Hot See-thru action! Radiography and Art
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Hot See-thru action! Radiography and Art: The obliging X-ray can detect forgeries, reveal the hidden process of genius (Picasso 1 [6 pages], 2, 3), and even serve as a glorious medium itself (Innervisions; Beyond Light; Mefi thread The Secret Garden).

Intrigued? Perhaps you'll want to check out How to make radiographs on Polaroid film from's X-ray page.
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Also, of general forgery-detection-related interest (and because I couldn't resist throwing it in), this fascinating story of a Nazi art forger.
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[this is good] - thanks taz.
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Hey! More radiographic art via the trackback by "Cup of Chicha", in a reference to an earlier Chicha entry. I like the different approach of Hugh Turvey.
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This comment

The neat discovery is not that you can buy x-ray machines off eBay. The neat discovery is that you can use Polaroid film to image x-rays!

and this photo caption

My left foot. It was hard to sit still. Dangerous? Perhaps. Stupid? Perhaps. But it had to be done! This will be the end of my self-experiments; at least until I receive my lead apron and x-ray dosimeter

are somewhat unsettling
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The FDA will have a cow if it sees Noah's site.
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On the somewhat tangenital topic of the hidden process of the genius of Picasso, there's a doc called The Mystery of Picasso that shows him making paintings in (sometimes) real time. Hard to find but fun.
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Great post taz, don't know how I missed this earlier today! In a similar vein, here is an examination of Picasso's Old Guitarist from the Art Institute of Chicago. They have a good page on historical research and a flash comparison of the image via x-ray and infrared that is interesting.
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CAT scan, not X-ray, used in discovering how Brian Setzer's favorite guitar was made almost 50 years ago.
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