September 22

West, Jim West - before he was wicki-wicki-wild, he was a suave spy

Wild Wild West is a American steampunk western action comedy film from 1999, featuring Will Smith as U.S. Army Captain James West and Kevin Kline as U.S. Marshal Artemus Gordon, who together face off against a giant robotic spider and other mechanical menaces. But did you know the movie wasn't (just) an attempt to blend nostalgia for rollicking westerns and a more contemporary fascination with steampunk, but a remake of a TV series that was intended to capitalize on the then-contemporary 1960s spy thriller trend? It's true. Behold: The Wild Wild West, a western series with gadgets that ran on the CBS television network for four seasons, with 104 episodes that aired from September 17, 1965 to April 4, 1969. [more inside]
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If you are not paying for it...

Note that the company’s knowledge about its users isn’t used merely to target ads but to shape the flow of news to them. Since there is so much content posted on the site, the algorithms used to filter and direct that content are the thing that determines what you see: people think their news feed is largely to do with their friends and interests, and it sort of is, with the crucial proviso that it is their friends and interests as mediated by the commercial interests of Facebook. Your eyes are directed towards the place where they are most valuable for Facebook.
-You Are the Product, John Lanchester for the London Review of Books
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What Happened

Hllary Clinton's book What Happened set sales records amid a mass fake review campaign. She's on tour to support her book. So what did happen? "I understood that there were many Americans who, because of the financial crash, there was anger. And there was resentment. I knew that. But I believed that it was my responsibility to try to offer answers to it, not to fan it. I think, Jane, that it was a mistake because a lot of people didn't want to hear my plans. They wanted me to share their anger. And I should've done a better job of demonstrating 'I get it.'" [more inside]
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The Linguistics of AAVE

The Linguistics of AAVE - Linguist enthusiast Xidnaf breaks down why African American people (sometimes) have a very different accent from non-African American people, despite growing up in the same area. Note that this accent is not always the same everywhere you go.
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Pie holes

Karin Pfeiff Boschek is an artist, cook, and photographer who creates beautiful graphic pies.
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King Willi

Netflix yanks episode of kids’ show after finding a huge hidden penis.
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Awesome birthday party ideas

Artist Masayoshi Matsumoto makes balloon animals, and balloon animal skeletons.
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"I lived with a ghost, with this child inside me, speaking to me."

The Sorrow and the Shame of the Accidental Killer. How do you live after unintentionally causing a death? There are no self-help books for anyone who has accidentally killed another person. An exhaustive search yielded no research on such people, and nothing in the way of therapeutic protocols, publicly listed support groups, or therapists who specialize in their treatment. But there is, a support group site started by social psychologist and educator Maryann Gray, who at age 22 struck and killed a child with her car.
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Keepers of the Secrets

But the real gem of the library, in Lannon’s view, is the stuff that you can find only in boxes like the ones now strewn across the table. “You can get a book anywhere,” he said. “An archive exists in one location.”
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“Shooting them will only teach them to use a gun.”

Echo Is A Terrifying Game Where You Teach Enemies How To Kill You by Riley MacLeod [Kotaku] “The Palace is populated by beings En calls Echoes. They are copies of her who form from some black muck in the beginning of the game. As En moves through the Palace, picking up keys or orbs to unlock doors, the Echoes start learning. The Palace moves on a light-dark cycle; when it’s light, anything En does is recorded by the station. Vault over a low wall, for instance, and you’ll leave a brief, blurry ghost behind you that means the Palace has logged your actions. After you’ve performed a few actions, the Palace goes dark, and then reboots. On this round, the Echoes can do anything you did during the last light cycle until another reboot wipes the slate. Between the light and the reboot is a brief period of darkness.” [YouTube][Gameplay Trailer] [more inside]
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The Book of Numbers

US Trade Publishing by the Numbers. An intensive dissection of the book industry with breakdowns by digital vs print, traditional vs indie, price-points and genre. Bonus: A Definitive Study of Amazon Author Earnings (2016). [more inside]
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foolproof cosplay of a Respectable White Lawyer, but on Twitter

THREAD: My dispute with a billionaire Texan GOP donor, the exotic dancer he nearly killed, and the photo he does not want people to see.
Single link twitter thread from @RespectableLaw. Some descriptions of sexual violence. Sorta previously on mefi.
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Let’s see what’s out there

With Star Trek: Discovery, CBS Discovers That TV Ain't Easy Anymore - CBS All Access is about to have it's most important day ever this Sunday. As for the show itself, a review embargo has raised fears of a stinker, but reportedly early reactions are good.
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Unlocking Braden's Potential

Activist investors are everywhere. [pdf] This is a parody powerpoint deck, with jokes about finance and parenting. You have been warned.
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Submission Fees are Classist as F***

It makes your “we encourage diverse voices” statement utter bull** You say you want diversity, which means POC, members of the LGBTQ+ community, women, and folks without MFAs living paycheck to paycheck in tiny rooms…but you want money to read their work? You’re a hypocrite. (Warning, curse words used. Many.)
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The ultimate revenge of Pistol & Boo

Australia's parliament is in the grip of the world's most ridiculous constitutional crisis. The situation threatens the country's democratic process, which is reason enough for politicians and courts to work to unpick it. More importantly, though, it raises questions the rest of the world would do well to ponder. [more inside]
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Talking Tui

The Tui is an endemic passerine bird of New Zealand. It is one of the largest members of the diverse honeyeater family. What many people don’t know is that the Tui has a remarkable facility for mimicry. [more inside]
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Uber loses its licence to operate in London

In a statement today TfL said it has concluded that Uber is “not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence”. Uber has 21 days to appeal the decision. [more inside]
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September 21

Wherever you go, there you are

Location History Visualizer does what it says on the box, using Google location history json files. So if you have an Android device, and location tracking switched on (or have ever had this) you can view your own movements around the world over time as a heat map. [more inside]
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"It releases a hormone called oxytocin, which reduces stress."

Voiceover artist Paul Rugg demonstrates why the best way to relax is petting your dog.
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bleep. bzzt. yay.

Simon the Magpie makes noises, makes things that make noises, and makes things that make noises that make music. He will also bend your circuits. Oh, he also makes noises with his cat.
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The Senators Strike Back

The Republican attack on the Affordable Care Act has returned, in the form of the Graham-Cassidy bill. Think Progress reports that the bill, will, among other things, gut Medicaid and throw 32 million people off of insurance. The Center for American Progress says that premiums for those with preexisting conditions will skyrocket: for instance, a $17,320 surcharge for a "preexisting" pregnancy and a $142,650 for a 40-year-old with metastatic cancer. Graham-Cassidy seems to have a good chance to pass. Or maybe it can still be stopped, says Politico. Late night host Jimmy Kimmel is fighting the good fight against the bill. There is still time to contact your Senators and Representatives. [more inside]
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Pam showed up with more news: She’d recovered a memory!

The only possible motive connecting all three cases was money. Hupp, who’d held several jobs in the insurance industry, was the beneficiary of both her friend’s and mother’s policies. But would somebody really stab a sick friend and shove her own mother off a balcony to get cash she’d receive in a few years anyway, then shoot a perfect stranger just to twist the plot?
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"Catholic Alt-Right" organizes online to stifle Jesuit speaker

The Jesuit priest and writer James Martin, S.J., has had three recent talks cancelled after a coordinated campaign by the "Catholic alt-right," because of his recent book on connecting the Catholic church with LGBT Catholics. As in the secular sphere, web sites, Twitter, and FaceBook groups are being used to organize actions to promote alt-right agendas, as described by the NYT here. [more inside]
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the loneliness of the long-haul mover

My destination is the ultrarich haven called Aspen, Colorado. This makes perfect sense because I’m a long-haul mover at the pinnacle of the game, a specialist. I can make $250,000 a year doing what is called high-end executive relocation. No U-Hauls for me, thank you very much. I’ll take the movie stars, the ambassadors, the corporate bigwigs. At the office in Connecticut they call me the Great White Mover. This Aspen load, insured for $3 million, belongs to a former investment banker from a former investment bank who apparently escaped the toppled citadel with his personal loot intact. [more inside]
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Well Executed Madness (SLCFYTV*)

The Spa Car is the latest mad creation of Colin Furze. On commission for a Google ad, an E30 was sealed, and equipped with a grill, leaf bubble blowers and turf exterior. (* Single Link to a Colin Furze YouTube Video)
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A revamp of an equally awful sitcom

As the fall season in TV picks up steam (don't forget to check FanFare), Flashbak takes a look at the September 1989 TVGuide season preview. [more inside]
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Isle of Good Boys

Wes Anderson's latest movie is a stop-motion animation, set in a future Japan where dogs have been banished to an island made of trash. Trailer #1
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This is my Once-A-Year Day!

Do you remember?
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Boil The Frog

Boil The Frog finds the path between two musicians based on AI and magic "stuff". [more inside]
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" "

This Post is Intentionally Left Blank "Common in all areas of publishing, the phrase “This Page is Intentionally Left Blank” has been found in peer-reviewed academic articles costing $30 to access. To the best of our knowledge, this paper represents the first known review of Intentionally Blank Pages (IBPs)." [more inside]
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Free The Land!

“This is the building of the new society,” he said, adding later: “For so long Mississippi has been known as the symbol of limits. It has been known as a haven for oppression, for some of the most horrible suffering in the history of the world. So it is only fitting that we should become the leaders of that change.” - In Jackson Mississippi, a new vision of society istaking root with its bold new mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba - The Socialist Experiment - Oxford American
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The Brutal Truth About Growing Up In The Top 1%

Well there's brutal and then there's *brutal* Nicolas Cole, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Digital Press bares his soul to reveal the hardships he endured growing up as a child of 1%ers.
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Mavens of funk mutation

An article from internet magazine Paper that champions bassist Tina Weymouth as the most valuable but still under-recognized member of the Talking Heads was Tweeted by Brian Eno, who knows a thing or two about the subject at hand. [more inside]
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Never mind the bollocks

I wake up in the morning and I just realise that I am chaos.’ Marilyn Manson interviewed by the Guardian.
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Angry about "Sandwich au fromage fondant"? Send a courriel about it.

BBC: "...the Canadian province of Quebec has relaxed its guidelines around some common 'anglicisms'." The Register: "Quebec takes mature approach to 'grilled cheese' ban. It's for the grater good." The Globe and Mail: "...the agency gives the green light to technical words from English such as mayday and humidex, along with bluegrass and haggis." CBC News: "...and mot-clic as an alternative to hashtag." National Post: "And tennis players can take satisfaction from a well hit “smash” after the Office acknowledged that its recommended replacement - “coup d’écrasement” - just hasn’t caught on." Fromages Du Quebec, cheeses of Quebec, Best Quebec Cheeses, On the Quebec cheese trail, and Cheeses from Quebec. [previously]
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“it's easy to spot temporary distortions in the reviews...”

Valve aims to combat Steam review bombing with new 'histogram' charts by Andy Chalk [PC Gamer] “Valve looked at a few possible solutions to the problem, including the elimination of review scores altogether, although that was pretty much a non-starter since they were added in response to user demand in the first place. Thought was also given to locking down reviews temporarily when "abnormal behavior," which is to say a review-bombing campaign, was detected. But that was rejected as well, because Valve doesn't want to "stop the community having a discussion about the issue they're unhappy about, even though there are probably better places to have that conversation than in Steam User Reviews." Ultimately, the decision was to do nothing, at least with regard to the review scores themselves. Instead, Valve is now providing consumers with more information about the reviews by way of a histogram that compares the ratio of a game's positive to negative reviews over its lifetime.” [more inside]
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Access denied: wheelchair metro maps versus everyone else's

From Paris to New York, we’ve matched metro maps against versions that only include fully accessible stations. The results are discouraging – but are any cities doing it right? [slGuardian]
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Thresholds of catastrophe in the Earth system

"Five times in the past 542 million years, more than three-fourths of marine animal species have vanished in mass extinctions. Each of these events is associated with a significant change in Earth’s carbon cycle. ... The modern critical size for the marine carbon cycle is roughly similar to the mass of carbon that human activities will likely have added to the oceans by the year 2100. ... Although the uncertainty of [these predictions are] considerable, all scenarios for cumulative uptake at the century’s end either exceed or are commensurate with the threshold for catastrophic change." [more inside]
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Imagine a future where 50% of our killer robots are programmed by women

Welcome to We oppose extremists on the right who want to murder all non-whites, ground their bones into dust and build a perfect Aryan union fueled by a hatred unimaginably pure. We also oppose equally extreme movements on the left who want a higher tax rate on incomes over $200,000. [more inside]
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September 20

The fact is, a river of piss runs through art history.

"Of course, the angels, being angels, feel no relief as they piss. They get their celestial jollies by raining a little holy water on us, but they know nothing of urination as a physical urge. If you want to enjoy some real salt-of-the-earth pissing, Lebensztejn reports, you have to skip ahead to 1600." [more inside]
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"Who was Joan of Arc?" "Uh, Noah's wife?"

Bernie Casey, NFL player, actor, painter, and poet, has passed at the age of 78.
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The real St Louis gun battle behind “Duncan & Brady”

A cop called Brady drives up in his electric car, determined to kill someone. He enters a gambling joint, walks up to the barman – whose surname is Duncan – and tells him he’s under arrest. Duncan responds by shooting Brady in the chest at point-blank range, killing him instantly. The only explanation we get for any of this is that Brady’s “been on the job too long”. That’s the tale told by the classic murder ballad Duncan & Brady, and it contains a lot more truth than you might imagine. The date was October 6, 1890, and here’s what really happened. [via mefi projects by Paul Slade] [more inside]
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September 19. 1985, 2017

32 years to the day after the infamous and memorable September 19, 1985 earthquake, and two weeks behind a recent one in Oaxaca called the "strongest in 100 years" , Mexico suffers a deadly earthquake that has severely affected Mexico City, plus towns in the states of Puebla, Morelos and Estado de Mexico. [more inside]
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🎵 Spider paws, spider paws, so much cuter than spider jaws 🎶

Turns Out Spiders Have Tiny Paws, And It May Change The Way You Look At Them (adorable paws only, no full spider images)
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The future is African, and it's wearing Maki Oh.

Alexis Okeowo in the New Yorker on West Africa's most daring designer:
Osakwe’s collection earlier this year was inspired by what she described as a “middle-class Nigerian girl going on a booty call.” In Lagos, that girl usually travels by the yellow danfo buses that career through the streets, and has practical problems to consider...“What is seduction to her? It’s not a pretty journey,” Osakwe said. “How does that middle-class girl get it on? Because sex is so taboo, but we know we’re all fucking like rabbits.” The answer, Osakwe reasoned, is clothing that is erotic but protective—not a short skirt and heels but a long, strapless red dress, evoking the traditional wrapper, that can easily be dropped in the act of seduction. Though she hesitates to tell Nigerian buyers that she draws inspiration from sex workers, clients see her clothes as an illicit escape: a chance to feel more exciting, less restrained.
[more inside]
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They're shaping me into something gaudy and lethal.

Following a tease on Instagram last night, it's been confirmed that HBO placed a pilot order for a Watchmen series. Somewhat controversial screenwriter Damon Lindelof heads the writing room. [more inside]
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Sci-Fi Roots of the Far Right

To wrap up the discussions of Pournelle and his ilk and the so-called "golden age" of SF, here's an interesting essay.
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Martin Wong: visionary realist artist

Today a retrospective of the art of Martin Wong (1946-1999) opens at the Berkeley Art Museum. The touring show originated at the Bronx Museum (NYT review), and its travels to the Bay Area represent a homecoming for the art of Wong, who was raised in San Francisco's Chinatown. He did set design for Cockettes spinoff the Angels of Light. He moved to New York in 1978, collaborated with his partner, writer Miguel Piñero, collected graffiti art (that collection is now at the City Museum of New York), and collected thousands of items including ceramics. He moved back to San Francisco after he was diagnosed with AIDS. His legacy is commemorated by the Martin Wong Foundation.
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The GREAT Place

On the eve of The Good Place's season 2 premiere, Kristen Bell has released the video of the rest of the gang responding to finding out about the finale. Spoilers in the link/video.
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