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Dark matter makes up about 27% of the universe, and its gravitational force is enough to mesh entire galaxies together in a structure known as the cosmic web. Now, scientists have created the largest ever map of this mysterious substance – and it could imply that there’s something wrong with Einstein’s theory of relativity.
Astronomers create largest map of the universe’s dark matter
posted on May-27-21 at 2:51 PM

Give me, in times of strife, a ripped Linda Hamilton doing pull-ups in her cell, preparing equally for escape and Judgment Day. I have zero interest in cars and don’t even know how to drive, yet I absolutely adore it. I’m also a lesbian, but would watch the films for Vin Diesel’s muscles alone. One hundred golden minutes of pithy wisdom on all life’s thorniest subjects: boys, friendship, sex, drugs, accessorising, parking. Everything useful I know about life I learned from this film.

52 perfect comfort films – to watch again and again
posted on May-23-21 at 4:23 AM

Start The Steal
posted on May-7-21 at 12:47 PM

Best known of late by its TikTok remix -- upon further examination, research and algorithms lead to 2015 Jazz Roots - the Teachers Battle outro -- and thence to Vernacular Jazz Dance. Which was a wonder: who knew the span of the art form's complexity or the amount of scholarship devoted to its technique? Or that it has become so international a phenomenom? Not me.
posted on Apr-15-21 at 12:57 AM

...She could also be impatient if things weren’t moving fast enough. If Geoff began to digress during a demonstration, she’d nip his earlobe to get him back on track. If an audience member brought any kind of food to the arena, Tina would steal it and eat it on the spot, whether it was a hamburger or an ice cream cone. (Once, to Geoff’s horror, she landed on a stroller and snatched a pacifier from a baby’s mouth.)...
The Life and Times of “The Most Intelligent Bird in the World”
posted on Apr-2-21 at 11:01 AM

...Colonies of social insects such as those of ants, bees, wasps and termites present parasites with a paradise of sorts: they contain densely packed individuals that are also rather genetically similar and hence of similar susceptibility. Not surprisingly, parasites are the scourge of insect societies. But insect societies have not only survived this scourge but are among the most evolutionarily successful and ecologically dominant members of Earth’s terrestrial fauna.
More Fun Than Fun: How Do Insect Societies Deal With Infectious Diseases?
posted on Mar-31-21 at 2:41 PM

John Fahey -- Live 1997 -- Full Show
posted on Mar-30-21 at 12:47 PM

From the CBC's program Q:

From gospel quartets to cattle barns, 10 things we learned about Canadian record producer Daniel Lanois
posted on Mar-20-21 at 7:03 AM

...but if Trump did commit crimes of some sort, even if they're kind of, you know, sort of ordinary business crimes, if he did, it's important that there not be a culture of impunity in this country, that there needs to be a message sent that there are consequences, no matter how rich and important you are, if you break the law, and that that message is more important almost than anything else when it comes to protecting democracy.
Could Trump Be The 1st U.S. President Charged With A Criminal Offense?
posted on Mar-18-21 at 5:50 PM

Young Marble Giants -- Searching For Mister Right

Young Marble Giants -- Include Me Out

Young Marble Giants -- Credit In The Straight World

posted on Mar-2-21 at 8:56 AM

Gavin Bryars -- Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet (audio only)
posted on Feb-27-21 at 12:54 PM

Sides 1 & 2 of

Brian Eno -- Discreet Music

Brian Eno -- Three Variations on Pachelbel's Canon in D
posted on Feb-26-21 at 11:42 AM

And here is Pier Paolo Pasolini's The Gospel According to St. Matthew
posted on Feb-15-21 at 5:02 PM

Unlike the data we reviewed in 2019, this new data included a remarkable piece of information: a unique ID for each user that is tied to a smartphone. This made it even easier to find people, since the supposedly anonymous ID could be matched with other databases containing the same ID, allowing us to add real names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and other information about smartphone owners in seconds.

They Stormed the Capitol. Their Apps Tracked Them.
posted on Feb-5-21 at 1:06 PM

...Thursday the 12th was the day Mr. Trump’s flimsy, long-shot legal effort to reverse his loss turned into something else entirely — an extralegal campaign to subvert the election, rooted in a lie so convincing to some of his most devoted followers that it made the deadly Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol almost inevitable.

...In coming days, a presidential transition like no other will be dissected when he stands trial in the Senate on an impeachment charge of “incitement of insurrection.” Yet his lie of an election stolen by corrupt and evil forces lives on in a divided America.
77 Days: Trump’s Campaign to Subvert the Election [NYT]
posted on Feb-2-21 at 5:18 AM

The !!!! Beat Volume 1 Show 2
posted on Jan-30-21 at 6:39 PM

Irene Pepperberg -- Alex and Me
posted on Jan-17-21 at 2:55 PM

Untold Dylan
posted on Dec-18-20 at 3:53 PM

...Fahey was nonetheless in enviable form. There’s sweating! A Charley Patton demonstration! Furrowed brows! And, of course, almost an hour of beautiful guitar-playing. ''Fahey, who did not suffer strangers nor fools, suffered both with us, and gave us a private concert.''
John Fahey -- Santa Monica (1981) Via A Celebration of John Fahey and American-Primitive Guitar by Amanda Petrusich
posted on Dec-17-20 at 3:23 PM

A universe is the greatest gift that an experimentalist could hope to get out of the vacuum. Inside, the gift might contain early atomists who consider the vacuum as empty, followed by scientists who end up creating a new universe out of it. What a spectacular interpretation that would be of Rilke’s phrase: "inexhaustible creation, enduring beyond the fate of earth."
Endless Creation Out of Nothing
posted on Dec-13-20 at 3:44 PM

Velvet Underground Redux -- Live MCMXCIII
posted on Dec-12-20 at 2:36 PM

Ariel Cordova-Rojas had planned to spend last Thursday afternoon immersed in nature. It was the day before her 30th birthday, and her intention was to ride her bike to Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in Queens, watch birds fly overhead and hike amid the vibrant fall foliage.

Ms. Cordova-Rojas had been trained to spot a bird in distress...

So when the swan did not move or make a sound when she approached, she knew something was not right.
A Sick Swan Is Saved After a 23-Mile Odyssey by Foot, Car and Subway
posted on Nov-11-20 at 5:26 AM

...By standard intelligence tests, the dogs have failed at the puzzle. I believe, by contrast, that they have succeeded magnificently. They have applied a novel tool to the task. We are that tool... How savvy we are in dogs’ eyes! It’s a clever strategy to turn to us after all. The question of the cognitive abilities of dogs is thereby transformed: dogs are terrific at using humans to solve problems, but not as good at solving problems when we’re not around.
Forget Everything You Know About Your Dog
posted on Oct-31-20 at 7:14 PM

The coup in Wilmington was overt, but the horrific violence and families losing everything wasn't the end. The leaders of the coup planted a seed that grew and cracked through the new foundation laid down by reconstruction. Many of the advances black people achieved were dissolved. And Jim Crow laws spread through the south like Kudzu vines. And that might seem like ancient history, like that's what the civil rights movement was supposed to take care of, right? But Kudzu vines are hard to kill and you can still see them today.
Remembering a White Supremacist Coup
posted on Oct-26-20 at 1:35 PM

How Rudy Giuliani Got Caught Red-Handed With Borat’s Daughter
posted on Oct-21-20 at 11:56 AM

A lovely, very well done documentary about the animals and their human attendants at the Memphis Zoo. Informative at what it takes to care for the animals there in plus it presents both keepers and kept in depth as living, breathing sentient individuals each with their own stories.

See the Keepers
posted on Oct-17-20 at 7:45 PM

Toots Hibbert & the Birth of Reggae
posted on Oct-16-20 at 4:10 PM

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers TopPop Special September 16, 1978

Jonathan Richman Live in Barcelona Spain 1987 Part 1

Jonathan Richman Live in Barcelona Spain 1987 Part 2

Jonathan Richman Full Set Live Stream Capture Burger Boogaloo 2015
posted on Oct-14-20 at 11:35 PM

It is not often that a comedian gives an astrophysicist goose bumps when discussing the laws of physics. But comic Chuck Nice managed to do just that in a recent episode of the podcast StarTalk. The show’s host Neil deGrasse Tyson had just explained the simulation argument—the idea that we could be virtual beings living in a computer simulation... “
Do We Live in a Simulation? Chances Are about 50–50
posted on Oct-13-20 at 7:18 PM

Until now the Nebra sky disk was deemed to be from the Early Bronze Age and therefore the world's oldest depiction of the cosmos. Archaeologists from Goethe University Frankfurt and Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich have now reanalysed diverse data on the reconstruction of the discovery site and surrounding circumstances of the find. Their findings are that the disk must be dated in the Iron Age, making it about 1,000 years younger than previously assumed. This makes all previous astronomical interpretations obsolete.
New dating of Nebra sky disk
posted on Oct-9-20 at 1:47 AM

How common is moral grandstanding? There is ample empirical evidence to show that people really are often motivated to use moral talk to impress others. Social scientists have found that we tend to judge ourselves as superior to others in a host of areas: intelligence, friendliness and ambition, for example....

posted on Sep-10-20 at 4:39 PM

Rhythm & Blues Review (1955)
posted on Jul-8-20 at 2:39 PM

Jeffery Robinson, the ACLU's top racial justice expert, discusses the dark history of Confederate symbols across the country and outlines what we can do to learn from our past and combat systemic racism.
The Truth About the Confederacy in the United States
posted on Jul-7-20 at 10:08 AM

Why Fireworks Scare Some Dogs but Not Others
posted on Jun-26-20 at 5:56 PM

A Brief History of Anti-Fascism
posted on Jun-24-20 at 9:58 PM

When I got back home and was trying to write about Jah B., doing my best to stake out some understanding of what was going on musically in Kingston in the late Fifties and early Sixties, I ran into the riddle that bedevils every person who gets lost in this particular cultural maze, namely, where did ska come from? That strange rhythm, that chop on the upbeat or offbeat, ump-ska, ump-ska, ump-ska... Did someone think that up?
That Chop on the Upbeat
posted on May-7-20 at 2:47 PM

Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong
posted on Apr-25-20 at 2:18 PM

Yosemite webcams, among others...

What it says on the tin.

Scroll down below the Novel Coronavirus warning and behold.
posted on Apr-22-20 at 2:00 PM

The Narrow World
posted on Apr-11-20 at 4:28 PM

Introduced as both Freezeout and Alcatraz to the 9th Power Revisited, Bob Dylan -- Visions of Johanna, in San Francisco on December 11th, 1965. Well before it was recorded for the album Blonde on Blonde.
posted on Apr-5-20 at 11:29 AM

Tuba Skinny -- Maple Leaf Rag
posted on Apr-1-20 at 12:52 PM

Walken Dance
posted on Mar-31-20 at 11:30 AM

Ryuichi Sakamoto's Happy End for Orchestra
posted on Mar-20-20 at 3:30 AM

Found: a two gram dinosaur that was the same size of Cuba's Bee Hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world.
posted on Mar-12-20 at 12:57 PM

Equinoctial PDF by John Varley

Old Hundredth by Brian Aldiss

Roog by Philip K. Dick

Liane the Wayfarer by Jack Vance
posted on Sep-23-19 at 12:37 AM

Soundies: Black Music from the 1940s*

* With one exception

A potpourri of je ne sais quoi
posted on Aug-11-19 at 12:13 AM

I’ve given up hope that boomers can rescue us from the tyranny of the Trump age. Boomers were supposed to fix things, build things, save things for future generations. They would see things as they are, and instead of asking why, dream of things that never were and ask why not — as Robert Kennedy promised. Allow me to burn my generational card.
Can Millennials Save America ?
posted on Oct-13-18 at 7:20 AM

It Can Happen Here
posted on Jun-16-18 at 4:09 PM

Can't Keep My Paws to Myself
posted on Jun-12-18 at 3:42 PM

Why Dictators Write
posted on Jun-2-18 at 10:58 AM

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