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"You've reached this page because the site you were trying to visit now blocks the FireFox browser". Because Firefox has endorsed and allowed the Ad Block Plus plug-in, which is "is an infringement of the rights of web site owners and developers," some folks aren't too happy. With links to How to Block Firefox, Firefox Myths, and The Firefox Cult.
comment posted at 9:00 PM on Aug-16-07

Oodles of past and current interviews with both living and dead celebrities and interesting nobodies over at the support website for Andrew Denton's Australian television show Enough Rope. You will find video excerpts, some full interviews as audio downloads (the more recent ones), and lots of transcripts.
comment posted at 2:40 PM on Nov-7-06
comment posted at 1:33 PM on Nov-8-06

Spanish Castle Magic. Stare at the dot in the center of the image for 30 seconds, then mouseover the picture. Don't shift your glance, because until you do the picture will appear to be in color, despite the fact that it's in black & white.
comment posted at 11:54 PM on Jun-7-06

Youtube has been hacked.
comment posted at 11:58 PM on Jun-1-06

Off2Hunt : So you're the victim of a philanderer, who pretends to be a US Marshall. Whaddye do? Start a web site to out the guy, and get him arrested for impersonating a federal officer. (And create a Myspace page, while you're at it!)
comment posted at 4:11 PM on Jun-1-06

Find your celebrity dopelganger. MyHeritage is another site that uses face recognition on photos you upload, but the slick interface in this demo matches you up with one of 3,200 celebrities from the past two centuries which you (supposedly) resemble. You can upload photos with multiple people in them as well, and it will identify all the faces in the shot. I can't vouch for accuracy, but it is entertaining. [Registration required. Try username: metafilter@metafilter.com; pass: metafilter. The site does not appear to save photos that you have uploaded as part of the demo.]
comment posted at 2:35 PM on May-17-06

MiHail of the portabella mushroom fame died in February while waiting for what would have been her third liver transplant. She will always be with me in my soul. Rest in peace, Cathy.
comment posted at 7:04 PM on May-11-06

The victims of Australia's worst mass murder will be remembered today, on the 10th anniversary of the tragedy in Port Arthur in Tasmania. [MI]
comment posted at 8:31 PM on Apr-27-06
comment posted at 9:28 PM on Apr-27-06

Is Digg being censored? Accusations have been flying about, and posts about it on Digg itself have been getting huge numbers of votes while mysteriously staying off the front page...
comment posted at 10:38 PM on Apr-20-06

The Vagina Institute [NSFW]. Everything you've ever wanted to know about vaginas.
comment posted at 12:42 AM on Apr-21-06

Hello, hello, hello, HOW LOW.
comment posted at 5:21 PM on Mar-16-06

The 18th Commonwealth Games are about to be opened by the HM the Queen of Australia, in Melbourne. Formerly the British Empire Games, from the days when much of the world was coloured pink, the Games may mean little , with few world class performers, and the usual list of questions and run of controversies, but there's nothing like circuses to keep the plebs entertained. At least Australia will thrash Sierra Leone in the althletics.
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Arthur Boyt is a connoisseur of roadkill flesh. He's even writing a recipe book.
comment posted at 6:44 PM on Mar-14-06
comment posted at 8:39 PM on Mar-14-06

Isaac Hayes Quits 'South Park' Forgive the link to Fox News, however it is an AP story.
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comment posted at 5:03 PM on Mar-20-06

Just when you thought you'd seen all that the Internet had to offer: Um, here's some lovely, haunting x-ray porn. Yeah, it's art, but it's still probably NSFW. [MI]
comment posted at 1:07 AM on Mar-12-06
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Does smoking have health benefits? Some argue yes, but is it enough to stop the masses from making this seed bearing plant the root of all evil? If we feel it wise to keep the young from smoking is it OK to outright lie if the end justifies the means?
comment posted at 4:19 AM on Mar-7-06
comment posted at 7:45 PM on Mar-7-06

Microsoft has released their latest CTP (Community Technical Preview) of Windows Vista. Build 5308 Supposedly incorporates many more of the final features then previous CTP builds. Microsoft has also hinted at a final release during the first week of October this year.
comment posted at 5:22 AM on Mar-5-06

Today marks Australian Prime Minister John Howard's tenth year in the top job. The event has sparked the usual calls of when, if ever, he will step down to make way for his annointed successor, Peter Costello, and has also opened the flood gates on a range of editorial criticisms and praise from the usual suspects. But even with a new poll released today claiming that he is the most popular PM in Australia's modern political history, will the continuing AWB scandal (previously discussed in one of my own FPP posts here) and an unhappy Coalition partner finally end his seemingly endless run of political good fortune?
comment posted at 1:08 AM on Mar-2-06

While it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing image ever created using only MS Paint, the Ultimate MS Paint image does seem like it took the most effort. Background on how the image was created, and pro-active retort by the artist to several of the comments that will be made in this thread regardless.
comment posted at 5:10 AM on Feb-21-06

Tammy NYP Was the #1 search today on technorati.com. Who or what does it refer to? A girl named Tammy who attends Nan Yang Polytechnic in Singapore, and who's camera phone was stolen by a "a rival cheerleader, jealous of her popularity" who promptly uploaded a 10 minute video of her having sex. Is Tammy the next dog poop girl? The consequences could be a little worse, as the school may kick her out of school, and the average sentence for an 'unnatural sex act' is one year in jail, according to this moralizing (and oddly worded, but grammatically correct) blog entry.
comment posted at 6:07 AM on Feb-22-06

Josh is a very thorough man. Josh seeks a godly wife.
comment posted at 9:57 PM on Jan-23-06

File under "LazyWeb 2.0": expialidocio.us. Maps your del.icio.us tagging habits over time. Not mindblowingly useful, but nifty nonetheless.
comment posted at 6:10 AM on Jan-9-06

What is it, Mulder? This website claims to feature many of the best UFO photographs ever taken. They are dated as far back as 1870 to present day. ET phone home!
comment posted at 6:09 PM on Jan-7-06

y.ah.oo Del.icio.us bought by Yahoo. Another one bites the dust? I miss the days when del.icio.us was largely undocumented and was a somewhat underground, community-based project. What will the corporate buyout mean for everyone's favourite link sharing site?
comment posted at 7:13 PM on Dec-9-05

MemoryWiki is a project to create a bank of memories, stories and experiences. Anyone can submit their account of an historical or personal event. Some examples: First sight of Viet Cong dead | The first time I told a lie | Working with Frank Sinatra | Ukranian Independence Day, 2005.
comment posted at 5:18 PM on Dec-5-05

Read your MetaFilter at Protopage Version 2 will blow your socks off - and it was already one of the most useful tools on the web. It's an online notebook, a news reader and a bookmarks page that you can share or keep private. They just released a ton of new features including RSS (you can use it to keep up with your MeFi / Ask MeFi feeds - check the feed directory under 'Blogs'). They're also asking for people to write in with their top feature requests. You can probably tell, I'm a big, big fan.
comment posted at 4:17 AM on Dec-5-05

For stoners who like to trip out, here is AJ Weberman’s unapologetic Virtual Acid Trip. Lots of basic mid-90’s midis in background, but if you are under the influence anyway, it will all make perfect sense. Many hallucinogenic links in the archives, including the German Buschman and others. Lock your door, Smoke N Toke & enjoy yourself. If you like it, you can donate some dough. (You are welcome.)
comment posted at 4:32 AM on Dec-5-05

West Australians were treated to a spectacular light show last night when a meteor streaked across the sky. LQ video also available. Via ABC News.
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"I sat down to it with my bottle of wine, a bowl of rice, salt and pepper at hand. I had thought about this and planned it for a long time, and now I was going to do it. I was going to do it, furthermore -- I had promised and told myself -- with a completely casual, open, and objective mind. But I was soon to discover that I had bluffed and deceived myself a little in pretending so detached an attitude." The problems of researching what you and I actually taste like. [Previous threads]. [Via]
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Friday Jedi Fun - Kill the droids by deflecting lasers into them.
comment posted at 5:50 AM on Dec-2-05

This entry from the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website is kinda creepy, especially if you download the high resolution JPEGs and look at them in an image editor.
comment posted at 10:23 PM on Dec-1-05

"Furutani Shun-ichi and his family have some cats. This wiki site is provided their cat's photos."

More here.
comment posted at 6:20 PM on Nov-29-05

Slow Mosaic is a mosaic generator powered by the Web. Feed it a word and watch it create related mosaics in front of your very eyes. Requires Flash. [MI]
comment posted at 4:46 PM on Nov-29-05
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