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Watch your ass marchFirst! Here comes WebTek Systems, "Premier Internet design services" aka the "Hello Ladies" of web development. Don't miss their client list, it's all eye candy.
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Douglas Adams dead? The BBC has reported that the Author of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has died of a heart attack age 49. I'm in shock...
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Yet another design rip-off. This really bugs me. I have no problem with sites stealing layout and code, but actual graphics should be a no-no.
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Rep. Bob Barr (Georgia) in full support of Spam The title says it all. But read his reasoning. He would rid us of Clinton but protect the right of business to annoy us with spam.
comment posted at 9:14 AM on May-11-01

Go to a football match. Police arrive with tear gas and start a riot. 130 people die. I wonder if the police get some kind of bonus for killing innocent civilians...
comment posted at 8:34 AM on May-10-01
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The new Webmonkey redesign is slick. Liquid width, CSS positioned boxes (hacked z-index and negative margins to get those overlapping boxes is my guess), easter eggs on the logo, and now a frontdoor split based on skill level. Although this design doesn't lend itself well to their more text heavy subpages, I'd prefer to see a bit more integration than the new on the front and old look inside (the splash of white from every link off the main page is a bit much).
comment posted at 12:54 PM on May-9-01
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How to become heterosexual.
Dr. Spitzer, "a Jewish, atheist, secular humanist" and psychiatrist, has found that it is possible to change sexual orientation.
Question #1
Would it also be possible to make straight people gay?
Question #2
"...11 percent of men and 37 percent of women reported a complete absence of homosexual indicators"
Homosexual indicators? Such as ..........?
Question #3
...... oh never mind.......
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4 Years of Labour and he still hasn't delivered. More typically mature Conservative advertising campaigns are revealed.
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Vitaflo 8. Respect. Lines and Colours. Hidden (from me at least) elements. From this eye (the left one) it is an expansive and daring, maybe refreshing, use of colour. Blew me away really. Also: Vitaflo turns four soon. Like I was saying: Respect.
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Didn't you know? George loves you!. Now don't you feel all warm and happy inside?
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I'm Totally and Utterly Gobsmacked Hmm... horses, sheep ... British gay people? Well, it's better than having entrail explode in your mouth, I guess.
comment posted at 2:51 PM on Apr-30-01

Oh sure, once again, this "theory" proves nothing. Nothing more than another failed attempt to dismiss God's work. When are these morons, with such an imagination, ever going to admit it, that their theory is nothing more than that. I could ramble on and on like these suppose "scientists" about nothing, and make all these supposed "patterns", milarky, lies, and made up falsehoods on how the universe was just made from some wild explosion. Oh sure, that is how it was made.....just some big bang, then the next thing you know, man walked out of the swamp, got in his Mercedes, and drove away....haha Just keep on believing such crap about this big bang "theory". But just like before, this will fail again and prove that God did create the world, and he has been, is, and always will be the creator, not the "big banger". And that is a FACT, not a "theory".....
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the shame of the music industry The industry seems ut to foil any attempt to allow known methods of foiling guards against making copies of music. Is this ethical and right or an imposition of monopolistic control over technology?
comment posted at 4:39 AM on Apr-30-01

The Norwegian neo-nazi organization Vigrid is suing* on behalf of Nordic-looking women seeking damages after suffering from blonde jokes. Are blonde jokes racial slurs?
* Sorry, link only available in Norwegian, but you get the idea
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