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Some Good News for a Tuesday Now that a third cabinet official has been held in contempt over the handling of funds owed to Native Americans, is a big check in the mail? Or will the Interior Department claim that they are out of stamps?
comment posted at 3:59 PM on Sep-17-02

Today some of us thought it would be fitting to build a thread made exclusively of links, where each link would be allowed to speak for itself and be each user's personal take - his or her own wordless comment, as it were - on any of the many issues, meanings and aspects surrounding today's date. (Here's the MetaTalk thread where it was discussed).
comment posted at 10:32 AM on Sep-11-02

It's not a slur, but it sounds too much like one, therefore it's not an appropriate word to be taught in school. The job of Stephanie Bell, a veteran fourth grade teacher at Williams Elementary School in Wilmington, North Carolina, has been placed in jeopardy. Why? Because she taught a new vocabulary word to her class, and one student's mother became so outraged by the word that she's now on a crusade to have the teacher fired for introducing it to her students, in context, with a definition and discussion of its proper use. The word? The oft-maligned but wholly useful niggardly. (more inside)
comment posted at 2:58 PM on Sep-5-02

There has been alot in the news about Slave Reperations lately. Friday while at the store, the register clerk started to ask me about my family history and then accused me of being a descendant of her ancestor's slave master and told me i owed her. What type of scam is this?
comment posted at 11:48 AM on Aug-18-02
comment posted at 11:48 AM on Aug-18-02

today a fellow mexican will be executed in texas , for killing a cover agent 13 years ago… besides the mexican government, e.u. & u.n. are also calling for clemency; they argue that u.s. authorities denied him legal assistance from the consulate. right now, suárez medina only wants to die. the question is: isn't it better to die than be in prison all your life? i would prefer to be killed instead of living in jail more than 20 years. the sad about suárez medina case is that he has been in jail 13 years from now and anyway he is going to be killed! the texas government should have killed him immediately he was found guilty. “i prefer to die than spend the rest of my life here inside because here there is no life.” said suárez in an interview. in punishment standards i find worst to live in jail forever than being executed. what would be worst for you?
comment posted at 11:19 AM on Aug-14-02

Hello my future girlfriend. I can only listen to this once all the way through before I get embarrased. This may be a little bit light for a front-page post, but hey, it's Friday.
comment posted at 2:25 PM on Mar-1-02

Frat Boys Gone Wild! "...the last straw came when the national office discovered the chapter's recreational boxing tournament in which members recruited local homeless persons, "liquored" them up, gave them large boxing gloves and "let them go to town,"" apparently as part a "...tradition of cock fighting and gambling in the house's basement."
comment posted at 3:37 PM on Feb-21-02

Artificial womb. Goodbye women, hello complex ethical debates. ... artificial wombs raise the prospect that gay couples could give 'birth' to their own children. 'This would no doubt horrify right-wingers, while the implications for abortion law might well please them,' he added.
comment posted at 2:22 PM on Feb-11-02

Flashers: the Garden of Eden is now closed. It's the first Flash virus. Luckily, it can only hurt you if you run it locally.
comment posted at 6:45 PM on Jan-8-02

ADHD/ADD and Drug Abuse They found a link between children with common 'behavioral' disorders and drug abuse later in life. Well what do you expect when we teach kids that the best way to deal with a problem is to turn to drugs (ritalin).
comment posted at 4:12 PM on Dec-20-01

Star Trek-Enterprise Yes, last night was the debut of the latest Star Trek Saga.. the tale of the first shape..the first Enterprise. Rather then sitting through the fan boy never ever seen a woman necked that was in 2D opinions over at slashdot, I decided to sort through some (sic) intelligent statements. So what did you think.. more inside.
comment posted at 9:30 AM on Sep-27-01
comment posted at 9:35 AM on Sep-27-01
comment posted at 9:09 PM on Sep-27-01

Sen. John McCain’s eulogy for Mark Bingham, one of the passengers who apparently caused Flight 93 to crash in a field in Pennsylvania. Whether or not you support him politically, McCain is a good man. (via Kausfiles)
comment posted at 8:06 AM on Sep-27-01

Blame Canada! -- No, Wait, I Mean Clinton! I thought they would at least wait until the weekend.
comment posted at 11:02 PM on Sep-13-01

Anti-Arab Violence Growing in U.S.: A repulsive article via Salon concerning protests and at a mosque outside of Chicago today. Thousands of rubes seem poised to act of their narrow conception of what an "American" looks and acts like.
comment posted at 8:50 AM on Sep-13-01

Bush addresses the nation What did you think? "A silent, unyielding anger"? I was generally impressed, but would like to hear others' reactions.
comment posted at 10:00 PM on Sep-11-01

jason is encouraging people in NYC to donate blood today. wherever you are, I encourage you to do the same.
comment posted at 10:19 AM on Sep-11-01

"There might be consumer expectations here, but there is no legal right." For the last several months, music consumers around the world have unwittingly been buying CDs that include technology designed to discourage them from making copies on their PCs. The technology inserts audible clicks and pops into music files that are copied from a CD onto a PC. According to Macrovision, the company that has provided the technology to several major music labels. (I want to say "Fuck the music industry," but that would be rude.)
comment posted at 12:03 PM on Jul-20-01

French can sue their birth doctors for not killing them in the womb... I thought the link I posted about a woman suing her boss when she crashed her car after driving home drunk from a staff party was the height of lawsuit insanity, but this takes the cake: in France, if you are seriously disabled, you have the right to sue a doctor who failed to recommend an abortion to your mother.... .... Homosaywhat?
comment posted at 11:43 AM on Jul-13-01

Aw, what a cute kitty... From the "why didn't I think of this?" department: a photographer adopts a cute little gray cat, posts the sob story of how the cat was orphaned, starving, injured, etc. before he found a good home, and then just as women are all gushy, asks if they want to pose nude with him. Genius!
comment posted at 8:33 AM on Jun-28-01

Is memepool losing it? With two "I'm so stupid" (or am I an advertising agency?) web sites (Miguel's and Amy Ritchie's sites) in the last three days, I have to wonder if the fine folks who contribute to memepool are slipping a bit. Or have I been thinking too highly of memepool all this time? Is it the web community in general?
comment posted at 9:16 PM on Jun-24-01

Minorities are underrepresented in the ranks of geeks. While 84% of the population of the US is white, 90% of geeks are white. (Obviously we need quotas and white angst. Let's get some righteous indignation going here.)
comment posted at 8:36 AM on Jun-24-01

There was one streaming radio site that I loved, but it's fallen on hard times. I return to Shoutcast again and again, but I can't seem to find anything interesting. What streams do you listen to during your long work days?
comment posted at 8:47 AM on Jun-20-01

Tickle Me Elmo
The Truth About Sesame Street "I have never understood how any White parent with an OUNCE of dignity or pride could expose their children to the trash of Sesame Street, regardless of how "wonderful" everyone in the " mainstream" world says it is. It's bad enough that we, as adults, are continually subjected to the garbage pouring out of the jew toob."
comment posted at 10:37 AM on Jun-16-01

Energy woes continue in CA and now it looks like there may be a more serious push to consider price caps. But what if that doesn't happen? I've been thinking about this a lot lately and wondering what we as consumers can do. And I came up with this sort of crazy idea that I can't seem to shake: What if we all just stop paying our electric bills? Is this an appropriate form of protest? Would it be immoral? Would it be possible? And most importantly, would it make a difference?
comment posted at 3:35 PM on Jun-14-01

You say that implementing gender-based discrimination laws for preoperative transsexuals is a joke? Try telling that to pre-operative transsexual Josephine Perez, raped in a homeless shelter and unable to obtain expedient care for injuries suffered after the incident. Transgender activists are trying to pass a bill to extend discrimination to amend New York's human rights law, but Guiliani calls it "unnecessary." It's the 21st century. When will the U.S. evolve beyond its myopic approach to gender?
comment posted at 9:00 PM on Jun-13-01

Who says drugs have to be legalized to collect taxes? 'Kansas law requires all dealers of illegal drugs to buy the stamps and attach them to their product. They almost never comply.' What a shock! However, this article will let you know how to comply with the law, and where you can buy the tax stamps for your own business needs. (Courtesy of Indigo, who is having trouble posting.)
comment posted at 3:58 PM on Jun-6-01

Flesh Club - just like tug of war, only with steel hooks embedded into your back. It's a gruesome article but it makes a good point. As tattoos and conventional piercings become ever more mainstream, self-respecting freaks have to push boundaries ever further. And maybe someday, even this will seem tame.
comment posted at 8:58 PM on May-31-01

Metric Time... it's 95.5 do you know where your children are? (Check out the whole site; it's a wonderful melange of crazy and not so crazy ideas.)
comment posted at 11:41 PM on May-29-01

Big bird, fired. Seems the economy has truly fallen on hard times when they start letting the puppet people go. Sesame Street lays off 70; can complete financial collapse be far behind?
comment posted at 9:52 AM on May-28-01

A Tokyo breakfast like none you have ever seen. I saw this and laughed as I watched it. Warning, some people may find it offensive as the basic premise is the over use of a common racial slur. But it brings up a bigger question. Have we really moved to the point where racial slurs have become an acceptable part of pop culture?
comment posted at 1:20 PM on May-26-01

A real miracle bra!? The device consists of two plastic domes, a microprocessor-controlled vacuum pump, and a sports bra to hold it all in place. The pump applies gentle suction, no more than the difference in atmospheric pressure between street level and the top of a tall building. Worn for ten hours a day for ten weeks, it increased the size of women's breasts by an average of 100 cubic centimeters, or approximately one cup size. The bra that keeps on giving.
comment posted at 1:23 PM on May-22-01

AOL to raise rates I have seen this strategy used in business before. Raise rates. Lose some customers. Make up the difference and much more by new charges. Count on habit. Most people too lazy to change from what they are comfortable with.
comment posted at 12:26 PM on May-22-01

mmmm. crunchy. i wonder if the woman will be charged with anything? i wonder if she's liable for anything? in a nation where predators sue their prey when they fight back, anything's possible, i suppose...
comment posted at 12:10 PM on May-22-01
comment posted at 12:55 PM on May-22-01

The Kaycee Nicole (Swensen) Faq is now up as per request. If you haven't followed the whole Kaycee thing, you want to read this. You might want to read it anyway. Feedback welcome.
comment posted at 8:31 AM on May-22-01

Utah polygynist found guilty... (a follow-up to an earlier thread) the pre-appeals spin from his defense team is that he was "singled out" -- not that he was innocent, just "singled out". No pun intended.
comment posted at 9:19 AM on May-21-01
comment posted at 10:33 AM on May-21-01

Grand Old Petroleum. GOP. Get it? The DNC really cracks me up sometimes. This is, however, an interesting development in politics. Is every issue going to have its own clever webpage in the future? The mind boggles.
comment posted at 4:08 PM on May-17-01

OMG. Is this not the best picture of a kitten, EVAR?!? Spread the good vibes kids, we need them.
comment posted at 1:11 PM on May-17-01

Backyard Wrestling File this under "funny but sad." You must have a look at few of the video clips of these boys in action. The whole squalid environment reminds me of Gummo. I understand it's just mindless fun but....is this the bottom of suburbia or the frightening norm?
comment posted at 3:02 PM on May-15-01

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