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I'm scrapbookin' everything we do (sytl) - previously
posted on Jan-13-09 at 2:07 PM

What if Akon (the rapper) was from the Middle East? How about 50 Cent? Maybe Britney, The Pussycat Dolls or Shakira?
posted on Jan-6-09 at 5:22 PM

"Church was not part of my family life, and I don't think I ever expected to find myself being a Christian or, as I used to think of it, a 'religious nut.'" Sara Miles grew up an atheist. One day she went into a church, took communion and had a moment with God. She's now a Christian that has made it her mission in life to feed the homeless. She's started a food pantry in the slums of San Francisco that feeds over 450 hungry families every week. She's also a lesbian who is outspoken for gay marriage and considers herself a liberal but doesn't really care for liberal guilt.
posted on Jan-5-09 at 11:11 AM

Häagen-Dazs wants you to know they are concerned about the disappearance of honeybees through a nice little flashed website. But we all know that the real reason our bees are disappearing is because of that damned hip hop music.
posted on Jul-30-08 at 7:04 PM

I've seen sampled rap videos, old school rap videos, new school rap videos, materialistic rap videos and geek rap videos but then there are just odd rap videos.
posted on Feb-14-07 at 7:56 PM

Following up with the great post about Drawergeeks is the Drawing Board. It's a forum created by Shane Glines made up comic book artists, illustrators and animators ranging from professionals to amateurs. Inside the Drawing Board one can find Superhero Drawing Jams, Artist's take on a model nsfw, Model sheets used in Animated movies, personal sketchbooks and nice works of illustration.
posted on Jan-3-07 at 7:46 AM

"Pinch his tits." A Freudian slip and not getting over it is bad joo joo for Christians Speakers
[embedded video & some cursing]
posted on Nov-2-05 at 12:16 PM

God forgives Whippers. If you burn the flag, it is Jerry Falwell's obligation to whip you. In fact, he believes that the Lord will forgive him if he does so. (.wmv video link)
posted on Oct-13-05 at 8:12 AM

Remember that Citroen Transformer breakdancing? Sure, some of us love it because it was a sweet ride and deep down inside, we all want to be sporting an Autobot. Of course this begs the question "who could actually afford one?"
Well now thanks to consumers driving down prices, there is an alternative.
posted on May-23-05 at 10:43 PM

"I don't think I saw one white person besides the people in my girl scout troop..." and other unconscious racist reviews about Atlanta, Georgia. Don't believe me? Just ask Chiquita, she'll direct you away from all those filty, dirty, unworthy homeless people (but hey, if you're gay and do not prefer those club going Queens then A-town is for you, playa)!
posted on Apr-27-05 at 12:05 AM

A good reason to hate cats. However if that is not enough, this guy has 32 other reasons to hate cats.
posted on Mar-29-05 at 12:14 AM

Big Hairy Audacious Goal or BHAG is Coaltion For Christian Outreach's newest evangelical ministry. It is an outreach program to make 750 commitment calls per year which will include spending five hours a week building one-on-one relationships with non-Christians, leading a small-group evangelistic Bible study each year, Training in relational evangelism for every leader, and staff teams spending time together each week in prayer for the lost.
In the 40's, A young man named Billy Graham started empowered the evangelical movement holding tent revivals and encouraging people to be missionaries. Born out of that was a more charged fundamentalist movement that we are famliar with today. Going from Billy to BHAG's begs the question, have Evangelicals evolved?
posted on Feb-15-05 at 8:35 AM

Thundercats: The Movie. Nameless Entertainment's blockbuster is a one hour forty eight minute adventure based on a certain 80's cartoon. The prize winning movie was praised by Alex Ross and Kevin Smith at a convention.
(link is an mpg, noose is in the closet)
posted on Feb-13-05 at 9:16 AM

Sketch-A-Move Draw a straight line on top of the car, lift the pen and the car shoots off in a straight line. Draw a circle on the car and the car starts wildly spinning around. Draw a complicated squiggle and the car spirals in and out. Quicktime Video Link#1 and Link#2
posted on Feb-9-05 at 9:17 AM

Esuvee . From USA Today: A coalition of state attorneys general is launching an ad campaign Monday aimed at SUV safety and funded with money received from Ford Motor to settle a lawsuit that said its ads were deceptive. The campaign shows people riding on a large, hairy fictitious animal, dubbed the Esuvee, to illustrate the point that drivers need to treat SUVs differently than cars. SUVs sit higher than cars, making them more prone to roll over in an accident.
flash enabled site
posted on Feb-2-05 at 11:49 AM

Bring it trombONe! After watching this I am now wondering how fine a line there is between confidence and just being crazy. quicktime movie, some laughter may be required
posted on Jan-25-05 at 9:30 PM

The One Man Star Wars Trilogy is a one-hour, high energy, nonstop blast through the first three Star Wars films. The catch is, there's only one cast member. Charles Ross, the writer and solo performer, spent too much of his childhood in a galaxy far, far away- adulthood has been similar. Ross plays all the characters, recreates the effects, sings the music, flies the ships, and fights both sides of the battles.
I'm not so sure I want to see him playing Carrie Fisher, especially in E6
posted on Jan-20-05 at 10:23 AM Call 1.800.734.1463 To Leave A Voice Message For Bush. Your Voice Message Will Appear On And Get Itself Emailed To Bush At The Whitehouse. As messages are recorded, a flag gradually builds on the website.
posted on Jan-19-05 at 7:27 AM

Ann Telneas is an editorial cartoonist. She started out working for Disney Imagineering as a designer. She has also been an animator for various studios in London, Los Angeles, New York and Taiwan. She now holds many awards for her cartoons and is in several prestige publications. Her works are an impressive array of political caricatures, feminism, and cultural issues
posted on Jan-12-05 at 8:04 AM

Hi, I'm Brad Pitt and I'm a carbon-neutral movie star. "Pitt has just given $10,000 to have a forest planted in his name in the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. Its trees will absorb carbon dioxide, compensating for the tonnes that the star has been responsible for releasing into the atmosphere: burning aviation fuel as he jets around the world, using up petrol in his limousines and running air-conditioning in hotel rooms."
posted on Jan-7-05 at 6:19 AM

Glen Barr draws robots, creatures and vixens that live in a seedy yet swinging 1960's universe, drenched in the haze of a post industrial hangover. Flash enabled and ever-so-slightly NSFW
posted on Jan-4-05 at 8:24 AM

Flexgrid. A flexible LED display developed to be imbedded on a dress for the Milan Triennial 2005.
posted on Dec-22-04 at 8:00 AM

The Floating Logos Project .'Floating Logos' is a working title for this project. The images are inspired by signs perched high atop very tall poles in order for people to view them from a very long distance. The poles are digitally removed from the image in order to give the illusion that the signs are disconnected from the ground as they ominously float above us.
posted on Dec-17-04 at 6:35 AM

aNTROPUs is a 3d animator/modeler that makes some very interesting pictures. There was an animated short that caught my eye called, "The Plumber" ( it's in .rar format, if you don't have the software to view it, you can get it here (Mac) or here (PC) )
posted on Dec-15-04 at 10:18 AM

Christian Gangsta Rap is the hottest new thang, G (and we're talking about tha big "G" if ya know watta mean). Make sure to check out "God Side Jam" by "Preachas in Tha Hood" or the "Gospel Gangstaz" with their hit song "Holy Tera" and who can forget the timeless classic "Demon Killa" by "Str8 Young Gangstaz" (not t be confused with the evil Gay Ol' Prankstaz)
posted on Dec-14-04 at 9:54 AM

Does bowling bore you? Kirsten Easthope maybe able to spice things up. She takes bowling pins and paints "Pin Up" girls on them (get it? pin up girls, on pins!...clever eh!). sfw -- but do know it's pin up work
posted on Dec-13-04 at 7:50 AM

Don't put a restraining order on God the toughest challenge of living in a democracy is to respect the freedom of other people to live according to values that are not your own. Real freedom, however, does not thrive in a moral vacuum (the ardent secularist) or a moral straightjacket (the ardent theocratic). What does my ideal of democracy look like? I can sum it up in a single sentence: A person arrives at faith freely, practices it openly, and uses dialogue with others about their own life path to deepen their understanding. another interesting read from the same webpage: God is not a Republican or a Democrat: the Religious Right does not speak for you. Remind America that Jesus taught us to be peacemakers, advocates for the poor, and defenders of justice.. this article is a little dated, but it is relevant for people who choose to accept Jesus as the Christ but do not want someone's political agenda attached to their belief system.
posted on Dec-9-04 at 11:59 AM

Chicken Little is Disney's first feature length 3d animated movie (without Pixar). Mark Dindal, director of Cat's Don't Dance and Emporer's New Groove, is at the helm. Is there a chance that the sky won't hit them in the face?
posted on Dec-8-04 at 11:13 AM

It appears to be so simple, but as Fred Astaire once said "they'll never know how hard I work to let the strings show."
Kirsten Ulve started out as a Graphic Designer and later turned to Illustration. You've seen her work on things like Uno Cards, Nick at Night and TV Land. She is a master at caricatures and even has a freaky cool gallery to view as well.
posted on Nov-30-04 at 6:55 AM

The Art of Celia Calle
Dismiss any preconceived ideas of fine art as you step into the mindset of Celia Calle. Calle's art aesthetic is strangely alluring and undeniably powerful. Her awesome images are ominous, commanding, sometimes warped, but always spiced with a generous injection of humor, in keeping with the artist's effervescent personality.

My favorites are this, this, this and especially this
posted on Nov-29-04 at 5:04 AM

What do Pixar artists do on their day off? Ronnie Delcarmen is a story artist, story supervisor, character designer and an illustrator who works for the Incredible Company. His sketchy art style and fluid lines renders a beauty of itself. He has a weblog that discusses his groovey comic book, Paper Biscuit as well as give updates to his life as an artist.
posted on Nov-27-04 at 7:46 AM