Researchers Use Stem Cells to Regenerate Muscle Nearly as Strong
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Scientists Progress in Quest to Grow Muscle Tissue in Labs - "The researchers are now working on optimizing the growth of human muscle tissue, including finding a way to get blood flow to the tissue, the best source of cells and the best growing medium for the cells."
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Do they even lift?
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I look forward to the All-Drug Olympics and all of our consumer electronics getting Cronenbergian.
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But how does it taste?
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(sits here, idly wondering about Gibsonian muscle-grafting as he contemplates another slog at the gym later today)
posted by Thistledown at 4:53 AM on April 9, 2014

Waiting for that re-grown liver, myself.
posted by kjs3 at 8:54 AM on April 9, 2014

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