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Long-time very-online creative inter alia video type person Hank Green discusses how fucked TikTok's revenue-sharing is and why that's fine for TikTok-the-cash-cow but a bad long-term investment in TikTok-the-creative-hub.
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I immediately regret not instead going with "Oh no! Our creator economy! It's broken!" for the title, but in the spirit of ethical transparency I am not going to use my moderator powers to change it.
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I guess I always just took it for granted that TikTok was a scam
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If people are talking about you in this context instead of YouTube, you know your shit is fucked.
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I follow a lot of the Green bothers media, and they always dance right up real close to things like unions, and strikes, or a condemnation of capitalism, but they always pull back right before they get to that conclusion.

They get SOOOOOOO close...but always stop before saying something like "we should form a union" or "we are going on strike until our demands are met"

I can only imagine they don't because capitalism has done well by them. I like them, and like what they do, but wish they would be a little more radical, especially in the context of the time we live in. Perhaps they can be a first step on a pipeline to the left for folks.
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Side question with no intention to derail, is the post title a Backyardagins reference?
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It is more of a TikTok reference, insofar as that bit of Backyardigans (which I never personally had any direct exposure to) became a saturating meme on TikTok in the last year? or so (which is why I have heard it ten thousand times).
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Derail on the title reference:
Brad Neely: Why Castaways is a Masterpiece in Songwriting

The People Behind “The Backyardigans” Song Can’t Believe It Went Viral 15 Years Later On TikTok

On topic: we need to have some kind of minimum-revenue-sharing laws added into minimum wage laws (which should be more than doubled), and a lot of transparency requirements, if we want a more fair and stable life for internet content creators.
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