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"Much of the history of Black people, particularly our intimate history, is still unseen and unexplored." Beautifully understated, The Black Vernacular is a communal memorial to this history.
posted on Mar-14-12 at 12:36 PM

Picnicmob would like to invite you to a picnic and seat you precisely with those most like you.
posted on Jul-25-07 at 1:37 PM

Hip-Hop Legends Digable Planets Reunite! Word, and they're touring.
posted on May-25-05 at 6:29 PM

Charles Darwin has a posse.
posted on Mar-21-05 at 7:40 AM

A hundred social scientists and geneticists gathered this week in Alexandria to sort out the meaning of race, and didn't, quite.
posted on Sep-18-04 at 8:39 PM

Hurricane Risk for New Orleans: "if that Category Five Hurricane comes to New Orleans, 50,000 people could lose their lives. Now that is significantly larger than any estimates that we would have of individuals who might lose their lives from a terrorist attack. When you start to do that kind of calculus - and it's horrendous that you have to do that kind of calculus - it appears to those of us in emergency management, that the risk is much more real and much more significant, when you talk about hurricanes. I don't know that anybody, though, psychologically, has come to grip with that: that the French Quarter of New Orleans could be gone." (Nb. this excerpt from a fascinating 2002 American RadioWorks documentary does not refer specifically to Ivan.)
posted on Sep-14-04 at 7:41 AM

Hear D and D players roll the dice in a fantasy battle with nefarious foes.
posted on Aug-18-04 at 8:20 PM

Hundreds of kinds of mixed seeds, soil humus, and dry powdered red brown clay, form the solid components of seed balls.
posted on Jul-15-04 at 8:48 PM

Not to touch on politics, but I found this particularly striking example of how Google News can reveal a dimension of 'news' that can be difficult to observe.
posted on Jul-2-04 at 7:59 PM

The low-impact living initiative produces information sheets on a range of low-impact topics. Don't believe the hype.
posted on Apr-16-04 at 8:31 PM

Killing the Buddha: a heretic's bible is on a "Tent Revival" book tour and I suspect it would be worth checking out. Did anyone catch the readings in Austin or Phoenix USA?
posted on Feb-7-04 at 8:51 PM

Four California activists were arrested Tuesday while protesting the case of Kevin Cooper, set to be executed in less than a week. Gov. Schwarzenegger denied a clemency hearing for Cooper (the first time such a hearing was denied since California re-instituted the death penalty in 1978), despite ample evidence shedding doubt not only on the fairness of Cooper's trial, but also his alleged guilt. Kevin Cooper is asking people to protest for his life.
posted on Feb-5-04 at 7:51 AM

Is it me, or does Mac Mentor sound like the name of a comic book super-villian? (Say it slow.)
posted on Jun-13-03 at 9:40 PM

Don't let the minute spoil the hour. Ted Joans Lives!
posted on May-17-03 at 11:51 PM

On the day after war begins, global protests will shock and awe. I'm often reminded that it took years for Vietnam protests to reach the levels we've already seen -- of course, after 3-4 hours, it may hardly matter. *cries*
posted on Mar-19-03 at 7:53 PM

iCal weblogs via the iCal weblog. *head explodes*
posted on Sep-14-02 at 10:39 AM

I like this list of ideas how men can take sexism on as their own struggle. [via full bleed]
posted on Sep-6-02 at 10:11 PM

"When Shiva holds the center of the stage, the role of the personalized Brahman is colored with death and destruction. Shiva's stern asceticism casts a blight over the fields of rebirth. His presence negates and transcends the kaleidoscope of sufferings and joys. Nevertheless, he bestows wisdom and peace and is not only terrible but profoundly benign. Shiva's nature at once transcends and includes all the polarities of the living world." "Shiva opens his third eye only in anger, and the offender is burnt to cinders.
posted on Aug-10-02 at 11:41 PM

The anticipation of war stirs uncertainty and puts people on edge, which is the way the country, already shaken by Sept. 11, is feeling these days. It is time for Mr. Bush to level with the nation about his intentions and to talk candidly about why he feels military action against Iraq may soon be necessary, and what the goals, costs and potential consequences of a war would be. (NYTimes, registration required)
posted on Aug-2-02 at 10:40 PM

"In the end, we will need to give up any lingering fantasies of a color-blind Web and focus on building a space where we recognize, discuss and celebrate racial and cultural diversity. To achieve that goal, all of us -- white folks and people of color -- will have to shed the defensiveness that surrounds the topic of race." So says Henry Jenkins in a Technology Review article on Cyberspace and Race. On the Internet, nobody knows you're oppressed?
posted on Mar-22-02 at 12:09 AM

"Everything it takes to stage a guerrilla drive-in fits neatly into the back of a Honda Civic: a VCR, a video projector, an FM receiver and a generator. The only other things you need are a film and a wall."
posted on Mar-15-02 at 1:01 AM

projet MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE projet is a collection of independently-produced books and zines traveling and exhibiting across North America in a vintage Airstream trailer. The project is accepting submissions for the 2002 tour.
posted on Jan-16-02 at 8:16 AM

Do you want to play? "If these rules make sense to you, we could quickly cross the line from words to action, both on the Web and in neighborhoods and villages around the world, by inviting people and organizations that support these goals to meet and work together, locally and face-to-face -- in schools, community centers and houses of worship -- or online and across any cultural or national border." I like the sound of this ambitious initiative of
posted on Jan-4-02 at 2:31 PM

"Almost 10,000 people will die today from AIDS," says Eric Sawyer, founding member of ACT UP NY. (AIDs Coalition to Unleash Power is "a diverse, non-partisan group of individuals united in anger and committed to direct action to end the AIDS crisis.")
posted on Dec-1-01 at 12:19 AM

"I’d keep guns off the streets if I could -- keep them off people, off cops, off everybody. They’re just built to kill people, and that’s no good. Sometimes I feel like turning people in -- like when there’s a shooting in front of my house. But something always stops me. I grew up in this place. I knew these people before they even started dealing with guns. Those are the people who watch my back when I need them. They’re like family -- I can’t turn them in." Jesus Gonzalez reports on the illegal handgun trade in Brooklyn, NY, as part of a Marketplace series on the underground economy.
posted on Nov-15-01 at 6:56 AM

Get your war on with exquisite comic strips from mnftiu.
posted on Oct-10-01 at 11:00 AM

If terrorism is real, then a clear-eyed view would suggest nuclear power is done for.
posted on Sep-17-01 at 2:52 PM

Refuse and Resist Anti-Arab Racism. To do so is your minimal moral duty.
posted on Sep-12-01 at 3:54 PM

Did you hear about the Trash Bloc? Some anti-authoritarians are planning a bloc for the weekend of the IMF/World Bank protests that would go around Washington DC neighborhoods and pick up trash. I think we can all get down with that.
posted on Aug-20-01 at 5:09 PM

Some of us work on the plantation.
Some of us own the plantation.
Facts are facts.
This hat is for those who own the plantation.
posted on Jun-22-01 at 12:07 AM

I hope you'll consider participating in the "Roll Your Own" Blackout tonight. Just shut off all the lights and appliances that you (reasonably and safely) can between seven and ten p.m. your time.
posted on Jun-21-01 at 11:35 AM

Right Livelihood Resources - "How can you design your work life so it is an expression of your gifts and makes a contribution to the world? How can you make your time at work meaningful?" Does your work reflect your values?
posted on Jun-15-01 at 10:01 PM

In the desert on the U.S.-Mexico border, charity becomes political protest as humanitarian groups seek to put hundreds of gallons of water in the form of "watering stations" -- a few gallons of water and a blue flag -- on federal, military, private, and Indian lands.
posted on Jun-11-01 at 3:36 PM

New York Times - Some Upset by Twist "The movie does not give even a glancing reference to the scores of Hawaiian civilians — the youngest a 3-month-old girl — who were killed in the attack, most of them from friendly fire as antiaircraft rounds missed their targets and landed several miles away in Honolulu." Don't let Disney teach you history!
posted on May-28-01 at 12:01 AM

Is it just me, or has this been the slowest-moving weather front you've ever seen come across North America? We're having crazy storms over here. Are we drastically changing our climate? How many people will increase their chance of getting skin cancer this weekend? By how much? Will you please put on some sunscreen?
posted on May-26-01 at 12:34 AM

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin's global consciousness ... is it for the birds?
posted on May-9-01 at 10:18 AM

FTAA Diary is a 48-page zine (available for download in pdf format) chronicling the experiences of folks who protested in Quebec. Illustrated with powerful black and white photos, the narratives personalize the events like no journalism could hope to.
posted on Apr-29-01 at 12:10 AM

"Inmate rape has such an established place in the mythology of prison that references to confinement often call forth jokes about sexual assault. But while rape is accepted as a fact of prison life, the subject has received little serious attention and legal remedies are rare. Few prison rapists are ever prosecuted, and most prisons provide little counseling or medical attention for rape victims, or help in preventing such attacks." New York Times: Little Sympathy -- I don't know what this does for recidivism, but it doesn't sound like rehabilitation to me. What's a prison activist to do?
posted on Apr-16-01 at 1:15 AM

"Why is affirmative action in universities so unpopular when it seems to be working so well? Statistical studies show that the policy has improved racial diversity not only in the classrooms but later in life, in business and the professions, as well, and contributed to improved understanding among races." New York Times Op-Ed: Race and the Uses of Law. Will the Supreme Court decide that racial diversity is a compelling educational need that justifies affirmative action? Should they? (Educators are invited to contribute.)
posted on Apr-13-01 at 2:56 AM

If you're lucky, it's not too late to sign up with a Community Supported Agriculture (?) program in your area. Imagine getting more fresh, often organic, locally-grown produce (of sorts familiar and un-) each week from late spring through fall than you probably eat in a month! Some friends did this in college and I was thrilled to find a farm near me this year. Is there one near you?
posted on Mar-23-01 at 9:49 PM

What Would Buddha Do about road rage?
posted on Mar-9-01 at 11:41 PM

"Maybe all this is why I'm so tired of other white folks trying to sell me bullshit like: 'I don't have a racist bone in my body,' or 'I never notice color.' See, MawMaw would have said that too. And she would have meant well. And she would have been wrong."
posted on Mar-8-01 at 7:51 PM

The Unimog, a converted German military vehicle manufactured by Daimler-Chrysler will be sold as a luxury vehicle in the US later this year. (This ten-foot-tall, six-ton beast dwarfs the Hummer.) According to Unimog marketing manager Bruce Barnes, "even in Scottsdale, Arizona, moms will want to take it to the grocery store. It's a head-turning vehicle." It seems to me this thing pretty much condemns itself, but here's a tree-hugging press release to chew on.
posted on Feb-28-01 at 8:39 AM

This article about the stereotyped Black man offered up by nearly every reality TV show broadcast in the US ends just as it's getting to the essence: why is this the "reality" the networks -- and damningly the audiences -- are choosing?
posted on Feb-20-01 at 6:17 AM is The New Yorker's online database of cartoons. You can search (internet dog, racism), order prints and t-shirts, and launch a pop-up "cartoon channel" window that refreshes with a new cartoon twice a minute.
posted on Feb-13-01 at 8:21 AM

A Confederacy of Denial: in which David Blight reveals the origin of the myth of the moral Confederacy.
posted on Jan-29-01 at 3:22 PM

The Virginia Senate voted to let Fairfax County prohibit its residents from sleeping anywhere but their bedrooms.
posted on Jan-27-01 at 6:37 PM

When did Mo revive World New York? Woohoo!
posted on Jan-25-01 at 10:22 AM

Kadd Stephens, organizer with the Justice Action Movement, offers a refreshingly lucid explanation of why thousands of us will be protesting on Saturday in this Washington Post Q & A.
posted on Jan-18-01 at 10:10 PM

James Baldwin once wrote, "So long as you think you are white, there is no hope for you." What could he possibly have meant?
posted on Dec-17-00 at 10:17 AM

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