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I was plussed. It was concerting to see that she was communicado... An 1994 New Yorker story chock full of presumably sensical words that look wacky without their negating prefixes. A Smackeral from the great
posted on Oct-22-03 at 12:11 PM

Every American #1 pop hit since 1950, reviewed, in order. (Start at the bottom of the page and work up.) Great blog project! (blogject?)
posted on Oct-6-03 at 6:26 AM

"Sweat-hogging" -- seeking out plus-size women for romantic encounters characterized by a remarkably virulent brand of hatred, cruelty, objectification and, it seems, not a little self-loathing. And I use the word "romantic" loosely. Anybody ever run across this pathology before? (via Romanesko)
posted on Oct-2-03 at 1:33 PM

Things That Have Been Sold In Vending Machines. Also, Skybox, the world's first vending machine for home use.
posted on Sep-25-03 at 9:10 AM

Search the dead Internet. (via Q Daily News)
posted on Sep-23-03 at 8:07 AM

Obitpage, dedicated to the writer's art of the obituary. Recommended among the greats in the (partial) "hall-of-fame" archive is Idi Amin's: "One of the Most Reviled Figures In Recent History."
posted on Sep-2-03 at 7:15 AM

Two of his children dying from a rare genetic disorder, Dad -- with no science background whatever -- starts a biotech company for the sole purpose of developing a drug that will cure them. Heartrending conflicts ensue. "Many times, I'd be talking aloud about programs and budgets, and at the back of my mind be thinking, 'Oh my God, this is not good for Megan and Patrick.' "
posted on Aug-26-03 at 6:51 AM

What makes us cry? What makes you cry? Why, particularly, do acts of kindness make some of us cry?
posted on Aug-13-03 at 7:54 AM

Honey, phone's for's the Barbi Twins! Almost-celebrities will talk to you or a loved one on the phone for $1 a second (30 sec. increments). So, so awesome, I don't know where to start. I'm just glad Epstein from Welcome Back Kotter is available!
posted on Aug-1-03 at 6:57 AM

$15 million burning a hole in his pocket. Having made millions in real estate, this Philadelphia philanthropist is using the money as an object lesson to his children by giving it all away. Now that all the money is pretty much gone, he's in the hospital today giving away a kidney to a complete stranger. Will his children get more out of this example than they might have out of college? Could you do what this couple is doing? (Before you answer, note: they don't even have cable!)
posted on Jul-22-03 at 9:59 AM

"The Day The Clown Cried." Even unfinished, the breathtaking scope of it's...awfulness has for thirty years both attracted and repelled would-be producers and distributors. (script, zipped Word doc) Just the concept is startling, like some kind of hellish Sad Lib -- Jerry Lewis plays a clown in Auschwitz who leads children to the gas chambers. Harry Shearer, one of the few to see the film: "You are rarely in the presence of a perfect object. This was a perfect object. This movie is so drastically wrong, its pathos and its comedy are so wildly misplaced, that you could not, in your fantasy of what it might be like, improve on what it really is. 'Oh my God!' -- that's all you can say." Can this movie ever be made?
posted on Jul-16-03 at 12:18 PM

Top Ten Spam Subject Lines. (PDF) Inside: I'll save you the clickthrough
posted on Jul-10-03 at 7:48 AM

If you liked the lyrics on Dylan's last album, you'll probably also like the Japanese gangster novel he lifted some of them from. Verdict: Not guilty, on grounds of prior artistic achievement. (Long article in today's WSJ not linked because the old WSJ free-linkification doesn't work anymore!!?)
posted on Jul-8-03 at 11:07 AM

Heisenberg's uncertainty principle may be hindering DC sniper investigation. An interesting, albeit unanswerable, question: Is the sniper responding specifically to feedback from the media -- or are the examples in the linked article "cherry-picking" to make the point? Also, apparently the art of "profiling" as practiced by TV expert commentators can very effectively destroy any profile investigators may have constructed on the guy. Think before you post to this thread: the sniper could be a Metafilter reader.
posted on Oct-22-02 at 1:47 PM

Henrietta Lacks, a Baltimore housewife, died in 1951. Some of her cells did not die. In fact, had they been allowed to grow unchecked, they would have taken over the world by now. As it is, even as they proved invaluable to medical researchers, their baffling ability to regenerate resulted in contamination of three decades of cellular research, costing medical researchers millions of dollars. As far as science can tell, Henrietta's cells will never die. Creepy!
posted on Oct-10-02 at 7:39 AM

Executive Chute. Sorry, middle managers, staff, administrative support. Why don't you, uh, go ahead and try that elevator again.
posted on Oct-8-02 at 1:16 PM

Edith's Huge Interface. Some kind of Usenet spamming strategy that I don't understand provides a rich resource for band names, random subject lines, and Mefi taglines. "Hey, I'll annoy the robot!"
posted on Sep-18-02 at 11:16 AM

One Less Tourbus. Singer/songwriters tearing down the Oil Economy one gig at a time. Next time you're at a show and the musicians are all winded and sweaty before they even start, this is why.
posted on Sep-10-02 at 2:04 PM

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