Str8 Outta Mumbai (officially this time)
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Jai Paul is back with a new website, and he has released the unfinished album originally leaked in 2013.

The official release includes a long message for fans detailing how the leak impacted him personally. The album still feels revolutionary even with the loss of some unclearable samples. There is also a "double b-side" release of two tracks from the same era available on limited vinyl release [sold out] and on streaming platforms. Thirsty for more? Check out the Paul Institute, which Jai Paul started with his brother, A.K. Paul.

Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones) New Single: Do You Love Her Now / He [previously on MetaFilter]
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A heavy favorite of mine ever since the leak. Glad to be able to finally pay for it legitimately. Highly recommended. Abstract, falsetto R&B w/ tons of bizarre production touches. Hypnotic and beguiling music. Fans of sidechain compression take note!
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Can't get enough of Jasmine? Jai Paul partnered with new AI service Bronze to deliver a unique and infinite version, just for you.
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I love Jasmine! I started listening to the generated thing kind of expecting to find something to dislike, because I want to believe my sensitive ears will only like carefully handcrafted music, but it isn’t half bad!
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I found out about this because YouTube has my music pretty figured out now, but where's my email from the Paul Institute?
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Reading the letter from Jai is sad -- it makes me think of comedians who try out material in clubs, basically running "demos" to gauge reaction, and before the ubiquity of cell phones with audio and video recording capabilities, those performances were fleeting and ephemeral. Comedians could hone their material, to finally "release" as a comedy special, or audio recording. But now people may gripe because they've already heard all the material, even its rough form, because of fans recording and sharing the material online.

The amount of anguish the leak caused him, probably magnified by the fact that the leak was his #1 interview question following the leak, is heartbreaking. I downloaded the leak when it first came out, reveling somewhat in the illicit access, and to finally be able to listen to more than a few singles. But now I've happily paid for the unfinished material, and I'm in love all over again.

(And for folks wondering what has changed from the original leak to this edition, I haven't found a beat-by-beat comparison, but on my quick review, it looks like one short beat track was swapped for the intro, and otherwise there's a 1:1 match with what's included in the Bait Ones.)
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Another article mentions an audio clip from Harry Potter that got cut.
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Ooh, this is interesting. I will need to listen for a while to tell if I'm going to love this or bounce hard off it, but it's probably one or the other.
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The heads have the details: r/jaipaul folks have the full list of changes to the officially released Leaks 04-13. In short, not a ton of differences. A few samples removed, a few sounds tweaked, and a few track titles changed.
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