Soloautocircumnavigation and more
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Software engineer Erden Eruç left in a rowboat from Bodega Bay, California on July 11, 2007, after riding his bicycle from Seattle. The goal? Human-powered circumnavigation of the globe., including climbing the highest peak on each continent, in order to educate, inspire (and raise some money for) children's organizations. On the evening of July 21, 2012, he completed his trip, mostly successfully.

Archives of regular dispatches from the trip can be found on the project site, including visits from sharks and reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Records set include a new Guinness World Record for a solo ocean rower for longest time at sea: 312 days.
No motors. No sails. Erden Eruc used nothing but his broad shoulders and powerful legs to row, paddle, hike and bicycle his way literally around the world.
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including climbing the highest peak on each continent

I don't want to nitpick his amazing accomplishment, but apparently he didn't even attempt Antarctica. I was curious how someone could possibly row to Antarctica, and I guess the answer is, "they can't," because the "he completed his trip" article just goes ahead and pretends there are only six continents.
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Elsewhere it says the goal is to climb the highest peak on each continent on which they land, which I guess is reasonable.

Amazing feat regardless.
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I had assumed he was single, but he says he wants to spend more time with his wife.

For some reason, I have a feeling that if and when they get into arguments, it will turn into a variation of the Will Farrell Dodge Stratus skit. "I ROWED ACROSS THE OCEAN."

A pretty incredible feat.
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Meh. Tell me when someone circumnavigates the globe by muscle power alone, while juggling. But seriously, accomplishment inflation is pretty crazy these days.
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While he rests up, I can undertake the equally challenging task of nitpicking the interpretation of "human powered"...

I assume he ate at some point during the voyage. If so, the ergs being expended ultimately derived from the solar power that drives the photosynthesis at the bottom of the food chain. And if he could freeload on the sun, I don't see why he couldn't freeload on the wind by using sails - especially since he was already using the even more sophisticated technological crutch of a bicycle.
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That's not a very convincing nitpick. Are you just being silly? "Human powered" means "eating food". That's how humans work. "Wind-powered" is different. Yes, the power ultimately comes from the sun in both cases. But the same is true for gasoline.

What an amazing accomplishment. Hats off to Erden Eruç.
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if he were truly bad ass he would have only eaten human meat.

But seriously that's fucking awesome, and I too thought he was single. I'm sure his wife is happy to have him back
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That's impressive, right there.
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The financial side of this always amaze me. I mean, how do you raise enough money to travel (or do anything you're passionate about) for five years?
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Bleh. "amazes", that is.
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...the "he completed his trip" article just goes ahead and pretends there are only six continents.

Aren't we all pretending there are 7 continents? Europe and Asia are the same land mass, and Australia is just an overgrown island with a toad problem. What Eruc did is pretty mind blowing even if he didn't tick every box on everyone's checklist.
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Europe and Asia are the same land mass

As were North and South American before we dug a hole right between them, no?
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Turns out that "continent" isn't a natural kind.
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In other news, today in Virginia, 4ster helped remove all of the carpet from three rooms, five closets, and a hallway in his house.

Wow, I obviously have a long, long way to go.
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The problem with Eurasia is it is the only case where a continent separation is based on a chain of mountains. All other cases are separated by water or a narrow isthmus (ie, Panama & Suez).

But that's just geographical fun, and in no way detracts from this guy's activity. But I can't help but wonder, is this really more than some guy finding a justification for spending a few years having fun, in spite of the fact he's a married adult?
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