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Blonder Tongue?!?!?!?
Scanning through Yahoo's "Anybody and Everybody's Press Release" News, this company name lept out at me. Blonder Tongue Laboratories? Holy Mother of Compost Tumbler! What does it mean? Were the guys who started this company (founded in 1950) named Blonder and Tongue? Does it mean something in a language other than English (babelfish is no help)? Is this electronics firm telling us to "speak Aryan" (a scary corporate message)? Does somebody have really odd pigmentation in his mouth? Or did somebody just open a dictionary to random pages in the corporate registration office?
How would you like to open your cable bill one day and see this company name?
OK, maybe you don't want to know the story behind Blonder Tongue Labs. But what's the funniest, strangest, most non-sequitur (least sequitur?), company name YOU have ever come in contact with? (And, no, I don't have anything more important/serious/relevant for a FPP, thanks for asking.)
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"The music I want to hear hasn't been written yet. And I'm going to write it." What music do you want to hear? What books do you want to read? What films do you want to see? What software do you want to use? What are you doing to make it so? A meditation on the brevity of life and the choices we make of how to spend our time on earth. [more inside]
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The Grapes of 8th Grade Wrath.
When Andy Johnson refused to participate in a class reading assignment, his teacher gave him an alternative to detention or suspension: after getting permission from his mother, Johnson showed up at school in grungy clothes, goggles and a shower cap. His classmates lined up and pelted him with jelly. They laughed, he laoughed, the teacher and principal laughed...the school board called for a review of discipline policies at the school.
[via Opinion Journal's Best of the Web.]
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Plane hits Milan skyscraper A small plane has hit a skyscraper in central Milan, Italy, setting the top floors of the 30-story building on fire, an Italian journalist told CNN.
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