George Carlin Dubbing Thomas the Tank Engine [SLYT]
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Swear-y mashup silliness of George Carlin's regular stuff with his Thomas the Tank Engine dubbing [SLYT] [NSFW]
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I can’t believe this is 45 minutes long
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I immediately imagined The Little Engine That Could's chugga-chugga 'I think. I can. I think, I can, IthinkIcan, IthinkIcanIthinkIcan' noises.
But with Carlin's voice doing 'cocksuckermotherfuckertits'.
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I am so surprised this wasn't the first thing Web 2.0 spat out.
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Oh my oh my oh my. This is glorious.

On a related note, the trailer for HBO's George Carlin documentary recently dropped.
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Thank you for this.

When my kid (turns four in a couple days!) had just turned three he found the original Thomas the Tank Engine show (Amazon Prime I think) and was WAY into it really fast. I was only vaguely aware of it so I hadn't ever seen it before.

Um, holy shit nope nope nope! Get that classist bullshit out of here. It's seriously like brainwashing kids into accepting wealthy elite overlords control over you and telling them that they need to make sure they're "useful" [to capital]. It's all very pleasant which makes it all the more insidious to me. If you haven't seen it before, find one and give it a watch. Once you pick up on it, it's not subtle.

The more modern CGI version of the show is totally fine kid's programming that demonstrates and communicates all the lovely, progressive themes that us folks on Metafilter tend to hold dear.

This is the only version of the original that should be allowed to exist.
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My son loved Thomas the Tank Engine, sending this to him immediately. I loved the Shining Time Jukebox Band. This is quite nicely done, somebody put in some work.

VTX, you're right, thanks for the comment.
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I would also accept a version of "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" with drunken sweary bits by Peter Fonda and Alec Baldwin.
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My favorite thing about this is imagining how hard George Carlin would have laughed at it.
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I spank the can! I spank the can! Glug glug glug. Puff puff puff. (The last part doesn't actually need modification.)

This is fun, even without knowing the original.
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This was way funnier than it had any right to be.
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At first I thought this was outtakes of Carlin riffing while actually recording the show's narration, but then I realized I'd heard much of it before from his standup routines. Still hilarious, and kudos to whoever did a LOT of work to make that video!
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“Sir Toppemhat said, ‘one, two, three push!’ [beat] ‘What a bunch of pussies,’ said Sir Toppemhat.”
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This gets my rare "Flagged and Favorited" ribbon, congrats. [thanks for the NSFW tag. signed, AVOIDED TITLE NINE.]
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