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What's a hurricane have to do with anything? party on, folks...that's what it is all about. Someone is paying and we are playing... We have family values, by golly.
comment posted at 12:17 PM on Sep-2-08

Amy Goodman Arrested! Amy Goodman, award-winning journalist and host of Democracy Now!, has been arrested after she tried to figure out why two of her producers had been arrested. Already people are responding.
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In 2002, Miles White died in a car crash. The car was being driven by his friend Adam Jacoby, and the accident occurred after they were chased by Deputy Scott Lawson of the Polk County, Florida Sheriff’s Office. The St. Pete Times now claims that “sexual pervert” Lawson hit them, causing the accident.
comment posted at 7:40 PM on Aug-31-08

Austin-American Statesman is reporting that the city's evacuee center will not provide bedding for refuges. “They need to treat this as a camping trip,” said Marty McKellips, chair of the Red Cross chapter in Austin, bringing their own bedding.
comment posted at 5:40 PM on Aug-31-08

Watch the video: Is this governor seven months pregnant? Republican VP candidate and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin prematurely delivered her fifth child, Trig (weighing a healthy six pounds, two ounces) in her eighth month on April 18, after announcing her pregnancy in February.
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Fox, the BBC and CNN have all revealed that Republican US presidential candidate John McCain has picked Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate on his 72nd birthday on the eve of the start of Republican National Convention. Despite being wildly popular in Alaska, Palin has recently been involved in an investigation over whether she dismissed a public safety commissioner because he refused to dismiss her former brother-in-law.
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On the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, Barack Obama accepted the nomination of the Democratic Party to be their Presidential candidate with a speech so well-crafted that Pat bloody Buchanan couldn't stop raving about it, and had to be cut off by his fellow broadcasters. It was an occasion so historic that McCain chose to release an ad congratulating his opponent.
comment posted at 9:50 AM on Aug-29-08

As the health of the Dalai Lama seems uncertain, the question remains: will he be reborn this time? and, if so, where?
comment posted at 9:23 AM on Aug-28-08

In Historic Vote, Obama Officially Claims Democratic Nomination (Washington Post) With a theatrical flourish, the roll call vote was rushed to allow Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton to suspend the vote and "in the spirit of unity, with the goal of victory," declare Obama the nominee by aclaimation. "Let's declare with one voice that Barack Obama is our candidate," Clinton said to thunderous applause.
comment posted at 8:13 PM on Aug-27-08

Mission Creep: "Bush and Rumsfeld may be history, but America's new global footprint lives on."
comment posted at 3:29 PM on Aug-26-08

CERN has published the full technical details of the design and construction of the LHC and it's six detectors (1589 pages, 115MB). [via]
comment posted at 11:19 AM on Aug-25-08

"Women and children, first," is a familiar cultural refrain, with its popular roots in the gallant sacrifice made by the male contingent aboard the doomed Titanic. Their sacrifice has inspired poetry, sculpture, male social clubs, and, of course, cinema. Yet, this sacrifice of near-mythic scale was in some respects a myth, with survival statistics skewing well in favor of men of higher social and economic class than children (and, to a lesser extent, women) of lower status.
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Live from Daryl's House A monthly webcast wherein Daryl Hall invites musical friends and colleagues to play with him at his home and on the road. The current episode features Montreal-based electrofunk band Chromeo. Free signup required to view previous episodes: (1) Daryl Hall (2) Daryl Hall and John Oates (3) Daryl on a Wurlitzer (4) Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes (5) KT Tunstall (6) Daryl and T Bone Burnett in Austin (7) Chuck Prophet and Mutlu (8) Daryl, T Bone and Nick Lowe in London (9) Monte Montgomery
comment posted at 8:55 AM on Aug-23-08

More than seventy civilians killed in a US attack in afghanistan. Including many women and children. Last month, the US forces put an end to a wedding, and killed 47 persons. Figures are disputed, but Hamid Karzai asks for the Nato strikes to stop. A few days ago, French soldiers suffered from the strikes that were supposed to help them. How is it covered in the US ? I just checked CNN, and there is a small article about this incident. Foxnews page for Afghanistan : I guess it's self-explanatory.
comment posted at 8:39 AM on Aug-23-08

VP newsfilter (because someone’s got to do it) The Times just confirmed that the Obama Campaign has chosen Delaware’s 65-year-old Senator Joe Biden as the presumptive nominee’s Vice Presidential running mate. With decades of foreign policy experience (including a recent stint in war-torn Georgia), and as the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, can Biden help pull the ticket out of a neck and neck tie with Senator John McCain
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Lancet reports say partial face transplants are a reality. Face transplant before and after pictures here.
comment posted at 8:57 AM on Aug-23-08

What to Expect When You're Aborting: I'm 23. I'm knocked up. And I don't want to keep it. You can fuck yourself, Judd Apatow.
comment posted at 3:10 PM on Aug-22-08
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"Beat It," as reenacted by the Pedal Pusher Society, Milwaukee's finest all-girl-and-tranny bike gang. Oh, did I mention the co-founder is Metafilter's Own™ binocularfight?
comment posted at 12:28 PM on Aug-22-08
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Fuelly tracks your gas mileage over time, helping you save fuel and expenses as you drive.
comment posted at 3:23 AM on Aug-22-08

Turkish journalists were caught in a war zone while on the job. The Turkish team was in between the town of Gori and breakaway South Ossetia where Georgian and Russian forces have collided. The video is from the inside of the car being shot at with automatic weapons.
comment posted at 6:43 PM on Aug-21-08

Ten French soldiers killed in afghanistan. A ceremony for the 10 soldiers took place today in Paris.. Caught in an ambush, the soldiers have been fired upon during several hours. Nato strikes are told to have been inaccurate. Survivors' testimonies seem to imply that the situation has been dealt with in an awkward way. The President's decision to send more troops in Afghanistan is discussed.
comment posted at 8:25 AM on Aug-21-08

A Good Poop is an entertaining blog by an occupational and environmental health student who enjoys finding oddities in medical and scientific research from PubMed. (via Look at This...)
comment posted at 8:38 AM on Aug-21-08

Some of the female Chinese gymnasts are apparently under-age. It wasn't their skulls, their chins or their eyes that gave them away: it was the internet.
comment posted at 9:29 AM on Aug-20-08

The recent edit you made to Mark Spitz has been reverted, as it appears to be unconstructive. ...Please refrain from making unconstructive edits to Wikipedia, as you did to Mark Spitz.
comment posted at 9:50 PM on Aug-16-08

Rhetorical Questions. "Who will win the presidential debates? What does each candidate’s use of words say about how he would govern as president? Can Obama’s rhetorical skills lift him to the heights of Lincoln, FDR, and Reagan—or will his speechmaking do him in? After watching all 47 (!) of the primary season’s debates, our correspondent has the answers—and some harsh criticism for the moderators."
comment posted at 8:51 PM on Aug-15-08

Manga! Your
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Bill Gwatney, Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party, has been killed by an unknown gunman, who himself later died in a shootout with police.
comment posted at 3:12 PM on Aug-13-08

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