Blurring the reality line
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Blurring the Line What do this fertility clinic and this publishing company have in common? Ask Lions Gate Films and BMW.
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Now 3 years old, the new Michael, cloned from genetic material taken from the original child, lives with his parents, who have joined several other mothers and fathers of replacement children in praising the man who genetically replicated their lost sons and daughters. He is the famed fertility specialist Dr. Richard Wells, head of the Godsend Institute.

When was a child cloned? This paragraph says more than one child was cloned.
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I'm too lazy to get what you're getting at but that God Send thing is a viral marketing campaign for a movie. It was discussed five days ago.
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site do the creators admit that it is fiction
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See also: the Volvo Mystery Documentary. "Excerpts" from the mysterious book "Men of Metal" (pdf here) were included in some magazines this month as a stand-alone booklet. The Mini Cooper's advertising has been innovative and unique, and if they hadn't been including all sorts of oddities (including stickers, road games and posters) in my copy of Rolling Stone for some time now, I doubt I'd have any idea what this pamphlet was supposed to be. Not such a big deal, but if I ran across the Godsend Institute site during a search, I might not have much of a sense of humor about it. Consider that the article linked above was in the same paper as this one only days apart.

On preview, sorry I missed the citing the previous clone post...
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I'm so confused I'm not even sure what I'm confused about.
And that's ok.
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Is there a "blurring the line site"?
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To be honest, I'm still having a hard time sorting fact from fiction in regard to the ad booklet. Did someone really make a big ol' robot out of a yellow Mini? Is all of it fiction, or is it a real project couched in conspiratorial writing style?
author link.
mysterious Oxford Transformer-maker link.
Also, does anyone else find that the book seems like it was written by an American trying to sound British?
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Does anyone remember the MCI Gramercy Press ad campaign? They created a fictitious publishing company called Gramercy Press, with its own website. The ads were little vignettes of life at Gramercy Press. Very soft-sell. Back in those lovely, innocent days of the mid 1990's (sigh!), it all seemed so real -- after all, they had a website!

It all got a little more surreal when the Barbara Cartland novel mentioned in some of the MCI ads was actually published under the Gramercy Press imprint, of course.

Cartland meets Borges meets Berners-Lee. Whee!
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