June 24

Alcoholism is a strange condition.

Tanya Gold is a British freelance journalist. Alcoholism continues long after you stop drinking': my 15 years sober.
Thirteen years ago she discribed her horror of Group therapy: I still howl at the memory'.
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A Norwegian, a Russian billionaire and Trump walk into... Concord NC?

Why was that Russian billionaire in Charlotte? He was looking in on his investment. Alevo, a high tech battery company, brings major intrigue, a Russian oligarch, and President Trump to a small town outside Charlotte NC. From the Charlotte Observer. Adam Kahn outlines it all. Tracking the Yachts and Jets of the Mega-Rich.
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Up a wombat’s freckle

Barry Humphries reviews the second edition of the Australian National Dictionary. "The reader should be warned that there are one or two colloquialisms in this review."
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Amazon's Dystopia As A Service

Amazon's vision for the future are these gigantic drone beehives that look like they are trapping humans in buildings like in a old school platformer. For a 10x horror multiplier, check out the plant-like fronds on the drones.
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Zola is a 380-pound Silverback gorilla living in the South gorilla habitat at the Dallas Zoo. He loves his pool [ambient sound]. [more inside]
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A History of Violence in Movies

An ongoing critical take on movie violence, starting with "Bullitt" Back in January 2016, Tom Breihan began choosing the important and importantly violent movie of the year and discussing why and how it had an impact. He also mentions others of that year in a postscript. His latest post (16 June 2017) is on "Kill Bill." I've set the link to page 2 so you can start at the beginning; there's 30+ posts.
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I can see the attraction

Magnet fishing is simple - get a strong magnet, an even stronger rope and a body of water. Throw in the magnet and see what you find!
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The daily lives of young IS fighters

They died as fighters, but they died as fools. Pity should be reserved for the people they once lived among, who were abused and killed as the young men sacrificed all around them, for their caliphate.
The secret lives of IS fighters. Trigger warning: some descriptions of killed people.
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June 23

She came up to me and she said...

Renegade Soundwave (RSW) were one of those musical act that didn't sell as many records or gain as much fame as their influence would suggest (certainly not in America). From the fertile time that gave us MARRS, Pop Will Eat Itself, KLF, Meat Beat Manifesto, 808 State, etc. they mixed Hip Hop beats, Dance tracks and Dub in a way that heavily influenced the Big Beat and Electronica of the 90's and more. [more inside]
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It takes a slow hand to catch a big fish

Rock & roll legend. World-class guitarist. Record-setting angler? Guitar god Eric Clapton went to Iceland to learn how to fish for salmon. I think he got it. He also got the biggest salmon caught in Iceland this year, a 42 1/2 inch monster weighing 28 pounds.
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“...perfect for running, driving, flying or ring collecting.”

OC ReMix Presents Speeding Towards Adventures: 25 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog! [Overclocked Remix] On the final day of Sonic's 25th anniversary year (gotta go fast!), OverClocked ReMix today released its 62nd free community arrangement album, Speeding Towards Adventures: 25 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog. Featuring 23 tracks from 30 artists, Speeding Towards Adventures pays tribute to numerous titles from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and is co-directed by Russian community member Stepan "Black_Doom" Sudilovsky & Dutch musician Jorrith "Jorito" Schaap. The album is available for free download. [more inside]
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coming this December

The Batman Complex
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Trevor Noah's best Daily Show segment yet.

"What they're basically saying is: 'In America, it is officially reasonable to be afraid of a person just because they are black'." Trevor Noah's June 21 address to camera on the Philando Castile verdict was stark, heartfelt and undeniable in its hard truth. It matches the very best of what Jon Stewart was able to achieve with the show.
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Perhaps my stark terror will be of use to someone

I have decided that I want to learn to hunt deer. Unfortunately, this involves firearms. I am a liberal. I am a liberal to the nth degree. Also, I'm a little scared of my Dremel, for god's sake. Okay. Well, I have always said that I had no problem with people using guns to hunt. Let's see if I was telling the truth or not. Ursula Vernon [perennially beloved of mefi] learns something new and manages to only slightly traumatize the owner of the local gun shop in the process.
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Yes. It is as bad as you'd think.

Girls and Boys Alone. Channel 4 Special! oh, oh... Childcare experts and politicians feared that the series, which saw eight-to-11-year-olds fend for themselves for two weeks, would degenerate into "voyeuristic and low-grade entertainment" and what happened -- -pretty much panned out as thought.
***Parent Trigger Warning*** [more inside]
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Lin-Manuel, "Weird Al" and Scully/Media

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has announced its 2018 selections for additions to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and it's a group containing a lot of Nerd Icons and Internet Meme Victims. [more inside]
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Call Me Maybe

Robert Seigel, Melissa Block, Ari Shapiro, Nina Totenberg, Scott Simon, David Greene, Susan Stamberg, Audie Cornish, Rachel Martin, Bob Mondello and Guy Raz all participate in a dramatic reading of Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe.
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The dog is the perfect portrait subject. He doesn't pose.

The "Dog Photographer Of The Year" competition, an annual contest organized by the UK-based animal welfare organization The Kennel Club, has announced its winners, and unsurprisingly the winning photos are chock full of very good dogs.
[more inside]
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Would Your Dog Eat You if You Died?

In three separate cases, dead owners were eaten to the point of decapitation, and they all involved German shepherds. Still, for all we know, a Pomeranian or Chihuahua would tear a head off if it could. ... Even hamsters and birds have been known to scavenge on occasion. (SL National Geographic)
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Appalachia coming at ya/Nazi scum we're gonna smash ya

"Redneck Revolt’s anti-racist, anti-capitalist message seems to be taking hold in communities across the United States. The organization had just 13 chapters in January but has nearly tripled its chapters nationally in the last 6 months. The group now has 34 different branches, 26 of which are in states that voted for Trump. Multiple chapters have over fifty members." Redneck Revolt pushes against the KKK and other reactionary moviements in white, working class spaces.
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Historic maps of the (proto) internet: cypergeography from 1969 to 1991

An Atlas of Cyberspaces: Historical Maps of Computer Networks A vintage Web 1.0-style webpage with "a range of the historical maps of ARPANET, the Internet, Usenet, and other computer networks, tracing how these pioneering networks grew and developed." See also: ARPANET Maps from December 1969 to July 1977, plus a logical map from March 1977, and a collection of ARPAnet Logical maps for 1969-1979. A number of these maps were pulled from the 1981 ARPANET Completion Report (scanned PDF with OCR).
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You can’t have a non sequitur unless you know what you’re not following

After PBS found success airing Monty Python's Flying Circus in the 1970s, ABC bought the rights to six episodes to air them as special presentations. But they didn't air the episodes intact, which led to the Pythons suing ABC, as editing the episodes was a breach of their contract with the BBC. The suit was ultimately unsuccessful in preventing ABC from editing the episodes, but a separate settlement resulted in the troupe getting full copyright to all 45 episodes of the series.
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The roles of beauty, aesthetics and signaling in evolutionary selection

What Duck Sex Reveals about Human Nature. An interview with Dr. Richard O. Prum, ornithologist and curator at the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University. Possibly NSFW: article includes a drawing of an aroused duck. [more inside]
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Turn on the light, pwn your city.

"Suppose you could build a worm that jumps directly from one lamp to another using their ZigBee wireless connectivity and their physical proximity. If the install base of lamps in a city is sufficiently dense, you could take them all over in no time, with the worm spreading like a physical virus."
- IoT goes nuclear: creating a ZigBee chain reaction
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Cathartic for POC Audiences

“You don’t look Mexican!” they cheerfully state. Their tone implies it’s meant to be construed as a compliment – as though I should be proud not to have the indigenous features that come with “looking Mexican.” I never tell them how offensive this is, perhaps because I’m afraid. Afraid of being told, “Oh come on, I didn’t mean that, I love Mexicans,”
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Hello Dear

A social enterprise is turning the hackers behind one of the internet’s longest-running scams into tech entrepreneurs
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Swipe Left

"we designed a chatbot, a smart computer program that deployed an adaptable script. In the two days ahead of the election earlier this month, the chatbot struck up conversations with thousands of young people between 18 and 25 years old on Tinder. The chatbot talked about politics, with the aim of getting voters to help oust the Conservative government."
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The map devours the territory

"But what makes a Trump impersonation so fascinating is that Trump’s surface, carefully crafted, is all we have of the man. A superficial rendition of his gestures is as faithful a portrayal as any. Conversely, the challenge of playing Trump is that Trump has always been impersonating Trump." [SLGuardianLongRead]
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"To increase and diffuse geographic knowledge"

All Over the Map is a neat blog from the folks at National Geographic. Some recent interesting posts: posted by Chrysostom at 12:57 AM - 6 comments

Manly Men

Guns and (Shea) Butter: An Oral History of 'Predator'
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June 22


Steam Calculator: Calculate the value of your Steam account.
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A thread full of surprisingly interesting and varied love stories.

A question posed to the married men of Reddit: what moment with your future wife made you think "Yup, I'm asking this girl to marry me."? (SLReddit) Although the one-sidedness of the question is not ideal (how about "married women, when did you know you wanted to marry your husband"), there are some great stories in here, from the touching to the silly. [more inside]
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30. Attempt to tolerate meta-humour

The latest from exurb1a (previously) is a list of pithy Instructions for a Happy Life [voiceover, captions, loud music during credits].
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Once there was a girl much like any other....

The Heart and the Bottle. A Tender Illustrated Fable of What Happens When We Deny Our Difficult Emotions.
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Is there a problem?

When people ask this question, what they mean is, “YOU" are being a problem. Gyasi Ross on flying while “being a big Indian” and the powerlessness of being asked that question.
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Afghanistan and Ireland: welcome to the top table

By a unanimous vote, Afghanistan and Ireland join ten other countries in having full ICC membership and Test status. This allows the nations to play the longer (five days per match) form of cricket. Ireland, currently champions of the World Cricket League, are understandably happy, as are Afghanistan who have played international cricket for only 13 years. While their next International fixtures are some way off - Ireland vs The Netherlands in August and Afghanistan vs Hong Kong in October, it is hoped Test series against the top sides will now be arranged quickly (by cricketing standards). The trailer to the acclaimed documentary "Out Of The Ashes" about Afghanistan's cricket journey, and a related documentary. Ireland defeating Pakistan in 2007.
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Skydiving From the Edge of Space

How Alan Eustace, a Google engineer on the edge of retirement, broke the world record for high-altitude jumping. [more inside]
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look, it says "floppy naked guy", I'm not going bother with a NSFW warni

*movie trailer voice* The floppy naked CGI guy is back, and this time...he's brought some friends.

time for sushi [more inside]
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They're back ....

Netflix has released the first trailer for "Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later," the sequel to the 2001 movie and the 2015 prequel series "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp." Returning cast members include Amy Poehler, Chris Meloni, David Hyde Pierce, David Wain, Elizabeth Banks, H. Jon Benjamin, Janeane Garofalo, Jason Schwartzman, Joe Lo Truglio, Ken Marino, Kristen Wiig, Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, Molly Shannon and Paul Rudd; among the new cast members are Samm Levine, Marlo Thomas, Dax Shepard, Alyssa Milano​ and Adam Scott.
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The Best Worst Movie of the Year

Finding Meaning in The Book of Henry, the Best Worst Movie of the Year. FULL SPOILERS WITHIN. Dave Holmes delightfully reviews/recaps Colin Trevorrow's bonkers project between Jurassic World and Star Wars Episode IX.
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Leia: "Dantooine. They're on Dantooine." Narrator: "They weren't."

Lord and Miller shot first, but Ron Howard shoots last. [more inside]
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Encyclopedia Dad

The first time I consult Dad I’m eight. My mom’s dating this guy. He worked with Dad, and I guess he’s a nice enough. But I don’t like it. I go to the library. On the second to bottom shelf, they’re lined up. All twenty-eight volumes of him. He’s there so that at any age I can find him.
[more inside]
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The Plot to Disrupt the NCAA with a Pay-for-Play HBCU Basketball League

"The multibillion-dollar college sports industry exploits African-American athletes and has left historically black schools behind. Some people think there's a better way."
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The most important traffic jam in the world

One third of all freight traffic in the US goes through Chicago, a train shipment spends an average of 30 hours traversing the Chicago region. To put that into context, freight often takes 48 hours to get from Los Angeles to Chicago.

If there was one bit of America’s infrastructure that you should choose to upgrade, this is it.
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There exists a music of the visual world.

Today's web toy. Google celebrates animator and filmmaker Oskar Wilhelm Fischinger (1900-1967) with a front page doodle. [more inside]
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June 21

Japanese Sumo Robots

ロボット相撲 (slyt) "It's like watching typewriters fight."
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Fashions of the Plain People

"Amish dress practices are slow to change because they are viewed as religious precepts. But change they do, and not only for utilitarian reasons. Amish fashion – change for the sake of change – exists, but it is subtle, slow, and miniscule. [...] Individual signs of rebellion or boundary testing include, for women, wearing prayer kapps that are smaller and thus expose more of the ear, kapps with untied strings, kapps with pronounced heart-shaped designs on the back, dresses in brighter colours, decorative pins on jacket lapels, and small frills and ruffles on sleeves." [more inside]
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“Winston from Overwatch...because he's adorable.”

Which Video Game Character Would Make The Best Roommate? [YouTube] [via: Kotaku]
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NYC divests pension fund from private prisons

Gothamist: New York City's pension fund is the first in the nation to fully divest from private prisons, according to Comptroller Scott Stringer. Trustees of the city's pension fund voted unanimously to divest in mid-May, and have since pulled $48 million of stocks and bonds from three companies: GEO Group, CoreCivic, and G4S. [more inside]
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"It belies a mastery of the form."

You know what's kinda relaxing? Watching smart people give advice about their field of expertise. When they happen to also be talented comedic actors, it's even better. So please enjoy "Wood Support" with Nick Offerman and "Doc Support" with Ken Jeong (Part of Wired's "Tech Support" series).
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