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Free during the World Cup the IOP (Institute of Physics) has a collection of papers all about football (soccer). Also related is NASA's recent findings regarding the randomness of the new Adidas ball.
posted on Jul-6-10 at 3:55 PM

From the American Physical Society, Physics is a great free resource for those of you out there that want to keep up with current research topics in the vast world of physics.
posted on Nov-4-08 at 1:43 PM

Star Stories explains the life and death of stars using a multimedia approach that incorporates images, animation, video and text. From the official website of the Nobel Foundation. Don't miss out on the other cool games .
posted on Sep-25-08 at 8:27 AM

Route 79 is a blog by a second generation Indian living in London.
posted on Apr-17-08 at 11:20 AM

FamilyTales started out as an online archive of letters from a few families but has since expanded to contain letters from many historic figures.
posted on Apr-16-08 at 11:03 AM

Rick Majerus has always been a bit controversial, but this has been a bad month.
posted on Jan-23-08 at 10:57 AM

You have been invited to the 2008 Presidential Inaugural Ball by The Light Party: a wholistic, proactive, educational, empowerment party is a synthesis of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and Green Parties. This cosmic Artainment of music and light should not be missed!
posted on Nov-30-07 at 10:17 AM

Marry Our Daughter
"Our 15 year old daughter Mary wasn’t very popular and did nothing but mope around the house bringing everybody down, so we decided to marry her off through your site. Now our house is a lot cheerier and we love our new swimming pool and Jaccuzi! We’ve told our youngest that when she turns 15 we’re going to marry her off too!"
posted on Sep-13-07 at 10:09 AM

The I AM University honors all religions, Spiritual teachers, Spiritual paths, Spiritual texts, gurus, yogis, Masters, Spiritual centers, schools of thought, mystery schools, channels, healers, prophets, saints, sages, Spiritual leaders, counselors, philosophies and psychologies, all of humanity, all Kingdoms, and all Light, Love and Power Workers around the world! The I AM University seeks to offer an integrated and balanced approach to Self and God Realization. If what has been given inflames within you a spark of inspiration and aspiration to dedicate your life to the evolution of consciousness, both personal and planetary, then it will have served its purpose and bear the fruit it was intended to.
posted on Sep-10-07 at 10:56 AM

Om Nom Nom Nom via adorablog
posted on Aug-29-07 at 8:59 AM

Animated Space Oddity. more from artist
posted on May-25-07 at 12:07 PM

Enlighted: This is a difficult piece to describe. Part bra, part sculpture, part social disturbance. As a vague description, we'll call it the 'nerve' bra, but it's really so much more.
posted on May-24-07 at 11:19 AM

Open Source Physics is a great resource for science eduactors and students alike. Here is a page of great examples that take advantage of OSP.
posted on Sep-8-06 at 11:43 AM

An audio illusion called the tritone paradox is based on Shepard Tones, a finite self-similar sequence of tones that seem to contiually rise or fall in pitch. Diana Deutch has found that how you percieve these illusions can be strikingly different from person to person and that most people have some form of pefect pitch.
posted on Jun-14-06 at 9:30 AM

Recipes of the Damned. Whet your appetite with Fruit Cocktail-SPAM Buffet Party Loaf or perhaps a nice cold, thick meat-milk shake.
posted on Jun-9-06 at 11:54 AM

In a world that makes no sense at all, you must know what to focus on to see...
posted on Jun-7-06 at 1:27 PM

Clothes for the sophisticated guinea-pig-about town. Don't forget to check out their wide selection of hats.
posted on Jun-1-06 at 8:41 AM

The dog's nuts of the periodic table.
posted on May-30-06 at 8:22 AM

"One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night" An example of nonsense?
posted on May-8-06 at 2:50 PM

In honor of Sports Eye Safety Month, the worst martial arts sequence ever filmed. Starring Don Niam as Stingray. (warning : fake eye truama)
posted on Apr-17-06 at 8:33 AM

Bible Dudes. I'm a Bible Scholar, a Scriptural caller, I got a lot of books but not a lot of dollar. Things from antiquity you know they be ravin', I throw around words like sitz-im-leben, A bazillion languages are cloggin' my head, All of my heroes have been a long time dead. Come on along now, all the Bibledudes' buddies, Cuz Yo! We gonna rap BIBLICAL STUDIES!
posted on Apr-14-06 at 11:47 AM

Classic poetry of the Old West. Alone on the prarie, with only their thoughts to comfort them these poets wrote. Not always the greatest of poems, they still capture the essence of the romantic cowboy.
posted on Mar-10-06 at 9:58 AM

What is Beauty ? What do you think?
posted on Feb-20-06 at 10:10 AM

Oprheus, is said to be the founder of The Orphic Mysteries, or Orphism. While in school most students are taught the Theogony of Hesiod, but as in most religions, a differing account existed: The Orphic Theogony, summarized somewhat in this short video (nsfw? abstract nudity). The Orphic Reform to the Dionysian Mysteries included vegetarianism, abstention from sex, and restraint from eating eggs and beans — which came to be known as the Orphikos bios, or "Orphic way of life". Initiation into the Mystery school was needed to teach the Road to the Lower World, through Bone Tablets and papyrus remnants of Orphic Hymns. The Orphic Mystery has been seen as very similar to other religions. (scroll about 2/3 down the page or search for Orphics).
posted on Feb-17-06 at 11:57 AM

The inside and underground look at the USAFA. Quite simply this is basically an underground e-zine of sorts focused on the United Stated Air Force Acadamy. A major part of the site is The Hate Machine, a flash cartoon featuring the Fightin' Ostriches. A read through eDodo is a good look into what the USAFA looks like inside the zoo.
posted on Feb-10-06 at 11:02 AM

NIcodemus, Kansas is the only remaining western community established by African Americans after the Civil War. The promise of freedom and land in the state of John Brown. Though prosperous in the 1880's, it began to fade. Its post office closed in 1953. It is now home to only 27 residents, with an average age of 80, but the "Promise Land" has hope. Wake Nicodemus, wake.
posted on Feb-6-06 at 9:48 AM

The Day the Music Died. Everyone knows 47 years ago Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and The Big Bopper were all killed in a plane crash after thier last concert in Clear Lake, Iowa. But it seems as if not everybody agrees about the date of rock-and-roll's demise.
posted on Feb-3-06 at 3:02 PM

Beefalo is a feritle hybrid of cattle and buffalo (bison bison). It's story cannot be told without mentioning the irascible "Buffalo" Jones, the man who helped save the American buffalo and tried to cross-breed cattle and buffalo. He called it cattalo. Later successful hybridizations gave way to the beefalo. Some cite the near-extinction and later ultimate repopulation of the buffalo to free-market forces such as the private herds kept by Buffalo Jones for creating sustainable cattalo .
posted on Jan-25-06 at 8:56 AM

The synchronization of two pendulum clocks was discovered in 1665 by Huygens. Two pendulum clocks mounted on the same wall always fell exactly out of phase with each other no matter what the starting conditions. Regardless of the initial conditions the system always ended up the same. In stark contrast, a chaotic system is extremely sensitive to initial conditions. How can these two seemingly seperate things be tied together? The synchronization of chaos. When two chaotic systems are synchronized together, information can be shared between them. It immediatly brings to mind applications for encryption, but it is still far away from everyday use.
posted on Dec-14-05 at 2:50 PM

Tzintzuntzan was the capital city of the Purépecha Empire (also known as Tarascan). Culturally (scroll to middle of page) isolated from the rest of precolumbian Mexico, the origins of the Purépecha is still unknown. Their language is one that is not even provisionally linked with any other language and is still spoken by about 200,000 natives around Michoacan. The Purépechas were the only state to become an empire in the Western Mexico cultures.
posted on Dec-13-05 at 1:53 PM

A Study in Brown. He was only 25 when he died, but he left a musical legacy that few can match. His early death led to the jazz standard I Remember Clifford. He helped pioneer hard bop in contrast to the prevailing "cool" jazz of Chet Baker and Miles Davis. influenced by Fats Navarro his signature rich beautiful tones and melodic solos were a refreshing change from the recent emphasis on technique, but make no mistakes about it he was one of the most talented and gifted trumpet players of all time.
posted on Dec-9-05 at 11:44 AM

ALPHA and ATRAP are two collaborations of physicists racing to trap and study antihydrogen. To the winner most likely goes a Nobel Prize. The proposed comparison of hydrogen to antihydrogen promises to give an extremely senstive test of CPT invarience. Why do we care? Thats a whole Noether matter...
posted on Dec-7-05 at 8:54 AM

Alabama lawmaker to introduce a novel new way to keep people from catching "the gay". I can hear the ACLU drooling from here. Does the state have any power to limit the books available in a public library?
posted on Feb-9-05 at 6:05 AM

Levitated: the Exploration of Computation Digital flash art ranging from generated poetry to evolution. I could waste hours on this page.
posted on Jan-28-05 at 11:00 AM