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Yesterday was the 60th anniversary of the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem by the Zionist Irgun organization, which killed 92 people. Bibi Netanyahu attended a celebration of the event.
posted on Jul-23-06 at 9:42 AM

Former Nixon speechwriter (and Ferris Bueller's economics teacher) Ben Stein loses his mind over Mark Felt: "There is a lot of debate about whether or not Mark Felt was a hero. Obviously, I don't think so. I think the hero was Richard Nixon, fighting for peace even as he was being horribly mistreated and crucified just for his fight for peace." And that's not nearly the worst of it.
posted on Jun-4-05 at 8:37 PM

Can Jewish settlers live as Palestinians? A series of essays from Bitterlemons, which regularly features Israeli and Palestinian commentary on the significant issues of the conflict, with the goal of maintaining a constructive dialogue.
posted on Apr-18-05 at 9:58 AM

Liquid Freedom. "There is, in fact, a war-winning weapon close to hand that the Allawi government could use — with support from allies and from both Democrats and Republicans. This weapon could, at a stroke, put flesh on the bones of formal democracy, change the dynamic of the insurgency, begin to win the confidence of the Iraqi people and create a powerful, growing force for stability, national unity and economic development. The weapon, of course, is oil — and the huge flows of cash it generates." Lenny Glynn suggests an Iraqi People's Freedom Trust modeled after the Alaska Permanant Fund.
posted on Nov-11-04 at 2:34 PM

The Apartheid Wall continues. Haaretz reports that Israel will soon begin construction of the wall around the illegal settlement of Ariel , deep inside the West Bank, stealing thousands of acres of Palestinian farmland in the process.
posted on Jun-14-04 at 4:02 PM

The Wrong Morons. (from the Army Times) "Around the halls of the Pentagon, a term of caustic derision has emerged for the enlisted soldiers at the heart of the furor over the Abu Ghraib prison scandal: the six morons who lost the war...But the folks in the Pentagon are talking about the wrong morons."
posted on May-11-04 at 9:46 AM

Rethinking Zionism. "Although embattled nationalistic movements are a commonplace, no nationalistic cause is as entwined with the larger issues and fault lines of global politics as modern Zionism is. Not least, the crisis of Zionism has implications for the ability of America to achieve its policy goals in the Middle East and in its wider confrontation with Islamic militancy."
posted on May-3-04 at 7:54 PM

Israeli Border Police use Palestinian kid as human shield. According to Rabbi Arik Ascherman: “The boy, crying, shaking from fear and eventually cold, was sat on the hood of a jeep and tied to the bars protecting the glass. The other three arrestees were bound and placed in front of a second jeep as human shields, to deter protestors from throwing stones at the jeep”.
posted on Apr-23-04 at 2:12 PM

The Alexandria Declaration. Between March 14 and 17, 2004, intellectuals, scholars, economists and activists from around the Arab world met at the new Alexandria Library in Egypt for the Arab Reform Conference. Among the recommendations of the conference was that all Arab governments should ratify "all international conventions on the rights of women providing for the abolition of all forms of discrimination against them."
posted on Mar-29-04 at 9:55 PM

Contemporary Art from the Islamic World, including Emily Jacir's Where We Come From, which deals with Palestinians living in exile.
posted on Oct-24-03 at 9:26 AM

What Happens When Technology Zooms Off the Chart? (pdf) Singularity is the subject of the Spring 2003 issue of Whole Earth magazine.
posted on Jul-10-03 at 1:03 PM

Israel calls it a Separation Fence. Others refer to it as the Apartheid Wall. Whatever one calls it, and however one justifies it, there is no doubt that this barrier swoops many kilometers into the West Bank, claiming valuable water sources and arable land for Israeli settlers, destroying Palestinian homes and communities in the process.
posted on Jun-24-03 at 10:03 AM

Rudy Van Gelder was probably present for more moments of musical genius than any other human in history. He began working with Blue Note records in 1953, and went on to engineer thousands of sessions with some of the greatest jazz players of all time. Not bad for an optometrist who started off by building a studio in his parents' living room.
posted on Jun-6-03 at 12:14 PM

Freedom and the Future. Text of President Bush's speech last night to the American Enterprise Institute's annual dinner.
posted on Feb-27-03 at 3:26 PM

The New Global Job Shift. The next round of globalization is sending upscale jobs offshore. They include basic research, chip design, engineering--even financial analysis.
posted on Jan-31-03 at 5:18 PM

National Organization for Women v. Scheidler Is being heard by SCOTUS today. The case may decide whether non-violent civil disobedience can be prosecuted under federal RICO laws. Here's the ACLU's amicus brief. And comments from NRO's Rod Dreher.
posted on Dec-4-02 at 12:57 PM

Standing in the Shadows of Motown, a documentary about Motown Records' legendary house band, the Funk Brothers.
posted on Nov-8-02 at 3:03 PM

Burmese villagers sue Unocal in an L.A. courtroom. The villagers are charging that Unocal is responsible for human-rights abuses committed by the Burmese military along the company's $1.2 billion Yadana gas pipeline. Here's a Unocal website responding to the suit. And the Free Burma Coalition's Unocal Page.
posted on Oct-21-02 at 3:25 PM

Our Way: The trouble with being the world's only superpower, by Fareed Zakaria, discusses the U.S.'s role as the world's sole superpower, and gives a historyof the U.S.'s relationships with global institutions. Great reading.
posted on Oct-18-02 at 10:09 AM

Critique of the Pax Americana by Jay Bookman; a response by Donald Kagan, one of the plan's architects; and a response to Kagan by Bookman. (via Tapped)
posted on Oct-14-02 at 11:43 AM

TRAPPED, CUFFED & BUSSED Two Diamondback (Univ. of Maryland student newspaper)reporters covering the IMF-World Bank protests were arrested Friday morning and manacled for 23 hours. Surrounded by hundreds of protesters in Pershing Park, Washington Metropolitan Police circled and arrested the entire group. Jason Flanagan and Debra Kahn were there as impartial observers, and despite the newspaper's efforts to release them, they were stripped of all their possessions - even their shoelaces. What follows is a first-person account of their arrest and detention.
posted on Oct-2-02 at 10:48 AM

Hunter S. Thompson's Advice to Bush: Quit! Political commentator, sports enthusiast and all around American treasure lets fly. When the going gets weird, the weird turn professional.
posted on Sep-13-02 at 5:08 PM

An Anti-War Movement of One. by Philip Gold, senior national security analyst for Seattle's conservative Discovery Institute. "...of late, I've taken to constituting myself as an anti-war movement of one--a man of impeccable conservative credentials and long experience in the national-security field, a grumpy old Marine, who has grown infuriated with and appalled by both the conservative embrace of disaster and the enormity of the smallness of what passes for the anti-war movement today."
posted on Sep-12-02 at 12:21 PM

The Insider's Guide to Real Policing. It's a job that connects all your favorite pastimes—sitting around, eating, bullying people, writing incomplete sentences. After years of research and development, our investigators have found that policing is the easiest job in the District. from Washington DC's City Paper.
posted on Aug-21-02 at 4:35 PM

If You Want to Talk About Class Warfare... Molly Ivins gives it to 'em: Some days, you have to believe that right-wing ideologues have lost touch with reality completely. Their latest proposal to prevent future Enrons is - ta-da! - cut the capital gains tax. And exactly what does that do to prevent future Enrons? Nothing.
posted on Aug-15-02 at 1:07 PM

Platform gives way, aquarium tourists dumped into shark tank. I don't know about any of you, but my pants would've been full before I hit water.
posted on Aug-8-02 at 3:32 PM

Operation TIPS is a national system for reporting suspicious, and potentially terrorist-related activity. The program will involve the millions of American workers who, in the daily course of their work, are in a unique position to see potentially unusual or suspicious activity in public places. Here's a Boston Globe editorial on the program.
posted on Jul-17-02 at 12:34 PM

The New Gilded Age and its Discontents. Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz began explaining why markets fail long before Enron and WorldCom rose, exploded and crashed. But not many people wanted to listen during the boom-boom '90s; Stiglitz was even fired from his position as chief economist at the World Bank after he repeatedly criticized the organization's free-market obsessions.
posted on Jul-3-02 at 9:36 AM

Angered Bush to Give Speech on Corporate Reforms. Bush will devote his Saturday radio address to the subject of corporate responsibility and will travel to New York on July 9 to stress the need for better governing at the top level of American businesses.
posted on Jun-28-02 at 10:02 AM

The next dominant species of planet earth. Prepare yourselves, humans: your days are numbered (I for one hail our new spider-goat overlords.)
posted on Jun-23-02 at 11:33 AM

Bigger than Enron. Why the largest business scandal in American history is just the tip of the iceberg--and why investors should care. PBS Frontline aired this expose of the Enron/Anderson scandal last night. Included in the report were details of how deregulatory fervor in Congress enabled these sheisters to invent profits out of thin air.
posted on Jun-21-02 at 9:35 AM

U.S. Supreme Court rules on searches of passengers on public transportation. In a decision that could aid the government's anti-terrorism efforts, the Supreme Court ruled Monday that police can question passengers on buses and trains and search for evidence without informing them that they can refuse.
posted on Jun-18-02 at 10:00 AM

God's Justice and Ours. Justice Antonin Scalia writes on capital punishment in First Things: "In my view, the major impetus behind modern aversion to the death penalty is the equation of private morality with governmental morality. This is a predictable (though I believe erroneous and regrettable) reaction to modern, democratic self–government."
posted on Jun-12-02 at 9:49 AM

The New Frontier- Preparing the law for settling on Mars. "Like the abandoned launch fields [at Cape Canveral], the Outer Space Treaty [of 1967] needs to have its valuable parts salvaged, and the dangerous ones demolished."
posted on Jun-4-02 at 9:14 AM

Government Will Ease Limits on Domestic Spying by F.B.I. (NY Times link) As part of a sweeping effort to transform the F.B.I. into a domestic terrorism prevention agency, Attorney General John Ashcroft has decided to relax restrictions on the bureau's ability to conduct domestic spying in counterterrorism operations, senior government officials said today. Here's the Wash. Post's take on the story.
posted on May-30-02 at 9:29 AM

Ex-Klansman Bobby Frank Cherry sentenced to life in prison for the Sept. 15, 1963, bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. Few things bring a smile to my face like a hateful old racist terrorist getting sent off to spend the rest of his days as a prison wife.
posted on May-23-02 at 1:36 PM

Bush Suggests Politics Are Behind Sept. 11 Questions. President Bush, suddenly challenged about what he knew before the Sept. 11 attacks, told fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill on Thursday "there is a sniff of politics in the air," a congressional source said.
posted on May-16-02 at 5:13 PM

Kissinger: Wanted for Questioning. his list of possible vacation spots grows smaller,smaller. Christopher Hitchens details the ever more complex legal situation of former U.S. Sec. of State Henry Kissinger, who is now wanted for questioning by courts in Chile, Spain, and France. Writes Hitchens: "Recently, I was informed via the former Spanish ambassador to the United States that Kissinger had approached the embassy asking whether he would be safe if he visited Spain. These days he does not travel without legal advice."
posted on Apr-30-02 at 9:30 AM

"The Myth of Ownership." Financial Columnist Stephen Moore's review of a new book which claims that it is a "compelling fantasy that we earn our income and the government takes some of it away from us."
posted on Apr-24-02 at 12:52 PM

Death of a Movement (?) from National Review: Some relevant criticisms of the anti-corporate-globalists mixed in with the prerequisite charges of anti-Americanism.
posted on Apr-22-02 at 9:37 AM

Airline Sued After Losing Woman. Not the woman's luggage, mind you. The woman.
posted on Apr-19-02 at 4:29 PM

The thorn in Ari Fleischer's side. Russell Mokhiber, writer for Multinational Monitor, consistently asks questions at press briefings which cause Ari Fleischer to create new and strange forms of rhetorical yoga, when Fleischer doesn't avoid answering altogether.
posted on Apr-16-02 at 1:32 PM

Why We Fight. In case you'd forgotten, William Bennett is here to remind you.
posted on Apr-10-02 at 7:22 AM

Are people being rude? Is William F. Buckley turning into Andy Rooney?
posted on Apr-7-02 at 12:04 PM

The God Squad Christopher Hitchens gives (another) one to organized religion, and reminds us of the important role that the Islamic world played in preserving Western Civilization.
posted on Apr-3-02 at 1:00 PM

Bush clarifies "terror doctrine" to exempt Arafat because of Arafat's past participation in peace negotiations.
posted on Apr-2-02 at 9:01 AM

U.S. Spy agencies say Gulf War pilot likely seized. A U.S. intelligence report on the case of Navy Lt. Cmdr. Michael Scott Speicher provides the most complete explanation by the U.S. government on why the pilot probably was captured alive by Iraqis after ejecting from his F-18 in 1991. Interesting that this story comes out just as the U.S. is preparing to war on Iraq.
posted on Mar-15-02 at 10:47 AM

Where Is This Evil Axis Bush Speaks Of? By any common usage, it denotes an alliance. The relationship between Iran, Iraq and North Korea meets neither qualification.
posted on Mar-11-02 at 7:50 AM

Arundhati Roy Fined, Sent to Jail for a Day. The Supreme Court of India on Wednesday sentenced Booker Prize winner Arundhati Roy to a day's imprisonment and slapped a fine of Rs 2,000 for contempt of court. If she doesn't pay the fine, she will be jailed for three months.
posted on Mar-6-02 at 6:45 AM

Fascist fashion vs. Communist chic. Why is one okay, the other not?
posted on Feb-26-02 at 9:52 AM

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