MetaFilter Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is a group of Mefites who set and implement site policies and priorities, direct and approve budget expenditures, and act as spokespeople, champions, and mediators for concerns of community members.

The Steering Committee was formed in August 2022, in order to move towards a more community-governed model for MetaFilter.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, questions, or concerns for the Steering Committee, please email If you would like to volunteer to help with special projects please fill out this form.


Detailed agendas and minutes for the monthly Steering Committee meetings are coming soon. In the meantime, you can find major updates here:

What the Steering Committee does

The Steering Committee operates under a charter created by the Transition Team in July 2022.

How Steering Committee members are chosen

The members of the inaugural Steering Committee were chosen using a mix of community voting and selection by the Transition Team from a slate of self-nominated candidates.