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Bad Design Kills The world is steeped in bad design. As designers we see something every day that makes us cringe or shake our head in disgust. But bad design does more than offend the eye of the designer. It facilitates a poor public perception for what our industry does and at the same time it lowers the perceived value of our services.
comment posted at 9:58 AM on Oct-26-05

Yahoo Inc. Acquires Upcoming.org - a social event calendar to manage your events, share events with friends and family, and syndicate your calendar to your own site.
comment posted at 10:34 AM on Oct-5-05

The Million Dollar Homepage. Sure, you could buy gigabytes of online storage for a year with $100, but wouldn't you much rather have 10x10 pixels here? Is it stupid? Yes, but havn't you always wanted to make hundreds of thousands of dolars without doing anything?
comment posted at 8:09 PM on Oct-2-05

Nek Chand was working as a roads inspector in northern India in the 1950's. Around 1958, he began collecting materials from demolition sites and using them to create a secret place which would soon grow into a beautiful rock and sculpture garden. But it happened to be on a national land conservency, and in 1975 authorities discovered it and the garden was nearly demolished. However, by this time it had already grown into a twelve acre complex of interlinked courtyards, each filled with hundreds of pottery-covered concrete sculptures of dancers, musicians, and animals. Chand soon gained much public support and in 1976 the garden was sanctioned as a public space. It then continued to grow and today it is over 40 acres.
comment posted at 10:47 AM on Jul-16-05

Around the world on 8 litres of fuel? I'd be more excited about this if the automotive industry hadn't been teasing us with cool, feature laden concept cars for years, and then actually producing boring combustion engine sedans.
comment posted at 12:33 PM on Jun-29-05

Google Earth is out. And it's free! It's only for Windows (at least, for now) and it allows you to traverse the Earth using satellite imagery.
comment posted at 10:01 AM on Jun-28-05

The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection . "From Edwin A. Abbott to Emile Zola, the 1,082 titles in the Penguin Classics Complete Library total nearly half a million pages." The weight of the books is approximately 700 pounds. Amazon is offering free shipping! I wonder how big the box would be waiting at my door. (via)
comment posted at 9:58 AM on Jun-28-05

Make some science. Take a survey.
comment posted at 10:13 AM on Jun-28-05

Cumulonimbus Mammatus - interesting looking clouds
comment posted at 3:42 AM on Jun-27-05

Wi-Fi Thank You is a place where you can send a thank you message to anyone who provides a free Wi-Fi hotspot.
comment posted at 10:49 AM on Jun-22-05