displays. Some hop into bed, slide under the covers and sneak a nap; others bring cameras and pose with the decor. Families while away the afternoon in the store for no other reason than to enjoy the air conditioning."
comment posted at 7:45 AM on Aug-26-09

Your World of Text is an infinite grid of text editable by any visitor. The changes made by other people appear on your screen as they happen. Everyone starts in the same place, but you can scroll through the world using your mouse.
comment posted at 11:14 AM on Aug-14-09

This is the only level in the game and you will die a lot.
comment posted at 5:14 PM on Aug-8-09

PrettyDesktopFilter: Rainmeter has joined forces with Enigma for the release of Rainmeter 1.0, which finally makes code-diving for the creation of [HUD-styled] desktops a thing of the past. (via: 1 2)
comment posted at 7:56 AM on Aug-7-09

Childrens' cable television mainstay and media brand Nickelodeon is rebranding as "The Nick" with a new splat-less logo.
comment posted at 3:27 AM on Aug-5-09

Best of Wikipedia: A twice-daily updated collection of some of the best reading on Wikipedia. Created and maintained by avinash.vora.
comment posted at 4:55 AM on Jul-28-09

One of the hardest things for people to understand about the universe is just how big it is. There are three approaches typically used in describing its size. The first, the song, was pioneered by Monty Python (NSFWish, wireframe of naked woman) and then done just as masterfully by the Animaniacs. The second, the zoom method has been featured twice before here on the blue. The third method is the comparison method (skip to 1:30, unless you like looking at a image of the solar system with terrible distorted orbits), yielding some truly beautiful videos (this one found via the fantastic Bad Astronomy blog). These videos go, at most, as far as looking at the local cluster or the Virgo Supercluster. There are two videos that attempt to show the size of the entire universe, one unsuccessfully (although with great music) and one successfully. (Warning, all links except the first one, are to YT videos).
comment posted at 2:14 PM on Jul-1-09

Toto - Africa like you've never heard it before (via)
comment posted at 12:54 PM on Jun-6-09

Sci Fi has a new name. Now it's SyFy. The Sci Fi Channel is distancing itself from its geek demographic by rebranding its network. The former SyFy Portal website (a nerd news outlet) has been rebranded "Airlock Alpha" after selling the name to an "undisclosed recipient".
comment posted at 4:48 PM on Mar-16-09

The Alchemists of Sound: 2003 documentary on the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. 1::2::3::4::5::6
comment posted at 4:17 PM on Mar-5-09
comment posted at 4:18 PM on Mar-5-09

Another camera-on-conveyor incident rocks Sushi-loving Japan.
comment posted at 11:40 AM on Mar-2-09
comment posted at 12:09 PM on Mar-2-09

CableCard, savior of the PiP, intended assassin of the set-top box, it sounded like for the first time in a while, an industry group had done something that actually improved consumer choice. But it turns out it came with a price.
comment posted at 6:42 PM on Feb-18-09

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