The Graves of the Marines I Lost
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"In the early hours of Jan. 26, 2005, one of two large Marine helicopters transporting troops for this expanded and therefore riskier mission crashed, killing all onboard: 30 Marines and a Navy corpsman....I promised myself that night that I would visit all 31 grave sites. I needed to get a sense of where these military service members came from: the schools and churches they attended; the streets where they learned to drive; the neighborhoods where many of their families still lived."
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Surprisingly bloodless essay for such an event. Good for him, however, for pursuing his promise.
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Great article, great sentiment. It's sort of amazing how much of a microcosm that crash was, down to his starry eyed optimism about Iraqui adoption of democracy, and the disappointing results despite the sacrifice. Thanks for posting.
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A moving article. Thanks.
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.......... .......... .......... .
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Bearing witness. Not enough of that done and we'll continue to make the same mistakes.
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Two of the casualties' graves are not recorded / reported.

Did he make two trips to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier?
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