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Gentle, Strong Woman Seeks Doormat Read about Mary, who is looking for that special somebody who can fulfill all of her needs and then some. ALL of them. Example of phone etiquette: "I have a personal preference for not being interrupted while I'm talking. So please don't step on my words. Although I appreciate the sincere intentions of listeners who are used to interjecting verbal nods such as "uh huh," "hmm hmm," or "OK" when the speaker pauses briefly between statements, please don't do so with me. I'd rather you listen silently so that I can know that you have the best chance of hearing every word that I say. Don't worry, I won't be longwinded. ;-)" Riiiight.
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The Oscar Nominees Page is up... ...and it looks like both Gladiator and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon are the two big movies this time, with 10 Nominations each, including Best Picture. In addition, Julia Roberts finally has her oscar nod, as well as Tom Hanks, Ed Harris and Geoffrey Rush returning for another round in the Best Actor Category.
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Woman gets drunk, crashes, sues boss successfully A Toronto woman has been awarded CAN$300,000 in a landmark suit. She sued her boss for throwing an office party from which the woman drove home drunk. I am ashamed to be Canadian and I hope that fucking lady gets run down in the street like a dog.
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Scientology is sueing someone who in Sweden has published the Fishman Affidavit online in 1996. Fortunately, even harrassments by Scientology outside court cannot prevent the strong arguments the publisher makes in court.
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Co$ Tackiness The Church of Scientology spinoff Narconon completely rips off the Urban75 Web site (including similar meta tag content). Jeeze....talk about unabashed design stealing.
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