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Pansies! Think you've got it bad? Bad like this? Bad like this? Perhaps you think you've beat this one? Visit the Digital Snow Museum to put things in perspective.
comment posted at 7:40 PM on Jan-23-05

Google, others announce attempt to fight comment spam. Take away the PageRank bonus and they'll stop, right? Right?
comment posted at 5:39 PM on Jan-19-05
comment posted at 11:29 PM on Jan-19-05

Rumor has it: Six Apart is buying Live Journal. via Waxy
comment posted at 7:01 PM on Jan-5-05
comment posted at 7:56 PM on Jan-9-05

Some nice online jigsaw puzzles from a specialty puzzlemaker, from quite simple to rather wickedly tricky. Or try out these not-so-easy photo jigsaw puzzles without the "jig", or sink your teeth into something heftier, like this Tubular Bells jigsaw (at Mike Oldfield's site) by Smoke and Mirrors, or these Doonesbury jigsaws. Altogether too much work for a Sunday? Then just lean back, relax, and take a tour of Big Game Hunter's jigsaw puzzle gallery.
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comment posted at 11:33 AM on Jul-18-04

I'm done with Movable Type. After months of little useful communications about their plans, Ben and Mena have for all intents and purposes ditched the free version of their once-shining weblogging software. Now, MT is a "publishing platform" that costs at least $69 (with limited functionality). Lucky for us that, while MT slept, we have discovered a much improved and free Blogger, a truly open source WordPress, and a similarly priced but more powerful ExpressionEngine.
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I've run a marathon and it was hard. Then I learned about ultra marathoners doing 50 and 100 mile runs in one day. Then there are the marathons and ultra marathons in rough places, like Death Valley. Then there's the grand daddy of difficulty: The Marathon Des Sables. It's 6 days and 6 marathons long, run in a desert with temps topping 110F, you have to carry your week's gear and food, and you are limited to 9 liters of water a day. Here are some photos and blogger Ben Hammersley's current results are here. The event finishes tomorrow. [via jay allen]
comment posted at 11:38 PM on Apr-16-04

Where Would You Send Someone You Love For Christmas? If you had unlimited funds, what would be your Hannukah or Christmas present for someone you thought really deserved one? For instance, our genial host and the owner of MetaFilter, Matt Haughey. A lot of us are presently engaged in clubbing in to offer him a short visit to Iceland. y6y6y6 has even set up a website to solicit funds and suggestions, following enormous interest on MetaTalk. Well-known weblogs like boing boing and anildash are chipping in too. isn't it time we showed our appreciation? (Matt, please don't read or delete this!)
comment posted at 4:30 AM on Dec-8-03

Spammers strike back? Well then call this return of the Webmaster Jedi. As a blogger and domain owner, I am sick of waking up to fifty new comments, all of which are spam for something of dubious legality. The fine folks at Kalsey are angry too. And they declared war. Lots of people stood up and took notice. What can you do to help stop this infestation? Blacklists and Bayesian filtering come to mind... (Via Smart Mobs)
comment posted at 5:24 AM on Nov-13-03

Yellowstone supervolcano threatens world destruction - That's about it, folks: "Volcanologists have been tracking the movement of magma under the park and have calculated that in parts of Yellowstone the ground has risen over seventy centimetres, almost two and a half feet, since 1923, indicating a massive swelling underneath the park. "The impact of a Yellowstone eruption is terrifying to comprehend." says Professor McGuire. "Magma would be flung 50 kilometres into the atmosphere. Within a thousand kilometres virtually all life would be killed by falling ash" The Yellowstone caldera has been acting up in recent months and we're supposedly overdue for the big one. But don't flee to the East coast: A super tidal wave will get you there. I hear Tierra Del Fuego is nice, except for the Ozone Hole problem. Have a nice weekend. Y'all.
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Free.Pro.Blogger. Bucking the Free to Fee trend, Blogger Pro is going Free, and sending refunds/t-shirts to current Pro subscribers. (more inside)
comment posted at 2:15 PM on Sep-11-03

New Phase for Sobig.f Expected to Hit Friday. Any . . . minute . . . now. . .
comment posted at 10:55 AM on Aug-24-03

Moleskine notebooks I picked up my first Moleskine a few months ago and have been carrying it around everywhere, jotting down notes to myself, more stream of conscious than a journal. The pocket notebooks come in a variety of styles, including a Japanese Pocket Album that is one 60 page long continuous fold out sheet for making timelines, long drawings or photo albums. Even my plain notebook has a small pocket in the back cover to stick keepsakes (ticket stubs maybe?) as well as a built in bookmark and elastic strap to keep the book closed. Other bloggers also love their Moleskines. Not to be a product ad, but the combination of design simplicity and utility really make these notebooks a functional piece of art. It also helps to have a nice, small pen to carry with the journal.
comment posted at 10:12 AM on Jan-16-03

Happy New Year[in the language of your choice] Happy new year, my friends. See you on the other side.
comment posted at 2:11 AM on Jan-1-03

Hail Mary, full of.... um.... what was that, again? The only Pope many of us have known, John Paul II, has decided that a millenium is long enough to change a prayer. Odd that two millenia are not enough to revisit female and married priests.
comment posted at 2:41 PM on Oct-14-02

We've seen some cool mobile phones before, but looking at the current North American cell phone offerings, I'm sorely disappointed. AT&T seems to have the latest/greatest phones, but their service is by far the worst. T-mobile has the Sony Ericsson t68. But none of these phones can compare to some of those picture snapping Japanese Jskies and i-modes, and cool European Nokias. How hard is it to bring these technologies to the North American GSM network?
comment posted at 7:10 AM on Aug-13-02
comment posted at 9:23 AM on Aug-13-02

Why Are The English-Speaking Nations Crap At Foreign Languages? The standard explanation is that they're lazy and arrogant and expect everyone in the world to speak English. Well - surprise, surprise - that's not Philip Hensher's experience and it certainly isn't mine either. So why - or what - is it? [More inside.]
comment posted at 7:38 AM on Aug-13-02

IT workers get back to basics. (NYT Registration required) An unemployed IT worker who used to earn $125k opens his own crepe stall in NYC. And Jamie Zawinski (a founder of the Mozilla project) quit Netscape, and opened his own bar in LA! What about mainframe programmer with 30 years' experience who just became a chef? Even Dilbert has been having a bad time. Some people will stay in IT regardless, but with the valley's job market stagnant, call centers and programming jobs disappearing to India, and many unfulfilled dot com prophecies, hundreds of engineers are considering dropping IT for more hands-on pursuits. It's like the movie, Office Space. So, has the 'Great IT Depression' led you to reconsider your occupation? (Warning: Slashdot inspired post.)
comment posted at 8:00 AM on Aug-13-02

Platform gives way, aquarium tourists dumped into shark tank. I don't know about any of you, but my pants would've been full before I hit water.
comment posted at 7:10 PM on Aug-8-02
comment posted at 9:19 AM on Aug-9-02

c not a constant! Over a period of billions of years of course. If this theory is true, then E=mc2 might not apply to a large period of time.
comment posted at 11:54 PM on Aug-7-02
comment posted at 5:34 AM on Aug-8-02

Today I played kickball. My team came in third of four, but we'd had too much fun (and Mike's Hard Lemonade) to care. Wanna organize your own game? All you need is a copy of the rules, a few rubber kickballs, a way to invite your friends and beer.
comment posted at 12:26 AM on Aug-8-02

“The Obtainium ideal is to find useful and valued material for free.” Here’s a very new resource for low-cost or no-cost stuff of all kinds. It’s a breath of fresh air for those of us compulsive craftfolk who are frustrated with the upscale, hipsterish tone of the current DIY resurgence. Most posters are SF based, but they’d like to broaden their horizons.
comment posted at 12:33 AM on Aug-8-02

Would the Mac platform collapse without Microsoft? BusinessWeek questions the conventional wisdom.
comment posted at 12:39 AM on Aug-8-02

Brazil vs. Germany. The 2002 FIFA World Cup has come to an end. History was made today.
comment posted at 1:28 PM on Jun-30-02

Muslim woman to challenge ban on veil in driver's license photo Another example of how the fundamental structure of American society is built upon Christian monothestic values. Should she be accomodated and if so what does that do to the relevance of picture IDs? Further, what if it's against someone's religion to even have their picture taken at all?
comment posted at 1:31 AM on Jun-28-02
comment posted at 1:33 AM on Jun-28-02

Lawmakers blast pledge ruling... Yes I know this thread was started yesterday but at over 130 posts and given the recent news from lawmakers stating they would push for a constitutional amendment authorising the words "under God" if the Supreme Court did not smack down the 9th circuit courts decision I felt compelled to post again on this subject. Smack me down if you like...
comment posted at 9:00 AM on Jun-27-02

"No national railway of a developed country has ever run a profit. They're not supposed to. The correlative economic and social benefits they throw off -- bringing commuters to taxpaying corporations daily, for one thing -- more than offset any net loss they suffer." [via camworld]

You don't run your home's central heating, air conditioning or plumbing at a profit, so why should a country try to run its infrastructure that way, be it rail, health service, water, ...? Is it forced on us because nationalised services always seem to become fantastically inefficient and bureaucratic?
comment posted at 1:04 AM on Jun-27-02
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Is Comcast modifying your packets? With the transition from @home to Comcast it seems that Comcast is considering the possibility of intercepting your port 80 web traffic and inserting ads or selling your browsing history to marketers. According to Federal law isn't monitoring and altering your traffic illegal or does that not apply to large corporations? With a possible AT&T/Comcast merger this is a little scary.
comment posted at 1:57 PM on Feb-11-02

Memories from a vanished life Paul Battaglia died in the World Trade Center attacks. His Web page, however, lives on, complete with photos of his now-crumbled office and the view he once had. He also had a Blogger-powered Weblog on the front of his site, the last post of which is on Aug. 23.
comment posted at 1:41 PM on Dec-26-01

Today on KottkeFilter: the much-anticipated 'WHAT' project from 0sil8 Heavy Industries, code-named 'Danza,' has finally been released. And let me tell you, does it ever live up to the hype!
comment posted at 9:40 PM on Dec-12-01

Real Networks launches subscription service. Yes, everyone's favorite purveyor of bloatware is launching RealOne, a subscription service. Think anyone will nibble?
comment posted at 7:00 PM on Dec-6-01
comment posted at 2:17 AM on Dec-10-01

blair to declare state of emergency, suspend human rights there is some scary stuff included in these proposals. including internment without trial there are serious implications here, and i find it frightening.
comment posted at 6:37 AM on Nov-14-01

Nicote-free cigarette from genetically modified tobacco Apparently a company has developed it and they're running taste-tests too, in stores soon. Looks fine for wannabe smoke quitters. You found another way to get rid of cigs ?
comment posted at 2:46 PM on Nov-10-01
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Sharon wants 1 million new Jews for Israel. This strange headline begs the question: Will they come shrink-wrapped? But seriously...
comment posted at 12:34 PM on Nov-7-01

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