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Musical proof that Scully Likes Science.
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This reminds me how I once went looking for a single-service website with a button that, when pressed, would play one of the several audio clips from "She Blinded Me With Science" of the old man yelling the word.

Somebody seriously needs to get on that.
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Needs a julybywomen tag. :D
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(Forgot. Tagged.)
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I've been gradually slogging through The X-Files for months now, and I'm still only halfway through season 2.

Anyway, watching it gets me in a conspiracy-theory sort of mood, and I can't help pondering the propaganda potential of the show itself:

1. Who is the villain? Government, the elite.
2. What is wrong? Science, rationality, skepticism.
3. What is right? Faith, belief, general kookiness.

Sound familiar? It's Fox (Mulder) News.
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What Sys Rq said. I hated that show. It was right up there with The Discovery Institute and Answers in Genesis in the war on science.
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Hard/ hard science.
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It's a pretty anti-science, pro-faith show, but it's not really Fox Newsy, in that one of the defining characteristics of Fox News is that it's very right wing. The X Files is anti-rich white men and anti-big business. And on the pro-faith end, it's just as happy being pro-pagan as it is being pro-Christian.

I mean, sure, you can say "pro-faith, anti-government, anti-science — it's Fox News!", but by that same token you could say that Hare Krishnas are Fox News, which I think the vast majority of Fox News viewers would find preposterous.
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The faith-over-science themes are totally a big part of the x-files, which is ironic because Dana Scully was like 80% of the reason my preteen self decided to make a career out of science.
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