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Metaskim: A news aggregator that cuts out a lot of the fat and gives you relevant local and national news.
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Wait a damn second. What the hell am I doing here?
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it's just not meski...
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The local is great except that you can't set your location and it thinks that I live in Westlake, OH.
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yeah it has my local location wrong and I can't see where to reset it.
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It's not a bad idea - I'd welcome a "general news" equivalent of Techmeme and Memeorandum - but the linked site is painfully unattractive and the fact that the contact address is (the website's name) at gmail doesn't fill me with reassurance this thing will be around by the time I finish editing this post...
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Why would I use this instead of Google Reader or another RSS reader. Honest question. Is it just like a standard RSS reader but with default subscription selections based on (detected) location?
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I like it, but it DID get my location right. It found all the local news sources I already have on my RSS reader, plus some relevant local news from slightly-less local sources. (Yes, everybody, I heard about the bear that wandered into the San Luis Obispo neighborhood, but it was on the opposite side of town - go bother filthy light theif!)
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I'd love to see what they think is the local feed selection. The Austin stuff is pretty standard, which inclines me to mrgrimm's POV. I guess it would have value for people who aren't technical enough to use Google Reader, though.
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Also: the last thing I give a fuck about is random tweets from people in my area. That's screen real estate I'd see going to use. Or even to advertising.
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I can't even figure out how to get it to give me local news. It tried to sell me local 'deals', gave me some random people's tweets (like I care), some even listings (but not actually nearby for someone without a car) and some job listings. Oh, and a google map that didn't load properly.

Oh... I now see the local news heading. Apparently Minneapolis is totally without news. (Except it thinks I'm in St Paul from my IP.)
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Well, it got my location right. But it shows no local news in Minneapolis. And the map is blank also.


With MeFi and NYT, I'm already somewhat up-to-date nationally and internationally, but completely lost locally. I was hoping this would help with that.
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I mean, yeah, what hoyland said. Sorry, should have previewed.
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I discovered that we have weather in my area!
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Pointcast was better (15 years ago).
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cuts out a lot of the fat and gives you relevant local and national news.

Phew, for a second there I thought this meant it would cut out ME!

I'm working out, dammit!
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No conflict of interest here. The site was mentioned on reddit, and I bookmarked it. I find myself going back to it every morning for a quick rundown of the news. I also like checking the books and movies section.

Part of the appeal for me is the site's simplicity and lack of clutter. I find that RSS and Google Reader become backlogged after a day or so for me.
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I found it useful for finding out about local happenings in 2012. Not sure why, but it's going to be a busy year.
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What I want is a pure no-single-cases news site. I don't one to know about a murder, a missing teen, a celebrity marriage, a sex scandal denied, a cat rescued, none of that. Unless you are an elected official announcing your policy position, I just figure it is your own personal business, though of course I am sorry for your troubles. I DO want to know that the California state budget passes the legislature, home sales fell, a nuclear plant is threatening Nebraska (or not), workers are rioting, women who eat fish are at lower risk of disease... Does this dream product exist?
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I favorited salvia's comment above but want to post just to agree more strongly. I feel guilty these days about not consuming any "real" news -- I get everything second hand through blogs and word of mouth. Used to be a faithful newspaper reader, back when I lived in Chicago, before Sam Zell bought the Tribune. I miss investigative journalism. I miss being an informed voter. But I'm busier these days and the signal to noise ratio of the local paper and TV news is just too low.

Oh well. For Minneapolis, Bob Collins' News Cut blog gives me most of what I need to know. I'll just stick with that.
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It thinks I'm in Indiana. I'm in Wisconsin. About 275 miles away.
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I found it useful for finding out about local happenings in 2012. Not sure why, but it's going to be a busy year. sneebler

You wouldn't happen to live in an area where a "local happening" might include a Super Bowl, World Series, or other major sports betting activity? If so, I've got a business proposition for you.
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i am digging this.
thanks for sharing
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Sorry Fezboy! ! It's just that it shows a bunch of actually scheduled events for 2012, and none for 2011. I'm with you on the business model, but the technology isn't there yet.
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