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Google buys Blogger. Dan Gillmor has the scoop.
comment posted at 10:27 PM on Feb-15-03

Blogger Hacked A slashdot reader reported (on slashdot) that "Blogger has been severely hacked into, with users' passwords and e-mail addresses being replaced with 'hacx0redbyme' or 'hax0redbyme.' " Perhaps the most amusing comment in the ensuing discussion says "I'm glad I don't use a blog... I wouldn't want some l337 hax0r coming in and reading everything about my personal life!" But levity aside, is there some serious implication that a widely used web service is hacked? Is Pyra safe to use?
comment posted at 11:54 AM on Oct-25-02

Did you know "88" means "Heil Hitler"? Neither did a buyer at Target. "August 27, 2002 -- Target, the nationwide department-store chain, said today it will pull shorts and baseball caps emblazoned with neo-Nazi hate symbols from its shelves." After dithering for a few weeks, Target responded to tolerance.org's campaign, but is now shooting themselves in the foot again by being less than accomodating of returns of the offending (and I do mean offending!) product. The link above is to the original story, the Aug. 27 update is linked at the bottom of that page. Howcum I never saw this on CNN? 8
comment posted at 5:12 PM on Aug-28-02

Gifted elementary kids in California could go straight to college. Students of any age, even kindergarten, could demand to take the state's high school proficiency examination under legislation approved recently by the Assembly. Passage of the test -- which measures reading, writing and arithmetic skills -- would qualify young students to enter community colleges as if they had obtained their high school diplomas.

Academically, these kids may be ready for college, but are they mature enough to handle being surrounded by students six to ten years their senior?
comment posted at 11:27 AM on Jun-20-02

Cloudmark SpamNet "Just like Napster allowed us to share our favorite music, Cloudmark SpamNet allows us to share the spam we receive. Individually this reported spam isn't very powerful, but the collective reports of millions of email users networked together blocks virtually all spam on the Internet."
will this put an end to spam? at least it looks like a pretty interesting solution, brought to us by the co-founder of napster, jordan ritter.
comment posted at 11:24 AM on Jun-20-02

On Martha Stewart Living this morning, Martha showed how to make the perfect glass of water, how to peel a grape, and how to add a decorative touch to cereal boxes. I was almost sucked in. Nice work Martha, who knew she could laugh at herself? What other April Fool's Day pranks and pages have you found?
comment posted at 9:34 AM on Apr-1-02
comment posted at 2:47 PM on Apr-1-02

april fools from ebay i hadn't realized it was april fools until the nice people at ebay reminded me.
comment posted at 9:20 AM on Apr-1-02

PC users are eeeevil! Kind of amusing story from Wired about how an observant viewer of 24 noticed that the bad guys use PCs, while the good guys use Macs.
comment posted at 4:48 PM on Mar-3-02

Bloggie nominations.
comment posted at 6:22 PM on Jan-24-02
comment posted at 6:24 PM on Jan-24-02

That kid whose tongue got stuck to a pole in A Christmas Story apparently had it stuck to other things in his later films.
comment posted at 5:35 PM on Jan-7-02

Someone (in this case, Steven Zeitchik of the [What's Left of] Online Journalism Review) finally has the guts to say it: The post-911 Onion isn't funny. It's preachy, obvious, desperate to give off the impression that it's still ironic without actually being so ... but not funny. Unfortunately, it doesn't delve into the intriguing psychological question of why so many were so eager to laud its return when it's never really returned at all, but hey, it's not the Online Psychology Review, now is it?
comment posted at 12:27 PM on Oct-22-01

Fight the browser with .movTV [Quicktime required.]
comment posted at 3:46 PM on Oct-19-01

Who cares if it's October .. I want to know what the best album you've heard this year is, I'd rate The Strokes, Radiohead's 'Amnesiac' and Squarepusher's 'Go Plastic'.
comment posted at 10:29 AM on Oct-15-01

WTC Widow May be deported A British widow who was married to a victim of the terrorist attack may be deported. Their children will be allowed to stay.
comment posted at 10:07 AM on Oct-9-01

PDA physical therapy. Handspring's new module uses Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) for muscle stimulation/relaxation after a hard day's work. Will this be the new yuppie toy? Imagine people walking around with two white pads glued to their face confronting quizzical stares with an angry, "What?"
comment posted at 3:54 PM on Oct-2-01

The Beast '88 movie about a tank commander and his crew during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Has anyone else seen it?
comment posted at 2:05 PM on Oct-2-01

Mahnamahna! Just a moment of levity for a heavy Monday. For the full experience, download the video. In the words of the site: "Watch it, pray to it, name your first born after it, invite it over for dinner, but most importantly, download Mahnamahna. Spread the Mahnamahna word!"
comment posted at 5:22 PM on Oct-1-01

the ONION to the rescue! America's most trusted insightful ironists seem to have risen to the challenge. Dinty Moore beef stew condemns terrorism.
comment posted at 7:26 PM on Sep-25-01

Always use protection - the Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie protects your brain from most electromagnetic psychotronic mind-control carriers.
comment posted at 12:38 PM on Sep-25-01
comment posted at 1:20 PM on Sep-25-01

"I don't support military action: 12%" Online CNN poll asks, "For how long would you be willing to support U.S. military action against terrorism?" There are a lot more pacifists then I would have expected, given the circumstances. Of course, "As long as it takes" sits at 76%, which is also not surprising. We'll see what that number is in six months...
comment posted at 1:26 PM on Sep-18-01

Iran launches missile attack on Iraq Anyone seen this reported by other sources?
comment posted at 8:59 AM on Sep-18-01
comment posted at 9:28 AM on Sep-18-01
comment posted at 9:37 AM on Sep-18-01

I opened a book and found Lorca: (a quick search online gave me the elecronic version -- first stanza included only)

"I have shut my balcony
because I do not want to hear the weeping,
but from behind the grey walls
nothing else is heard but the weeping. "

What give you comfort today? How are you coping?
comment posted at 3:05 PM on Sep-14-01

Serj Tankian's (System of a Down) comments on the terrorist attacks. Aside from making a whole lot of sense, in this well formulated article, Serj also offers up the point-of-view of a middle-eastern living in America. It's a good read, and I would like to thank Qambient for tracking down this article.
comment posted at 6:21 PM on Sep-14-01
comment posted at 7:30 PM on Sep-14-01

Where are these people's priorities? CBS has done it again. "Many people can't get enough news about the terrorist attacks in the United States, but a few are getting absolutely none: those locked up in ``Big Brother'' houses. " Apologies if this has already been posted, search didn't return anything useful.
comment posted at 3:11 PM on Sep-14-01

Hmmm....maybe while they're not looking, we can do some really bad things. Corporate lobbyists love distractions, especially a major crisis at the end of a legislative session. California is no exception. How has your state legislature been screwing you while this crisis has been going on?
comment posted at 10:21 AM on Sep-14-01

People For the American Way Statement on Divisive Comments by Religious Right Leaders. "I am deeply saddened that in the wake of this week's devastating terrorist attacks, Religious Right political leaders Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell have chosen the path of division rather than unity. At a time when political leaders of both parties are urging bipartisanship and national unity, it is truly unfortunate that Americans who watched today's edition of Pat Robertson's 700 Club television program received a far different message from Robertson and Falwell."
comment posted at 10:42 PM on Sep-13-01

Blame Canada! -- No, Wait, I Mean Clinton! I thought they would at least wait until the weekend.
comment posted at 11:07 PM on Sep-13-01

More heroes. Who will almost certainly be fired and probably arrested by clueless hypocrites.
comment posted at 8:54 PM on Sep-13-01

Bin Laden under house arrest Just read this article. I haven't seen this posted anywhere yet, so...
comment posted at 6:27 PM on Sep-12-01

The Googlematic AIMBOT will only work for those of you with Instant Messager installed, of course. A profoundly useful little widget knocked together by Matt Webb allows you to do very quick and easy Google 'I feel lucky' searches from the comfort of your own Buddy list. Launched yesterday, I think it's a hell of a lot more useful than either SmarterChild or GooglyMinotaur as well as rather better conversation than any of the AIM chatbots I've found to date...
comment posted at 3:52 PM on Jul-24-01

Seeing weird things in your website logs today? This will explain it... Running IIS and haven't patched it in over a month? Go here. 13,000 servers have already been affected.
comment posted at 9:49 PM on Jul-19-01

10 000 lucky ladies will be able to give P-Mate a wiz at this years Ottawa Blues Festival. I can't wait until winter to see names like Jane and Mary spelt out in the snow!
comment posted at 12:35 PM on Jun-29-01

Tivo hackers today released the hack that enables you to get MPEG-2 video out of the box and put it on CDs, share it over the net, etc. No details because the AVS Tivo site (registration required) is being slashdotted...but will this precipitate a TiVo crackdown on the hackers?
comment posted at 4:04 PM on Jun-7-01

Poof. Would everyone please take a look under their couch cushions and check if Sippey's there? Or maybe the site fell behind the desk. I mean, a web site couldn't really just vanish, could it?
comment posted at 11:02 AM on Jun-6-01
comment posted at 3:47 PM on Jun-6-01

Mystery-Machine chic? The newest "fad"-mobile? Or the vehicle of choice for today's demanding soccer-mom? Bring out the ex-hippies, it's time for the VW Microbus. Flash required.
comment posted at 2:48 PM on May-17-01

Your laptop is a musical instrument. The Back to Basics software offered by Hard rocking, hard ware band O.R.I. will not garner many comments, but should be tried out. Devo meets Servotron and pretends to be Phillip Glass.
comment posted at 8:10 AM on May-3-01

Guns for Kids! -- According to a typical piece of journalism from NBC10, this site offers to children a wide range of hard-to-find munitions, including Wehrmacht Flamethrowers: "Climb up on top of a cafeteria table with a tank full of thick, stinking diesel fuel strapped to your back and watch the reactions of classmates and teachers. Outside, sweep right and left to take out SWAT team members and armored police vehicles. Make it all the way to your local shopping mall and be immortalized in the Guns For Kids Hall of Fame."
comment posted at 10:39 AM on May-3-01

Join the first-ever Blogger Template Design Contest and you might win part of over $6,000 in prizes!

p.s. contest only open to residents of the United States, so nuts to you if you're a dirty steenkin foreigner
comment posted at 9:44 AM on Apr-27-01

Chinese to launch Hack the USA campaign. As if this weren't enough of a problem from inside the US. Maybe Starbucks should reconsider the free web access in Beijing.
comment posted at 10:13 PM on Apr-26-01

Unrepentant Nader Is Nader a Sancho Panza, the realist, or Don Quixote, the dreamer, when he says Bush policies toward environment help ignite attention to our needs and thus good to have? Or is he just a guy who can't believe he might have been wrong?
comment posted at 8:49 AM on Apr-23-01
comment posted at 10:33 AM on Apr-23-01

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