The First Solo Exhibition of Frida Kahlo in Florida
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This is cool. Wish I lived there. I'd definitely go see the show.
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A favorite novel of mine is "The Lacuna" by Barbara Kingsolver. Kahlo figures prominently in this book, one of the main characters, I've often wondered how accurate Kingsolver's portrayal of Kahlo is. Kahlo a remarkably interesting person, a remarkably interesting life, a life force that just seemed to keep her ever moving, ever facing into the storms of her life.
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I saw this a few weeks ago. I knew very little about her going in, so its was an intense experience learning about her life through this very personal and evocative art.

This was my favorite piece. The audio tour said something like the tears and semen spilling futilely on the earth were symbols of her own infertility and the human potential wasted by socialism's failure. When Trotsky fled to Mexico, he stayed with Frida and Diego Rivera and had an affair with Frida.
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I was lucky enough to see this show on Thursday. It is excellent, well worth the price of admission.
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Thanks for reminding me! We have free passes to the Dali and I almost forgot about this show.
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Finally have a reason to share this lovely poem, which I love and reminds me of a friend of mine.

Christine M. Strickland

Frida Kahlo has come to dinner,
Late, as usual, a little drunk, as usual,
Scattering fag ash like confetti,
Partnered by her perpetual pain
Whose grim claws she wears as lightly
As the ribbons on her dress.
Undefeated, her thirst for life unquenched,
There is more energy in her hair
Than in my entire body.
The brass band of her beads and bangles
Transforms her limping steps
Into a fiesta dance, all rainbow skirts
And flashing teeth and eyes.
Frida Kahlo has come to dinner,
Though eating frankly bores her,
Gets in the way of talking, drinking,
Smoking, making love.
Aware of this I give her tiny pastries
Olives, nuts, morsels of spiced meat;
Fuel for her flame, swallowed without tasting.
Frida Kahlo has come to dinner
And the carnival never stops.
Her long hands are two kites,
Trailing coloured tails of laughter,
Sketching, in the smoky air between us,
Whole galleries of portraits.
Frida Kahlo has been to dinner
And is now gone, taking the party with her,
Leaving this withered Puritan
Faded, dusty, unbearably alone.
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Damn, that's a super-cool poem, smudgelens -- TYVM for putting it up for us.

I'm listening -- again -- to Barbara Kingsolver read "The Lacuna"* and it's a window into Kahlo's life for me, really the only one I've ever had, aside from seeing her paintings here/there/everywhere. But Kingsolver puts Kahlo in that poem you gave here.
*"The Lacuna" is my favorite book by Kingsolver, and to have her read it to me as I ride my bicycle around my beautiful town, it's just the best. (I did read the book first, now on my second listen on Audible. I recommend reading it first, it's an amazingly rich book.)
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I'm listening -- again -- to Barbara Kingsolver read "The Lacuna"
Your description makes me want to read it. Thanks
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So there's no way I can get to this, but I told a friend of mine who lives closer about it, and she and a couple of friends are going on a road trip to go see the exhibit.

Thanks for sharing this!
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