"The tang of the real permeated his talk."
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In Memory of a Friend, Teacher and Mentor by Philip Roth: [NYTimes.com] A eulogy for Philip Roth’s homeroom teacher, his legendary and noble friend Bob Lowenstein.
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Mr. Roth captures the purity of that teacher/pupil relationship quite well. I think I'll call up one of my old teachers just to say hello and thank you.
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In "I Married a Communist," the narrator Nathan Zuckerman says, "I think of my life as one long speech that I’ve been listening to." For me, Bob's is one of the persuasive voices I can still hear speaking.
Thank you for posting this, Fizz. I've been thinking recently about re-contacting a beloved, influential mentor from long ago -- the one whose voice I still hear -- but I'd been too sheepishly hesitant to actually do it. This was the push I needed.
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