October 17

You don't have to be millionaires to dance to good dance music in the US

"I'm an American. The Immigration and Naturalization Service of the United States, in cooperation the National Broadcasting Company, has invited a number of naturalized citizens to talk about the American citizenship which they have recently acquired, a possession which we ourselves take for granted, but which is still new and thrilling to them. Today, we are delighted to have with us as [a] guest with us on this program, the distinguished scientist, Doctor Albert Einstein, who has this very morning, just a few hours ago, taken his citizenship examination." In 1940, on the eve of the United States' entrance into World War II, then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Immigration and Naturalization Service wanted to promote tolerance toward immigrants. [more inside]
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Mate he's obsessed with toilets

I worry it seems patronising to praise a famous 59-year-old man for doing as little as managing not to be a politically incorrect arsehole (again, a sadly surprising rarity), but I feel there’s something more than that with Big Nev, something genuinely quite affecting and inspiring.
Tristan Cross explains why former Wales & Everton keeper Neville Southall is such a mensch on and off Twitter.
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That's no bull!

There is an escaped cow in Prospect Park in Brooklyn! (FB live feed). [more inside]
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Transcribing decades-old science fiction fanzines

The James L. "Rusty" Hevelin Collection contains over ten thousand science fiction fanzines. The library of the University of Iowa is scanning them and has done more than 800 so far. It has set up a page on its DIY History site where people can transcribe old zines to make the computer searchable. For more about Rusty Hevelin, read his obituary, and for more about the collection read these two articles by Jacob Brogan from 2015 and 2017.
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Joni Mitchell: Fear of a Female Genius

Joni Mitchell: Fear of a Female Genius
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Playing with FIRE

The internet subculture of FIRE (Financial Independence and Retiring Early) is a community of people working to retire (or achieve financial independence) at aggressively young ages using some unconventional methods. [more inside]
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Loyal citizens who stand for Americanism

A Night at the Garden - a short archival documentary of a pro-America rally held at NYC's Madison Square Garden, in 1939. [more inside]
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The Secret History of Fruit Leather

Also known as Amardeen, it all started in Syria.
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Fair-Weather Friendly

Affiliate marketing is the seedy underbelly of online product reviews and commerce. That won't surprise anyone, but the extent of these momentary, modern gold rushes might. David Zax receives a free mattress from a reviewer who can't give them away fast enough and decides to peel back a few of the industry's less plush layers.
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The Potato Metaphor for Emotional Labor

In some relationships, the person needing support shows up in the kitchen with potatoes at the ready. They are saying, “Here. These are my potatoes. Cleaned and ready for your pan.” In other relationships and situations, the person seeking support makes it harder to find their potatoes... The potato metaphor is useful because it highlights how the person being supported has an active role in how laborious the emotional labor involved really is... Lopsided potato-handling can be damaging to ease, equity, and harmony in relationships.
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Think Daft Punk meets Deep Forest with the fearlessness of Nina Simone.

Tjitji tjurta (translation ‘all you kids’) inma-ku a pakala (translation ‘get up and dance’) tjitji tjurta Tjitji tjurta inma-ku a pakala tjitji tjurta [more inside]
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October 16

NZ’s Experience with Deregulation & Privatisation

The US had Reagonomics, the UK had Thatcherism, while New Zealand had Rogernomics and Ruthanasia.... [more inside]
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A Shit Leopard Can't Change its Spots.

John Dunsworth, who played park supervisor Jim Lahey in the long running Canadian series The Trailer Park Boys, has died at the age of 71.
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“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.”

How we feel about Freud: Susie Orbach and Frederick Crews debate his legacy [The Guardian] “For a century or more, Sigmund Freud has cast a long shadow not just over the field of psychoanalysis but over the entire way we think of ourselves as human beings. His theory of the unconscious and his work on dreams, in particular, retain a firm grip on the western imagination, shaping the realms of literature and art, politics and everyday conversation, as well as the way patients are analysed in the consulting room. Since Freud’s death in 1939, however, a growing number of dissenting voices have questioned his legacy and distanced themselves from his ideas. Now Freud is viewed less as a great medical scientist than as a powerful storyteller of the human mind whose texts, though lacking in empirical evidence, should be celebrated for their literary value. The following debate, conducted through emails, was prompted by the forthcoming publication of Frederick Crews’s book Freud: The Making of an Illusion, which draws on new research materials to raise fresh questions about Freud’s competence and integrity.” [Previously.] [more inside]
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"I could have made something empowering."

Bennett Foddy, he who made exquisite torture games QWOP (MeFi), CLOP (MeFi) and GIRP (MeFi), released a new game as part of the October Humble Monthly, called Getting Over It. It'll be available on Steam on December 6, but in the meantime you can watch this trailer. It is a surprisingly realistic model of a guy in a cauldron with a pick trying to climb a mountain.
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"He would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation"

Day 270: Season of war. [this is the U.S. politics thread.] [more inside]
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How Much More Are You Hiding?

The new trailer for Marvel's "Black Panther" is here (SLYT).
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Grace and Measure

Richard Wilbur, poet, translator, and lyricist, has died. He was 96. [more inside]
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My kid could do that! Oh, wait, no. Never mind.

Callum Donovan-Grujicich is an twelve year-old artist who lives in Whitby, Ontario with his parents, his younger brother and his beloved dog Jiggs. From about the time he was learning to walk, Callum showed a strong inclination towards expressing himself through art, preferably in three dimensions. At the age of ten he began experimenting with the creation of art dolls and has been passionately constructing them ever since. They are made from a variety of materials, including paper clay, wire armature, acrylic paint, fabric, stuffing and various found objects. He hand sews all the clothes.
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A Fire Story

When cartoonist Brian Fies's house burned down, he started drawing. [more inside]
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What Sewing Samplers Tell Us About Women’s Lives from the 17th to 19th Centuries.
The Fitzwilliam Museum's exhibit Sampled Lives exhibition shows how samplers (needlework training and practice) hold hidden messages in symbolism and contain clues of the lives of women and girls who made them. [more inside]
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me too

If every person who has been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote "Me too" as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem. Me too is sweeping across facebook and Twitter. Note: this is a post about sexual harassment and assault.
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'Twitter today is a cesspool of hate. A plague of frogs.'

Designer and man-about-Internet shares his personal history of Twitter.
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Some days you are the dog and others you are the fire-plug.

Surviving a 15,000-feet fall. One very bad day over, in, and on the Pacific Ocean. (via) [more inside]
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Welcome to CORE

Economics for a changing world - "An open-access platform for anyone who wants to understand the economics of innovation, inequality, environmental sustainability, and more..." [more inside]
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Where techno meets Giphy

Inward.Audio Real time streaming video mashups paired with the Fnoob techno stream. (Warnings: Blinking, flashing lights, potentially NSFW imagery, widely varying loud techno.)
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Roses are red, violets are blue, omae wa mou shindeiru

Another merrily morbid meme for your Monday: you are already dead. What started with a ridiculous anime/ kung fu trope-tastic delayed death from various attacks by Kenshiro in Fist of the North Star (previously) expanded online, as memes tend to do, mostly in silly sorts of ways. [more inside]
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The End of WPA2?

Apparently there is a new, valid nonce reuse attack for WPA2... Well, it looks like one of the last reasonable bastions of IT security is breached. It appears you can bypass WPA2 using an attack forcing key reinstallation by manipulating modding and replaying crypto packets to get WPA2 to reset keys. [more inside]
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October 15

They were just drug dealers in lab coats.

THE DRUG INDUSTRY’S TRIUMPH OVER THE DEA Amid a targeted lobbying effort, Congress weakened the DEA’s ability to go after drug distributors, even as opioid-related deaths continue to rise, a Washington Post and ‘60 Minutes’ investigation finds. [more inside]
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Assorted cuteness

22 Dogs Who Just Want To Say Hello
20 Totally Random Animal Photos That Will Make You Pee Yourself
22 Photos That Prove It's Easier With A Second Dog
28 Bizarre Photoshopped Hybrid Animals We Wish Existed IRL
20 Dogs Who Are Doing Us A Kindness
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Be a Planetarium and Explore

Kelli Anderson has a new interactive pop-up The Planetarium that works. Not only do things pop-up but there are tools to use. If I still collected movable books, this one would already be in my collection. And she has a fabulous website to explore, among which is a pop-up with a working pinhole camera. Here's the link to the website blog. She does a lot more than just pop-ups, as you'll see. Enjoy!
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*mufled EDM beats in the distance*

Alex the Kid and Butch Callinan: They're a couple of lonesome cowboys with dusty pasts. But perhaps, with the help of Molly Lewis and Ol' Jim Barnes, they might be able to find a place...for both of us.
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Hi, my name is Emily. I am 9 years old and this is my seventeenth video

Emily's drum cover of "Be Yourself" by Audioslave (check out the subtle sideways glance at 4:05). Emily posts videos of her drum covers of rock songs, and has been doing so for a while. The drum only audio track for the linked Audioslave song. [more inside]
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I paint the way I do because I’m just plain scared.

Known in Chicago as the Queen of the Bohemian Artists ; in her papers is an elegy from Studs Terkel who had interviewed her for radio - “To Queen Gertrude, You are regal—And we love you—Studs.”
Mainly self taught, Gertrude Stein in 1935 advised her to ‘draw better'.
She lived and moved in the Chicago Jazz scene inspiring Richie Powell to write Gertrude's Bounce as she walked "just like the way the rhythm sounds in the Introduction". Her home in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago became a salon of sorts for such writers and musicians as Dizzy Gilespie, Sonny Rollins, Billie Holiday, among others.
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The Quest To Make A Better Video Game Controller [Kotaku] “Next time you play a video game, look down at the controller in your hand. Is it comfortable? Does it work well with the game you're playing? Are your fingers all being used efficiently? If you could change one thing, what would it be? About 10 years ago, after permutations ranging from Atari 2600 joysticks to Sega Genesis "C" buttons, console game controllers arrived at something resembling a standard. A modern console controller must have: Two clickable sticks and a D-pad, four face buttons, a pair of triggers, a start and options button, and a pair of shoulder buttons. That configuration has held steady for at least one full console generation. The modern PS4 controller, Xbox One controller, and Nintendo Switch Pro controller all have more or less the same functionality as their predecessors. Of course, some people still think it's time for new ideas.” [more inside]
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"That's a man who doesn't know what to do with a horse."

Conan O'Brien Didn't Ask David Letterman For A Horse After Conan O'Brien wrote a loving farewell tribute article to David Letterman, Letterman repaid the gesture with a most unusual gift. [SLYT]
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#asymmetryissexy #imnotyourinspiration

When Vasu Sojitra was only nine months old, he was diagnosed with septicemia, resulting in the amputation of one of his legs.
Today, he is:
a back country skier “Skiing down isn’t hard, but it’s just constantly pulling myself up the mountain that is.”
a mountaineer “On the climb itself, I just strapped my crutches to my backpack and just climbed with my hands and foot. Nothing too crazy.”
and Tony Hawk’s recent inspiration. [more inside]
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There’s No Fire Alarm for Artificial General Intelligence

A discourse on the potential of AI, with air-planes and alarms. An interesting essay on the difficulty of predicting technological advances, with a focus on whether a clear signal of imminent A.I. will be apparent even to those in the field.
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Alternative twitter feed

A livestream of hummingbirds, along with wasps and the occasional woodpecker, coming and going from a feeder somewhere in West Texas.
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She's a good girl, loves her mama

8 European kids living with disabilities experience zero gravity. The experience was made possible by the European Space Agency, and Novespace, a subsidiary of French CNES. The kids rode a converted Airbus A310 which flew in repeated parabolic arcs to simulate the effects of zero-gravity without having to visit space.
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"we should not expect the first NS-NS GWs to be accompanied by a GRB"

20 months after announcing the first gravitational wave detection, and two weeks after winning the Nobel Prize, the LIGO-Virgo collaboration returns to the National Press Club on Monday morning at 10 am to reveal "groundbreaking observations" relating to "an astronomical phenomenon that has never been witnessed before." (live stream links: 1 2) [more inside]
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Fish's famous foul-up

30 years ago the UK was battered by hurricane strength winds in the Great Storm of 1987, following a now notorious weather forecast by Micheal Fish. [more inside]
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a small win against 'just trash it' attitude

Monsieur Pep has been repairing umbrellas in Paris for nearly fifty years. (2:20 SLYoutube) It is the only umbrella repair shop in France.
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14 Links Definitely Not Intended as Free Promotion for Another Country

Erin Chack (senior editor at Buzzfeed) tells how "I Accidentally Became Famous In Another Country" in a video summarized as "One BuzzFeed article leads to a country-wide campaign involving newspapers, fundraising, and the highest level of government." [more inside]
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October 14

a watercolor sci-fi comic about a boy robot in a dangerous world

Descender is a comic book printed by Image Comics, publisher of many sweet creator-owned titles. It's written by Jeff Lemire of Old Man Logan, Black Hammer, and Essex County. The artist is the inimitable Dustin Nguyen, whose work (mostly in watercolor) graces such titles as Streets of Gotham, Manifest Eternity, Secret Hero Society, and Lil Gotham. It's a sci-fi story about Tim-21, a boy robot designed to be a child's companion, and his adventures in a world where robots are hunted. There are four volumes out so far in trade paperback, collecting the first 21 issues. It's very pretty-- this Kotaku Australia review has some pictures.
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Bishop's Hat, Fan, Bird of Paradise, Crown

Napkin folding is an old art, which reached its height between 1600 and 1850. But you probably just want to know how to fold fancy napkins, in which case check Buzzfeed, Bumblebee Linens, or the Napkin Folding Guide. (Previously)
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"the transmutation of information into common myth."

Some Early Facebook Employees Regret The Monster They Created. Not among them, says Max Read, is Mark Zuckerberg, who may not even know what Facebook is
In late September, Zuckerberg apologized for being initially “dismissive” about the problem of misinformation but insisted Facebook’s “broader impact” on politics was more important. He’s probably right, but I’m not sure he should want to be. What happens to politics when what he calls our “social infrastructure” is refashioned by Facebook?
Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook into a behemoth whose power he underestimates [more inside]
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Ellison and Parks on Invisible Man

Ralph Ellison and Gordon Parks and their collaboration on what "invisible Man" means.
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The snids (snail kids) are all right

Jeremy the left-coiled snail has died but his life was an inspiration to science. An international volunteer effort to find him a left-coiled (sinistral) mate even inspired a song. [more inside]
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It should be called 'correctile dysfunction'

Where do mansplainers get their water? From a well, actually 🗣️
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