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"These people in Congress are walking all over my personal and private life... I'm telling you, the United States citizens, you better start speaking up, because these people are going to trample into your personal, private affairs."
posted on Mar-19-05 at 9:24 AM

It is impossible to read this sexuality material from the University of Missouri and not conclude that Michael Jackson is a pedophile. But then you read about the inconsistencies in the current case and wonder if he has ever actually acted on his pedophilic urges; the overwhelming majority never fulfill their fantasies.
posted on Mar-11-05 at 8:49 AM

Senator: Decency Rules Should Apply to Pay TV, Radio. Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens said he disagreed "violently" with assertions by the cable industry that Congress does not have the authority to impose limits on its content. "If that's the issue they want to take on, we'll take it on and let the Supreme Court decide," he said.
posted on Mar-1-05 at 11:03 AM

today: Slashdot
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posted on Dec-14-04 at 9:21 AM

Due to the fact that Canada harbors draft dodgers we DO NOT ship to Canada.
posted on Oct-8-04 at 8:10 AM

Mohammed is home safe.
posted on Oct-7-04 at 4:41 AM

The Toronto Star asked its reader to pick the winner in Thursday's debate between George Bush and Democratic challenger John Kerry.
posted on Oct-1-04 at 7:19 AM

If America were Iraq, what would it be like? Private armies totaling 275,000 men; platoons of Christian Soldiers Militia holed up in Arlington National Cemetery; the grounds of the White House constantly under mortar fire; the Secretary of State, President, and Attorney General all assassinated in the past year; and the Air Force routinely bombing Billings, Flint, Philadelphia, and parts of LA and DC to destroy "safe houses" of "criminal gangs."
posted on Sep-27-04 at 5:05 AM

What I am NOT looking for. The boom must be over, then.
posted on Sep-19-04 at 5:06 AM

Russian Plane Crashes, Another Missing.
posted on Aug-24-04 at 4:30 PM

An election will soon be taking place in Canada and the party led by Stephen Harper may form a minority government. Might as well know what these Conservatives stand for.
posted on Jun-1-04 at 2:11 PM

I'm done with Movable Type. After months of little useful communications about their plans, Ben and Mena have for all intents and purposes ditched the free version of their once-shining weblogging software. Now, MT is a "publishing platform" that costs at least $69 (with limited functionality). Lucky for us that, while MT slept, we have discovered a much improved and free Blogger, a truly open source WordPress, and a similarly priced but more powerful ExpressionEngine.
posted on May-13-04 at 7:37 AM

The sky is falling! [some links require reg] The years of hacking DIRECTV's signal and pirating its program offerings seem to be coming to an end.
posted on Apr-15-04 at 5:52 AM

I feel safer already! A US requirement for foreign visitors to be fingerprinted and photographed is being expanded to include citizens from America's closest allies, starting September 30th.
posted on Apr-2-04 at 11:01 AM

With its latest security update Microsoft has disabled the ability to pass username:password pairs in URLs. If you usually use this format for connecting to your site via either FTP or HTTP, it will no longer work after you install this update.
posted on Feb-4-04 at 12:55 PM

CBS adds secret performer for Super Bowl halftime show. "[A]bout 2,500 youngsters from area schools will pour onto the field to create a festival concert atmosphere..." Let me guess... Michael freakin' Jackson?
posted on Jan-30-04 at 12:14 PM

Your tax dollars at work. The Republican congress and the FCC, who evidently have nothing better to do, want to waste time banning the word fuck from all radio and broadcast television.
posted on Jan-14-04 at 5:06 AM

Your weekend's entertainment. Alcohol Enemas, with notes about vodka-laced tampons and other oddities.
posted on Jan-9-04 at 11:41 AM

Guidelines for Low-Impact Tourism Along the Coast of Quintana Roo "Conserving the natural landscape and enhancing the scenic beauty of tourism development contributes to the high quality of coastal habitat, one of the area’s principal attractions." Warning: PDF format!
posted on Jan-3-04 at 5:02 AM

Quelques célébrités mises en images fantastiques... While searching for the usual risque pics of Gillian Anderson I came across some wonderful Photoshopped cheese, including Joe Peschi and Will Smith as barbarians and Leeza Gibbons: Warrior Princess.
posted on Nov-21-03 at 8:00 AM

Too good to be true? United Internet is launching its public hosting service with a special promotion: a full 500 meg hosting account free for three years. Includes email hosting, FTP and shell access, 5 gigs of transfers, Perl, Python, PHP and MySQL... plus $25 worth of Google AdWords. Sounds fishy to me, but they never asked for my credit card when I signed up.
posted on Nov-14-03 at 12:58 PM

Did anyone else make the mistake of ordering the worst pay-per-view ever? No, not The House of 1000 Corpses, but ten admittedly beautiful women wearing huge headgear and attempting (with little success) to pound the crap out of each other. It sounds better than it actually was -- trust me!
posted on Oct-11-03 at 8:47 AM

Following a disagreement over her husband's spending habits, an enraged Ethiopian mother of five refused to give him his dinner. Her husband was so angered by this affront that he tried to beat her. In the melee that followed, the wife grabbed and twisted his testicles, causing serious damage. The man was so embarrassed after the incident that he declined to seek treatment for the injury and died days later.
posted on Oct-3-03 at 2:03 PM

Learn How to Make Change. Having never had to work retail and wanting to learn bartending, I found the FunBrain Change Maker to be a useful game where the player calculates the change given for a money purchase.
posted on Sep-18-03 at 9:10 AM

Ban flag burning, but encourage the burning of these shirts! There is something here to offend anyone. We all thought irony and cynicism were dead after 9/11, but here we find disrespect and horror of all kinds with themes like GONE FISTING, MAY THE HORSE BE WITH YOU, ALL I WANT IS PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST (and a blowjob), and SCHOOL SHOOTINGS TOUR 1996-2002. Burb, baby, burn!
posted on Jun-5-03 at 6:18 AM

Ebay auction as political statement: Tit for tat.
posted on Apr-6-03 at 9:31 AM

The war is now a stalemate. From Reuters: Much of the supply of Tomahawk cruise missiles has been expended, aircraft carriers are going to run out of precision guided bombs, and there are serious maintenance problems with tanks, armored vehicles and other equipment. "The only hope is that they can hold out until reinforcements arrive," a former US intelligence official said. "This is the mess [Rumsfeld] put himself in because he didn't want a heavy footprint on the ground."
posted on Mar-29-03 at 9:05 PM

The Iraq-September 11th smoking gun? Finally, near proof that Iraq was involved in the September 11th attacks on America: a mural in the Iraqi military headquarters in Nasiriya depicts a plane crashing into a building complex similar to New York's twin towers! (Okay, seriously, are some folks so desperate to make the connection that this might become an actual story?)
posted on Mar-27-03 at 7:15 AM

The Call to Peace. An astrological analysis of the September 11th attacks and their aftermath. Saddam Hussein, a Muslim despot who 51% of Americans think was personally involved in the September 11th terrorist attacks, is charted.
posted on Mar-20-03 at 7:40 AM

"A little invasion is precisely what Canada needs" wrote Jonah Goldberg last November. According to Rush Limbaugh, Canada isn't a country, it's a "country". Tucker Carlson on CNN has said Canada "should be bombed" so that they are taught a lesson. Doesn't he remember April 17th? No matter. Since Canada will never be able to defend itself from the US using conventional means, it's time for Canada to reactivate it's nuclear weapons program.
posted on Feb-28-03 at 10:26 AM

You can find me in the club, bottle full of bub
Look mami I got the X if you into taking drugs
I'm into having sex, I ain't into making love
So come give me a hug if you into to getting rubbed

Lyrics from crack dealer/rapper 50 Cent's "song" "In Da Club", this week's most popular single according to Billboard.
posted on Feb-27-03 at 7:45 AM

[this is bad] Now you can buy your way onto Filepile.
posted on May-23-02 at 5:23 AM

Copy protection of music CDs is morally wrong, and as Americans we can and must assert our rights to Fair Use of the media we have purchased. But I give it to the Germans: they have figured out a way to defeat Cactus DATA Shield 100/200 and KeyAudio. [translated from German by Google]
posted on May-15-02 at 10:17 AM

There is bad taste and then there is really bad taste. I'm not sure how the scoring works, but I think my high score is as follows: dead: 2 men, 3 women, 0 child - injured: 2 men, 1 woman, 1 child.
posted on May-1-02 at 10:25 AM

Worst music video ever created? The song isn't very good, and the ending sucks. Warning: involves fake anal impalement.
posted on Apr-12-02 at 9:55 PM

posted on Apr-8-02 at 12:38 PM

Virgo? Leo? Virgo-Leo cusp? Who cares! All that really matters is your Birth Playmate! (eventual nudity)
posted on Feb-27-02 at 5:43 AM

Stupid racist shit. I'm sorry about the language, but I am already sick of this sort of idiot xenophobia.
posted on Sep-13-01 at 11:56 AM

Yet another reason to avoid the Battlefield Earth DVD: A brand new "feature" called Regional Coding Enhancement, or RCE. Having the word "enhancement" in the title might make us think that we, the consumer, might actually benefit for this technology, but that isn't the case. The only people to benefit are the movie studios who, not content to gouge us on DVD prices (DVD's are cheaper to press than video tapes) have made it impossible to backup a DVD, or play a foreign DVD on a North American DVD player. Now, thanks to RCE, if you own a region-free DVD player, guess what? You can't play Battlefield Earth on it!
posted on Jul-8-01 at 7:58 PM

A new kind of child porn? Teenage girls set up webcams, ostensibly to extend their social network through interactive technology. Sick bastard male voyeurs create Web site so they can spy on all their "hotties" simultaneously. Thank heavens for little girls? Some of these girls are only 14, and look nothing like what a 14 year old should look like!
posted on Mar-27-01 at 10:27 AM