Roll Over America Velomobile Tour
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Roll Over America: a coast-to-coast mass Velomobile tour.

Twenty-two riders from Europe were joined by North American velonauts/velomobilists who converged on Portland and rode to DC in July and August of this year. Blogs and photos document the journey from packing the velos for shipment via shipping container to the National Mall.
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I for one abhor the fancy trappings of these new-fangled velomobiles. Give me a good old-fashioned velocipede, I say.
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Well, for twoleftfeet, how about two right wheels? If I recall correctly, this was designed so women or formally-attired men could ride their velociwhoozit without catching petticoats or tails in wheels or chains.

(from UC Davis' Pierce Miller Collection)
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how about two right wheels?

Yes! That is velocirapturous!
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Funny, the velomobile those Amish are looking at, the one in day-glo yellow with diagonal red and blue stripes, has the colour scheme of a Dutch ambulance. Velocimbulance? Ambufiets?
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Is it wrong that I get turned on by Amish women on bicycles?
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They set a pretty grueling schedule (4-5 days of >100mi/day followed by an off day). I'll bet those things are dreamy on the flats, but I can't imagine trying to climb in one of them.
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The flaming velomobile is owned by Wilfred Ketelaar (Noordhorn, The Netherlands) who may be the same person talking to the Amish above since he's standing next to it.
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