May 29

Bollocks. That's bollocks.

With 10 days until the UK election, things are hotting up. This evening's TV debate (post title) featured Jeremy Corbyn (Labour, no nukes, weed) and Theresa May (Conservative, fox hunting, fraking) taking questions from Paxo and Brits like an employer "struggling" with private school fees, on Brexit and NHS funding. Elsewhere, Boris is Boris, more bollocks (Fallon edition), Abbott remains quote worthy, Leanne's favorite single is a punk anti-royalist song, people are figuring out who they agree with, and who that Tim bloke is. Meanwhile, fresh from losing a by-election and repeatedly mistaking Leanne for a Hollywood actress, this season's UKIP leader wants internment and executions. The Tories stay favorites, though odds and polls have narrowed lately.
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"August the 4th - Have just heard that B - has been dead..."

In 1858, the painter Augustus Egg (1816-63) exhibited what turned out to be a much-debated triptych on the aftermath of a wife's affair. Now titled Past and Present 1, 2, and 3, the triptych originally appeared with this lengthy caption: "'August the 4th - Have just heard that B - has been dead more than a fortnight, so his poor children have now lost both parents. I hear she was seen on Friday last near the Strand, evidently without a place to lay her head. What a fall hers has been!'" [more inside]
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We're not gonna chew up the dustpan...

Birds are awesome.
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100 Movies 100 Numbers 100 Seconds.

A super cut of movies counting down.
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You Aut to Try Minecraft

It has been multiply reported that open world building and exploration game Minecraft (Product Page | Wikipedia) is disproportionately popular among autistics (CDC | Wikipedia). Said to be the best-selling game of all time behind only Tetris, Minecraft’s appeal is obviously broad, but is there something special about it that scratches a highly specific itch for people on the spectrum? [more inside]
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Gone with Noakes

RIP John Noakes, British children's television presenter - mainly on the long-running BBC show Blue Peter with his dog Shep - back in the days when health and safety concerns were a little more lax. He was also famous for being upstaged by a baby elephant. [more inside]
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50 años de "Cien años de soledad"

May 30, 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of One Hundred Years of Solitude, a work its author, Gabriel García Márquez, described as a “very long and very complex novel in which I have placed my best illusions.” García Márquez finished the novel in August 1966; his publisher, Editorial Sudamericana, printed its first run on May 30, 1967. The book went on to sell 50 million copies worldwide, becoming the most translated literary work in Spanish outside of Don Quixote....This digital collection, drawn from the Gabriel García Márquez papers at the Harry Ransom Center, documents the genesis of the novel from draft to literary classic [more inside]
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May 28

I Am Maru 10

Please join me in wishing a happy 10th birthday to box enthusiast and internet sensation, Maru the Scottish Fold cat. (Maru, previously: 1, 2) [SLYT]
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“language of people jammed together, like in the military and prisons,”

Denis Johnson, Who Wrote of the Failed and the Desperate, Dies at 67 [The New York Times] “Denis Johnson, a National Book Award winner whose novels and short stories about the fallen — junkies, down-and-out travelers, drifters and violent men in the United States and abroad — emerged in ecstatic, hallucinatory and sometimes minimalist prose, died on Wednesday at his home in Gualala, Calif. He was 67. The cause was liver cancer, his literary agent Nicole Aragi said.” [more inside]
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An extract from Philip Pullman's forthcoming novel, The Book of Dust.

The gentleman waiting gave him a start, though all he was doing was sitting still by the cold fireplace. Perhaps it was his dæmon, a beautiful silvery spotted leopard, or perhaps it was his dark, saturnine expression; in any event, Malcolm felt daunted, and very young and small. His dæmon, Asta, became a moth.
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Repairing an oriental rug

A small dog chewed the corner of conradcourtney's 1950 Saruk rug, so s/he set to fixin' it. (Slimgur) Here's a YouTube channel of a rug repair shop from British Columbia. Wikipedia's Oriental rugs article is great .
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...and introducing ______ _____ as Joe Bang!!

Steven Soderbergh's back from 'retirement' with Lucky Logan (slyt)
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Progress is painfully uneven

Baltimore, 15 years after The Wire [more inside]
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Education crisis in Oklahoma

"Of 513 school districts in Oklahoma, 96 have lopped Fridays or Mondays off their schedules — nearly triple the number in 2015 and four times as many as in 2013. An additional 44 are considering cutting instructional days by moving to a four-day week in the fall or by shortening the school year." The 2018 state budget, which was sent to Governor Fallin this week, cuts $34 million from education. Here is Oklahoma's study: Analysis of Expenditures of Districts on a Four-Day School Week (PDF)
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Australians behaving badly in Japan (Tokugawa-era)

Fresh translations of samurai accounts of the arrival of a “barbarian” ship near the Japanese town of Mugi have confirmed the legend of an Australian convict pirate ship visiting Japan in 1830. [more inside]
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Read something

Need something to read on a Sunday? The story of Codes and Codebreakers in World War I is an interesting little chapter which is still less-known than the famous codebreaking effort of WWII. Maybe you're intrigued and want to read the whole online book, Codes, Ciphers and Codebreaking, or, if codes aren't your thing, maybe A History of the Telescope or Missions to the Planets or Elementary Chemistry or any of the other on Greg Goebel's Vectors site - dedicated to educational writings on science, technology, and history.
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AlphaGo's farewell?

Lessons from AlphaGo: Storytelling, bias and program management "Over the past few days, AlphaGo has taken the world by storm once again. Over a week in Wuzhen, it beat the worlds’ best player Ke Jie three times, a team of players from China, and finally lost a game (unavoidable, since it played against itself in a human pair-go match) ... In fact, the most interesting reveal happened only after the match, and that is when DeepMind released the first set of self-play games where AlphaGo played itself (similar to how it is trained in order to improved the AI). Those games were surprisingly non-human, so much so that it is not clear at a glance if the average human go player can learn anything from them. "
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Medieval fantasy city generator

This application generates a random medieval city layout of a requested size. The generation method is rather arbitrary, the goal is to produce a nice looking map, not an accurate model of a city.
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May 27

Meet Doormouse

Doormouse is a recent graduate of Kitten School, and the star of a series on how to tame a scared or feral kitten. [more inside]
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What book of the Bible is that from?

Dovahkin Damacy. Nick and Griffin explore Skyrim mods. The last ten minutes are genuinely, surprisingly, transcendant.
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"Stephen Harper with a smile" wins Canadian Conservative leadership race

Earlier tonight, the Conservative Party of Canada brought its long leadership race (previously) to a close with the election of Andrew Scheer. Scheer is a social conservative who got his biggest boost of the night from supporters of anti-abortion candidates Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux, though Scheer, like Harper, appears to be uninterested in re-opening that debate. [more inside]
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Everyone needs to snug

22 Hilarious and Wonderful Animal Memes
Dogs Bending Human Rules
Dogs Who Are Afraid of the Most Ridiculous Things
Dogs Dogs Dogs
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Bird's eye view

Dronestagram is like Instagram for -- you guessed it -- international drone photography and videos.
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I need a helicopter

We're Poly Now, a music video by Chris Fleming.
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Velvet Elvises not included.

Sophie Ploeg is an artist and historian know for her richly detailed paintings of fabrics. She draws inspiration from historical works and has listed what she views as the best works capturing the intricacies of lace or the texture and sheen of velvet. [more inside]
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Why Vimto sales soar during Ramadan

Vimto, a drink born and commemorated in Manchester sees sales spike during Ramadan as it has become a popular way to break the fast. [more inside]
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Gregg Allman, born a Ramblin' Man on Dec. 8, 1947, has died

Gregg Allman, Soulful Trailblazer of Southern Rock, Dies at 69 Gregg Allman, the soulful singer-songwriter and rock n' blues pioneer who founded The Allman Brothers Band with his late brother, Duane, and composed such classics as "Midnight Rider," "Melissa" and the epic concert jam "Whipping Post," has died at age 69, Billboard has learned. He was diagnosed with hepatitis C in 1999 and underwent a liver transplant in 2010. ~ From BILLBOARD [more inside]
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"like a badly behaved uncle at a wedding"

In 2014 The Guardian published artist Laura Dodsworth's photos of 100 women's breasts and their thoughts about them. Now there's a follow-up: Me and My Penis. (nsfw)
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Global Urban History

Global and urban history has been converging in recent decades. My own interest is captured by the liminal space between culture and history and geography. Some favourites include Lagos: Mapping a Pre-Colonial West African City and the extremely well done the racism behind Kampala.
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Bom Bom Boodely Bom Bom Boodely Bom Bom Boodely Bom!

Harvard Student Group Performs A Cappella Tribute to John Williams During Commencement Ceremony
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The Tiny House of Your Dream is Actually a Nightmare

"I thought [living in an RV] would be a perfect Instagram scenario -- I'd be naked, wrapped in an American flag with my hair blowing in the wind, with people taking my photo" "Justin, who lives in a tiny house in Portland, OR (of course), talks frankly about what he has to do without. "I really miss having a washer/dryer. That kills me," he says. And since he and his girlfriend cook all the time, not having a dishwasher or a ton of counter space is a real problem. "I see tiny houses with mini-fridges and a two-burner stove top with no oven. And I think, 'what the hell do you cook?'" [more inside]
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Shell game

In California, millions of dollars' worth of almonds, walnuts, and pistachios are disappearing. Farmers are perplexed, the cops are confused, and the crooks are getting richer. How? The product is easy to move, and the evidence is consumed. Nut theft previously.
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They took the handcuffs from him and handcuffed me

When she was a scrawny 11-year-old, Sherry Johnson found out one day that she was about to be married to a 20-year-old member of her church who had raped her. [more inside]
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Three weeks of pain decided in the last 30 minutes

With one stage left, Nairo Quintana wears the Maglia Rosa in the 2017 Giro d'Italia. Things have never looked this bad for him. [more inside]
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Bamboo Architecture Biennale

Cutting-edge structures in a small Chinese village illustrate the beauty and strength of bamboo, just as China is moving away from this sustainable material.
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How many megapixels does that have?

Photographer Joshua Paul shoots F1 auto races using a 1913 Graflex 4x5 film camera and the results are quite spectacular.
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This is my surprised face.

“an ideologically driven insurgency with a strong religious component”
A mercenary and security firm known as TigerSwan targeted the movement opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline with military-style counterterrorism measures.
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Why ISIS Declared War on Egypt’s Christians

It is unlikely that this strategy will succeed the way ISIS envisions in Egypt, but the attempt to implement it will leave a trail of destruction that will primarily devastate Egypt’s Christian minority. The group’s genocidal program may perhaps backfire as it did for their jihadi predecessors of the 1980s and 1990s, whose wanton killing of civilians dried up any base of popular support. But as the ISIS ideologue al-Harmasy hints, there is deep-rooted sectarianism in Egyptian society that has been fanned by Islamists for decades, to which government policies have also contributed.
-Mokhtar Awad is a research fellow at George Washington University’s Program on Extremism, here he examines reasons behind the latest strategies of ISIS in Egypt (alt) [more inside]
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May 26

Tour Ancient Greece with the Classics: ToposText

"ToposText is an indexed collection of ancient texts and mapped places relevant the the history and mythology of the ancient Greeks from the Neolithic period up through the 2nd century CE. It was inspired by two decades of exploring Greece by car, foot, or bicycle, and by clumsy efforts to appreciate επί τόπου the relevant information from Pausanias or other primary sources. ... Selecting a site from either the list or the map opens up a table of two-line snippets from ancient authors ... . Selecting from this index list, which can be filtered by date, genre, and relevance, connects one to the full text of 240-odd works in English translation, some with the original Ancient Greek as well. [Y]ou can select and read the passages in ancient literature that give a place its historical and cultural meaning. While you are reading, the map alongside shows the location of the ancient places mentioned." Available for iOS, Android, and web.
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there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing

The Remarkable Melonseed Skiff
We often fall in love with our eyes first, and it is pure romance and “love at first sight”. Later we attempt to justify our feelings by trying to become rational and objective, but it was usually that first flush of visual fantasy that started the adventure. And, like most of our romances, that’s how it usually is with boats too, and that’s how it was with the Melonseed Skiff.
[more inside]
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"I've forgiven that little girl for being so frightened"

Julia. "In grade 8, Julia was bullied so badly by a group of girls that she changed schools without telling anyone. Soon after, the girls from her old school showed up at her house and rang her doorbell. She didn’t answer it. For the past 20 years, Julia’s been wondering what those girls wanted." [more inside]
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Algebra Bad Lunch and Infidelity...RIP Caitlin Bree

Lisa Spoonauer best known as Caitlin Bree in Kevin Smith's directorial debut Clerks has passed away at age 44 of unspecified causes. Tributes from Smith and others are online.
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Music scholar Katya Deve explores the history and geography of hip-hop.

The Geography of Hip-Hop is an interactive map documenting the history and geography of hip-hop. The map (and accompanying essay) explore how hip-hop has spread around the world and how different cites have developed their own distinct sounds and styles of hip-hop. The interactive hip-hop map allows you to browse and listen to hip-hop music by location. The map features 955 songs, most of which you can listen to directly from the map. The size of the markers on the map reflects the number of artists featured from that location. In this way you can get a rough idea about the size of the hip-hop communities in these different urban locations. [via Maps Mania]
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The Thoughts of a Spiderweb

Web thoughts Spiders appear to offload cognitive tasks to their webs, making them one of a number of species with a mind that isn’t fully confined within the head.
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More like a DONK

In October 2014, one of the Narrow Angle Cameras observing the moon's surface aboard the NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) recorded a wild, jittery image. The cause of this was determined to be vibrations from a collision with a micrometeoroid at approximately 7 km/s, which fortunately didn't damage the spacecraft or camera. Astronomer Dr. Alex Parker has processed the captured image to produced an audio reconstruction of the strike. SPANG.
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$20 in League of Legends vs $20 at the Dollar Store

What can you get for $20 in-game vs IRL? Polygon investigates.
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Random Violins - no bow necessary; just drag and drop the circles on the grid and see what happens.
tl;dr it makes music! [via jessamyn]
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Cooler than you think...

and he married Gilda Radner! George Edward "G. E." Smith -born 01/27/52--is an American guitarist. He was the lead guitarist in the band Hall & Oates and the musical director of Saturday Night Live. [more inside]
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“...we wanted the people that you meet in the world to be credible,”

Far Cry 5 asks you to kill thy neighbor [Polygon] Far Cry 5 [YouTube] takes place in the fictional Hope County in the very real state of Montana — a state that, even today, is wrestling with issues like gun control, religious tolerance and citizen’s access to public lands. Fight against religious fanatics hell-bent on taking over a piece of the American West [more inside]
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C3P0 Throws Down ... and Many, Many Other Star Wars Oddities

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