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Plurality ... in 2023, the Grid knows who you are and where you go at all times. A short near future sci-fi movie (15 min).
posted on Oct-4-12 at 4:46 PM

Silk ... a symmetrical doodling program, like drawing with strands of silk. (previously)
posted on Oct-2-12 at 6:46 PM

Researchers have developed a backpack that generates building layout map in realtime. (yt) The prototype system automatically maps the wearer’s environment, recognizing movement between floors. It was designed at MIT to be used by emergency responders. Read more.
posted on Sep-27-12 at 5:30 AM

Adobe is getting in on Google's act, offering 500 font familes of Typekit fonts for you to use for free on your website.
posted on Sep-24-12 at 3:42 PM

NASA Scientist suggests everything we see, touch, feel, taste, and smell could be a simulation running inside a computer.
posted on Sep-12-12 at 9:42 PM

See which U.S. presidential candidates you side with on most issues.
posted on Aug-30-12 at 2:06 PM

Ebru, turkish for "marbeling", and is hypnotizing to watch. It is a process that puts colored paint on the surface of water, and then transferring it to paper. It is probably most common for us now in its use in bookbinding, showing as early as the 17th century in Europe, and it's still being done routinely today in the US Government Printing Office. The art is much older, dating back to 10th century Turkey. It had a resurgence in the 60's as a psychedelic hippie art form. It's easy to learn but can take years to master.
posted on Aug-25-12 at 8:02 PM

New feature for online MMO puts the player's facial expressions and movements into the game avatar in real time. The player only needs a normal webcam to make the feature work. It also allows the player to alter their voice to fit the character they're playing.
posted on Aug-9-12 at 4:41 AM

A viral video about the phenomenon of viral videos.
posted on Aug-7-12 at 1:21 PM

Man takes virtual augmented reality girlfriend for a walk in the park. (via)
posted on Jul-9-12 at 10:55 AM

A simplified explanation for how the internet works, brought to you by the World Science Festival.
posted on Jul-5-12 at 6:57 PM

Watch competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi Eat 397 Hot Dogs, 32 Eggs, 337 Chicken Wings, 13 Sandwiches, 25 Peeps, 30 Tacos, 16 Bananas, and Chug 25 Bottles of Milk. Also, how to eat hot dogs like Takeru Kobayashi.
posted on Jul-3-12 at 2:15 PM

THE HOBBIT Production Video Blog
posted on Jun-7-12 at 5:10 AM

32 inventions that will change your tomorrow (NYT)
posted on Jun-4-12 at 5:25 AM

It is well known that the US military and their allies use unmanned aerial drones overseas in wars and other operations. But there are also hundreds in operation here in the U.S., according to records the Federal Aviation Administration has recently released. Local police departments already have used them in SWAT situations, and the Department of Homeland Security has given the green light for them to deploy a drone helicopter that can supposedly taze suspects from above as well as carrying 12-gauge shotguns and grenade launchersas well as providing surveillance. Congress has paved the way for as many as 30,000 drones in the skies over the US by 2020, which has privacy advocates alarmed. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has created a map with all of the organizations that have permits to use drones within the confines of the US.
posted on Apr-24-12 at 8:09 AM

A new Seattle-base company called Planetary Resources (twitter), created by several billionaires, apparently has a lofty goal in mind ... to bring a 500-ton asteroid to Earth by 2025, for the purposes of mining its resources. And according to a recently released report (pdf) by CalTech, it's not all that outlandish an idea.
posted on Apr-20-12 at 12:26 PM

In 1942, as part of the Manhattan Project, the U.S. government acquired 70,000 acres of land in Eastern Tennessee and established a secret town called Oak Ridge. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge office recently started to digitize its collection of archival photos and share them.
posted on Apr-14-12 at 4:47 PM

L'ennui de Henri et Henri 2, Paw de Deux.
posted on Apr-9-12 at 3:16 PM

US Feds Reject Petition To Ban BPA In Food -- "...recent studies done by government researchers at the request of regulatory agencies suggest it's very unlikely that BPA poses a health risk to people." (NPR Audio)
posted on Apr-3-12 at 6:37 AM

Virtual Heart Transplant Surgery
posted on Mar-24-12 at 4:26 PM

Polltopia (625 kb zip file) "It's a treasure trove for researchers that I'm sure is unmatched in the world of modern polling: [Daily Kos has] assembled all the raw data for every single Daily Kos/SEIU poll conducted in 2011 into a single file. That's 46 polls, including questionnaires ... in a nifty 623 KB package. No one else releases information this granular, so if you've ever wanted to take a deep, deep dive into raw polling data, this is your chance."
posted on Feb-21-12 at 7:01 PM

John Cleese Carefully Considers Your Futile Comments.
posted on Feb-18-12 at 10:25 AM

Here is the footage from Todd Howard's keynote address at DICE 2012. This was from the Bethesda Game Jam after the game shipped in 2011, and it describess potentially new downloadable content for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
posted on Feb-12-12 at 2:05 PM

IRL : "You do anything long enough to escape the habit of living until the escape becomes the habit." A short film by a recovering WoW addict.
posted on Jan-31-12 at 3:06 PM

Future Shock (2, 3, 4, 5) is a glimpse at society on the precipice of the information age, in this 1972 documentary based on the Alvin Toffler classic about the world gone mad, due to technology and computers. Narrated by Orson Welles.
posted on Jan-30-12 at 1:26 PM

What the Right Gets Right and What the Left Gets Right : An experiment in "transideological friendship." What liberals and conservatives think their ideological opposition does well.
posted on Jan-23-12 at 1:39 PM

"The following is a short demonstration of Quintronics' latest musical invention called The Singing House. This drone synthesizer can be installed into any building in order to provide its inhabitants with a pleasing chord that is constantly changed by the weather." Brought to you by the maker of The Drum Buddy.
posted on Jan-17-12 at 6:26 PM

Victorian Farm | Edwardian Farm -- 18 hours of BBC experimental archeology/historical documentaries, online. Archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn and historian Ruth Goodman spend two years living the life of rural country farmers.
posted on Jan-15-12 at 6:53 PM

The Truth about Christmas Carols -- Howard Goodall uncovers the surprising and often secret history of the Christmas carol in this hour-long BBC documentary.
posted on Dec-25-11 at 2:28 PM

Tiny origami apartment in Manhattan unfolds into 4 rooms. Making the most out of 450 square feet.
posted on Dec-13-11 at 7:49 PM

Datamining Shakespeare --- Othello is a Shakespearean tragedy: when the hero makes a terrible mistake of judgment, his once promising world is led into ruin. Computer analysis of the play, however, suggests that the play is a comedy or, at least, that it does the same things with words that comedies usually do. On October 26, 2011, Folger Shakespeare Library Director Michael Witmore discussed his recent work in Shakespeare studies which combines computer analysis of texts, linguistics, and traditional literary history. Taking the case of Shakespeare's genres as a starting point, Witmore shows how subtle human judgments about the kinds of plays Shakespeare wrote — were they comedies, histories or tragedies? — are connected to frequent, widely distributed features in the playwright's syntax, vocabulary, and diction. (approx. 30 minute lecture.)
posted on Dec-8-11 at 4:47 AM

Back in October, NYT columnist David Brooks asked his older readers (aged 70+) to send him "life reports." He wanted them to appraise their lives, in an effort to glean some life lessons for all of us to learn by. After receiving thousands of replies, he published his assessment of them a couple weeks ago, in two columns (Part 1: Nov 24, 2011; Part 2: Nov 28, 2011). He's also selected specific ones and published them on his blog.
posted on Dec-6-11 at 9:46 PM

Bach as graph. -- An interactive visualization of the Cello Suite No. 1, Prelude.
posted on Nov-4-11 at 5:01 AM

Chicks With Guns
posted on Oct-27-11 at 12:24 PM

National Geographic's Water Footprint Calculator
posted on Sep-23-11 at 11:07 AM

Cinevault has over 1000 full length streamable movies, most from the golden age of Hollywood.
posted on Sep-12-11 at 10:26 AM

Facepaint in Motion (dozens of flickr videos of facepaint artist James Kuhn.)
posted on Aug-24-11 at 3:20 PM

Microsoft released Age of Empires Online last week -- a free-to-play realtime strategy game, and it's getting some pretty good press.
posted on Aug-22-11 at 3:37 PM

The art of the menu.
posted on Aug-10-11 at 10:08 AM

Turner Classic Movie's "Summer Under the Stars" website is a load of (heavy-loading) flash goodness, and features pretty great interface design, including video content.
posted on Aug-1-11 at 9:58 PM

Pop Pilgrims : "When the AV Club Travels, we always make time to visit pop culture landmarks. If something memorable happened in the world of film, tv, books, or music, we want to go there. We're not just tourists, we're POP PILGRIMS."
posted on Jul-20-11 at 4:51 AM

To celebrate the recent summer solstice, residents of Poznań, Poland gathered to break the country’s record for releasing paper lanterns by setting 8,000 of the glowing lights aloft. More. (via)
posted on Jul-1-11 at 3:25 PM

A new study finds that re-usable grocery bags don't harbor sickening bacteria as much as previously found. Turns out, the previous study (June, 2010), which reported significant levels of sickness producing bacteria present in the bags they tested, was sponsored by the American Chemistry Council, an organization that represents the interests of the people who manufacture plastic bags. “A person eating an average bag of salad greens gets more exposure to these bacteria than if they had licked the insides of the dirtiest bag from this study,” says an expert.
posted on Jun-28-11 at 11:38 AM

The Environmental Working Group has released its 2011 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce.
posted on Jun-21-11 at 4:57 PM

Joe Bussard has a podcast called "Country Classics," (mostly old bluegrass, but there's also a couple featuring old-time jazz) ... also available over the air on WREK (91.1 Atlanta, GA) every Friday afternoon.
posted on Jun-18-11 at 9:31 AM

Philippe Faraut , realist sculptor, has a couple of interesting videos on Youtube ... one shows the effects of the aging process, another shows the effects of meth, and a third shows the effects of insanity.
posted on May-15-11 at 10:03 PM

Derailing a train isn't as easy as you might think. [1944] (Declassified WW2 OSS training video.)
posted on Apr-11-11 at 9:49 PM

If you believe the hype, this is a surfer video edited by a monkey.
posted on Mar-29-11 at 6:50 AM

Fractal Lab is an interactive WebGL fractal generating app that allows you to virtually explore 3D fractals in a web browser (Chrome or the latest Firefox 4 beta).
posted on Mar-7-11 at 2:46 PM

The Lost Thing animated, 15 mins. Nominated for and Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. Based on a book by Shaun Tan.
posted on Feb-22-11 at 9:27 AM

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