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Moreover, American Media is undeterred from continuing its reporting on a story that is unambiguously in the public interest — a position Mr. Bezos clearly appreciates as reflected in Boies Schiller January 9 letter to American Media stating that your client “does not intend to discourage reporting about him” and “supports journalistic efforts.” That said, if your client agrees to cease and desist such defamatory behavior, we are willing to engage in constructive conversations regarding the texts and photos which we have in our possession. Dylan Howard stands ready to discuss the matter at your convenience.
America Media Inc (owner of the National Inquirer) attempts to extort Jeff Bezos. Bezos responds by making the threat public
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Amazon built systems to protect brand-identity, punish review-spammers, and protect consumer safety, and then they were weaponized by unscrupulous sellers. Behind the state-sized commercial venue that is Amazon Marketplace, there's a shadow judicial system, with alarmingly inflexible systems and policies. Blacklisted sellers report that finding out what they ostensibly did wrong is frustrating, and the appeals process isn't designed to determine innocence. Now sellers are framing their rivals to thrust them into this system, and a class of seller advocates has sprung up to monetize the process of getting disentangled from it. (via Schneier on Security).
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Did you want a quiet week? Events in US politics are occurring at an impossible to comprehend pace. Today, the President announced that Secretary of Defense Mattis will be "retiring" at the end of February. The Secretary's resignation letter cites differences of opinion with the President on "treating allies with respect and also being clear-eyed about both malign actors and strategic competitors." The President announced he will not sign any government spending bill that does not include funding for a border wall (WaPo), leaving the government headed toward a partial shutdown. New work requirements could take food stamps away from 750,000 people (Vox). A new policy will require asylum-seekers to be turned away and wait in Mexico (Vox) as they wait months or years for their applications to be processed. Ethics scandals around the Mueller investigation developed for both the acting (WaPo) and prospective (WSJ) Attorneys General.
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So what is Andrew Zimmern — the award-winning, Minneapolis-based star of the Bizarre Foods television juggernaut, famous for trying anything with a smile and for encouraging others to do the same — doing opening a chain of Chinese restaurants? That’s the question not just at the heart of the Fast Company interview (YT video), but also one that’s currently at the center of the conversation about culinary appropriation in American food: Who gets to represent whose food, and to what audience? (Eater)
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Like every other part of the music world, taping has changed utterly in the digital age. Once dismissed as mere bootlegging, the surrounding attitudes, economies, and technologies have evolved. It's been a long haul since Dean Benedetti recorded Charlie Parker's solos on a wire recorder. In the '60s and '70s aspiring preservationists snuck reel-to-reel recorders into venues under battlefield conditions, scaling down to professional quality handheld cassette decks and eventually to DATs. From there, to laptops and finally to portable drives ... The Invisible Hit Parade: How Unofficial Recordings Have Flowered in the 21st Century -- Jesse Jarnow writing for Wired, linking the tech pioneers of the Grateful Dead (also Wired) to NYC Taper and others sharing on Etree.
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"So playing this, every single time I see something undeniably British, which is approximately every 1.6 seconds in Horizon 4, I double-double-take." John Walker over at Rock Paper Shotgun writes about the strange un-uncanny valley roadtrip that is being a British person, raised on a diet of American driving games, confronting a driving game that is actually casually understatedly British.
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Guy meets lady on Tinder; they chat and exchange details. A few weeks later, she texts him, asking him out on a date the following day, and suggesting that they meet in front of a stage in Union Square, Manhattan, where a friend of hers is DJing. He shows up, hanging off to the side; and then the DJ stops and she walks on stage and addresses the hundred-strong, predominantly male crowd (SLTwitterThread)
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“Second home. Second home. That one’s a second home. Second home. Second home. That’s a holiday let. Second home. These people live here all the time. Second home.” St Ives is a lovely seaside town in Cornwall in the UK, home for years to artists because of the quality of its light, and where Virginia Woolf was inspired to write To The Lighthouse. It's still home to thriving culture like the iconic Tate St Ives (one of only four Tate galleries in the world) with its programme of international modern and contemporary art, theatres, museums and art spaces, pubs and restaurants - but Cornwall is one of the most deprived areas in western Europe, and the average house price in St Ives is 18 times the typical local salary.
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Are you being served? Maybe not, if you're a fascist. This story and more coming up, as we review the latest dispatches from an America in crisis.
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Kant didn’t believe a dog like Mu could think or distinguish between bad and good because she isn’t self-aware. For this reason, she is not moral. This view—which is known as human exceptionalism—persists today. But increasingly philosophers and scientists argue that animals are moral and that we humans may just be insufficiently aware of their inner lives to understand how or why they decide to do what they do.
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Roseanne is cancelled after Roseanne Barr compared Obama White House adviser Valerie Jarrett to an ape. Earlier, Wanda Sykes had already announced she wouldn't return.
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"The rapid increase in technology over the last thirty years has changed a lot of basic cinematic conventions. Entire plots that once hinged on characters being able to fake identities, get lost in a new place, or have a case of mistaken identity are all but gone from contemporary films because of the internet. [...] Here are some great films from just the last thirty years that would have had their entire premise derailed if they took place in a world where smart phones were available." • The movie plots technology killed8 movies technology made obsolete90s plot lines that modern technology ruins entirely 23 famous movie plots easily solved by text messages17 movies that would be over in 5 minutes in 2017
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There seems to be no simple answer to Nakesha Williams's life of brilliant promise undone by mental illness. "She said she loved novels, and they discussed the authors she was reading, from Jane Austen to Jodi Picoult. She and P.J. chatted as time allowed, or until Nakesha veered into topics that hinted at paranoia: plots and lies against her. "
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Quite possibly, octopi are too stupid to take over the world. According to Slate, there are an awful lot of questionable and questionably presented stories on the intelligence of octopi.
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"Gaming the lottery seemed as good a retirement plan as any."
The Lottery Hackers
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“The rogue’s gallery of right-wing supporters, from Milton Friedman to Charles Murray, is often unambiguous in its desire to use basic income as a knife to eviscerate the expensive insides of the welfare state. To different degrees, recent support within elite tech-chauvinist circles, from Peter Thiel to Mark Zuckerberg, might be similarly understood. How on earth could Marxists form a political alliance with the boy-king of Silicon Valley? Perhaps some elites see basic income as a pragmatic means to avoid the radicalization of a population that has seen little improvement in living standards in recent years, but others envision a Trojan horse designed to raid the citadels of Social Security, Medicare, and education spending.“ Debating Universal Basic Income - David Calnitsky (Catalyst)
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Day 303: it's turkey time, and Republicans are putting tax and spending cuts on the table, which many are finding an unpalatable centrepiece. CBO estimates suggest that poor Americans' gooses in particular will be cooked if the bill passes, with households earning under $50,000 increasingly worse off. Republican senators have stated, on the record, that major donors will not be inviting them back for a second helping of support if the tax cut bill fails. The House bill has been served but the Senate bill is still in the oven, and preparing it will involve two opposed groups coming together with a shared purpose, and also some way of massaging the figures so they won't increase the deficit. [This is a catch-all US politics thread; Roy Moore talk goes here]
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Bill Cassidy still is a liar / Tom Price is a luxury flier / And Kim Jong-un’s aim / He says, is to tame / The POTUS, a dotard, with fire.
“My earlier invite’s withdrawn!” / Insisted the president, Don. / “Steph wouldn’t have come; / He told you, u bum,” / Observed a 3rd-party, LeBron
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Steely Dan’s Walter Becker Dead at 67 | Becker was born Feb. 20, 1950 in Queens, N.Y., and was raised in the borough community. Initially a saxophonist, he took up the guitar as a teen. He encountered his future partner Donald Fagen as a student at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, while playing a gig at the local club the Red Balloon.
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Mueller convenes a Grand Jury while Trump tweets concern about our relationship with Russia.
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Comedian Iliza Shlesinger causes a stir when she makes some comments about the subject matter of fellow female comedians' acts: "I could walk into The Improv, close my eyes, and I can’t tell one girl’s act apart from another. That’s not saying that 30-something white guys don’t all sound the same sometimes, but I’m banging my head against the wall because women want to be treated as equals, and we want feminism to be a thing, but it’s really difficult when every woman makes the same point about her vagina, over and over. I think I’m the only woman out there that has a joke about World War II in my set." Summary on Splitsider, including some now-deleted tweets. Shlesinger also has declared herself finished with the debate: "Anyway, I'm done here. Enjoy your life" (Twitter)
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The President and his party continued their path of destruction, announcing a new travel ban, suspending new visas for citizens of six majority-Muslim countries and all refugees, along with a poorly-received new health-care plan, amid a string of unforced errors, including the President's explosive no-evidence wiretapping tweets (which we shouldn't take too literally), his staff's scramble to try to defend their boss's latest mess, and the continuing efforts to investigate Russia's role in the campaign and Attorney General Jeff Sessions for providing false testimony.
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Does Trump know he’s president? Tonight, President Trump will address Congress; "GOP lawmakers want guidance on how to handle Obamacare and tax reform." Trump's guests for his address: Scalia's widow, a private-school success story, three people who lost someone to an illegal immigrant. This morning, an interview with the president aired on Fox & Friends, where Trump discussed the leaks coming out of the White House, slain Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, who died in the Yemen raid, and the protests around the country that he believes President Obama is behind.
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Cloudflare CDN has been dumping uninitialized memory from its reverse proxies, including all sorts of things that are supposed to be under HTTPS. Like passwords and private messages from dating sites and cookies and online password manager data.
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From Google, Perspective API for scoring comments Perspective is an API that makes it easier to host better conversations. The API uses machine learning models to score the perceived impact a comment might have on a conversation. [...] We’ll be releasing more machine learning models later in the year, but our first model identifies whether a comment could be perceived as “toxic" to a discussion.
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Almost three weeks into his presidency, President Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch, has allegedly been telling senators that comments that attack judges are "demoralizing" and "disheartening." This morning, the president "[told] airline CEOs they—& govt.—are using “obsolete” equipment “the airports give you.” Trump says his pilot, “a smart guy,” told him." This evening, the Senate will vote on Trump's nomination for HHS Secretary, Tom Price.
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