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It is really interesting that Representatives John Culberson and Tim Ryan have started to really use Twitter and post from the House floor. While the Franking Commission reconsiders rules on Internet Use, the Sunlight Foundation wants to make sure they Let Our Congress Tweet.
posted on Jul-10-08 at 8:46 AM

That sure didn't take long. 2 days after the mid-term elections, Tom Vilsack announces he is running for president. And he's a video-blogger. Inspired by Amanda?
posted on Nov-9-06 at 9:29 AM

Save Studio 60! They did it with Arrested Development and they did it with Firefly. They did it with Freaks and Geeks and they did it with Sports Night. They're working to preemptively stop them from doing it again to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.
posted on Nov-1-06 at 8:18 AM

Harry Potter and Lord Wal-d-mart: The Late Night Players entertain us this friday: Harry Potter combats the low low prices of Wal-Mart.
posted on Oct-27-06 at 7:42 AM

Santorum on Gorilla Action Friday Fun - A giant gorilla is chasing around Rick Santorum
posted on Aug-25-06 at 11:39 AM

Write a Prisoner Offers a unique service. It connects you with your convicted-felon potential solemate. Fun for the whole family (NSFW)
posted on Jul-16-04 at 3:30 PM

Buy His Future $59,965.90 owed, $245.75 donated.
"In exchange for your donation, I will from time to time write to you about what I've done with the life you've made possible. Make a gift, and free me to do good things with my life for this world."
It struck me as funny: have we come to a point in society where a man's future is worth the amount of his student loans?
posted on Mar-22-04 at 2:26 PM

DeanLink is a new service from the Dean Campaign. Dean + Friendster = DeanLink. The tech savvy presidential campaign strikes again. What's next? DeanTorrent? Where do you think all this technology will go after the campaign is over?
posted on Sep-11-03 at 9:26 PM

The First Democratic Debates were last night, but you wouldn't know it from the media's coverage. Barely a story on CNN. Howard Dean stole the night, with over a hundred screaming supporters outside the debates. The only person there with supporters was the blogging Presidential Candidate. There were students there from U.C. Berkley, Washinton, Georgia, North Carolina, and Kentucky. All thanks to the power of blogspot, and meetup. Whether or not Dean gets the nomination, this will be a campaign for the history books. They'll be on c-span all day today.
posted on May-4-03 at 9:47 AM

Howard Dean: You know he's the blogging Presidential candidate but did you know that he's also the Meetup candidate? Over ten thousand people met yesterday in coffee houses across the country to discuss this candidate's election possibility. Are we witnessing the first true Internet candidate here? Grass roots/netroots, something interesting is happening with this candidate. He's tied with Kerry in New Hampshire.
posted on Apr-3-03 at 3:09 PM