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Sometimes conspiracies are real. The real reason the 3d net software is showing up again might best be summed up by a quote from this article: ' "The focus was to get someone to go out and upgrade to a Pentium 4," Benoit said. "We wanted to create new and compelling content that wasn't out there and that would cause people to make a decision to upgrade their processors." '
comment posted at 9:43 AM on Apr-10-01

Britney's Battle Plan? Leaked document or Internet bs, you make the call...
comment posted at 12:33 PM on Apr-6-01

U.S. Refuses To Apologize to China - This seems to me to be the right decision. What do you think we should do here?
comment posted at 10:34 AM on Apr-4-01
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It's the Unaspanker! Read a good manifesto lately? Meet Robin Whittle, a man who has spent an alarming amount of time on a project called "Fondly and Firmly - The Gentlemanly Art of Spanking the Woman You Love." via cruel.com
comment posted at 3:04 PM on Mar-13-01

Descramble DVD encryption in 7 lines of perl code ...created by 2 MIT programmers. Will the MPAA threaten to sue you if you include it in your email signature? Yah for civil disobedience.
comment posted at 3:01 PM on Mar-7-01
comment posted at 4:02 PM on Mar-7-01

KPMG Consultanting's official corporate song - playable as Shockwave audio or as an mp3. The lyrics of this suitably wishy-washy and jargon-laden elevator anthem may inspire you: "KPMG, we're strong as can be, a team of power and energy. We go for the gold, together we hold to our vision of global strategy..."
comment posted at 10:42 AM on Mar-6-01

filepile.org - Andre Torrez of powerblogger fame, brings us yet another fun tool. Built on the "take a penny, leave a penny" principle of file sharing, filepile is most definitely addictive. You go see site. You go. You go now.
comment posted at 7:19 PM on Mar-5-01
comment posted at 10:24 PM on Mar-5-01

Gentle, Strong Woman Seeks Doormat Read about Mary, who is looking for that special somebody who can fulfill all of her needs and then some. ALL of them. Example of phone etiquette: "I have a personal preference for not being interrupted while I'm talking. So please don't step on my words. Although I appreciate the sincere intentions of listeners who are used to interjecting verbal nods such as "uh huh," "hmm hmm," or "OK" when the speaker pauses briefly between statements, please don't do so with me. I'd rather you listen silently so that I can know that you have the best chance of hearing every word that I say. Don't worry, I won't be longwinded. ;-)" Riiiight.
comment posted at 4:15 PM on Mar-2-01

468x60 is dead? IAB releases new ad standards. Too little, too late...
comment posted at 2:07 PM on Feb-26-01

"Blogging" makes Newsweek. Because someone had to post it....
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Feeling like the odd man out in your favorite geek chatroom? Looking for new ways to alienate your parents, or maybe add a little spice to that threatening email? What if I told you that with one mouse-click you could transform yourself from l4M3R to l33t haX0R? The dream is real with L33t-5p34K G3n3r@t0r .
comment posted at 3:08 PM on Feb-23-01

ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US Part Deux?? Old World War 1 and 2 posters, revamped. I'm kinda liking this weird trend of glorifying bad translations via Photoshop.
comment posted at 12:48 PM on Feb-16-01
comment posted at 5:12 PM on Feb-16-01

Oh, leave the poor guy alone already. Not the much-harrassed ex-president Clinton this time, but rather Bill Gates and co., who are in the Justice Department's crosshairs yet again, due to Microsoft's investments in Corel.
comment posted at 4:48 PM on Feb-14-01

Just your average conspiracy theory. Yale University's infamous Skull and Bones secret society. George W. Bush is a member, sworn to secrecy like the rest. (via The History Channel)
comment posted at 10:33 AM on Feb-13-01

Catholic Church to Kid: "Drop dead"! She wanted to take Holy Communion, but had a disease where she couldn't eat the bread. When she asked for a substitute, the Catholic church refused.
comment posted at 1:44 PM on Feb-2-01

Ev explains the Pyra situation. Sad news from the makers of Blogger.
comment posted at 8:33 AM on Feb-1-01

California on verge of gutting goals for electric cars, Ed Begley Jr and the rest of California hangs collective heads in shame.
comment posted at 12:15 PM on Jan-25-01

The year is 1995, and GE Information Services is looking to sell off its unprofitable online service GEnie. (Here is a rate sheet.) GEnie Lamp Apple II offers some thoughts on the sale, and here is a synopsis of the big online services after GEnie's demise (choice quotes abound!)
comment posted at 11:46 AM on Jan-25-01

"Ego Finds a New Outlet In 'Blogs'"
blahblahweblogsblahblahyesi'minitblahblah. One of the few to acknowledge Justin Hall as Our Great Blog Father.
comment posted at 5:12 PM on Jan-19-01

Clinton has struck a deal with the Independent Counsel to avoid indictment after he leaves office.
comment posted at 11:54 AM on Jan-19-01

Macromedia and Alliaire to Merge.... Linking the power of Coldfusion, Homesite, along with Dreamweaver and Fireworks. Seems interesting.
comment posted at 5:38 PM on Jan-18-01

Contact information viewable with Alexa toolbar? Disturbing. Anyone with the Alexa toolbar installed can apparently see your address and telephone number, along with helpful information like maps to your home. This information is in the public record, but providing it instantly can only lead to more stalking incidents. You may want to follow Leia's advice and visit Alexa.com's site editor to make sure you're protected.
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"Ante up!" Say the good folks at Pyra, as Blogger goes to telethon mode and asks for New Server donations. And they really suckered me in, too, because sufficient donations yield free stickers!
comment posted at 4:30 PM on Jan-4-01

AIDS? SHMAIDS! Have you heard the news? "A growing group of bio-medical scientists claim the cause of AIDS is still unknown. These heretics do not believe in a lethal AIDS virus. They claim that the virus is indeed harmless. Most of them think AIDS is also not sexually transmitted; it probably has toxic causes. People die because they are poisoned to death by antiviral drugs. Part of the AIDS dissidents even question the existence of a virus entity. These skeptics say that the AIDS virus has never really been isolated, and the AIDS tests are worthless..." Yeah. And my childhood dog really did go live on a nice farm after he was hit by a car.
comment posted at 1:05 PM on Dec-1-00

Dead man walking. In 2004, I'm voting for Abe Lincoln.
comment posted at 12:31 AM on Nov-8-00
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