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Where do you find new music? I have so much music that I need to proactively look for new stuff to add to my mixes. Sometimes I see something in a weblog or article that sparks my interest, but generally I look through favorite artists on Amazon and look for what others have bought. Epinions has some good lists as well, but a lot of it is crap like this. Sometimes magazines will have lists, and sometimes AMG's list of "related artists" is helpful if you know what you're looking for. It's always nice to find something you haven't heard before.

Where do you find new music?
comment posted at 2:44 AM on Sep-15-02

Steampunk (alternate) is surging. With the recent works of China Mieville (and his creation of New Crobuzon) and Phillip Pullman (His Dark Materials) and Alan Moore, inspired by the works of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, there is a new growing fascination with this genre typified by Victorian Anachronism, an alternate history in which technology is overwrought and fantastic. Think Leonardo's machines (though not Victorian), Victorian Robots (prev. mefi thread), The Babbage Engine. 19th Century Science.
comment posted at 2:06 AM on Aug-7-02

CNN's "palestinians celebrating in the streets" footage may be from 1991. While this is one person's opinion, it'd be nice if there was some verification from CNN either way on this.
comment posted at 3:08 PM on Sep-17-01

The Karate Chimp I can't think of a caption for this, maybe you can.
comment posted at 2:42 AM on Apr-28-01

I was flooded with retro-memories of Commodore 64 music at c64audio.com. I distinctly remember playing boulderdash and hearing this for hours.
comment posted at 4:34 PM on Oct-28-00

Etour.com claims it's like "channel surfing" on the web, but it isn't. Surfing is something in-between purposefully seeking a goal and letting the wind blow you wherever it wishes. It's not totally random. It's not totally goal-driven. So it must involve a human who is making half-choices, taking half-risks. It can't be programmed. [moreā€¦]
comment posted at 5:31 AM on Oct-30-00

Americans 'have more sex'. No, that's not a order. But according to Durex, you're meant to be getting it more often, at a younger age. Does this say "as much about bragging as actual sexual behaviour"? Or are we just being led to think that "we are strange if we aren't thinking about sex all the time", as this Salon piece suggests?
comment posted at 4:09 PM on Oct-17-00